Buttock Implants -Houston, TX

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I am scheduled to have this proceedure done in a...

I am scheduled to have this proceedure done in a few months. Im really nervous about it. It was pretty easy getting a date. Since I am out of town all I had to do was submit my photos to the office and they were able to give me a quote. I am pretty much having to do everything by phone because of my work schedule.

I'm having my implants on Thursday!!

The day is finally almost upon us and I am soo nervous!!! Pre op wed the 12 in Houston with Dr Cortes. Not looking forward to recovery and doubts going through my mind, I just hope it's worth it

Had surgery with no complications

6days post op, headed to get my drains taken out!!!

Two weeks post implants

It's getting easier to move around, had some stitches taken out yesterday at Dr. Cortes office. finally met Lucy who is super nice. Things are looking good so far. Had lipo on back, arms, thighs, belly and under arms. Had the fat transferred on hips and around implants

Looking beat up

I'm confident I will heal eventually and it will look amazing but right now I feel and look like I was in a bad car wreck. I still think Dr. Cortes did an amazing job with mucho attention to detail. Even my mom who is an RN was commenting on how "delicate and beautifully done," my stitches were sewn in.

Three weeks later

It feels like a part of my body and I love my results! Can't wait until my lipo scars heal!

Three weeks

Love it

Went out to the bars for the first time since surgery

Walking down the mall and at the club and bars I get so many complements. This was completely worth it. Will post the surgery video soon as they give me my copy

Two months later

I am able to sit mostly without pain. I did have a complication. One of my drain sights got infected and I have been on antibiotics for weeks. Feeling much better but there is still redness by the drain site. I am at dr Cortes's office right now for a check up

Appt yesterday he did 500-600ccs

500-600CCs of fat transfer


Love love love all the complements I been getting when I go out. Best decision ever. Totally life changing

Progress pic

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