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Hello everyone! I just had my first treatment with...

Hello everyone! I just had my first treatment with the Quanta Q + C after much research between the q switch and Pico sure. My technician has told me it will take 9 treatments for all 4 tattoos + or – 1-2 treatments. I felt very comfortable with Judi as she has tattoos that she is removing with the same machine, so she’s testing how aggressive she can get with her clients on herself first.

This does hurt! I never thought getting a tattoo hurt that much, but this is 4x as bad. If you were one of those people that said “ouch” a lot and had the artist stop a few or several times, just try to love your decision because you can’t handle this. I’m not opposed to tattoos and will be keeping the ones on my back shoulder blade and the back of my neck. I just don’t want any to show with everyday clothing.

I’m excited to be able to wear a skirt and shorts without any ink showing. My titty tat has been outdated for the at least 15 years and that was my very first tattoo I had done back in 1988. After my first treatment most of the outline has already disappeared! It’s very promising. The purple fairy tattoo on my calf is the only one that blistered after my first treatment. Of course, Judi treated the color as well as the outline. That is the most current tattoo done in 2007, other than the cover up butterfly one done in 2011.The cross on my leg and the cover up butterfly on my inner thigh didn’t do much other than become slightly red around the outline and/or swell a little.

I’m going in every 6 weeks to try and get this done in a year. I hate having to cover them this summer, but it’s only one summer! I’ll post new pics after every 3 treatments, so if you are stalking this site wondering which machine to use and how the results turn out, I’m the perfect chic for you to follow! LOL

After 3rd treatment!

I'm seeing some great fading and have since the first treatment! The butterfly cover up on my inner thigh appears to be my "difficult child"! It shows hope though! I think all, except the butterfly, will be done by Christmas as my tech continues to get more aggressive with every treatment!

Blistered fairy tattoo

Not sure why the pic didn't show up in my last update, anyway, this one always blisters! Here are pics from the all three treatments when she's blistered. It doesn't hurt at this time, but sometimes I'll get a sudden jolt of minor pain run through all of them in the healing process. My ankle is swollen for a couple days too.

7th Session with Quanta Q + C tomorrow

Here's my results after my 6th session 6 weeks ago. My technician discovered after my 5th visit, when the blue color didn't react, that her machine was completely dusty inside! After getting the machine serviced she had to start new with all of her clients on how high to go. This is super laser now! I finally blistered on my hummingbird tattoo! I'll admit that I've been discouraged at times. It takes so long. I see a difference every session, but it's minimal. After 6 sessions I see the big difference, but I'm anxious for the light shadowing I can cover with makeup while it continues to fade. Okay, enough boo hooing from me! This is life and it ain't ever been easy for me...mostly ;-)

Pics side by side showing my progress

Here's a much better view of the fading I've had after 6 treatments with the Quanta Q + C laser. I'm satisfied do far and haven't had any scarring! The butterfly is a cover up and had so much black that it will take the longest to remove.
Judi Shuger

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