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Never thought in a million years I would have...

Never thought in a million years I would have plastic surgery of any kind much less a breast lift with implants. But after a 75 pound weight loss, menopause and general aging I have decided to go for it before the girls reach my belly button. I will be going in next Monday, June 8th for my procedure. I'm excited and scared at the same time.

Me before surgery.

I just had a call from the Drs. office and my surgery time is 9:15am this Monday, the 8th!!!

Today is the day

I check in at 9:15 this morning. I'm scared but also excited to get this chapter of the journey over. I'm hungry and in need of caffine! I've had my shower using antibacterial soap and in my comfy clothes with a soft button up shirt. I will have a small wastebasket in the car for the ride home in case I get sick. The no makeup part is a real buzzkill but what can you do? LOL! I had my husband snap a few more "before" pics this morning and looking at them only strengthens my resolve that this is the right thing for me to do. Again I am having a breast lift with 300 and 350cc silicone under the muscle implants. Not sure what brand she is using and I will post that info later. There are 2 brands she uses exclusively and at the time of my pre-op she wasn't 100% sure which she would go with.

Day 2 post op.

This is the first day I have felt up to posting an update. My surgery day went very well although things got backed up a bit. I was home just before 3pm. The anesthesiologist told my husband I did really well. First night I was just pretty out of it between the anesthesia and the Percoset. Yesterday, day1 post op, I woke up feeling not too bad but then soon discovered I was still pretty dizzy so took it easy most of the day but was feeling more myself last night and I feel really good this morning. Sore boobs but that's to be expected. I did go back in yesterday to have my nipples looked at and they were happy with those. I won't go back now until next Tuesday. I have been given permission to take off all the bandages and tapes, except for what's around the nipples, either today or tomorrow. I can also have a shower after that is done. The implants my PS used are Mentor Memory Gel; 30Occ on the left and 350cc on the right. So far I'm happy with what I'm seeing.

Day 2 post op cont.

I decided to go ahead and remove my bandages after the nurse told me I could yesterday and then get a shower if I choose to. She also advised me to make sure my husband was in the room too and good thing he was as I actually got a bit faint while getting the bandages off. Had to lay down for but then we were able to continue. Shower felt good and I used the antibacterial soap as directed. Incisions look good but I have to admit I was pretty shocked seeing myself for the first time. After a bit I took another look and I'm getting used to the new me even though I know this will be changing too.

One week post op.

Hard to believe it was one week ago today I was getting ready for my surgery. I feel overall I am doing pretty good. I stopped pain meds last Wed. and am instead taking large does of Ibuprofen and that seems to be working very well. I have been having a bit of depression but I think that's mainly because I'm not the type who enjoys laying around. I like to be busy but everything I want to do is on the "do not do" list! On Friday I drove for the first time and that proved to be quite a chore too. Luckily I was only going 10 minutes from the house. Had to manage the steering wheel all from the bottom. The 10 and 2 positions were painful. So no driving for me for a while longer. I go into the Dr. tomorrow and I believe they will remove the nipple bandages and get me started on massage. I will post new pics then.

I am making progress.

Decided to compare day 2 pics with a pic I took today. I really do see progress and that makes me feel so much better! Be glad when all the bruising is gone.

8 days post op, followup Dr. appt. today

Got to see my PS today and she's very happy with my progress. I was hoping to get the tapes around my nipples removed and I did but the nurse put fresh ones back on. My Dr. wants them on for 6 weeks. They sent me home with the tape so that I can change them out periodically myself. I asked about massage and it doesn't sound like I will be starting that anytime soon. So all in all it was a good appointment. It's interesting that each PS has their own way of doing things.

2 weeks post op

Hard to believe it's been two weeks already. Life it finally starting to get back to normal somewhat. I still have soreness but no longer having ibuprofen. I got back to my morning walking yesterday. Not quite at our normal brisk pace but it feels good to be out there again. I have changed out the tapes on my nipples a couple times and during the first change I discovered my left nipple is completely numb. It wasn't numb when I first had my surgery so it must have occurred that first week. I'm pretty upset about it and the reading I have done makes me hopeful I will someday get the feeling back. This discovery was the first time I came close to crying during this journey. Over all I am happy with my progress.

3 week appt.

I went in for my 3 week check today. My surgeon seems to be very happy with my progress and I don't go back now for 8 more weeks!! I'm feeling very good now and even started back on my walking program of 4plus miles at least 5 days a week, try for 7. I still have some soreness and still bruising and discoloration but each day it seems to get better. I am attaching some new pics without the tapes around my nipples. I need to keep taping my nipples for 3 more weeks.

I need some help/advice

I am 12 hours from home at my mom's in Idaho. It's been very hot here and no AC! Yesterday I noticed my left breast felt irritated but put it down to heat rash. Today I took off my surgery bra and the nipple and incision tapes to discover I have an oozing sore just below my nipple. Plus the redness is hot to the touch. I showered and used my antibacterial soap, as I was instructed to post surgery. I reaped but put some neosporin on a bit of gauze and taped that to the sore. I will be trying to get in touch with my surgeon but with it being a holiday...... I'm so upset as I was healing so well. Thoughts?

Keeping watch

Well for the next day or so I am just sending in daily pics. I am actually a bit better today. The nurse told me to also stop wearing tapes in this heat and to let my boobs have some air. So hoping for more improvement tomorrow. I'll post an update pic here tomorrow too. Thanks to all of you for your replies.

7 weeks post op

The last few weeks have been hectic and a time of healing. Last I posted I was in Idaho in the middle of a heat wave with no AC. I did indeed have a heat rash complicated by the tapes I was using. My surgeons office was awesome and we stayed in daily contact via texting and my sending in daily pics. I got almost completely healed up from that when just 2 days before heading home I developed a sore on the same breast but this time it was on the vertical sutures just under my nipple. I set up an appt. and was able to get right in when I got home 2 days later. Turns out this was completely unrelated to the heat rash and was instead a suture giving me some grief. All of my sutures were the dissolvable kind but once in awhile I guess one doesn't dissolve as fast as the others and can cause some poking. My surgeon put me on 7 days of antibiotics and I have gone in a couple times for rechecks. Happy to report that the scab finally fell off yesterday. I still have some redness but overall pretty happy with my healing. Hope this is the last of any issues I have!

12 Weeks!!!

It's hard to believe it's been 12 weeks! I'm doing pretty good but still dealing with some redness on my left breast from some pesky sutures giving me some grief. I'm hitting that spot with Neosporin several times a day and it's slowly healing up. It's actually healed but wanting the red spot to go away. My breasts are also settling some and I'm pretty happy with the shape and size. I still have a bit of soreness at times but nothing significant. I just wish I could sleep on my stomach. A few times I ended up there during my sleep but it's pretty uncomfortable. I am so happy I did this!
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