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After several years of using Botox and various...

After several years of using Botox and various facial fillers, I decided to look into the prospect of having a facelift and have been researching plastic surgeons in the St. Louis area. Dr. Mark Boschert at Renaissance Plastic Surgery in St. Peter’s, Missouri came highly recommended. After talking to several practices I have decided that I trust Dr. Boschert with my mini facelift/necklift and fat transfer to my temples. He is exceptionally easy to talk to - clearly and completely answers all questions that I have had. His staff is caring and welcoming each time I have been in the office. I will have my pre op appointment at the end of October with surgery scheduled for the middle of November. I will keep you up to date!

Preparing for my procedure....

In preparation for my procedure and included in the price of the surgery, Renaissance schedules a microdermabrasion treatment and the use of ZO Skin Health/Obagi products including Retin a. They want to prepare your skin and make sure it is in great condition prior to the surgery. I have been using them for a week now - although my skin is getting a bit flaky from the Retin a - and I love them. A sunscreen is included - which I have always neglected to put on daily. I will also have an additional microdermabrasion treatment six weeks after my surgery and the day after my surgery I will have an Obagi Blue Peel.

Gathering my supplies that I will need post op....

I have been reading and reading about what I need to have post op - especially those foods to avoid and those to eat to help with bruising and swelling. Any good advice out there about things I should really make sure to have? And what about a wedge pillow? Do I need one? Where is the best place to purchase? Thanks for your advice!

Just about 2 weeks away!! Had Pre Op and Think I'm Ready.....

Hi Everyone! I had my pre op with Dr. Boschert and his nurse and I believe I am ready to go. I am really nervous but excited at the same time. My procedure is on November 16 - my girlfriend will be coming along with me and we will be staying at a hotel the night before and the night after. She is actually going to get filler in her cheeks while I am in surgery!! The nurse went over all of the medications that I will be taking as well as the procedures I will be having done - lower facelift, neck liposuction/lift and fat transfer to my temples. She went over the possible side effects etc..... my biggest worry is a hematoma - I hope that doesn't happen. I will not have drains. She also talked about the steps for sedation. I can take a valium the night before and when I get to the surgery center they will also give me something to calm my nerves. I will have an IV that will put me in twilight while the doctor injects and numbs my face. Then she said that I will basically be in and out throughout the time and possibly will not remember much. That sounds great to me!!!! The fat for the transfer will probably be taken from my stomach with just a small incision - I may have to wear a compression bandage after but that will be decided after the surgery is done. The surgery should take about 3 hours or so and I will be in recovery after. My incision will go along my hair above my ear, in behind my tragus and back behind my ear. I will also have a small incision under my neck. They will wrap my head like a Q tip and I will return in the morning to have things checked, remove the bandage and have a ZO Medical Control Depth Peel - Blue Peel. After that I will head home and need to wear a head compression thing all the time for the first week and quite a bit the second also. I will return in 4 or 5 days to have the stitches removed. I feel very confident about the whole thing - although still nervous. I trust my doctor and staff - I'm sure the day will be here before I know it... I plan on taking lots of pictures to document the process. Those of you who have done this have been so helpful to me.

Three days and Counting!!

My surgery is three days away - I am very nervous but ready. I think I have read the material that was given to me about the surgery, recovery etc about a million times now. I have filled my prescriptions - painkillers, anti nausea medicines, antibiotic - and have been getting things around the house ready for when I return. Soft foods, paper plates, juices, wedge pillow, pjs that button up the front, movies, books. My girlfriend is going with me and we are staying overnight at the Embassy Suites the night before and the night after. I have an Obagi Blue Peel the day after surgery and then we will head home. My mother is bringing me back for the post op appointments that will be 3-4 days after. I will have to wear a compression garment full time for the first week and part time for the next two weeks .I'm worried about sleeping on my back - I am a side sleeper but I hope the wedge will help with that. I also bought one of those travel neck pillows to help stabilize things while I sleep. I have started Arnica Montana three times a day and will be starting Valtrex the next couple of days - the peel could cause a break out of cold sores, Hope not!! I guess I am down to waiting now - nervous about the local anesthesia - I really just want to be unaware of what is going on!! I will update this as I progress!!

Today is the day!!

Checking in at 9:00 for surgery at 10:00. I'll post after and let you know how it goes.

Two days post - feeling better

Hi I am posting a few pictures from yesterday - I had to do a collage as I can't seem to get the pictures to rotate correctly - I look pretty much the same today - swelling is up - the doctor said that today would be the worst - I had an Obagi blue peel and that is making my skin dark and it will begin to peel. I am still using the oxycodone as my right side is still really hurting - the left is good. I hope that it continues to improve so I can switch over to tylenol. I go on Tuesday to get my stitches out. I am wearing a compression garment on my head to help with the swelling. I take it off just to ice and take a shower. Thanks for your kind words.

Up Date - Three Weeks Post Surgery

I am going to post a bunch of pictures that are updated to today - I am really pleased with the procedure. My face has almost fully peeled from the Obagi Blue Peel. I am still swollen on the sides of my face and it feels numb - it gets better every day. My incisions are hidden by my hair and are healing really well - no problems at all. My neck is still tender from the liposuction but I think it looks so much better. I saw the doctor yesterday and he said the swelling will continue to fade and at about six weeks I will really see the results. The biggest thing was that he said I could sleep on my side!! I have really struggled sleeping on my back - even with a wedge pillow - I slept on the couch for a majority of the past three weeks to help support my head and back. I was able to go last weekend with my girlfriends on the train to Chicago - they helped me lift my bag on the train and into the taxis. The doctor says now that I have no restrictions - YAY!! I'll post again in a week or so.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Boschert is very knowledgeable about the procedure - he took time in two consultation sessions to explain and answer all of my questions. He continues to be just wonderful and supportive - made me feel at ease before the procedure and all follow up appointments he has taken time to answer any concerns!! Highly recommend Dr. Boschert!!

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