51 Years Old, Bf 3 Children, Athletic, 34AA, 5'7", 126 Lbs, Silicone...It's ME Time!! - Reno, NV

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I have wanted this since puberty. The family joke...

I have wanted this since puberty. The family joke was my mom gave all the boobs genes to my 2 sisters, leaving nothing for me. Even my friends developed nicer than I! Anyways, at 40 I realized I wanted a change and began to research. At 50, met with several Reno PS and made the decision to do it! Finally booked in February....March 25 is the day!!! I can't wait!

My background info...

Some info about me...I'm Canadian and my husband is American. We met at Lake Tahoe 11 years ago. For now, I'm still in Canada and he in Reno. He has always been happy with my body but me, not so. I lack some confidence when partially clothed. (VS does an amazing job with their Bombshell Plunge (add 2 sizes) line but their bathing suit line just doesn't cut it for me.) Since we love outdoor activities and hot weather a bathing suit is a staple item. I'm pretty physically active....hot yoga (min. 3x weekly) plus doing the stairs (6x twice weekly--my city has an upper and lower part that has 6 sets of stairs linking the two- approx 300 stairs in each set--so that's approx 1800 ups and 1800 downs) keep me pretty fit. For several years now, we been researching (and talking to others in our travels) the pros and cons of implants. Finally in 2014, I made my mind up and began making consults. I made some in Canada and in the US. After 6 consultations with various PS's and plenty of research, our minds were made up, we knew who would perform the surgery! Next up...securing a date and doing it!

What's been happening these past 10 days...time has flown!!

MARCH 25--arrived clinic at 11am, put on IV, vitals monitored, agreed upon 380cc, unders, inframammary incision, smooth round, moderate profile. Dr. McCormack drew her lines, the anesthesiologist visited and went over my medical history and by 12:30 I was on the table ready to go. Chris, Shannon and Jimmy were incredibly awesome....what a team Dr. McCormack has happening there.....I couldn't have asked for better care. Done by 1:30 and home by 2:30 pm. Dr. assured hubby all went well and outcome should be fabulous!!! Slept, ate, took meds, slept, ate, took meds....
MARCH 26- DAY 1 POST--first post op visit...holy cow...an 18 wheeler just hit! I was so uncomfortable, turns out I was under medicating....silly me! Upped the pain killers to 1.5 tablets every 4.5 hours and I was fine. Dr. said she expects fantastic results from what she saw immediately when they sat me up....however I lament I am grossly disfigured and 380 cc way are too big!!! I was assured it was swelling and that I will be pleasantly happy in due time. Got the okay to shower tomorrow...yippee! In between the long naps and pill popping I managed to get in a few walks around the house with the help of my loving and adorable husband. Being constipated makes everything seem worse!
MARCH 27- DAY 2 POST--feeling better medicated, still swollen and tight. Slept lots and prepared a 'prepared' lunch for hubby (and myself) as a thank you for taking such good care of me. Showered with his help and felt refreshed. Still sleeping upright in the recliner and taking long naps. Alternating between 1.5 and 1 pain pills throughout the day.
MARCH 28- DAY 3 POST--Up and about for longer periods and took a short stroll outside--so nice to be outside in the sunshine and fresh air! Still very bloated and constipated (drinking lots of fluids and taking stool softeners and laxatives). Tried to sleep in the bed but can't yet. Lots of gurgling an sloshing of fluids in chest and upper abdomen. This is a good sign:) Nothing much else to report-life is pretty much R&R.
MARCH 29- DAY 4 POST--Off all meds except antibotics....what a relief!! And, bowels are back to normal :) Got the 'milk coming in' syndrome, feels comforting to lightly stroke them and there's no loss of sensation which I am very pleased about. Incisions are a little tender but that's expected. Still swollen but they look like they've dropped a bit. Took 2 short strolls outside while hubby did yard work. First time I really used my arms--peeled some carrots and no naps today. Back to eating solids. Sleeping upright is becoming uncomfortable but I can't sleep in the bed. Starting to dislike nighttime big time! Life resting is getting a bit boring.
MARCH 30- DAY 5 POST--Feeling a lot better but took a short nap today. Milk is in---oh yah, as are the zingers and muscle tenderness in the chest. Washed hair, in the tub, and that was a feat!!! It's hard being a couch-potato but slow is good.
MARCH 31-DAY 6 POST--1 week follow-up today and feeling fabulous. Got sutures snipped, nurse provided massage instructions, a little bruising has become visible, overall mild discomfort. Still taking it very easy.
APRIL 1-DAY 7 POST--A great day with just a little discomfort, totally bearable however. Made cookies to stave off boredom and went for a longer stroll then vegged around on the couch and computer.
APRIL 2, 3 & 4-DAYS 8, 9 & 10--Ouch! Was not a happy camper and was on tylenol intermittently. Between morning boob and night boob, insomnia and not sleeping from discomfort (my body can't sleep in the recliner anymore nor can I sleep in bed) I was ready to get them cut out!!! But they've dropped and are looking better and more signs of bruising is visible. Mid-day I usually switch from the supported tube Marena bra dr. provided and wear a light support bra for comfort, then return to the support bra at night. I am so thankful that hubby is very supportive and loving and is taking such good care of me, always asking if I'm okay, needing something and telling me not to overdo it, which of course I am not and won't...there's too much at risk. Days are lazy and I wonder if I can get used to this!

Feeling Fabulous Today--Amazing what sleep does to you!!! Post day 11

APRIL 6-DAY 11 POST--Feeling a whole lot better today. Minimal morning boob and I got a better night's sleep. I'm sleeping propped up a bit and only on my back which gets tiresome mid night. It hurts to side-sleep. Still doing a lot of loafing around and laying low. I'm liking these stress free, lazy days but not liking the mush that's developing around the midriff!!! Oh, forgot to mention I drove for the first time yesterday....humm, was more challenging than I thought. Hubby was right....should let him do it. It's mid evening and night boob has settled in....why do they get heavy and sore at night?

2 weeks...things are getting better, slowly

Well I never thought 2 weeks would come....everyday goes by so slowly. Since I noticed more bruising, I've started to take it more easy and now I feel as if things are at a snails pace!
Okay, I confess, I'm not a sitter; I'm a doer and usually very active. Since the surgery I've been laying low but how much really does one cut back on? I've read how some gals are back in their groove by day 5 and others by day 10.
I'm not back at work yet (and absolutely die if I was) but I'm doing things around the house like I normally would less lifting, pulling, pushing, reaching and feel this should be acceptable but somehow its not....cause I don't feel that I'm making the progress I should be. Am I just being an overachiever and expecting a lot? Is this something other's felt? It would be good to know.
I saw the dr yesterday and things are good. Bruising is normal. I'm still a wee bit swollen and the nurse showed me a different massage technique that differed from that another nurse showed me at my 1 week post-op. Isn't it interesting how there are so many varied opinions on this topic?
Sleep is getting better and I'm super grateful for that. I'm anxious to get outside and go for a real walk instead of taking strolls but I know its important to keep the heart rate down as I'm not out of the woods for a potential hematoma.
I'm looking forward to more results and posting changes in the coming days/weeks....its pretty cool looking and reading about other people's progress, it's only far that I pay it forward :)

holy nips!!!

well late last night nipple tenderness crept upon my new tatas and I'm not liking it one bit. how long does it last? I was thinking I was done with it when I woke up, but no so....its there, loud and clear!!! I'm happy that I have it because it indicates all is good but I will def be happier once its gone!

Slept in this last night...

I actually had a wonderful sleep last night....slept on both sides quite well. Wonder if its because I slept without the support tube bra dr gave. Got this bandini yesterday, Walmart $3.00 clearance. (Not overly interested in spending mega bucks on stuff that will get donated later so I grabbed this thinking I needed something that the girls could breathe in a little better.) It feels good but dr has not given me the go ahead to wear something so lax. I see others wearing them...are you wearing them 24/7 or do you go back to the support bra occasionally?

things are getting better...:)

today marks 21 days...3 weeks!!!! although progress is slower than I expected it looks like things are doing well. I'm noticing I'm getting softer and things are drifting down...which is very nice. My incisions are still lumpy and grainy but the left seems to be softening a bit. Nips still super sensitive and I can't wait to be in a bra that doesn't compress them. I'm still spending much of my day and overnight in the marena support tube bra received at surgery. My right is my problem boob whereas its firmer, higher and more achy. I'm right handed so from what I gather here, its to be expected. I have my 3 week po with dr tomorrow. Do you think she'll remove the tape and give me some scar treatment instructions?

got the go ahead

yesterday was another po visit to my PS. she took off the tape...boy these babies are clean and clear....she did a phenomenal job with the incision!!!! still feeling a bit lumpy but with time and gentle massage they will reduce. reminded to aggressively massage to get them to drop and soften and given the okay to begin cardio and lower body conditioning...yahoo!!! i'm so happy ladies....i;m a worry wart...thinking i can finally start smilin and showing these girls off :) happy healing everyone!!!

good days and bad....guess you just go with the flo

well i just looked at my pics and boy have i dropped a lot but i'm sure i still have ways to go....promise to post pics this weekend. jury is still out on my level of contentment. pics posted do not reveal the truth. most days i feel so freaking large and larger when i look at them without a bra or clothes. i don't think i went too big (380 isn't big when i began with AA). i cannot find a comfortable bra and have tried several...and am now at the point where i'm thinking just suck it up buttercup, this isn't going to be over soon!!! discomfort continues and i'm beginning to wonder if i'm over massaging, under massaging, massaging incorrectly or am being too aggressive. like what are the norms??? 3x a day; squeeze, push and hold for a count of 20; up, down and in? i'm listening to my doc, watched the videos here and googled, everyone has different theories! who is right???? they seem to be softening but its so hard to know what they're supposed to feel like....what i touched and squeezed in the doc's office isn't what i'm feeling yet, will they ever be that squishy?

ugh, when??? I just can't wait...

for these girls to drop and fluff! so I went to VS to get sized...I didn't purchased because I am NOT convinced I am going to be this big!!! Praying for shrinkage. Anyways, measured 32DDD....which really is 34DD. I seriously think VS over inflates sizes, don't you? But since I'm just shy of 6 weeks , I'm waiting. My darlings continue to bring me discomfort so I switch out bras a few times a day. Still sleeping in my beloved Marena support tube bra which sometimes I flip up and make it into a band....hoping for more drop :) I'm massaging like crazy and I do notice a difference in position and they are really moving around but I'm not noticing a lot of softness....just how squishy do they get????

day 50, 7 weeks...omg!!

omg, when your not looking it happens!
they have become even and softened....if that's what you call it. today while driving (yip, I'm squeezin' these girls every chance i get) I'm feeling them and now I can differentiate between muscle and implant!! yippee. the day has come. they look lower and feel a whole lot better. incisions are still sensitive and i still switch out bras and sometime even go braless!!! (yes, I'm aware of the mixed beliefs out there.) back to hot yoga 3-4/week and doing cardio like crazy. life looks like its back to normal....thank goodness! :) fyi: still not into a real, underwire yet. I'm holding out for the babes to settle and incisions to really heal. heck, I've waited this long, why rush it! ps, they're still a lot bigger than i expected.....and look a whole lot bigger unclothed!!! pss, it's fun masking them.

feeling a whole lot better but they're still HUGE when naked :)

somehow life grabs you and sends you into a vortex....and now I'm back for a bit before the next cyclone...
okay I'm actually post 9.5 weeks but haven't taken recent pics....note to self to get on my game...feeling a whole lot better. i can wear bras now without that prickly all over sensation and there's no great urge to rush home to switch out. nips are always on 'high'and he loves that....and slightly padded bras are my friend....i now understand why big girls where them! (I used to mock my daughter for wearing them...yikes) the girls don't like to be squished so i can't tolerate anything tight for long....anyone else feeling the same? unfortunately for me I'm not liking a lot of my former clothes and am very selective in what i wear. my husband and I joked this weekend that I need 3 sets of clothing (instead of 2): 'professional/career', 'his' and 'hers'. He loves my new look but I'm still on the fence, hence the 'hers'. Having gone through my closets, I have realized many old clothes just don't suit my new look hence I'm donating them. Maybe I'm just too self conscious but some clothing just make me 'vavoom', he says not ;). There's no point in me holding onto stuff I won't wear.
I'm back to regular work outs 3-5 x weekly and feeling great!
I'm still sleeping in my marena support bra with silicone sheets (I love the security it gives me) and massaging daily. Some how I feel like I'm the only one who does this ?!#$*?? but I'm okay with that....they get in the way when rolling over :)

vs semi annual sale---dropped a dime!

omg...stay away lol....dropped a dime or 2 yesterday... the selection for 32DD was ginormous and hence I couldn't decide....so I got several.
the girls were super helpful and very complimentary even though the store was super busy.
starting to really love these gals!!! ;)

its been 13 weeks....and.....

time flies when your having fun with the new gals!!!

sorry friends...life got me busy. i'm doing well. the gals have healed nicely and I can honestly say for the most part i don't know they are there. i get the occasional zinger or discomfort on the crease every so often but other than that we're all good.
i do wonder about how others are softening. mine are still a bit hard-ish. i can grab them and squeeze them and they're rather mushy but still firm. my daughter (who came by her's naturally) touched mine and said they were hard but not as hard as a girl who let her feel hers at some bar. when i touched my daughter's they were so mushy and jiggly almost too jiggly. so, i need to ask others....just how soft are yours? i'm trying to think of a reference point for comparison purposes but can't think of things that are hardish and softish.

i'm still massaging but not as faithful as i was because i began to get concerned with pushing them down too far...think i still have a ways to go though. but i do it at least 3x a day. what about you? are you girls still massage post 10+ weeks?

overall i still think i'm on the big side and am conscientious about them so i downplay them at work but happy to be off for the summer and hoping to give these girls the breathing space they deserve. i'm guessing i'll be able to make my decision about sizing come autumn.

see my PS next week for photos and a post op.

keep in touch friends!

cheers to 6.5 months post!!!

Loving every bit of them....yes, they're still on the bigger side but I do love their size when naked. Still unsure if I would have gone smaller. My entire outlook has changed and I have increased confidence now that my body image is more proportionate. Loving being in swimsuits, yoga wear and au naturel! Highly recommend my PS and staff who have been fabulous! If your debating this procedure....don't, the downtime is nothing and results are fantastic :)

One Year Update

All is good and all has been good. When naked I feel they're too big but when clothed I'm super thrilled. Guess being self-conscious is in my blood. I've had many compliments on my size and just recently while getting a mammo and ultrasound the gal complimented not just the work but the size (she felt they were just-right)--now that's coming from someone who sees boobs daily!! She was very impressed. My scars are barely anything and only noticeable when identified. It still hurts a tad when driving rack and pinion steering despite the fact that I exercise and weight lift regularly...guess it's just me and my bod. I'd do it again in a heartbeat and truly wish I didn't wait so long...I really should have done this sooner. As for the pics posted-boobs are perfectly aligned :)-my shoulders aren't :(

Dr. T. McCormack was professional, honest and informative. After asking my needs and answering many questions she addressed possible manufactures and suggested appropriate sizes. She spoke about the procedure using diagrams from the vectra imaging simulator and personal software and spoke about incision types, pre and post procedures. What impressed us most was she gave additional attention to what outcome I desired and what would be medically feasible which proved she has high patient integrity. Her staff are also very professional, organized, friendly (yet not intrusive), and real (you know 'did she, didn't she?')! This made my husband and I very comfortable as we are the kind of people who believe in the 'keep them guessing' principle. We visited her twice for consults (about a year apart) and were satisfied both times. It was clear to us that she and her staff are patient minded rather $$ driven which is not what we experienced at the 3 other local PS offices. Her outpatient state of the art onsite facility is outstanding as was her support medial staff. From booking to surgery to post-operative care, all of my needs were met promptly and with compassion by skilled professionals. We highly recommend Dr. McCormack. She is a caring, skilled, professional, and an accredited plastic surgeon with the knowledge and expertise you want when getting your look enhanced and confidence restored.

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