33 Yr Old Mom, 2 Kids, Never Breast Fed, Big "Girls" Since They 1st Came in - Reno, NV

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The "girls" have been large since they 1st came in...

The "girls" have been large since they 1st came in. I can't remember them ever being small. I have 2 kids and they got larger every time. Past 8 years I have had severe rib pain, neck pain, gnarly back pain, and nasty headaches. I'm not a lazy person, I miss going on hikes and doing even the simple house chores. The extreme weight on my chest makes everything uncomfortable. I'm 5'2 with 38 GG, I'm ready to be smaller. I want to enjoy life again! Due to pain and discomfort, I'm always angry. I've had to take off work numerous times due to all this. As of lately I finally have a PC that has been trying to help. But do to me being on Medi-cal, getting this taking care of has been a Rollercoaster. I have been searching several Plastic Surgeons to find help. Thanks to Realself, I have come across Dr. Murphy in Reno. I have read amazing reviews and found out I know someone that recently went to him. She has told me awesome stuff about him and staff. I made the call and now have a consultation on Aug 1st. I'm super excited and can't wait to meet with him and see what miracles he can work. I will keep everyone posted!

Will it go away?

Just a question ladies or doctors...I get numb feelings in the muscles around my shoulder blades, will that go away after breast reduction? It's such a discomfort! I hope all this discomfort in my muscle goes away after "girls" get reduced.


It's been awhile since I've posted on here. After getting married and having name changed and getting insurance situated, I'm now starting this journey over again! I have a consultation on Feb 13th 2017 with Dr. Lynne Hackert. I'm SUPER excited! I'm tired of pain. I'm tired of not sleeping well due to pain. I'm just tired. I've read great stories from here. All make me excited about me getting mine chopped off. Fingers are crossed, hopefully I get great news on the 13th!


Consultation is tomorrow! I'M SO NERVOUS AND WORRIED! Worried they'll say "No". Insurance approved consultation, so hopefully whatever plastic surgeon says, insurance will approve surgery. My fingers, my toes, my eyes, I'll even cross my boobs in hopes to have this surgery!

Consultation today!

So excited! Hope to hear good news today:) I took 2 pictures. Front and side view. If all goes well and I hear I make a good candidate. I will continue with sharing my journey.

After consultation

My consultation went great! Dr. Lynne Hackert was so sweet and funny! She explained the surgery and what could possibly happen. Where she would cut. She was very confident about getting insurance to cover. I am in need of reduction! She sees I'm looking for better health and not doing this for cosmetic.

Surgery date!!!

Received a call today from PS office, surgery is set for July 18th!!! Haven't heard if insurance approved yet, but the office wanted to get the date set up so I'm locked in! I even have my name on the cancelation list in case anyone cancels, I can possibly have it sooner:) PS office is confident I'll get approved for surgery. With all the notes I have from PC and PS. I'm super stoked and ready for any advice I can possibly get. Before surgery advice, most comfortable way to sleep after surgery, bras, exercise, I mean ANY advice. Thank you!

I have dates set!

Update: so I called insurance to see if they received my request for a procedure. Insurance said no. I asked how long is the approval ok'd for and insurance said 90 days. So with that in mind, I figured that's why insurance hasn't received procedure request from surgeon office due to the fact my surgery date is set for July 18th. That was next opening for they are booked til then. Few days after that, I called surgeon office to confirm my thought. I was right! Yay! The very nice lady explained why she didn't want to send request in just yet due to it being too soon. But she does have my pre-op (June 21), surgery date (July 18th), and post op (July 20) set up so I can be on calender for when I do get approved. (This office is very confident I'll get approved) I am super excited for all this! My body is trying to hold on. My ribs scream for the weight to be taken off! My neck, my nerves, my back, shoulder bladestrap. Let's just say I'm trying to imagine what it's like to be pain free. Just seems like a dream! Until I have my surgery, I will continue reading the good and the troublesome journeys on this site! For they have been extremely helpful!!! Continue healing ladies and best of luck on your journeys!

Playing with bras!

So the past few months I have been an at home mom/ caregiver for my husband's Grandfather. In these past few months I quit wearing bras due to the fact they hurt! I was playing with bras today (my way of saying "goodbye" to the over the shoulder boulder holder). Even in the brief seconds I was wearing them to due photoshoot, my head hurts from the straps pulling on them and pinching. Now with me not wearing bra, I hurt too due to the weight pulling on shoulder blades. Either way sucks! I admit, each passing day I get more and more excited! My husband and I have been doing a pro/con list, we have yet to find a con. He knows how much I suffer. He is really ready to hold my hand to the hospital and get me on that surgery table!


With the surgery so far out, reading all these reviews and advice (which have been very helpful) I'm starting to feel "numb". Surgery is 4 months away and yes I feel like a kid for saying this " seems like forever" away. I'm trying to focus on losing weight. Working out is rough with the "ladies" bouncing and putting strain on my back and neck. I'm thinking more walking? I do live in the mountains, so that means hills...hills...and hills! Lol! Any suggestions?


I received a wonderful phone call this morning. MY SURGERY DATE IS CHANGED TO MAY 9TH! Later I'll be getting a phone call with the final details:) time for them to turn all paperwork to insurance!! Boobs are crossed I get approved:p

.....The verdict is.....

I'VE BEEN APPROVED!!! Just Lil over 6 weeks away and BYE BYE BOOBIES!!!

Trying to get idea...

I though I'd take some pix today, see possibly where the ladies would sit after surgery. I actually DO HAVE a torso! Pre-op the 25th and surgery MAY 9th:)

Oh man....!!!

The clothing I was looking at for after surgery:) sports bras I was looking at, no way am I going to fit in them! But according to PS I will. Let just say I CAN'T WAIT! I'm holding back on buying clothes right now. COME ON MAY 9TH????

3 more weeks!

3 more weeks til surgery! Let's just say, I CAN'T WAIT! I think my boobs know they are leaving cause they are punishing me worse:( the extreme strain on my neck, shoulders, and ribs! This surgery just seems too good to be true! Come on 3 weeks:) Pre-op next week and also my birthday!


So I found dead out earlier my insurance has been terminated! WTF...get approved for surgery then week later it's terminated! I don't get it. So today I've been trying to find out what the hell is going on

Well :)

As it stands surgery is still on. Everyone I talk to at insurance has a different story about my situation. Talking to the PS office lady that deals with insurance, she sees I'm still covered. So we're treating it like I still have surgery. I have pre-op on Tuesday! 2 weeks from that day I have surgery!! I can't wait.

Hope these fit after surgery!

It's just so weird!

Trying the new bras!

Still so hard to believe I just might fit these lol the pink one, as long as I didn't breath it stayed zipped hahahaha trying to wrap my brain around it still:)

Here we go!!!

Love when life throws lemons...lets make that lemonade! I'm trying so hard for this road block to not affect me!!!!!!!


Rough night last night. My left shoulder blade was pinched and spasmed so bad. I had to tell myself it's ok surgery is soon. Then the thought of no it's not. Your insurance is lagging on a decision that was already made by another insurance. The toss and turn of good and bad thoughts is breaking me down. Tomorrow I'm hoping I hear AWESOME news that will end all this suffering and confusion.... I pray I hear that surgery is still on for Tuesday May 9th.

Looking forward

After emotional times and a nerve wrecking wait, I have come to the conclusion to cancel May 9th appointment. We didn't hear from insurance in time. Surgery was going to be set for sometime in November but there was a cancellation and now I'm back to July 18th! That's enough time to hear from insurance. Come on approval! Let's finally get this done

Approved again!

Approved for July 18th...again. just seems like this date was meant to be:)

Ha! Wow...

So, love when Medi-cal sends me letters saying my insurance ends at the end of the month. I love I have to call and ask what's going on now? I was told I'm on a shared cost. "Oh, well there's no note saying you wanted that" Uh, yes we've discussed this and explained to me what it is. "Ok then, we will tell your Rep. Call next week". Why why why do they like to do this few weeks before surgery.

Switching insurance.

I'm over the games that are played. Called today found out due to husbands income (which didn't change since last to me I have info) we are not eligible for medi-cal shared cost, now we have to change to Covered California. I don't know what the hell is going on but all the info I have was fine a month ago to have shared cost but now it's getting closer to surgery I have to change again!. Oh the frustration I've been going through. This emotional rollercoaster is insane. I'm hoping to God this will be the last time I have a hiccup in insurance and I WILL have surgery July 18th!! I don't know how much more confusion I can take. How much more I can take being played with.

Getting somewhere...

Pheww...so I was able to find something under the Covered California. Call PS office and spoke to the lady (Veronica) who's VERY familiar with all that's been going on. She mentioned the insurance I picked they don't accept. She told me the one they do accept under Covered California. Called them back was able to make a switch! So now I make 1st payment on 27th to be in affect July 1st. Now, i have never had insurance i pay for. I've never had deductibles. I'm so confused how it works. I'm hoping I can pay deductible and then make payments on my portion of the surgery cost...? It's definitely been a rollercoaster ride. I must say my patience has definitely been tested. PLEASE let this be the final straw:)

1st premium payment...done

Made my 1st premium payment. Insurance will be in effect July 1st. PS office will send out for another approval on the 1st see if new insurance will cover it. If I understood the lady in billing, I pay deductible, then make payments for surgery after surgery. What!? That sou.ds awesome to me:) I've never paid for insurance before so this is all new to me. I have a good feeling about all this! If I get approved, 3 weeks til surgery!!

Drum roll...

Ps office called yesterday. They ran my new insurance see if I'm active, I am. So now they have re re submitted referral for approval. FINGERS ARE CROSSED!! I am so ready for this. Feeling extra positive. Over the pain and frustration. Ready for a new me:) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!




I made my 1st payment last week. Got my actual approval letter today:) Tomorrow will be cleaning the house. This weekend grocery shopping for when I'm down and can't cook. Oh man the excitement I feel!

5 days

So far we have house cleaned, son's room REALLY cleaned and him ready to go with the grandparents for the rest of summer. This weekend plan on getting food preparation for the husband to cook while I'm down. Monday plan on heading down to hotel to have surgery at the hospital Tuesday morning:)

Not quite 24 hours after surgery:)

Surgery was July 18th approx. 8:45 in am. I checked in 7:15am. Check in was a breeze:) front desk ladies were a joy. Preparation ladies was a joy. They really like to make sure you are comfy. Anesthetic gentleman was AWESOME! Honest, straight forward, break it down to where you understand what's going on. Surgeon Lynne Hackert, love her! I haven't seen what the "ladies" look like, I'm bandaged up. I do have post op July 19th at 10am. That's when I'll get the bandages off and put in sports bra. Throat doesn't hurt as bad as I thought from breathing tube. Seriously ladies, up to surgery and surgery was a breeze. I walked in OR, later on table, nurse was explain she was putting on leg brace, and that was that. Woke up in recovery, was coming out of dream I guess, wasnt sure what the heck was going on til I felt SICK. Nurses started administering anti nausea meds. I threw up. Realized " Oh yeah, I had surgery" Gave me some pain meds. I was in and out of sleep for I don't know how long. From what I've been told surgery went little longer than 3 hours. Like I said not sure how long I was in recovery. I know I was back at hotel about 3pm right down the road from hospital. Surgeon explained to my Dad little over 900 as taken out of each breast ( about 4 lbs) altogether. Man do I feel the difference. I was able to sleep night before. No nervousness. I was ready for this! So far no regrets. I feel great. I've been on too of meds. 1 Norco every 6 hours so far. Honestly, feels like bra wire digging in the center in between boobs. I had no lipo. I can lift arms slowly. Let the healing begin!!

Before and after

Day 4 post op

Feeling good. Was able to shower day after surgery. I'm already off the Norcos. I'm on Tylenol extra strength every 6 hours. Was able to change some of the tape last night after shower. I am able to lift arms just not lift. I slept without a bra the other night. I feel better sleeping with one. I get weird sensations in my boobs every now and again. Not painful. Still have swelling. So glad I made this choice! All the waiting I did was worth it!

Before and after. One week after surgery.


It's been 2 weeks, I feel awesome! I'm able to sleep on my sides (FINALLY)! I've been doing that for possibly a week now. I completely stopped taking meds. I only took meds for 1st week. Honestly, I've experienced no pain. Some discomfort, yeah. Like your wire in your bra digging in skin. I can tell when I'm doing too much, my boobs will feel hard as a rock. I just lay down and rub them gently to soften muscle. I just wear sports bras. Closed front ones are starting to irritate in between boobs. I'm going to try a pull over one tomorrow. I've had some bruising, not much though. How am I taking care of wounds...? I shower, make sure sutures are completely dry before putting on bra. I still have tape on incisions. If a piece is lifting, I cut off the none sticky piece and just add another piece on top. I do not rip off tape. I don't want to tear off healing skin.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I had my breast reduction July 18th 2017. Dr. Lynne Hackert was AMAZING. I love how she is upfront and to the point. Love her sense of humor and her no BS. Her work is wonderful! I had very little bruising ( I mean very little, like a sliver). I had no "pain". Some discomfort yes, but not painful. Every appointment with her is a joy. I would definitely recommend her.

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