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Let me first start out by saying that I am a 23...

Let me first start out by saying that I am a 23 year old female who has had braces prior to my Invisalign treatment. I had braces about a decade ago to straighten my teeth, but my overbite was never fixed. Over the years a couple of my teeth have also gotten crooked due to some overcrowding, so I decided to get Invisalign to fix both my overbite and over crowded teeth.
Before I jumped into any treatment, I actually went to three different dentists to get their quotes on price, treatment, duration etc. I definitely recommend "shopping" around and getting multiple consultations. I was told anywhere from six months of Invisalign to two years of regular braces! I picked my dentist based on their ability to work with me on what I wanted to achieve and in a realistic time frame (1 year 5 months). I will upload a few pictures that were taken during my first and second tray so you can see what I am starting with. In the photos you can see I have attachments (17 of them!) and also elastics. I am currently on tray 8/37.
Overall I have had a really good experience with Invisalign so far. I have had a few attachments fall off and had to get used to wiggling teeth, but I am still so grateful to be doing this. I chose Invisalign mainly for vanity reasons of not wanting people to notice and also not wanting to feel like a teenager again. So far it has been working nicely!

Feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding my Invisalign treatment and process. I'll add more photos soon and try to give better details.


I just wanted to add these photos showing the digital version of my teeth (with attachments) from start to projected finish.

Tray #14/37

I haven't added any newer photos yet because all of the teeth that are getting moved around are in the far back. I am starting to get noticeable gaps between my molars though. The one annoying thing about this is that food constantly gets stuck back there and I have to floss a lot more often. I'll add the photo of what my ClinCheck looks like at #14.
I can't wait until my teeth in the front finally start moving around! I think that starts around tray #18.

Strange problems with tray #14!

So I put in set #14 last night on schedule, and quickly noticed a problem. The top right didn't fit! The bottom aligners fit fine, but the top feels like it was built for someone else's teeth on that side. I tried to get the right side to click into my attachments and fit but instead it just hung down refusing to fit properly. I have been very good about wearing my aligners and elastics, so I wondered if it was some sort of strange manufacturing error. Curious, I put in set #15 on the top and sure enough they fit perfectly! I wasn't sure what I should do since 13 fit good, 14 didn't at all, and 15 does! I called the orthodontist office and luckily I was able to reach someone to ask. They said if I could get 15 to fit properly without any problems I should wear that one for 3 weeks and then come in to make sure everything is still moving along smoothly. They told me another woman at their office just experienced this same problem last week with one of her aligners! Still very weird that #14 was so messed up. I've only come across a few cases online where this has happened. I suppose skipping #14 on the top will make my upper teeth hurt a lot the next few days.

6 Month Update

I can't believe it's been a little over six months since I started Invisalign! The time has really flown by. In about another month from now I'll be halfway through my treatment (not counting refinements). The biggest changes I have noticed over the last several months are my arches widening, my top molars/bicuspids have been moving back, and my overbite has already improve some. I thought I'd add a photo of my current bite now with the aligners out. You can also see some of my attatchments up close.

10 Month Update!

I wanted to post an update since my front teeth are finally starting to get straightened out! I'm on #24/37. The crookedness is more easily seen from an angled view rather than straight on, so I'll add some photos of that. The only annoyance I've been having with my last few aligners is that my upper lateral incisors aren't fitting all the way into my aligners. There seems to be a gap between the bottom of those teeth and the aligner. My dentist has decided to do refinements/corrections early, so instead of going to #37 I'll only go to around 28 or 29 and then go in to get more impressions made. I think the correction will possibly pull those teeth down more. I'll be returning in January for those impressions and new aligners so I'll update then on the process of that! :)

Photo showing the Invisalign "gap"

This is a photo to show the gap I was talking about between my lateral incisors and the aligners, and why I'm getting a correction/refinement in a few months.

Mid-Course Correction/Refinements

I received my new set of upper aligners about a month and a half ago! The process was to take new upper impressions, keep the same attachments on, and start the new set once they arrived. I have approximately 4 lower trays left, and got another 28 trays for my upper. I was a little shocked at the new number of upper trays needed, but I keep telling myself it'll all be worth it in the end! I am currently on my new upper tray #4/28 and #33/37 lower. I believe the plan is to finish out my lower, wear those for 6 additional weeks, then get the retainers for wearing my lower at night, and continue on with my upper until completed. I've attached my new Clin-Check incase anyone is curious to how they're changing the uppers again.
I'll probably update again once the process of finishing the lowers is done!

Completed Bottom Trays

I have completed the Invisalign treatment on the bottom about a month ago, and went in today to get some of the bottom attachments removed. I am currently on #9 of my midcourse correction on the top. I am told that my midline is being moved over and it looks like my front two teeth will be moved upwards so they don't appear so large (I'm happy with that!)

Update- Halfway done with mid-course corrections on upper

I am currently on tray 15 on the upper and can see that my midline and front teeth are slowly moving. So far I am happy with the overall look of my teeth, except for between two teeth I have a gap now. I am told that this will go away overtime, so I'm hoping it does sooner than later! I'll attach some photos including where the one gap is now located.

Completion of Invisalign

I have completed my Invisalign treatment, and all of the attachments have been removed. I now only wear retainers at night to prevent my teeth from moving. I've added two photos to show the final result!
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