Vaser Lip Hips, Inner and Outer Thighs and Cellutyte -Worthington, OH

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Like most of us, I read everything I could on...

Like most of us, I read everything I could on vaser lipo. It seemed simple enough. I went in thinking I won't feel a thing and that I would have a few days down time but would get back to some of my usual routine asap. I went in and felt the pain intensely, they had to give me a shot to knock me out, it was painful, I was not expecting that at all. I can already see the difference. I got home that day at 2 p.m. and slept until 7 a.m. the next morning. I managed to shower with my garment on. The garment is so tight I can hardly breathe. Things were ok, very sore but we went to dinner. I just didn't feel so hot. Came home and I began to leak lots of blood and saline out of my right leg. It gushed. As long as my leg is up, it's ok, but anytime I walk it bleeds. I am in alot of pain and the pain meds don't help. Getting out of bed is the absolute worst. Trying to go to the bathroom is laughable, and if I weren't so miserable, I'd laugh. I confess I wonder if it is worth it. I do see some changes already and am praying for some awesome results and for the pain to cease!!! I think I would have liked to know how painful it can be beforehand, I may have thought twice about it. I did go in blindly and got the shock of my life. Everyone's pain tolerance is different. I felt the tool go into my leg and out and it was excruciating until she knocked me out. I would suggest you get put out. I'll update later as I heal.

It's been a week since my procedure and I don't...

It's been a week since my procedure and I don't know if it's worth it yet. I'm nervous about how black and blue I am and how swollen. The swelling is now going down my legs and into my ankles. I hear this is normal. Will I ever be normal again?? I see a little difference just like my previous post, but nothing like I expected, yet I realize I'm very swollen. I also am in pain. It's hard to stand up and sit down. My pain is in my outer thighs mainly. I will update again in a week. Any positive comments would be nice, I'm feeling pretty bummed about all this and wonder if I made a mistake.

It's been almost 2 weeks...tomorrow. The pain is...

It's been almost 2 weeks...tomorrow. The pain is subsiding quite a bit. I still have some but it's tolerable. My bruising is going away and the swelling is down quite a bit. I can see a difference for sure. I know I need to do my part in exercise to look exactly how I want but this has given me a big head start. I'm starting to feel the nerves waking up now.It's like that feeling when you get goosebumps but intensified a 1000 times in the areas worked on. I probably will be ready to do the treadmill next week. I could go slow now but am afraid of more swelling. I hear it takes several months for the swelling to go away completely.Can't wait to lose the garment, but I can see how you get attached to it. I'm afraid my body will just fall back to what it was feel toned in it...but it's so tight, ugh, it makes my stomach hurt. In two weeks I'll take off this surgical garment and probably to a spanx for another couple weeks. I'm not sure I'd do this again. Everyone is different though. Some people have little pain or it's tolerable to them. I had more pain than I thought and it interferes in your day to day, at least for me, but the areas that are the toughest to rid, are gone now, so maybe it was worth it. I'll let you know next week as I assume I will be MUCH better then!

I think it was worth it. I can see the difference...

I think it was worth it. I can see the difference for sure. I have not dropped any pant size though, but when I am in pants, it looks better. Right now my nerves are waking up so it's uncomfortable. The tingling, and even a little pain as they awake. I want to see how I look in another month....hopefully more changes.

I'm about 4 wks post op. I do see a difference....

I'm about 4 wks post op. I do see a difference. quite a bit actually. I know that I have to do my part in exercising and eating right to get the body I want. I still am having pain. Not as much...but it's there. Can't sleep on my side or anything...hurts in my inner thighs the most. Back to a little exercising. I will be so happy when the pain is completely gone. Want to get rid of this garment. Have my last appt. April 4th so I'll get my questions answered and hopefully can go to a 2nd phase garment.
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