19 Years Old, Healthy, Active - Raleigh, NC

Dr. Miller and his team have so far been very kind...

Dr. Miller and his team have so far been very kind and helpful. I can't wait to have this procedure done by him and finally have my inner thighs match the rest of my body! I am an active, healthy 19 year old so I am a bit worried being so young. But, the pain of my stretch marks rubbing is too much!

7 weeks till procedure

as it gets closer to my procedure I'm posting pictures of my stretch marks and body type to show why I'm getting this procedure. In athletic and strong, and yet I have such deep stretch marks that they will end up bleeding if I walk around in shorts. Because of this reason I am seeing in insurance can cover some of the smart Lipo.
Dr. Miller

Renewal body contouring. Dr. Miller is kind, personable, and understanding. I trust him 100% with my procedure!

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