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Already back to work after 2 days of surgery....

Already back to work after 2 days of surgery. First day was the worst. Still sore and have s lot of bruising. Not sure how I will cover this up for the holiday weekend coming up with the hot weather and my bruises showing. I know Doc says final results will be in 3+months but I hope I see results sooner.

5 days post-op

Still feeling sore and numbness on my abdominal area & arms. I'm wondering how long the numbness usually lasts because the compression garment has started to make me a little uncomfortable since the weather is getting so much hotter. I'm excited and trying to stay hopeful but there is one part on my right arm where it seems like a fat pocket was missed compared to my left arm, it is very noticeable. Just hoping I feel a little better on 4th of July. Not taking meds anymore, didn't really need to take pain meds but I did take it the first day & one in the AM the 2nd day just because I didn't want any "pain" to come out of nowhere. By the way, I only took the prescribed Vicodin then just Aleve the first 2 days. I see a lot of people on this forum taking Arnica cream for the bruising, but I am thinking if I should just let my body heal naturally.
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