19 Years Old, Healthy, Active - Raleigh, NC

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Dr. Miller and his team have so far been very kind...

Dr. Miller and his team have so far been very kind and helpful. I can't wait to have this procedure done by him and finally have my inner thighs match the rest of my body! I am an active, healthy 19 year old so I am a bit worried being so young. But, the pain of my stretch marks rubbing is too much!

7 weeks till procedure

as it gets closer to my procedure I'm posting pictures of my stretch marks and body type to show why I'm getting this procedure. In athletic and strong, and yet I have such deep stretch marks that they will end up bleeding if I walk around in shorts. Because of this reason I am seeing in insurance can cover some of the smart Lipo.

4 days till procedure!

I have four days left!! I'm so excited. When I get nervous, I just think about how great I'm going to feel in a bathing suit this year! I picked up my meds today. I'm on:
Cephalexin: antibiotic that I will start taking the night before my procedure
Tramadol: pain reliever
Zofran: for nausea. I would imagine I wont need much of this since I will not be going under, just local.
Halcion: sedative. I was only given two, I'm
Guessing one for before the procedure and one for the first night.

Night before procedure

I am so nervous!! I can barely sleep. Part of me is like "should I do this??" I'm just ready for it to be done and over with. I wish I could take my sedative now so I could fall asleep. Luckily my procedure is at 8:30 AM so I don't have to wait all day.

Sedative and drawings

The sedative has kicked in and I am feelings GREAT. Not nervous at all. I was swaying back and fourth during the pictures ???? he did the drawings on me and I'm excited he will be doing the back of my inner thighs too!

Out of surgery

Out of the surgery! I felt no pain. Sometimes there would be a little pinch but that's it. I could have easily fallen asleep if it weren't for the fact I wanted to watch!! I will be posting pics of me in my compression garment later.

First day

I'm feeling ok! It just feels like I had a really tough workout. I've been trying to get up and walk but when I get up I start feeling light headed and nauseous. I get to shower today and put on a clean compression garment so I'm excited about that! I had lots of drainage all day yesterday but there has been no new drainage since about 11PM last night. You can't tell a difference from the angle of the photo, but the back of my thighs are much smoother, and there is a small gap at the top of the inner thigh as well!

Super swollen

I am so swollen, I just want to see results! I'm so tired of laying around, because then I just focus on all the other parts of my body that I hate. I want to be in the gym working on the rest of my body! My legs are definitely bigger than they were before the procedure, but I know that was to be expected.
I'm able to walk around, and do what I need to do, so that is good! I also made my first bowl movement since Monday today. I just can't wait for a few months from now when my legs don't rub. Trying to stay positive. Recovery is definitely a mind game.

First signs of bruising

Finally having some bruising, not much though. Still swollen :( but it seems like my stretch marks have actually gotten smaller, maybe from the laser?

9 days

I haven't seen any improvements yet. I'm excited for Jan 2nd because that will be my check up. I think I could use a tighter compression, too. They gave me a size medium but honestly since my skin is tighter I could use a small. My legs are SO HARD. They feel like rocks. I have very little flexibility in them. Luckily i have very little bruising, and what did come up is almost gone. I am only taking my painkillers at night now!

Whoops, forgot day 9 pictures

Here are my day 9 pictures

Seeing improvements!

I'm still swollen, but I am feeling the improvements. When I walk to and from the shower my legs actually move when I walk. When before my thighs were so stuck together they wouldn't even move. My stretch marks have improved as well! They used to be raised, but now they've shrunken are smooth. The picture I'm attaching is from before my procedure and now from today.

Still seeing results

I'm surprised how long I have stayed swollen. I don't have to wear the compression garment anymore and I'm adding running into my exercise now!

Whoops photo didn't post,

Here is week 7 picture
Dr. Miller

Renewal body contouring. Dr. Miller is kind, personable, and understanding. I trust him 100% with my procedure!

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