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I'm scheduled November 2 for endoscopic brow,...

I'm scheduled November 2 for endoscopic brow, face, neck lifts, fat transfer to cheeks, marionette and nasolabial lines, laser around mouth and tweek to my crooked nose tip. I'm soaking up as much info as I'm sure everyone does.
I've had 3 consults with Dr. Bonaldi and each time he has answered all my questions and made me feel confident. I'm sure I'll come up with more!
All the women here on Real Self inspire me with their photos and daily updates. Thanks to you all!
The profile photo is me a few years ago with some photo tweaking. It's what I hope to look like after all this is over!

More background

I started out only wanting a brow lift to get rid of my 11's and horizontal line across my nose bridge. But after the first doctor consult I realized if I'm going under the knife, I might as well address it all! Eyelids hanging on my eyelashes, lateral hooding, looks of cheek plumpness, all those lines around my lips and flat lips, and the neck...how did I not notice the hanging neck puddle?
I'm 65 and retired and don't really look at my face very often. After shoulder surgery earlier this year, I realized how much I've aged!
I'm almost embarrassed now when I go out. Dodging other shoppers or doing my standard big smile and raising my eyebrows so no one notices the sag and wrinkles I see in my "resting bitch" face! UGH!
I'll post pre photos just before surgery. Can't wait.

Sleeping arrangements

I'm scheduled for November 2nd surgery but my sleeping arrangement will be the same as for both recent shoulder surgeries. Recliner! I add a slim pillow on each side of my hips. Soft pillow behind head to keep from drifting off to the side. Water, meds, tv remote (in case I can't sleep), iPad and iPhone on side table (in case I need to wake up my guy for help). It's amazing how comfortable it has been in the past. I'm a side sleeper so this works perfect for me.

My Mother in the mirror?

My Mom passed in 2011 at the age of 89.
I've been letting my cute pixie haircut grow out since March in anticipation of my November surgery. Since I'm retired and have a pool, I haven't done much with my hair. Usually just run my fingers through it after a swim or shower but it has recently been harder to do that since it's getting too long to get lift on its own. Today was the weekly lunch with my sister at the rehab facility her husband is at since complications from a stroke in July. I decided to blow dry and use a curling iron that has those hard teeth on it to keep me from burning myself with each pass. After I was done I was pretty impressed with the look! I didn't add any product so after I returned from my morning run to CVS to get my annual Flu shot, I wanted to check myself before going to lunch. WTH!! OMG!! I saw my MOTHER in the mirror! I was mortified but went to meet sis for lunch. She's 8 years older but looks 10 years younger than me. I told her about the mirror scare and she said she sees Mom all the time in the mirror, obviously a younger version than I see.
After lunch I went to pick up my granddaughter at school and wore a large brim hat with big sunglasses...my new look till next year me thinks!
I wish I was having surgery NOW!

One more month!

Looking forward to getting through this month. November 2nd can't be here quick enough!

Hiding in plain sight!

I'm in Nevada and it will be pretty cool weather when I have my surgery November 2nd. I bought 3 assorted color wide infinity scarves. The kind that wrap around your neck twice. Similar to the photo. One wrap will cover my head bandages and a lot of my face. Oh, I forgot my nose is going to be wrapped too. Maybe I should just put a bag over my head. Add some big sunglasses and I'll be "that mysterious woman"! I plan to use this disguise at least on the way home after surgery.

20 days to go!

Less than three weeks to go. I'll post some "before" photos a week before my November 2nd surgery. I'm at the point I hate looking at my face and dread going out and running into someone I know. I'm having lunch with renocg tomorrow so we can compare notes as she's having surgery on the 28th. Looking forward to having a "face" friend!
A side note. I bought some Facial Fade Skin Brightening Cream with 2% hydroquinone at Marshalls for Less than $10 a few weeks ago as my PS said I need to lighten my complexion for the CO2 laser. I started using is and it was helping. The last time I stopped into the PS office I purchased the Rx Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Skin Bleaching Cream with 4% hydroquinone...$108 buts it's Rx so I expect more from it. I just started using it at night and feel it will fade me enough. I have a pool and spend way too much time in the sun with only 4spf. In other words I was pretty tan by the end of the summer. That's gonna change from now on!
Somewhere in this thread I mentioned I'm on Nutrisystem. So far I've lost 22 pounds in less than 10 weeks. From 166# to 144#. Hoping to dropping at least 4 pounds more before surgery. I've read that many of you lose weight after surgery so I'm looking forward to dropping a few more later.

Younger me

Well...since I'm not ready to show my current photos, these are unretouched (is that a word?) photos while my face was still "young" looking. Until a few months ago I assumed I still looked like these! Why didn't someone tell me my face was going through some major changes? Ugh...

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Does anyone here have experience with Endoscopic Brow Lift with local anesthetic?
I'm having GA but asking for someone else.

Temporal Migraine Surgery Technique

I was researching the endoscopic brow lift for my upcoming facial surgeries (11/2/2016) and came upon an interesting article. I suffer from "cranial neuralgia" which I think my neurologist has tagged me with because he's not sure why I have head pain all day long. After MRI, MRA, X-ray and other tests, he can't come up with a diagnosis. Over the last 2 1/2 years he's increased dosages of the third Rx I've tried until I'm now taking 400mg 3 times a day of Gabapentin. It still doesn't help and the side effects aren't good. I stopped by my PS office today to leave a copy of the article I accidentally came upon. He called me within an hour and we discussed it. He has only done the decompression once before (for migraine) but says he is definitely comfortable doing it for me since he will be in that area when he does the brow lift. I am looking forward to possible relief! Here's a link in case anyone else would like to know more about this. www.plasticsurgery.org/news/press-releases/two-techniques-of-temporal-migraine-surgery-equally-effective

See if this link works for my last post


Pre-surgery weight loss...I wish I had taken "before" photos

I've been on Nutrisystem since August 4th and have gone from 166# (my all time HIGH even while producing two children, one at 9 1/2#) down to 142# today. I'm only 5'4" (I'm old and have shrunk from 5' 5 1/2" in high school) and am so happy to feel and move better. I decided to diet before surgery on the recommendation of a PS (that I didn't choose). I have two weeks to go from today and hope to hold at 140# until surgery because I hear from so many RS ladies that they lose more after. I'm hoping I can keep the weight off in the future.

Oh yeah...every morning!

Temporal Migraine Surgery photo of article


Here's my first official "before" photo from today next to my "wish" photo (except I'm hoping for better neck results than this). 12 days to go. Fingers crossed that I get even close to the results I'm wishing for! Have a great weekend everyone! Next "before" photo will be without glasses.
Reno Plastic Surgeon

I've had 3 consults with Dr. Bonaldi and each time he has answered all my questions and made me feel confident. I'm sure I'll come up with more! Will update after surgery in November!

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