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My story- I'm in my 40s and had noticed in the...

My story- I'm in my 40s and had noticed in the last two years I've accumulated weight on my hips, thighs and abdominal area. I had been working out like never before ,lifting weights , running and using the elliptical . I was losing inches however I was having trouble losing fat in the areas mentioned above. I decided that I only wanted to do
a noninvasive procedure. Vanquish seemed like the best option for me as there was no downtime reported. I went in for a consult with Dr. Chilakuri, he was extremely knowledgeable, professional and honest. He
stated it usually requires 4 treatments but can require more depending on the candidate. You also should be within 15-20 lbs within ideal weight . You should also have a good diet and exercise regimen. You should also drink lots of water. I was sold because eating healthy and exercising was not working for me.
I decided to start with my legs. The staff was warm and friendly .Loved the atomsphere! I would go once a week . I continued to eat unprocessed foods , exercised 3-4 times weekly and drank a gallon water per day. After the third treatment , I noticed my legs were more toned,saddlebags were reducing and skin was tighter.
This was promising! I decided to do my abdominal area because I was pleased with my legs .After the second treatment I noticed fat loss and tighter skin
on the lower abdomen. I've had 4 treatments
so far and am excited about the results .
I want to stress this is supplementation to a healthy lifestyle! You must drink lots of water, ( flushes out fat and toxins) exercise and eat healthy foods. If you do these things, vanquish will work!
Houston Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. Chilakuri is very professional, knowledgeable and honest! Wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff!

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