They are out! Recovery with complications, but overall happy!

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Hello ladies. Thank you all for sharing your...

Hello ladies. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. It's all been very helpful to me. Although I'm still in the research period, thanks to you, I'm 100% convinced taking them out is the right decision. Now to work on the details.
My story started about 15 years ago, when I was in highschool and I figured out my breasts stopped growing more than a small A cup. I felt flat and lacking femininity, and my self confidence was low. I thought all my self esteem issues would go away if only I had bigger breasts! How shallow that was! I will continue the story tomorrow and post some pics.

OK. So, all this time through highschool and...

OK. So, all this time through highschool and college I dreamt about getting bigger breasts and was always self conscoius about how flat mine were. I was really embarrased to wear bikinis or strapless dresses as I thought I looked like a boy. When I was 28 I got married and my husband said he loved my natural small breasts. I don't think I ever really believed him, as I was so blind and obsessively focused on wanting bigger & what I thought of as normal breasts.

So, a few months after getting married, I convinced my husband to use his credit card and pay for my BA. I wanted to go to a full B cup and really thought my husband would love them. When he said he liked them just the way they were, I really thought he was just saying that to make me feel better. Silly me! He was actually telling the truth!
Anyway, instead of getting a B cup, I ended up with a full D! Needeless to say I didn't do a good job with my research, didn't pick a good PS, and didn't get good counseling on picking the size. From there on the nightmare started. I had terrible pain pots-op, and my husband had slowly started to distance himself from me, as he did not like the results. I ended up with a huge pair of fake boobs that did not fit my tiny frame ( I weighed 123 pounds and I'm 5'9''). I will post pics here and you'll see what I mean. They just look so fake. Now, ironically, when I wear bikinis, I'm embarrased of how fake my boobs look. Don't get me wrong, they don't look bad for someone who likes the look of big fake boobs, but that's not at all what I wanted. I wanted fake boobs that looked natural. Ironically, that's not possible. I think no matter how small impants one gets, they will still look fake, because they ARE FAKE!
Now it's been three years since I had them. I used to sleep om my stomach most of the time before I got them. Guess what: I haven't done that in three years. I've also been getting this chronic upper back and shoulder & neck pain that doesn't seem to go away no matter what I do. I tried massages and exercises, but it only helps for a few hours. I've been doing yoga, and that seems to help a little bit, but still, my boobs get in the way of doing certain poses. I realized what I need is to take these out for so many reasosns, but reading the stories you guys posted helped me to make sure this is the right decision. Like everybody else, my first thought was that they won't look as tight as before, and I will have to deal with the scars. But then I thought, you know what? I already have scars! So I realized that I have to make peace with my past and these scars will be there to remind me of growing up and becoming wiser. I read enough and saw your pics, and it is very encouraging to see how good you guys all look after. The skin does an amazing job at tightening back, so I'm not worried about that anymore. All these 3 years, I had learned to love myself and for the first time in my life I love my natural body just the way it was intended, and I want nothing more than to be ME! For the firsdt time in my life I am not trying to be perfect, or to be someone else!
I guess I had to have these impants in my body in order to realize and appreciate that being natural is a blessing. Hopefully, by reading my story, someone who's considering getting implants, will statr looking within for their self confidence, instead of on the outside.
I do love fashion, and I like wearing feminie sexy clothes, but there is a difference between sexy and trashy...I used to think small breasts is the opposite of feminine and sexy, but I was so wrong! I've been looking at so many small breasted celebrities that know how to rock a tight dress or top without even wearing a padded bra, and they look super hot! I came to realize that what makes a woman look hot & feminine, is not the size of her breasts, but her attitude and self-confidence!
Anyway, laides, that was my story. When my husband found out I decided to take them out for good, he said he supports me 100% on this one. Hopefully it's not too late for us and our marriage.
I'm still in the research phase right now, but I would like to get this done ASAP. The only problem is money. I'm still paying on that credit card for the first procedure. This time I'm trying to save up and pay cash. Hopefully I will be able to do it at the end of March.
I saw 2 PS's so far, and I have one more scheduled in mid March. I'm a little confused regarding those drains, as the first PS said I won't need them, and the second one said I do. I guess I'll have to see what the third one has to say. I'm really trying to do my research this time. I will take some before pics soon. I also had to go in a second time a few months after the surgery, as one breast ended up lower than the other. After that sencod time, I was left with an ugly red raised scar. I will have to have a scar revision this time that will leave me with scars that will heal properly. Will keep you updated, ladies.

Hi, ladies. Just posted my current "before" pics....

Hi, ladies. Just posted my current "before" pics. Already looking forward to posting the "after" ones, but have to wait a couple more months.

Any advice on drains vs. no drains on explant?

Dear God! It pains me to see all the women just...

Dear God! It pains me to see all the women just like me 3 years ago, who are getting so excited about getting fake boobies. I guess we alll have to feel those inside our bodies first, before realizing how much we don't need them, how much they get in the way, and how wonderful it is to be natural. I just want my breasts back so much, I know I will never treat them bad again. :)

Any PS's recommendations in or around Reno, NV? Still trying to find the right one. Thank you!

I've been reading more reviews here, and I'm...

I've been reading more reviews here, and I'm considering getting them out under local. I would rather go under general, as I'm terrified of being aware of everything around me, but the cost is important. I might be able to afford it sooner that way. I am 90% sure on the PS, just have to go in one more time to ask some follow-up questions. I called them up and they're holding April 4th for me, but I'm waiting to see a 3rd PS who's very busy and can only see me in mid March.
Sooo tired of waiting...Those of you who had it done under local, can you give me some pros and cons on that? Thanks, and good luck to all of you who are getting explanted soon!

I forgot to mention, for the past couple of...

I forgot to mention, for the past couple of months, I've been having constant neck, back and shoulder pain, and my neck has never been so sore and makes these grinding noises, ti's really bothering me. Has anyone had these symptoms? I'm hoping this will go away after explant.

OMG, it's really happening! In less than 2 weeks I...

OMG, it's really happening! In less than 2 weeks I will be implant free.
Now it all seems so real. I'm really excited about this, a bit nervous about the anesthesia, but so looking forward to waking up without the balls in my chest.
I am confident that I found the right surgeon and am praying everything will go smoothly.
I have my pre-op on Tuesday.
Can you recommend anything I need to purchase in preparation for after the surgery?

Countdown to explant: 10 days! I figured why not...

Countdown to explant: 10 days!
I figured why not make it more fun and take advantage of all the D cup bras I will have to, I decided to wear a different bra every day for 10 days, which is about the total number I have. This should be fun. So, for today I chose the sexyest one I have, the VS Dream Angels bra, 34D.

I've got 7 more days to go. As time gets closer to...

I've got 7 more days to go. As time gets closer to removal, I feel as it's moving so slow, and my mind won't stop worrying...
Just found this lovely picture of myself in a bikini, taken only a couple months before the enhancement. Wow, such a huge mistake!

Two more days and I will be the old me again! I...

Two more days and I will be the old me again!
I am feeling confident. The waiting isn't too bad, I'm a bit anxious but excited at the same time. Praying for an easy recovery.

So I got my meds filled, blood work done, got some...

So I got my meds filled, blood work done, got some supplies (7Up and apple sauce) for the day of the surgery and a couple of size S camis with padding just in case, and a padded soft sports bra. All set!
The Dr.'s office told me they will provide me with a bra at the post-op on Wednesday when they take off my bandages.
I asked if it was ok/useful to take the arnica pellets and vitamin C, since other ladies on here said it helps. Basically the Dr. said it doesn't make any difference, as each body does it's own healing, but it doesn't hurt to take either. So I will go buy the arnica pellets a couple days after the surgery.
This is it! I will take a couple of before pics tomorrow, and then I will be on the other side. :)

In less than 14 hours I will be impant free. My...

In less than 14 hours I will be impant free. My surgery is at 11:00 tomorrow. I am having some doubts because I'm afraid I will look deformed...I know it's not ttrue, but just can't help's the nerves...

I lost some weight the past week: now I'm at 122...

I lost some weight the past week: now I'm at 122 lb. Tomorrow I'll find out how much the implants weigh. Actually, funny thing, what's with all the men on here wanting to take them home? Mine wants us to go shoot them! LOL

Hello everybody. I'm on the other side! I got in...

Hello everybody. I'm on the other side!
I got in and out of operating room in about 40 minutes and everything went smoothly. I was very nervous before anesthesia, but before I knew it, I was awake.
First thing waking up, is I looked down to my chest and didn't see that implant bump anymore. Right away I felt such a liberating sensation and cried tears of relief. It was very emotional in a good way, feeling like I got my life back.
The only pain waking up was a bearable sting on my left incision. This is nothing compared to the hell I went through after the BA.
I did feel very nauseous, so besides the IV, they gave me a shot im my bum and 10 minutes later I was nausea free.
I was able to drink lots of water and ate a pasta dinner already, like 5 hours after I got home. I did take a peek as they put me in a bra that's really big and loose for my tiny girls.
Tomorrow I go in to the follow up, and the Dr. will remove dressings and I will be able to post pics. They seem a little sad now, but I know time is a great healer, and I'm just grateful for my natural boobies. Maybe later tonight I will just take a photo with the bra on as I'm not allowed to take it off yet, but tomorrow for sure I will update with photos.

Sending lots of positive feelings and love to everybody out there going though this. I already think all this is more than 100% worth it! :) Kisses!

Day two after surgery: the dr. removed the...

Day two after surgery: the dr. removed the dressings, I did not have any drains or CC. I don't want to scare anyone here, but my left side is deformed right now. the worst part is that I have no idea why, as originally they were almost symetrical... The Dr. doesn't know either why it is like that, but he suspects it's because of the tight elastic band I had on for a day, so I'm just praying that by Friday it gets back to normal...I'm just not ready to post any pics...I feel embarassed

Day 2 after surgery. OK, so I worked up the...

Day 2 after surgery. OK, so I worked up the courage to post day 1 photos and am hoping this is something other ladies had to deal with, and that it is fixable. My right breast looks normal for 1 day post-op compared to everything else I've seen here. It is a little sad and low, but I know it will fluff up nicely.
On the other hand, the left one has the bottom half stuck to the chest wall, and it definitely did not look like that before BA. The Dr said he doesn't know why, but he said not to freak out as he will fix it on Friday. I still can't help to worry. I also have been feeling like a lump that is sore to the touch on the side of the same boob...I will ask about that as well tomorrow...I am kindly asking if any of you had a similar experience, to let me know how that went. Thank you, and don't feel discouraged by these pics, please.
Oh and as for pain, I have had minimal pain around the incision site, but I'm already off pain meds on day 3. I limit my range of motin with my arms, but can do pretty much anything basic like reaching, grabbing things. This morning I drove myself to work and back no problem. :)

Hello ladies. I am one week post-op today. I am...

Hello ladies. I am one week post-op today. I am already feeling all the benefits from doing this and do not regret it. I do have a complication with my left breast, but hopefully, with God's help and with help from my PS, it will get fixed.
So, I am feeling super lighter, no more back, neck & shoulder pain. Now I know for sure for me it was from the heavy weight of the implants. I took them home and they weigh at least 2 1/2 lb each!
I look leaner and younger in clothes, I feel free, natural, confident and sexy!
I am not self conscoius about my breasts and don't try to hide them anymore and I walk taller.
I was able to lie flat on my hubby and hugging him feels extatic!
I will give myself more time to heal before I try sleeping on my stomach, but I feel that will be possible very soon.
I'm looking forward to starting exercising. All my sports bras and sportswear look great on me now. No wonder they were so tight and uncomfortable in D cups.
Except for one little spot where my left breast has stuck to the rib, I am pain free. I will update with pics soon and going to see PS again on Wednesday and discuss about how this issue can be fixed.

Thank you all for your support and congatulations on deciding to explant! :)

Hi ladies! I am 11 days post op and 5 days post...

Hi ladies! I am 11 days post op and 5 days post left breast fix. I went into the PS office on Wednesday and he offered to fix my left breast which had tissue stuck to the chest wall, right then and there. I was pretty down about looking deformed, so I said yes.
He gave me a local anesthesia shot, cut a small incision again, unstuck the breast tissue and stitched it again all in about 20 minnutes. I can't say it wasn't weird and kind of traumatic, but well worth it, as now both my boobies are almost the same. There still is like a thick lump right on the incision, but the PS said to be patient as that will be gone with time as it heals. I can finally allow them to heal properly, and hopefully they will fluff up more. They still look a little bit lower than what I rememeber them being before BA, and the skin and tissue is a little tender to the touch, but I'm sure in time it will get better. After all, my boobies went through a major trauma. I am just ready and very patient to let them heal!
They even seem a bit bigger than before. Maybe the tissue is distributed differently now, more on the bottom than all over. I kind of like the way they bounce up and down and on the sides when I walk naked, and they feel so soft and warm!
Scars look so much better and smaller than after BA. I am really happy, and in a strange way don't regret having the BA because it gave me a precious feeling of love and appreciation of my natural body. I'm just in love of my tinies!
Another great thing is that my hubby loves them and is very attracted to them now. He has not touched them much for the 3 years I had implants in, but he would touch them now all the time. :) Not to mention that hugging feels great!

Hello to all of you ladies! It feels like it's...

Hello to all of you ladies!
It feels like it's been such a long time since I last visited.
The good news is that I feel like I've been getting on with my life and moving on from being concerned about breasts. It feels like I am finally just enjoying being myself without worrying about my looks, which is great!
I must admit I've had a couple times when I felt like my breasts are almost non-existent, for example when I went into VS store and tried to find a bikini size to fit me. That was hard. I got a 34B, but my boobies don't even fill that in. I should've tried A cup instead, but they didn't have any and I needed something right away.
I will have to be very patient with finding fitting sexy bras, but I think I also have to remind myself to be patient as they are still changing. It's only been 7 weeks.
I did get a 32A ZeeBra that fits great and is very comfortable and provides a bit of shape with the padding on it.

I just want to let you all know that from my stand point I feel free, empowered and very sexy. I do not have any regrets getting those ballons out of my body. It's amazing that every time I go to my closet to pick out what to wear I feel like I'm in a candy shop. I also have been wearing a lot more dresses lately and more form fitting tops. I do not have to wear a bra anymore, at least not while I'm at home, and that feels so much more comfortable than before. My sleep has improved a lot and I can sleep however I want and wake up more rested.
I recently got back to my yoga routine and it feels great.

Sending you all love and follow your heart!
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