Good bye Mommy Boobs & Hello perky Girls!!

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I'm so glad that I went with Dr.Wrye & Dr. Hall....

I'm so glad that I went with Dr.Wrye & Dr. Hall. They say,"It's All About You!" It's so true, it really is all about the patient. They have a wonderful Spa setting with wonderful water fixtures, comfy waiting area's & forget the cheap disposable gowns they use nice lightweight cotton robes. From the very moment I met with Dr.Wrye I knew I was in good hands & felt completely comfortable with him. I asked what he thought about 2nd opinions, he said," second & even third opinions are wonderful! " The consultation was free & he saw me more than 1 time for free. I absolutely adore his staff, Amanda the surgery scheduler is fabulous, Tracy the medical assistants is wonderful as well. They all really do their best to make the process comfortable, I never felt rushed, I called and asked if they had any patients who've had the same procedure I was going to have who would be willing to talk to me. Within less than 24hrs I was able to talk to another woman who had a wonderful experience as well. It made me feel so at ease to have someone to talk to who went through the same procedure & loved her outcome! They offered discounts if you paid in cash which made a substantial difference in my overall price. I also love the fact that I was getting 2 board certified plastic surgeons for the price of 1!
I went to another consultation with a very reputable PS my fee was $60.00 just to sit in a room with a couple of sizers in my top. The receptionist had left me with the impression that I would be able to use the 3D imaging at my first consult. Which wasn't the case at all. They didn't offer any discounts if you paid in cash, they only offered Care Credit with a reduced interest rate if you chose to use them as your PS. Their prices were 3 thousand more $$ without any discounts.

I'm so glad that I went with Dr.Wrye & Dr.Hall, they're wonderful & I love my new breasts & I'm doing really well for only being 3 wks post-op. I would do it again in a heartbeat! My breasts are healing well & I don't think I will have too much scaring. As a thank you for choosing Dr. Wrye & Dr. Hall they gave me a gift card for $600.00 worth of skin care products & services that are good for 12 months.

almost 4 wks post-op & I'm on Cloud 9 :)

Today I went to Victoria Secrets & returned the bra that I purchased prior to my surgery. I purchased the bra as a goal bra or should I say a limit on size; I didn't want to go any larger than the very generous 38D which is equivalent to a 36DDD. When I tried on my goal bra prior to surgery the cup was more than half empty! When I tried the bra on post op my New Girls filled the up & the bra it actually was to big around, I'm really a 36 under my bustline.
So I was measured & my bra size is currently 36DDD or a 34G. ????????????? < I tried to remove the frowns because I'm HAPPY, I'm not sure why I can't remove the images, but that's ok!
I was so glad that the same wonderful young lady who measured me the day of my pre op appointment; was working today! It was fun showing her my new Girls & having another one of the VS ladies ask what type of cream I'm using on my incisions...... because I'm not using anything yet!
My incisions look fabulous because of the skilled hands of Dr.Scott Wrye & the fact that I did absolutely NOTHING for the first week except recover! I'm taking vitamins, eating tons of omega fatty acids & trying to have a healthy amount of calories so my body can do it's job recovering.
It will be fun to see my progress; I'm so Grateful & feel truly blessed to finally have my Girls match my young perky Spirit!
For the first time in over 18 yrs I can FINALY wear any type of lingerie, bra or clothing item without dreading the reality of not being able to pick something off of the rack! Or being embarrass if someone caught a glimpse of my Saggy Mommy Boobs! I used to take so much time fussing over how I would disguise or hide my girls!
I can honestly say that I had come to a healthy psychological place; where I had accepted my body prior to surgery. I knew that I would be fine with the breasts I had. No they weren't PERKY or perfect, but I was able to nurture my child for over a year. My Breasts preformed wonderfully, they did exactly what they were designed to do!
Yes I would breastfeed my child again, even if it meant sacrificing the way my breasts looked! Breastfeeding was one of the most Beautful exsperiences I have ever had! I loved holding my child to my breasts knowing I was providing him with exactly what his body needed! ??
I miss those precious moments of holding my child in my arms, giving him comfort & nourishment!
I have an amazing Husband who has always told me I was beautiful & that my body was perfect the way it was!
I feel like life is coming full circle, I sacrificed my breasts to nurture my child; now after 18yrs, I'm blessed to have Perky Full Beautiful Breasts! Life is good & each day is a gift...

Twas the time before pre op!

I remember feeling so overwhelmed at, during & after my pre op appointment! This is my 1st breast Augmentation, with a major lift anchor incision, breast implants under the muscle.
O my goodness I had the hardest time trying to choose what size, I had read so many different profiles, articles & any documentations I could get my hands on. I literally didn't sleep the night before my pre op.....I spent the entire night before obsessing about implant sizes, I didn't want to go "HUGE" I also didn't want Boob envy either...
My PS thought I didn't want scars ( mind u I went in to see him 3 times before surgery) so in order to make my Saggy Mommy Boobs look fuller we were looking at 450cc-475cc's. I prayed & flipped a stinking coin asking for heads or tails, to eliminate sizes from 325cc's -475cc's moderate plus! I was a mess, a reck, a worry wort.... Tracy was so patient with me, Amanda the surgery coordinator had ordered 4 different sizes of implants just for me & said if the morning of I changed my mind again she would personally run down the road & bring the implants I wanted!! Woo it's exhausting just spewing that all out. When I we finally made it to the car, I told my husband to drive I felt sick to my stomach.....what if this was all an ENORMOUS mistake!
Then I decided that my PS is the one who performs breast lifts, augmentations, reconstructions & surgeries all of the I decided to let him have the final say & I felt like a heavy load had been lifted off of my shoulders!
I'm so glad I left the final say up to my PS, Dr.Wrye madequate the perfect choice.... I was looking for Natural, fuller, perkier breasts that at times I could go without wearing a bra! 425cc's were right for me! ????????

4 wks post-op

I'm 4 wks post-op today; my breasts are continuing to drop & fluff. I'm adjusting to my new areolas size, shape & their new positions. It feels like the right breasts is positioned differently than the left. I'm going to mention it to my PS when I see him.
I'm struggling a little with the differences between my breasts. I know that I'm still changing & have a few months before I'll see what the final results will be. Overall I think my breast look amazing for being 4 wks post-op!
I have to remind myself that they're," Sister's Not Twins!" I honestly think my scars will fade well & hopefully my breasts will even out when they both have fully settled into their new position over the next few months?!
Sorry if I'm not making much sense, I'm tired & starting to dose off.
I hope that these pictures help someone who is looking at a major breast lift with anchor incision & breast augmentation.
Thank you for the encouragement & support.

4 wks post-op

I over did it on Thursday & I'm resting now. I thought I would share some pictures.

My pre op pics from the Dr's office

Sorry these are a little blury, I wanted to share some of more of my pre op photos. Hopefully this will give you an idea of how much my breast have changed :) Sorry these are so blurry, I'll post the pre op pictures that we took prior to surgery.

My annual visit to the Gynecologist!

Today was my annual pap smear & breast exam with my gynecologist. It was really cool because the look I was going for was, "Natural & my pre pregnancy breasts!" Well my PS was spot on, the RN who has known me for 20 yrs didn't even know that I had a BA! WOW.... I love these new breasts, these girls are so perky & beautiful. She said,"I would of NEVER known that you have breast implants!" It was fun showing her my new Girls & talking to her about my PS.
Remember Ladies it's so important to have your annual visits to the gynecologist....It might take sometime to get to know my new Girls, but with my medical history of ovarian cancer it's so important for me to make sure I'm doing my monthly self breast exams! So I want to encourage u all to see you Primary Care Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Gynecologist, Planned Parenthood, local clinic or wherever yout can go to get your pap smear, your pelvic exams & the dreaded Mammogram!

I was thinking I was 4 1/2 wks but I'm actually closer to 5 wks :)

I'm so tired of sports bras, my neck & shoulders are so glad to be in a regular bra(with no under wire of course). I purchased a few bras & I really like Kohls clearance racks. I was able to find a couple super soft, comfortable silk bras & my husband helped remove the under wires. So I will be wearing some of my new bras today. I saw my PS on Thursday; he instructed me to transition into comfortable supportive bras. I'm also doing the massage where you grab the entire breast implant & gently guide it around in your chest once a day. I'm also massaging my sutures & incision sights lotion or oils.
I'm so excited my left breast has finally caught up to my right breast & they're both looking really good. They're looking better everyday :)

5 wks post op today :)

So as some of you know I over did it last week! It took a few days to recover & I'm starting to feel a lot better. My pecs hurt so bad last week, thank God for advil, ice, Arnica Montana & my amazing family! Here are some pictures.....

Everyday I'm noticing new changes :)

I am really enjoying being able to sleep on my side. I no longer sleep on a pile of pillows, I think it's been about 2wks since I stopped sleeping on a pile of 4 pillows. It feels so good to sleep flat or should I say sleeping with 2 pillows instead of on a mountain. :) I always sleep with some sort of bra on, it feels so comfortable to sleep with a comfy bra. I am very happy with my results & the way my breasts feel.

almost 6wks & so much more.....

I'm really getting used to my beautiful new breasts, my "Sister's Not Twins!" It has been a long journey to get here. I had sleepless nights of looking at profiles here, YouTube videos of breast lifts & augmentations. A few different sets of rice first set met its demise when I left them on the sofa & the dog ate them & the plastic baggies as well. I dreamt of having beautiful breast for years. I have felt insecure about the way my breasts looked in swimsuits, in shirts, in dresses. How I longed to be a to throw on a T-shirt & run to the store without a bra or to even be able to not have to fuss over how to adjust my breasts inside my bra to fill out a top.
Well I finally had come to a place where I thought I would never have the money to afford to have a BL & a BA. I had a few friends who had breast cancer within the last couple of years. As I watched them go through surgeries, chemotherapy & radiation. I found myself feeling as though I should be grateful that I have breasts; that were able to feed my Son for 18 months & a husband who loved my breasts just the way they were.
I had ovarian cancer over a decade ago, luckily I didn't have to have chemotherapy or radiation. I had multiple surgeries & a miscarriage that ultimately helped save my life.... over the years I found myself becoming more excepting of myself, my body, it's external scars as well as the deep emotional scars that only those close to me could see! I feel like I had come to a place where I had peace about the way my body looked even though it wasn't the sexy perky young body I desired.
For years it hurt so much when I would see babies & siblings Son would cry & say he wanted a brother or a sister to play with. This was something I wasn't able to provide for him. The likelihood of my cancer reoccurring was 50% so at first I tried to preserve my remaining ovary & we tried to conceive another child.
It was incredibly painful to have intercourse, it was also emotionally painful. I found myself at a crossroad where I could either continue to be physically miserable & have painful intercourse in the pursuit of trying to convince another child or I could have my other ovary removed & be grateful for the amazing child I had. So I had numerous abdominal surgeries within a short period & took the big plunge....Surgical Menopause was my out it was the only way I knew how to prevent myself from always having the BIG C word lurking behind me, hiding around the corner. So before I was 30 yrs old I no longer had a way for my body to produce it's own hormones. If you know anything about the role that estrogen plays on your breasts you'll understand why I not old had my breast destroyed from pregnancy & breastfeeding for 18 months. So at 40 yrs old here I was on hormone replacement therapy(thank God for HRT).
With each passing year my breasts became more deflated & saggy. Here I was a young mother, a wife who was grateful to be alive & yet at the sametime I felt like my breasts belonged to an old woman. I honestly thought that by the time I turned 50 they would be at least to my navel.
I can't express how grateful I am to have such an incredible husband who always tried to helped me to feel beautiful. He would say I just wish you could see yourself the way I do. I'm so glad that I have had the opportunity to have my breast surgery & I'm so excited to see how they feel in 6 months!
Well now I finally feel like I have a second chance to feel my age to not be ashamed of my body! I used to feel like a always needed to adjust my breasts or make sure no one could look down my blouse. I used to wonder what people would think of me if they only saw me naked.
People would say you're so beautiful & I would honestly think yeah that's what u say now, but if you saw me naked u wouldn't feel that way. Or if you saw me naked you'd think I had the breasts of a 70 yr old. I sorta felt trapped, like a young woman in an old broken body, well not anymore!
It's definitely different when you've had a major anchor lift & your breasts have been sliced open & have had your nipples rearranged with an implant shoved under your pectoral muscles. I have to make sure I don't compare my breasts to the breasts of a woman who has only had an augmentation or a crescent lift. It's totally different, not that I'm complaining because I'm definitely not!
I think as women we have to try to make sure that we aren't getting all of our self worth from the way our bodies look & that completely goes against everything the media says! We're bombarded by images of sexy perfect airbrushed bodies. So many people compliment girls on the way they look, instead of how smart we are or athletic.
I want to say thank you to the people who take time to encourage & update their profiles, even when you're not feeling well. Those who bravely pick up the camera & take a picture of body parts that you wouldn't ever want anyone to see, yet you're brave enough to click on the download button & put your pictures out for everyone to see!
Because you're truly helping so many people, even if you feel like it's not making a difference because you're not getting a lot of feedback. I'm sure you've helped more people than you know. Even if someone only saw your results & didn't leave a comment.
So today at almost 6wks post op I feel fabulous, for the first time I shared with a neighbor & she completely understood. I used to spend hours on Facebook talking with friends & family..... now the first thing I do when I wake up is check & look for new people who are sharing for the first time or look for the different women from all over the country & world who I've been able to connect with. I think about each & everyone of you each day! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives & for being a part of my life. I know this is an enormous update & a lot of information! I just wanted to share a little bit more of myself & where I have I could journal how far I have come & grown as a person. May your day be beautiful & your healing process smooth. May your plastic surgery procedures heal those areas of your life that maybe made you feel ashamed of your body, that kept you from going out to the beach or kept you from having the confidence to reach your dreams your goals & may you aspire to be all that you can inside & out..... it feels weird to call something so awesome that has changed the way I feel about my body plastic!

just a few pictures that wouldn't load

A few pics. I'm almost 6 wks post-op!

That funky sentence about estrogen & I not that old ;) lol

Grammatical errors... lol
* For those of you who know the role estrogen plays on breast tissue. It really is a hormone that's needed to keep your breast looking young, full & perky. So without ovaries my body wasn't able to keep my breasts looking full . Especially after pregnancy & breastfeeding destroyed them. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I loved the special bond my son & I share. So even though I was only 40 I felt like my breast belonged to some so much older.
*sorry about that girls ;) that's why I should of read it one more time .... lol

6wks post op

Hello lovelies I am sick. It's been so nice, I'm so glad I didn't get sick before surgery. I would of been so disappointed if I had to put my surgery off being sick. Hopefully it will go away soon.
I figured I'd share a picture of Arnica Montana, it's one of the best things I have taken for swelling, bruising & inflammation. I also bought a fun corset & thought I'd play dress up. I took these pictures yesterday, when I wasn't feeling as sick. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day & is healing well :)

This stinking scab

I'm almost 7wks post op & I have this awful scab that has stuck to my bra & was partially torn off by my bra. I'm keeping it dry. It was a spot that had a suture that was sticking out of it & now it's become a small hole. What do you ladies think I should do?
I'm going to call my PS tomorrow to see if he wants to start me on some antibiotics, this spot was a scab that stuck to my bra. I just don't want to take any chances.

My Boo Boo ;) on My BOOB, the thoughts & feelings on my mind!

Hello My Wonderful girlfriends, my fellow Sistah's. Everytime I tried to post an update something has come up or my post has been lost. This is honestly the 3rd time I've tried to write this today.

So I called the MA back at the PS office; I told her that after I washed it & I touched about 2" away from the hole in my areola green puss & discharge came out.
My husband called me as he was headed to work this AM, consernced because he also saw green puss. He felt I probably needed an antibiotic prophylactically/just in case. I left a new message saying I'm sick, found green puss, etc.
I was told that this is probably not something that needs an antibiotic.
That it needs to be protected because it has been ripped off repeatedly (it has been sticking to my bras) & just needs protection to heal. If it doesn't get better by next week I need to call & come in. I'm supposed to wash it with antibacterial soap (which I have been), keep it dry & protect it, with butterfly bandages & a gauze barrier. Which I am doing now.
Now here is what I have to say (sorry about the grammar & punctuations).....

I want to say that I'm grateful for EACH & EVERYONE OF YOU LADIES! Even though we've never met you each have a special place in my heart & my thoughts.
I don't care if you have BIG BOOBIES, Medium size boobies, Itty bitty boobies, uniboobies or no breasts or boobies at all!
Maybe you are a cancer survivor.
Maybe you have overcome enormous physical & emotional struggles. Maybe you're someone who has struggled with self image. Maybe you were teased about your nose, your chin, your face, your love handles, your pimples, your inverted nipples, your skintone, your gut or your REAREND this list could be see my long drawn out point is this:
We have this awesome forum a place that's common ground. "Realself," is where we can be ourselves & let our guard down. We can show our bodies & share our struggles, our victories, our nipples, our pimples as well as our deep dark secrets or body parts that we hide, we feel embarrassed about, our BIG & small Victories. Our new body parts that are sometimes odd & strangely shaped until they drop down, fill out & look "NORMAL AGAIN," maybe not the normal we had planned in our heads..but the way our bodies have excepted the New Normal we will learn to EMBRACE!
We find strength here with eachother we're NOT ALONE! Someone's always here willing to give u a friendly hand, or lend encouragement, loving care!

Maybe the people u love just don't understand or maybe they think you're superficial, plastic or obsessed. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about your body! You're unique & beautiful...
Realself is such a special place; because all of the awesome people who take time out of their days & nights to welcome you & show they care! To share their insight, their wisdom, compassion, their support to understand!
So it doesn't matter if you're new here or if you've been here for years...this is a Sisterhood & a Beautiful Community!
Thank u all for caring & encouraging u ROCK!! ?

My 7wk 1 day post op

I wasn't really planning on sharing my breasts looking like chopped Boobs. With that said, I wanted to encourage other women who feel like there scars are awful & might feel like their breasts won't ever be Beautiful! Because that's not the truth, your body will change your body is going through a lot of changes.

I feel truly blessed to have the breasts I have. No they're not as big as I would like them to be, if I could of had larger implants I would of went with 475cc's on the right side & 450cc's on the left side. I had a major anchor lift & having larger implants are an apposing force, so they work against each other! There are a lot of doctors who wouldn't even allow a patient to have this lift with more than 400cc implants.
Wednesday I was really was having a hard time with my breasts & the size that they have shrunk down to. My husband took me by the hand & he told me that he loves them, because they make me smile! He told me that they look like me & that he loves them! That they really look natural & that's what we were going for.
It really meant so much to me, because I was struggling with the fact that they've shrunk some & they're smaller than I really wanted. He is such a wonderful husband & the best friend I've ever had in my life.
He wouldn't care if I didn't have breasts! We have been through so much in the last 20 yrs. It's nice when someone can say something to you & they mean it.

I really hope that sharing these pictures will help someone else see the beauty in their own breasts....these pictures were painfully difficult for me to share. They were actually emotionally painful for me to look at & it would be so easy not to share these with u. I refuse to allow pride or fear to get in the way of helping someone else who maybe struggling with the way there bodies look.
I'm still very sick with a cold & I'm pretty sure I have a fever. I hope I feel better by next week so I can take some better pictures & write a better update.

Thank u all for your encouragement & support, I'm truly honored to be here with you all...
I'm so sorry I haven't been able to get to everyone's email responses, please forgive me, I'm trying to catch up.

I'm exhausted & want to apologize for not being here.

Hello ladies, I just wanted to touch base with you all & apologize for not being here. I'm exhausted, I can barely keep my eyes open.... I am thinking of you all & I'm surrounding u all with love, positive thoughts & prayers for healing! I'll do my best tocatch up with all of you tomorrow! I hope u are well, I've missed you all & can't wait to catch up with you all!

The hole in my areola

Finally after a week the hole on my areola is starting to heal. The butterfly bandages didn't work, the non stick guaze stuck to my scab. Last Friday I started using breathable gauze, I also started washing it with betadine soap. It has worked wonders. I figured I would share a few pictures as well.
I wanted to say a BIG thank u to all of the amazing ladies in our wonderful Realself community!
I also wanted to share the progress on my scars underneath my breasts. My right breast is smaller than my left one, so it hasn't rounded out as much as the left.

Some of the pictures that didn't upload

Here are pics that go with my update.

They won't load

One more try...

a little over 8 wks post-op

My right breast is finally looking better everyday. I was really feeling bummed out with the fact that my right breast is smaller than my left. My husband is such a great guy. I had him measure my breast at a bunch of different angles; guess what they're perfect 10's lol 10" over the top, 10" from the middle of chest. Lol
I was having a little bit of booby blues( I would of gone 450cc on the rt 425cc on the left). I was talking to my Mom, we're very close she's actually one of my closest friends. I was telling her how I was disappointed with the left being bigger than the right one & she said," your breasts are beautiful I wish I had your breast, they look perfect!"
It really made my day, to have one of my best friends tell me that my breasts are perfect :) I have been dealing with a family emergency! Luckily things have calmed down some & I have miss you all! Xoxoxoxox

more pics that didn't load.

Playing dress up.... a little over 8wks post op.

Neighbor Neighbor oowie!

O my goodness, my poor chest muscles! I have a hard time watching older people do things by themselves. So of course I'm helping my neighbor pull down 8-10ft sunflower plants & timber.... the neighbor is falling right towards me! So your natural instinct is to put your arm up to protect caught all of her wait with my left arm. I wasn't crushed against the house. But my poor breast & left chest muscle hurts so bad...
Please say a prayer & send some healing thoughts my way, this breast is swollen & hurts like crazy!
Other than that I am doing really well.
I hope everyone is doing well & has a fabulous week! Xoxoxoxo

I wanted to share my favorite post op bra.

This isn't really my big update. I wanted to share a couple of pics of my post op bra. I have more sports bras than I can count & other front closure type bras. I wanted to share my favorite post op bra. I practically live in these.

post op bras pictures that didn't load

I hope the load this time.

6 wks post-op

I'm 6wks post op today. I decided to go to Victoria Secrets yesterday & have then measure me. Well my measurements are 36DDD-34F-G. Lol I don't think I will ever fit in a 34F-G just because I refuse to torture myself by being squeezed around my chest. I'm sure most bras I were a 36 DDD-38 DD. My hole in my areola has finally closed up & I'm feeling better.
What's so strange to me is the thought of calling something that has made such a large impact on me could be called plastic surgery. That seems so fake or phoney.

Massage to prevent scaring

My PS has had me using this technique for about 3 weeks, at first it really hurt.

9 wks post-op

Lol, all I can do is laugh about saying 6 wks....

This is the Big Massage

This is the Massage my PS is having me do to prevent scaring.

Explicit - Click to view

I'm going to try & upload the video of the BIG massage where I pick up my entire breast implant & rotate it. This is what my PS has been having me do for about 3 weeks to prevent CC scaring. Please make sure you contact your PS for instructions on how they want you to massage. Blessings, Love & Peace to you all....I'm honored to be a part of our Community & I honestly adore each one of you Beautiful Ladies, you Keep me going! Xoxoxoxox

a little over 12 wks post-op

Here are a few super cute Victoria Secrets bra's & they even carry their sports bras in size 36DDD. :D I've been having some other health issues & I'm trying to avoid surgery. I see my PS this week & look forward to maybe being released to wear some under wire bras....I think I will have to wait until I'm 6 months post op because of the large inscions I have under my breast.

14 wks post-op & almost 15 wks post-op

I'm so sorry I've been away, I'm dealing with some health issues & it's been incredibly painful. I'm hoping I can be scheduled for surgery this week. My breasts are healing well, I won't see my PS for about 3 months. He asked me about the size, I wish I had of just said I wish they were BIGGER. I'm struggling with my right breast being at least 25cc's smaller than the left. I'm going to ask him about the Boob that falls in my armpit, they were both in my armpits before surgery & my husband is the only one besides me who see me naked on my back! Lol
My husband said let's get at least 10 good years out of these breasts & then if you want to change we can, look at it then. I love that Man & I know nothing is perfect. It's just frustrating when one Boob is bigger than the other & it hurts in bras. O well it it what it is & they're still beautiful Sister's Not Twins.
I hope everyone is well & you're all in my thoughts, prayers & on my mind.
I wanted to post a few front closure bras so you ladies know what to get from Walmart to wear while you're healing.

The beginning of right sided pectoral muscle deformaty!

Hello my fellow RS sisters & friends,
I've been having pain in my right breast on the outer side of my breast. A while back I had reached over my head while laying on my back. I had instant pain, I ended up icing & taking Arnica Montana. I informed the medical assistant about it at my last appointment she didn't think it was anything to worry about.
Over the last few days I've noticed that my pectoral muscle was looking different. I'm going to call the drs office on Monday. I need to see if there's anything he can do to fix this problem before it continues to get worse. Thank God it's only on one side.
I'm having other medical issues, I'm having a medical procedure to look at my pancreas, gallbladder & make sure I don't have any pancreatic tumors. As some of u may know I had ovarian cancer over a decade ago. I'm praying that all of the tests will be negative & that I can get some relief from the horrible pain I've been in for over a month. I know this isn't just an update about my breast, I'm praying God will bless my family with a miracle!
I'll post a picture of my breast that has the pectoral deformity tomorrow.
I'm sorry I've been away for so long. You have all been in my thoughts , on my heart & in my prayers! :D

My rt breast pectoral deformity....

I'm going to post some pics so my Beautiful RS Sisters can see what's going on with my girls. Then I'm going to ask the drs here..... xoxoxox

My results from surgery (not breast related ) Thank u for your thoughts & prayers!

Hello my amazing beautiful sister's, I'm Negative for cancer(thank u God)!! I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I don't need my gallbladder removed, they were able to scope me & take care of the gallbladder issue! There were no tumors, my labs came back great & everything looked fabulous inside my body. So I'm waiting to see if I develope a bad case of pancreatitis(hopefully it won'thappen ). I'm moving slow & steady.
My right breast hurts so bad & I'm praying it won't be long before I can get into the PS & I pray he will help make this situation right. :) it hurts to type, to hold my phone & even my water bottle feels too heavy.
Today I'm 16wks post op & my rt breast hurts almost as bad as it did rt after surgery. One thing at a time & one day at a time. I'll let u know when I get into my PS! All my best & love xoxoxox

I figured I'd buy something pretty to help lift my spirits.... 6 more days ladies!!

I'm in a lot of pain, I'm praying this week goes fast & the my PS can take care of my breast...... 6 more days! I wanted to check in & share my new pretty bra.... I bought a pretty bra to dress up my girls while I waiting! :D All my best to my amazing RS Sisters & friends! Xoxoxoxox

Aw relief....

My PS thinks that there's just more scar tissue on the right side. He said that I'm still healing & need to relax. If it continues to hurt we will address it. I follow up in 2 months. I feel so relevievd & I'm just going to try to relax as much as possible. I'm going to enjoy my breasts & RELAX.... It's so nice to have a dr who is carrying! I'm going to take it easy & allow myself time to recover. :)
Xoxoxoxox to all of u wonderful RS Sisters & friends!

My right breast...

Hello my dear RS Sister's & friends,
I'm still in a lot of pain. I'm resting & trying not to use my right pectoral muscle at all! It's difficult to have a weak muscle & not be able to function like I did before surgery. I'm praying that my muscle will heal.....if it doesn't I have faith that Dr.Wrye will make it right! When I see their commercials, "I hear the patients who say Dr. Wrye & Dr. Hall changed my life!" In Reno there are a lot of PS, Dr. Wrye came HIGHLY recommended not only as a Physician but as a person!
I'm looking forward to being able to do simple exercises, work out, open the fridge & make love to my husband without favoring one side (it's not fun when your breast hurts). We're working on healing & relaxing!! I hope u all had a nice Thanksgiving(those of us in the US). Here's to a wonderful Christmas.
Sleep is even painful, we shall see what happens & I'm still praying for a miracle.
I hope u are all doing well.....
All my best dear RS sister's Hugs and Love to u all xoxoxoxoxo

5 months post op still in pain

Hello my dear RS sister's & friends,
I have an appointment with my PS in January. I'm resting my pectoral muscle & right arm as much as possible! I really try not to flex my pecs because I don't want to make it worse. No matter what I'm doing, sleeping, holding hands with my husband, sitting or doing everyday chores & activities!
I'm praying that my PS can make this pain go away & I look forward to my appointment!! All I want for Christmas/my New Year is for my right breast not to be in pain....

I'm unable to open heavy doors with my right arm. When I do any activity my breast moves & pulls my breasts. It's not easy having so much pain & not being able to do every day activities, laundry is awful, forget vacuuming & mopping. I'm looking forward to my appointment & can't wait to see what my PS is going to do for me.... Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings to all! Xoxox
I hope & pray all is well...u are all in my thoughts & prayers!!

Almost 6 month update, I have increased pain as well as loss of muscle funtion.

Hello my RS Sisters & friends, I'm sorry that I've been MIA; I've been following my PS advice; he wanted me to relax my pectoral muscle, stop stressing out & enoy my breasts. I've been doing all of the above & trying to use my left arm instead of my right! I wish it had of solved my problem. I see my PS soon & look forward to healing! It will be so nice to heal & be able to use my right arm again! I've been thinking about you're in my thoughts & prayers!
I can't wait to see what my PS does to fix this awful pain. I'll let u know how my appointment goes & what my PS is going to do to resolve this painful!
All my best, Happy New year to you & blessings!

Almost 6 months post op. I just saw my PS & I have right sided capsular contraction

Hello & Happy New year to all of my wonderful RS Sisters & friends!
I'm happy to have an answer that makes sense. My PS said that he sees a difference in my breast at this time. I didn't notice that my right breast is higher than the left. So I will follow up with him every 6-8 wks until there's no more changes in my breast.
It's so nice to have an answer to why my breast hurts so much! So once the scar tissue is settled, we will go back to surgery & he will fix my breast. I was so stressed out & now I feel so much better.....It's always so hard not knowing what is going on! So here's to my breasts CC speaking up & getting rid of this pain...
Does anyone have information about your experience with CC & how long it took before your breast stopped changing?
Xoxoxo to all ?

8 months post op

Hello ladies,
I'm waiting for my right breast to stop changing so I can have my breast fixed. I see my PS In a week. I'm looking forward to being on the road to recovery. My implant has changed & my right breast is higher than the other.
I hope everyone is well & I will let u know how my appointment goes. Xoxoxo All my best

Almost 9 months post-op

I have CC in my rt breast, it's very tight & still hurts. My PS is planning on taking me back to the OR, to clean out the scar tissue & he's planning on using my old implant. I'm wondering if anyone has had the same implant used after it had CC. My PS said if nothing is wrong with the implant it will cost less to use the same implant.
I hope u are all doing well? ! I've missed my RS Sisters & friends. Xoxoxoxox

Surgery is scheduled to repair my Capsular contraction in my rt breast.

I saw my PS today & we're moving forward with corrective surgery to repair the capsular contraction scaring in my rt breast. I'm planning on having a 450cc implant so I'm increasing this implant by 25cc's. I'm so excited & ready to have my breast fixed. It hurts all of the time & feels like it's in a vice.
I look forward to this part of my journey with you all! All my best xoxo

14 days until my rt breast revision!

Hello Beautiful RS Sisters,
I'm so excited to get my rt breast fixed. I honestly couldn't be happier with my PS, he has been so kind & assuring during this entire process!
I'm hoping 25cc's more will be just enough to make my little girls look more a like!
I'll work on pictures so u can see how high my rt breast is compared to the left. I can honestly say that with each month my rt breast has become more painful, it's riding high in my armpit & feels like my breast is in a vice!
I look forward to seeing how this journey turns out....I hope & pray my breasts will look like sister's again!
All my best xoxoxoxo

11 months post-op

I figured I would share a few pictures so you can see the differences between my right & left breast. I'm planning on going 25cc's larger on the rt side hopefully it will give me more projection than I currently have on that side.

6 more sleeps....

I'm getting so excited, I have 6 more sleeps before this ball of scar tissue & hard implant come out. I'm starting to get everything I'll need for my recovery together. This time my hubby is trading sides of the bed that way I can use my good arm to help get out of bed. We're also rearranging the furniture so I can rest my rt arm & use my left to get up. I'm hoping that the imflamation won't be too bad especially since this surgery is only a 30 min procedure instead of 90 minutes. All my best xoxo

Breast Implant Revision 7/6/15

Reno Plastic Surgeon

I felt completely comfortable with Dr. Wrye, he's very nice, has a wonderful bedside manner! I really like the fact that he took time to explain the different types of implants & I never felt rushed. He is very professional, but not uptight or arrogant. I always felt comfortable, relaxed & he came highly recommended by a friend as well as people in the medial community.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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