Great Results with Lipotherme on Abs and Love Handles

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On 3/31/10 I had lipotherme done on my abs &...

On 3/31/10 I had lipotherme done on my abs & love handels. The results have been phenominal! I am getting married in May and was becoming frusterated that I was not losing the weight even though I was eating healthy and working out. I had a consult on 3/30 but because of my upcoming wedding I had to move quickly with the procedure.

Wednesday-->took my xanax upon arriving at the office. Finished signing my paper. Once the Dr. and I agreed on what areas she took pics and drew on my body. Laying down in just my BLACK thong she numbed my incisions this feels like a BAD bee sting. Afterwards she used a razor to cut the incision. Next used the tumescent fluid to numb my abd. I would describe it as a cynderblock being put on you. It's not heavy but you feel funny. She then took the laser in to melt the fat. I didnt feel this at all but she continually made sure I was comfortable and that I didnt feel anything sharp. Afterwards she took the canula in to suck out the fat :) I know it sounds gross but that is why I was there. I enjoyed watching the accumulation into the container...300 cc from my abdomen.

Next I flipped on my back with the same step as above except my back took longer to numb so it was not as comfortable. Im not one to keep my mouth shut so it wasnt painful but just not as easy as my front. My Dr. got 500 cc out my love handls. I was so sure she would be collecting more but there is only so much room in the body right!? When I sat up I realized I was in a puddle of fluid tinged with blood, if you have a weak stomach don't look at it. Once I was dried off we put gauze on my incisions and then the binder over it.

My Fiance picked me up and drove me home, by the time we got home I needed to changed my gauze...STRONGLY recommend you do this in the bath tub because it can be messy as the fluid leaks out. I took my meds and went to bed.

Thursday I woke up sore but the pain was managable. I felt like I had woked out the day before so I just slept most of the day in between a load of laundry and a friend bringing lunch. I had her take a picture of me which I will post

Friday I knew I needed to get out of the house and move around so I took a shower and noticed I was finally done leaking! YAH! I reaplied my binder and decided to go talk to my Dr. because it was too big and was not serving its purpose, she agreed and I got one that fit. I went to the store to get dinner. I did manage to do some shopping as well :) Afterwards I did notice I was more tired and sore then the previous day but this is normal to become more swollen, and sore up to 5 days post op.

Sat & Sun was Easter weekend and my step daughter was here so I didnt rest as much as I had planned but I was doing great.

Monday I knew I had lost inches but I needed to recreat my pre op pic to get a real image of the changes. I took another post op pic. I STRONGLY recommend you do this as well. You are wearing this binder for the next month and even when you take it off you still cant believe the changes your body has undergone.

I hope my story has helped you make an informed decision! I do recommend a female Dr. because she know what you are going through mentall and physically but as long as you are comfortable, that is all that matters. The pics are just the begining...the best results yet to come in 5+ months :) Good luck!

So today I had my 1 month check up.  It went...

So today I had my 1 month check up.  It went well and I have a new pic I will upload.  I have to say I am at a frusteration point though.  I feel as though my abdomen still has a way to go.  Then I remembered before P90X we took measurments so I compared the before and after and was reassured I have lost 4" on my waist and 10 lbs.    I know I should be OVERJOYED but when I see the pics that is what I care about.  After voicing my frusteration my Dr. reassured me the results will continue to get better (which I knew) but I am getting married in 31 days and want the results faster :p  so if anyone knows any tightening tips please let me know.  Also the pain subsided long ago but I will tell you there are times when I will rub or move and I feel as though I need to yelp because it feels like I am getting an Indian rub or burn (when someone uses there hands and twist your skin in opposite directions)  it doesnt last long but its enough to get your attention.  I will continue to update.

Dr. Talbott

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