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I am still currently nursing my 8 month old, but...

I am still currently nursing my 8 month old, but when I am done, I want to get my body back. I gained 90 pounds with my first pregnancy!! (I still can't believe I gained that much). I worked out hard and lost it all. Then I gained 60 pounds with my second pregnancy, and am 20 pounds away from being back at my pre-pregnancy weight. But having gained so much weight the first time, and from breastfeeding, my boobs are SO saggy and empty. My breasts are half this "full" when I am not nursing. I hate that they're all skin, my nipples point to the ground and that they rest on my stomach. I don't feel like a woman at all. I feel so unsexy. I also would love to get a tummy tuck since my stomach looks like a wrinkly ball of dough. I would like to get both procedures done at once. I know it will be painful and recovery might be challenging, but I'm tired of not recognizing the reflection in the mirror.
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I still can't decide between Dr. Ghremida and Dr. Ledding in Saskatoon. Dr. Ghremida does good work from the pictures and reviews I've read, and he lives in my city which is nice. But from any of the plastic surgery boards/websites where I've searched for his name, he is not registered. That freaks me out. Dr. Ledding is in Saskatoon and is board certified and also has good reviews.

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