34 DDD Plus; Breast Reduction and Lift - Reno, NV

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I have been looking through this site for answers...

I have been looking through this site for answers and it seems I need to just post and ask for the answers I am looking for. This is a wonderful site, but posting these kind of pics are not easy, but here goes. I am 51 5' 7", and 175. I have three kids and nursed them all. Like many of you I did not start out large busted, but after nursing my breasts never went down. They always look like I am nursing kids. I blossomed from a 34 B to a DD after I finished nursing the three kids. When menopause started I did some HRT to relieve symptoms (which didn't work) and my breasts have grown yet again. I don't believe it is just the HRT, but also it is menopause. I don't do HRT anymore as there was not significant relief of symptoms for me. I am now a 34 DDD plus. I fall out of the bra in the cup on the side and top, the straps dig into my shoulders and I have the grooves, my neck, back, and shoulders hurt; not to mention the wires dig into my breast tissue mostly on the right, but the left breast is larger. The cup is obviously too small, but a larger cup digs into my armpit. While my weight is not ideal I am one of those who when I lose doesn't lose in my breast tissue. I lose a little, but it is the very last place I lose and is not significant. The smallest I have ever been is a C since kids and I was 130 pounds. That is an unrealistic weight for me at 51, but would love to dream.
My dilemma.....insurance has approved the procedure the first submission with no additional information requested. I have seen a chiropractor for pain for at least the last 6 months and about 3 months ago I asked her if my breasts cold cause the pain I was experiencing. I went for two consults have a third one scheduled, but both of the other two agreed. The one I am scheduled with I am 100% confident in her ability and comfortable from day one. Her suggestion is 400 grams from each breast. Probably less from the right and offset the amount with the left. It is larger, but the right is the one that is more uncomfortable in a bra and the wire digs into the back of the breast tissue on the right. I suspect it is because the cups/bra is being pulled with the left breast more to accommodate it. I know the end size can not be determined, but I don't want to look out of proportion or regret the decision to do this. I am looking for advice from what you see in my photos from all of your experiences and from what I am saying. I know I want the reduction. I am not afraid of the scars and pain those things heal with time. I am confident I will recover. I have support for that process. I want to feel better, but also look nice in a shirt. I like the fullness at the top of the breast. I do not think that I will lose that fullness, but I am not positive of that. Give me some feedback please!!!

Breast reduction and lift. How many grams are removed

Can people please state how many grams have been removed during surgery? This is what I am struggling with visualizing in my mind. What cup size did you end with as related to the grams removed?

Breast reduction completed

Hi all

Everything is all done. I had the reduction and lift done on 10/6/15. It was a rough 48 hours. My body revolted from anesthetic and hated the pain meds. So, between the two it was not fun. I used Tylenol for pain, but couldn't keep anything down until 48 hours. I took the Tylenol anyway with hopes it would work for relief before I threw up. If I didn't see a pill I waited 4-6 hours to take another so I didn't OD on the meds. The anti nausea meds didn't work either. That was really the worst of it. Once I was able to keep food and liquids down I now take Tylenol every 6 hours along with the antibiotics and seem to be managing fine.

The drains were removed at the 24 hour mark so even the ride in the car to the surgeons office was not fun. Removing the drains were uneventful as maybe I was still asleep from all the drugs the day before. I do not use ice or heat as I was advised not to. Rest, fluids, rest, food, repeat as needed.

I showered on day 3. This is the best day I had, but I also did too much. Dressings were removed and tape was supposed to stay on. It came off of one breast and was told just not raise my arms (T-Rex), take things easy, and as long as nothing was open all was good. Nothing is open and its been 24 hours since the shower, but I did way too much yesterday. So today I sit.

I had 634 g removed from the L and 613 from the R. I only needed 400 according to insurance and for them to cover. It seems like a lot of tissue, but I think its what she felt looked correct. I was at lest a 34 FF or G before, but I really don't know as I refused to ware a bra that size and sucked them into a larger band and cup size. I came home in a surgical bra that was hideous. It wouldn't stay together with the industrial Velcro on the shoulders, and the Velcro would move and rub the shoulders. I went to walmart and purches 3 $7.95 bras two in 38 and one in 40. They sent me home in a 38 so I thought I was safe. They are far more comfortable than the surgical bra and does the same job. I think that they are so much smaller, but I have absolutely no idea what size they are. There is some swelling, but not significant. Bruising has also started to appear, but to be expected. Overall I think the healing is moving in the right direction. There is some oozing from the vertical incision on the right side, but I think that has more to do with the fact that the tape just absorbs and hide that and we can't see it as easy. I have 4X4 gauze there to monitor easier and everything is closed.

The pain is manageable with Tylenol. I feel pressure and like I was punched in the chest or worked out way too hard with weights, but overall the pain is manageable. I think that even if I could take the pain meds I wouldn't as Tylenol is doing the trick.

I have taken pictures, but am having trouble getting them from the phone to computer to site. Electronics are a pain sometimes, but I am working on it. I will upload them as soon as I can. I think the pics helped me so much to know what to expect after with drains, bras, pain, scars, etc that I want to do my part. I will get them up as soon as I can.

I am willing to answer any questions anyone has no matter how silly they sound or invasive they seem. Heck there are pictures of my boobs here so I am not sure what is more invasive than that. FYI: the girls nick names are Jan and Cindy....get it Brady Bunch.....Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Haven't lost my sense of humor yet.

Pics to follow soon I hope

Reduction and lift post op

See the previous information. Here are the pictures of the girls


I must say that my recovery has been smooth sailing so far. I have some soreness, to be expected, but nothing that Ibuprofen and Tylenol can't handle. I have been on Tylenol since day one. I am sleeping in bed and have been since the first 7 days after surgery. I could have slept there before then, but I was chicken and waited until I went for my second PO visit with the PS. They re taped my incisions and showed me how to do the same. I have been changing it every 5 to 7 days. The scars are healing nicely and the tape helps the incisions to lay flat and heal without being raised. The second time I changed the tape it was amazing to see the difference in the incisions. Some of the places were so flat and a faint line that I didn't know they were there. I am still tender at the sides of the incisions closest to my arms, but nothing that is unreasonable. I have sensation in the right nipple, in fact it is a little more sensitive like others have talked about, but the shower doesn't bother either of them. The left I do not have nipple sensation in the same way, but there is some, just not nearly the same amount. I am quite pleased with the process so far and my results.

I am in a more supportive bra, but without an underwire. It is a Playtex sports type bra and the cups are soft and comfy, but supportive. I ware this during the day and change into my roomier more comfy bras; $7.99 from Walmart front closure Hanes, that work perfect to sleep in. I don't seem to be too swollen and I think the bra I ware during the day helps with that.

I measure for a 34 DD and am pleased with that. I am not sure if I will reduce more than that, but I can't imagine that I will be much smaller than a D when this is said and done. I am more than pleased even if I do not go down further. It is a manageable size compared to where I started. I have no back, shoulder, or neck pain anymore.

For those who are scared; I understand, I was too. I almost cancled the appointment, but didn't because I had prior written approval and it was the golden ticket. My fear was because of final size and the uncertainty of that. I wanted to look proportionate and I do (I think:??). If you are considering this listen to your body, communicate with your board certified surgeon (super important; board certified), talk to others who have seen that surgeon, listen to your gut and check to be sure they have hospital privileges even if you are going to their surgical suite or an outside facility day surgery. Listen to your instincts and don't go with the cheapest go with the surgeon who has the best prettiest outcome because that is their skill level. What you see on a website is their best work and if you don't like what you see find another surgeon. Listen to yourself first and don't let anyone talk you into or out of what you know is best for you!!!

Feel free to ask anything you like of me or comment as you see fit. I am only too happy to help. Pictures are worth a thousand words so hopefully you can see the progress and hope. Pictures will be in a different post because I have to upload them from my phone.

Pictures at 17 days PO

Pictures below. The lt blue bra is a 34 dd that use to look like a push up. The darker blue os the Playtex day bra. The other pics are self explanatory.

Bras post surgery

Here are a few pics of the bras I was referring to. They are by playtex and I ourchased them at Kohl's. I hope anyone who needs them finds this helpful. I absolutely love them. They never nine or pinch and stretch with you if you are still having a need for some compression They are a soft cup and don't smash the girls l. My ps wanted something that supported but let the girls "form" naturally. The sports bras and too much compression doesn't let them fall and causes them to flatten. They also come in cute colors so we can still feel sexy while we heel. I have blue, grey, purple, and the ever so practical beige (I rarely wear it). Hope this helps.

I will post updates post op pics of the girls by Friday. I see the PS for a 6week ck tomorrow.

8 weeks post op recovery

My reduction journey has been relatively uneventful. I had amazing pre and post op care. My results are amazing and I just can't imagine how it could have been any better. I had a slight opening at the "T" junction on the left breast at the 3 week mark. It was from internal sutures; about 5 trying to work their way out. I saw the PS at 3 weeks and she snipped the sutures. The opening was about the size of a pea initially maybe a kernel of corn. She did not do anything else except snip the sutures. I used triple antibiotic cream and kept a bandage over it. It was completely closed at the 6 week mark. I know this is considered a complication, but I do not consider it that. My recovery was so unremarkable. I know this is a major surgery, but I just bounced right back. I was walking 3 miles on the treadmill by 3 weeks. I started slow and kept it level. By the 4th week I was at an 8 incline and felt amazing to be moving.

I have lost a total of 27 pounds since my initial post. FYI: I was so ashamed of my weight before surgery that I fudged 10 pounds on the initial post. I feel like I need to clarify that now. I want to be forthcoming with this entire process. I am for the first time in quite a while thrilled with me. I think my breasts match my body and don't regret this one bit. I want to lose 20 more by June. I do not know if I will reach my goal, but it is a goal none the less. I will continue this journey of health until I accomplish what I have set out to do. I work out 5-6 days a week. I do cardio at least 3-4 and the others I use weights to tone. I feel amazing and think that the reduction has helped to motivate me to continue.

For those of you on the other side, considering this procedure I understand your angst. I was terrified. I literally almost backed out. I am so thankful that I did not let the fear over come me. I would never have experienced this remarkable feeling and results. Listen to your body. It will tell you what you can do and when to do it. Research your PS and know who they are. Once you find the right person to help you, you will know instantly. Do this for you. Make 2016 the year for you to take care of you. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Pics to follow. I have to post them from the phone.

8 week post op pictures

Pictures below. I am amazed. Hope this helps someone make the decision to feel better.

More pictures

This workout outfit is evidence of sweat equity. I could not fit into this before the surgery and my 27 pound weight loss. The size is a medium straight off the rack. I use to ware this when I was 30 and now am 51. I was shocked it fit. This is proof you can change things at any age. I will be bikini ready by summer!!!

scar treatments

Hi ladies,

I am wondering what everyone is using for scar treatment. My PS recommended and I purchased BioCorneum. I used it for the last 4 weeks. It is kind of expensive; $68 and I wish it had lasted another 2 weeks. I am willing to purchase more, but would love to know what everyone has tried and what has been successful. I do think that it did make a difference. Lets face it, with what we have gone through to spend $68 on scar treatment that is nothing in the big picture. We spent that and more on uncomfortable bras and clothes that didn't make us feel as confident as this treatment. My left breast is more red at the horizontal incision area closer to my armpit. I do think that for 9 weeks they look amazing and am 100% satisfied with the healing at this point. I do know that over time they will fade even more. Even if they didn't ever change from today I do not regret the decision one bit. I feel wonderful!!! Thanks in advance for the advice on treatments.


I have been officially released from my PS. I am 15 weeks post surgery and I must say I couldn't be any happier. I can't believe that I ever doubted this process. My official amounts that were removed are 680 grams from the left and 660 from the right. I am still amazed that I am on the other side of this. I was so worried about the end result and I must say I couldn't have imagined the results being any better. The healing was uneventful for the most part. Aside from the nausea and a small opening on the left breast at the T junction there is nothing else to tell. My surgeon was amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this procedure anyone and sing praises with her skills.

As a patient you MUST do your homework. Interview your surgeon, ask every question you can think of even if you think they are ridiculous. Become an informed consumer. Do your research, check their credentials, be a good patient, follow your surgeons instructions to the letter, no matter how silly they sound. You must do your part for your results to fulfill your expectations. Do not cut any corners. What I mean by that is that if you have more confidence in one surgeon than another, but one is less expensive don't allow the money to dictate your decision. You must decide based on their skill; as your end result is a lifetime and you don't want to regret it. Do your part as a patient/consumer. Set yourself up for success. Take care of you; inside and out. Don't expect amazing results if you do not participate in the recovery. Surgery can only do so much the rest is up to you.

My pre op weight was 185. I have lost a total of 33 pounds since the pre and post op photos were taken. While I do think that my weight loss contributed considerably to my results I also believe that the skill level of my surgeon contributed as well. I will post the pictures in the next posting as they are on another device.

Pre and post op

I think these will speak for themselves. They are from my surgeon. I didn't edit them at all.

Dr. Mc Cormack and her staff made me feel welcome from the beginning. I am anxious not because of her or them, but because this is a big decision and permanent. I am trying to be open minded and see the larger picture

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