41 Year Old Athletic Mother of 3 Now Has Allergan 410 Gummy Bears, 335 CC - Toledo, OH

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I have been a silent visitor until now, but felt I...

I have been a silent visitor until now, but felt I should share for others like me. I have always been small chested; however, nursing 3 babies only made what I had smaller and all stretched out. I loved nursing because I had breasts for the first and last time. I have wanted to have an augmentation since I realized I would never have nice looking breasts that would fill out a swimsuit or lingerie. Alas, as many women and mothers understand, moms come last...finally, it was my turn! My family was in a good place and there was "extra" money I had saved for this purpose and so I did the research and took the plunge!

I am 5'8" and weigh 135 lbs. and am relatively athletic. I take part in half marathons, am an avid runner and race walker, and just completed my first Tough Mudder this year. Although I wanted larger breasts, I wanted breasts that would be proportional and not hinder my ability to workout and to reflect who I am. What does that mean? I am not a flashy person and I didn't want it to be totally obvious to strangers that I had this procedure, but I wanted boobs!

I visited 3 plastic surgeons in my area and did a small amount of research on the internet. When I say small amount of research, I mean very small and primarily sought out information about safety/health concerns of the procedure. I was relying on the surgeons to teach me what I needed to know. This method may not work for everyone, but I am a person who likes information for specific purposes and I do not like too much information that will overwhelm me and freak me out!

Of the three surgeons I visited I immediately knew the one I would use and it was literally like finding my wedding dress or ideal fitting blue jeans! I just knew. Thats all I can say. I just knew I would use Dr. Barone as my surgeon. I also met with him first and he set the bar very high for the other surgeons. He measured my breasts, tissue, chest, areolas and was had a very scientific and mathematical approach. He asked my desired out come and I said I wanted to be a full C or small D. I also made mention that while I am tall, I do not have a large frame and I did not want to look like I had beach balls on my chest. Other than that, I wanted to rely on his expertise and suggestions for me.

He suggested based on my body, breasts, lifestyle and desired outcome the Allergen 410 Gummy Bear anatomical implant. He felt with my current breast shape, sagging and body that this would be the best option. He did not discuss round implants in much detail or the size he would use. He spoke primarily about the anatomical which he thought would suit me best. He suggested doing a bi-planar procedure, that would place the implant under the muscle at the top and conceal the edges under the muscle. There was not the option to try things on and he explained that trying on implants and computer simulators are not great tools to predict how I would look. He did show me pictures of some other clients.

He explained that anatomical implants are a more detailed surgery due to the perfect pocket that is required and that the procedure would take 2 to 2.5 hours. He also expressed that this implant had the least amount of failures, complications, and is overall more natural looking. During our consultation I recognized that he had integrity, was slightly conservative, but was a perfectionist and an artist. I knew I could trust him with my surgery and that I would not look ridiculous. I liked him very much, and when I left I predicted I would return to him.

I did visit two other plastic surgeons. Both wanted to do round implants and never mentioned the anatomical shaped implant as a good choice. I was told by both of them that they were for mastectomy patients and that they could turn and rotate and become unsightly. Neither surgeon measured my breasts or my chest. Both suggested round implants that would go under the muscle and that the procedure would take about an hour. One surgeon suggested 425-450cc implants. The other surgeon, barely spent any time with me. He sent me to try on sizers, choose a size and that was it. He did not suggest a size, he left that to me. I didn't feel comfortable with this task. I lack experience, expertise and I have always been small, I feared I would veer too far on the other side if I had free reign. One surgeon was similarly priced to Dr. Barone and the other surgeon was about half the price. As I said, Dr. Barone set the bar high and I could not trust my body to a surgeon who eyeballed my body for a surgical procedure. Even if it was the first consult. I felt I could trust one of them, but I felt more comfort with Dr. Barone. The main difference was that I felt Dr. Barone made a choice based on my body and not his surgical preference. The other two, I felt were more like a breast implant mill, one more than another.

So, I called to make my follow-up consult and Dr. Barone was booked up. This made me nervous, I wanted him to do the procedure, but I wanted to meet him again and make sure I made the right decision. I also had a time frame in mind. I am a teacher and I wanted to do this right after school was out and not spend too much time dreading surgery and recovering all summer! So, I booked it and then had a combined pre surgery/second consult. In the interim I spoke to his nurse on the phone and she answered most of my questions and I felt ready!

During my pre surgery Dr. Barone told me the sizes he ordered and I told him not to be too conservative and to err on the large side. I was concerned that the 335cc would not be large enough. I was concerned that it wouldn't look big enough. During surgery he attempted to use the next size up, 375cc I think, but my chest area wasn't large enough and he felt it was too much in my armpit area. Initially, I was a little bummed about this, but my body is what it is and I am glad that my PS used his expertise. I trusted him to do what he thought was best. He has done this and seen the outcome, I have not. He is the expert and I relied upon his reputation...and I made the right choice!

This is long, sorry! My surgery was June 12, 2014. I am a bit more than two weeks post op and I feel good and look quite amazing! I have perky breasts that look proportional. I have been told that the size won't diminish, but the look will be altered and soften. In the end, I think (and hope very much) that I will be a full C or small D, hard to tell as I am not done healing. Currently my breasts are firm, not as much as they were immediately, but firm. There are areas without much sensation and my nipples are not fully back yet either. I have faith that as the healing continues, this will change.

I trusted my instinct and relied upon my surgeon and I am so glad I did.
**Have tried to add photos but have been unable. Will try to get them on here!

Allergen 410 Gummy Bear anatomical 335 cc 5'8" 135 lbs.

I was a small A and although not finished healing should, and hope to be at least a full C! So far I have enjoyed watching the changes.

One month Post op Allergan 410 335 cc

I am still happy with my new breasts and am eager for them to fully heal. I should also include that I am still sore! I asked the nurse why this is and she said due to my well developed pec muscles. Despite being sore I am glad I did it. I am posting a few more photos of the progress.

New breasts are like babies-we think they are beautiful from the start!

I was just looking through photos and I have tons of them. I was obsessed and took photos everyday so I could see how they changed and developed over time. Nuts, right? I know. I couldn't help it. Anyway, was looking at the early pics and comparing them to my boobs now, they look so much better now! I am amazed. For real. I loved them from day 1 and kept hoping they would never change. My PS and his nurse said they would gradually become more beautiful. I couldn't imagine such a thing. They were perfect and I loved them everyday. Looking back, they looked rough. I couldn't see it. I thought they were beautiful and I loved them. They look so much better at 7 weeks than they did at week 1. I am laughing to myself. That's why I said they were like babies-beautiful from the start and just get better everyday! So love my new curves. Not too big and not too small-just right for me!

I must say how much I love them!

I love my BA results! Seriously, I am almost 3 months to the day and I cannot believe how happy I am. Why didn't I do this sooner? I don't want to keep boring you with photos, but seriously, they get better and better in appearance and feel. I have to post these photos. Taken with my phone vs my camera. When I see in then in mirror I like them and when I feel them I like them. I fill out my clothes nicely and still run. It's subtle and yet still awesome. I didn't want to be overdone and am glad I am not. But so much better than I was. It's like this was how I was intended to be. Plus, they look amazing. Even more so now than a few short weeks ago. And I loves them then. They have never had a bad day, but they look better and better!

Love my new look!

I haven't updated in a while, so I thought I would share...I love my BA! Best decision ever! I just took a few selfies and realized the "round" look has settled down and they are perfect! Subtle and so beautiful. They look and feel totally natural. The shape is awesome and amazing. I love my result and my surgeon is past wonderful! He was the only one that suggested the allegan tear shape and for me it's perfect. Seriously, I am blissfully happy with them. The size is perfection as they are totally proportional and I am not self conscious about them and I can still workout run. Love my boobs!
Toledo Plastic Surgeon

Overall I would say I trusted and found comfort in my Dr immediately. He showed integrity and I felt I could rely on his expertise. He seemed have perfectionist characteristics and I liked him from the start. My instincts were right and I am pleased with the outcome so far!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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