Yes It Hurts - Reno, NV

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I'm reading through these reviews after having the...

I'm reading through these reviews after having the procedure and most are saying they didn't feel much pain. I was also given weak pain killers { which mostly just gave me a mild head ache} and a local numbing agent applied to my face. After about an hour the Doc started skinning my face with his laser all the while assuring me it didn't hurt that much. I was shaking from pain so badly that the nurse and Doctor both asked several times if I was cold. (No, I'm being slowly skinned alive and my body is releasing large amounts of adrenalin because it wants to defend itself.) But I bullied through, my Doctor a little disappointed because he had wanted to be more aggressive than my tolerance for the pain allowed. My nervous system isn't dulled by years of drinking and self abuse and my tolerance to pain meds is very high. Most people get through this procedure with little pain { depending on the setting of the laser} Is it worth it? 100% yes. the new skin is showing through, the Doc said 30% improvement but I'd say I'm seeing closer to 80% smoother skin.
Don't let them tell you it's painless.

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