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The only reason I put "un sure" is because I...

The only reason I put "un sure" is because I haven't seen them yet! Anyways I wanted to ask.... I just had my BA done on Thursday Feb 21 '13 and I started my antibiotics yesterday and every since I started them they make me itch! Is this a bad thing? It's Saturday and I'm sure there's a doc on call but I just wanted to know if this is normal or not.

I got 550CC high profile smooth round mentor silicone gels under the muscle. And my recovery hasn't been half as bad as I thought it would be! Happy so far! I was a 34A to start... Hoping for a D or DD! :)

Well today is post op day 3! It's amazing what 24...

Well today is post op day 3! It's amazing what 24 hours can do! I am still quite sore but am feeling SO much better. I contacted my surgeon yesterday and explained everything that was going on and we determined it was from the narcotic (Percocet) that I am taking and a mixture of my body healing. He instructed me to take Benadryl and it helped SO much. I am also now allowed to wear my surgical bra only without the ace wrap and it is so comfy! If you are thinking about what kindof bra to get I would definitely buy the one you can get at your plastic surgeons office!

My breasts are starting to feel more and more like my own every day. They are literally the perfect size for me. I'm so glad I went with the 550 HP ! This was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. I do have two small children (7 mos and 2) so I have needed a lot of extra help but my mom and my husband and my friends have all been great help. That was one of my main concerns, not being able to lift my babies. But starting Thursday I'm allowed to start back slowly and gently and very carefully holding my youngest again. I will check back in later with photos!

Today is post op day 5! I am feeling pretty good....

Today is post op day 5! I am feeling pretty good. I got a little behind on pain meds this morning (don't do that!) and I was pretty sore but wasnt too bad. Today was my first day with my kids all day long at home. I had a little help by one of my friends. Changing diapers is a little hard but much easier to do on my 7 month old than my 2 year old... My 2 year old also hit me on the top of my chest today! But it didn't really hurt that bad so I'm not too worried about it. I have seen videos of cars running over silicone implants and them staying intact! I can definitely tell my breasts are dropping a bit but they are still pretty high and tight. I plan on posting pics on Thursday (ill post some nude ones too) for a one week post op pic. I am definitely backed up which isn't fun:( TMI but I heard its pretty common. Nobody ever told me about how bloated you get after getting a BA my goodness!! Today is the first day I didn't feel like I looked 5 months pregnant! Anyway, time to put kiddos to bed. Ill check back in tomorrow! :)

Checking back in at 1 week post op! :) I ran out...

Checking back in at 1 week post op! :) I ran out of my meds and went back to PS and he gave me the lower strength Percocet. I am trying to only take them every 6 hours instead of every 4, and only when I feel like I need them. Most of the pain has subsided and now it's basically just more sore. Both of my incisions are showing now since my strips fell off. My left breast is healing perfectly, there isn't even one bruise. My right breast looks good but there is definitely a lot of bruising and it looks pretty swollen the past few days beneath the incision but it is getting much better! I have crease incisions, not sure if I mentioned that before. I go in for my post op tomorrow morning! Honestly this week couldn't have gone by fast enough for me, I can't wait to be able to hold my babies again! Today is the first day I really felt like "me" again. Showering is a chore, I'm lucky to have a shower head that I can hold, so I can keep it away from my boobies and their incisions. Really the washing of my hair is the hardest part. I have really long hair, so I'm sure that makes it harder. I am looking forward to tomorrow to see my PS and tomorrow is my first day alone with no help with my kiddos... Wish me luck! I have attached a picture to show you my progress:) I am still riding pretty high and my right breast is dropping a little faster. The creases you can kindof see on the inside of my cleveage towards my nipples (not sure if you can see it or not) but those are just from my surgical bra! Cuz I wear It 24/7! Anyways, ill update tomorrow and let cha know how my post op goes! :)

Forgot to update the other day. Everything at post...

Forgot to update the other day. Everything at post op looked great! :-) my PS told me I have to start "pushing them down" which isn't so fun:( they are a lot softer than I was expecting them to be... And I hope that means they will just keep getting softer! I am on post op day 10 now and feeling almost 100% besides I am still having some incisional pain every now and then, but not too bad. Also very sore especially after I lift my baby. I am trying to lift him without using pec muscles by using good mechanics but its hard! I have also been off my meds for 2 days now besides taking extra strength ibuprofen. It just helps keep it manageable! I feel much better now too, I'm not so sleepy and bloated! I seriously couldn't believe how bloated I was! All in all though recovery has been alot easier and less painful than I expected, especially with putting as large of implants (550cc) under the muscle as I did! I measured my new band width today because I read that when you have your crease lowered you tend to have a diff band size because now your crease is in a lower spot! I am officially a 32 band size now. I am not sure about what cup size I am. But my best guess is a D-DD range! I was also told I have to wear this surgical bra 24/7 til my post op on the 15th, which is a major bummer because it pushes them down and I don't get to show them off as much as I want and it's just not super comfortable. But whatever it takes!!! :)

Finally starting to feel like myself again....

Finally starting to feel like myself again. Doesn't hurt to lift my youngest anymore...(17 lbs, I am two weeks post op tomorrow) MOMMIES Use a umbrella stroller! I use mine to get my 7 month old in and out of car, and just around the house because he usually likes to be carried all the time! It makes it so I don't have to carry or lift him too often and makes him happy too!

Almost three weeks post op! Feelin great! Doing...

Almost three weeks post op! Feelin great! Doing everything almost back to normal again. My oldest Is sick so I have been having to lift him and force medicine (he's 2) so I have been using my muscles, they're sore but don't hurt. Honestly my breasts haven't hurt for a week. It's more my back. They are dropping so nicely! I have been pushing them down as much as I can but I have been so busy!! I love my sports bra I got at target. It's so much comfy-er (is that even a word lol) than the compression bra! Anyway for moms that are reading this by two weeks I was able to comfortably lift and carry my 17 lb 7 month old and now at 3 weeks I have lifted my 2 year old (36 lbs) a few times and it was okay but I'm still taking it very easy. I'm lucky he is able to get in and out of his car seat. I use a umbrella stroller around the house for my youngest so that I don't have to carry him long periods of time! It works Great :)

So I am 3 weeks and 4 days post op! I had a doc...

So I am 3 weeks and 4 days post op! I had a doc appt on Friday and he told me I could wear normal bras! Besides a few scabs under my right breast my incisions are healed and already disappearing nicely. My boobies have dropped alot more........ And I got sized yesterday! I am super excited to announce that I am a 32DDD!!!!!!! It is kindof hard to find bras in my size, the selection isn't grand and I really wanted to try bras on so I ended up buying some 34DD bras too. I never knew you could do that, up the band size and lower the cup size to make them fit. Anyway, I couldn't be happier with my results! Everyone is soooooo different as far as sizing takes them, I am so excited that I got 5 cup sizes with my 550s! I'm 100% now, I can lift both my kids and do everything normally as I could before my surgery. The only thing is it's still uncomfortable for me to sleep Laying down. I wake up in the morning w my boobs super hard and it's awful so I'm still sleeping on the couch with lots of pillows! :)

Six weeks post op! Feeling fantastic and loving...

Six weeks post op! Feeling fantastic and loving the girls! Having a hard time finding the "right" bra though. 32DD/32DDD are hard to find. I really want to find a good cleveage/push up bra but it's hard to find in bigger sizes!
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I had several friends that went to see Hall and Wrye. I did my homework on all the surgeons in town and I knew from the moment I walked in their office and met with Dr. Wrye that he would be my surgeon. He has been nothing but AMAZING, helpful, kind, caring and very informative. You can tell he truly enjoys what he does! No regrets here and I already have 3 friends that scheduled consultations with him!

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