28 years old 5'6 155 pounds needed a tune up!! 420cc (L) 450cc (R)

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FYI this review is not for the squeamish or people...

FYI this review is not for the squeamish or people with no humor. I tell it like I see it!!

About Me:
27 years old (28 in 5 more days!!)
165 Pounds (normally 155, i've gained weight and i'm going to start back on my lean protein, steamed veggies, low fat diet soon and start juicing again)
Workout 45 mins a day 5 times a week.
I had my son when i was 22 and i am now going on 28. My husband and I are not planning on having any more kids anytime soon.

I just had my consultation yesterday for a full breast lift with implants. I would like to be a full D cup with volume up on top. I've never had perky breasts and I gained 30 pounds when my husband and i got together, and then i gained an additional 60 pounds during my pregnancy! I lost it all very fast after my pregnancy thanks to dieting and exercising. I also nursed my son for 15 months and I've been left with sad sad boobies. There is just so much extra skin that it looks like my nipple is sinking in quick sand when i lay down! I was a C cup before i got pregnant. Now i'm left with deflated B/C's that are pretty much only B cups if the extra skin were to be removed. Push up bras leave my boob skin spilling over, and regular bras don't work either. My boobs just sit in the bottom of them like a half eaten jello mold. Not to mention I have always had a major case of BLT (big left titty) HA!

The doctor recommended 450cc moderate plus saline implants to compliment my stature. She will have to remove some of my breast tissue in my BLT to bring it down to the size of my right breast. Also this surgery will be preformed while I am AWAKE!!!!!! ahh!!!! but I've talked to girls who work for the office who have had theirs done there, and they say it's really no big deal and they were relaxed the entire time. I'm sure they dope you up. I'll have to ask more. Also there will be two doctors working on me at the same time.

I am financing my BA with lift with a 0% APR for 18 months credit card. My credit is finally good enough to get a high credit limit! I'll be paying $100 a week on that credit card until it is paid off!


Just added a picture of me clothed...


I called the Dr. Office and they said they use Tumescent Anesthesia for the surgery. I asked about anything for anxiety and they said they prescribe Ativan and for the pain killer they prescribe Percocets. This makes me feel a lot better because I just want to be totally relaxed during surgery. And Percocets work great for me, because that's what i took for my tummy tuck. I need my freaking credit card to come in today so I can schedule my appointment! gahh!!! Luckily the June 11th and June 12 surgery dates are still available.

Wish pictures

This morning I was lounging in bed awake, and my husband was just waking up. He asked me what I was doing and I said 'oh just drinking tea, watching the news, and looking at boobs." He thought that was hilarious. He's totally supportive of my decision to get a lift and implants. He says he loves every inch of me just the way I am but wants me to be happy with myself because he knows how badly I want this done. He has looked through pictures with me with no complaints LOL...of course. So anyway here are some wish pics I found on Pinterest and one from a fellow real selfer :-)

Wish Pics

Trying to find wish pics of girls that are my weight and height is tough!! :( I remember when RealSelf had more search options that included weight and height! I wonder why they stopped doing that. =-/

More Wish Pics


Have any of you ladies had nightmares about your surgery? I woke up in a cold sweat! I had a dream that i was lying in my bed the morning after my surgery, and i had just torn open my stitches on my left boob and my implant fell out and my breast fat was sticking through it!! Today is my first day of my serious diet. My birthday was last tuesday and mother's day was yesterday so i had to hold off on my serious diet until right NOW. I was at 164 on Sunday morning but i ballooned up to 167 over night because of the BBQ foods and i JUST got my period. drinking lots of water with lemon and pure cranberry juice to flush out the extra water im holding onto right now. Breakfast is going to be a protein bar and a hard boiled egg with a cup of coffee. Lunch will be protein and veggies and the same goes for dinner. going to do a solid 40 minutes on the treadmill today.

Just looking

still just looking at boobs all day.. lol

Fatty Tissue or Lump?

Good Morning Girls! So a few weeks ago i found a fatty tissue lump on my left side of my left breast. I dont know if this is just fatty tissue or a lump? Anyway I am getting it checked out today. Kind of freaked out but trying to stay positive and focus on work.


Turns out i have a cyst. Glad i went to the doctor. They're going to do an ultrasound on my boob tomorrow.


Has anyone tried the virtual breast augmentation on loveyourlook.com ??? pretty cool check it out! loveyourlook.com/visualizer


I desperately want to lose another 5 to 7 pounds before surgery, so I just started taking Phentermine to calm down my hangry (hungry+angry) binge attacks! I am going to stop taking it a full week before surgery. I've read a lot about the drug and its side effects and the pros and cons. Yesterday was my first day on it, and my inner hungry hungry hippo didn't show up to sabotage me!! I did HIIT on the treadmill yesterday for 40 minutes. Had energy all day. I took the pill around 10AM. drank a little over a gallon of lemon and cucumber infused water and had fruit veggies and chicken for lunch and dinner. I basically need the phentermine for the weekends when we are having family barbeques and birthday parties and going to Great America (theme park that we have season passes to) I am not sensitive to the jitters because i am ADHD and take adderall. I stopped taking my adderall about a month ago because i ran out so once i lose the weight i will stop with the phentermine and resume my Adderall later. Can't take them both at the same time of course. Here is a picture of me in some of my workout clothes (work bathroom). I am wearing a VS bra (lined not padded) and a sports bra on top.. can't wait to be able to wear bras regularly. Any of you girls ever take phentermine?

No weight gain over the weekend!!

Swimsuit before

I have my preop Monday. Here's a pic from Memorial Day. I felt so self conscious about my boobs that day. I wasn't focused on my legs or butt just my boobs! Gosh can't wait to fill out the top off a swimsuit

Kinda bummed

This time around I don't feel like I have as many people talking to me on Realself. When I had my tummy tuck the support was great! I know I haven't had my surgery yet but I have like barley any comments and then I look at other girls posts who haven't had their surgery yet either and they have like 80 comments. .... I know I know play me the worlds smallest violin. anyway trying to keep on track today with eating right. I'm at my in laws this weekend visiting and it's SO hard to keep focused when my mother in law is cooking all day

Pre-op Appointment

Whelp my preop appointment went well. They took my vitals, urine test, different chest, breast and nipple measurements (standing and laying down). I asked about nipple size and she said they use a template. We decided on 450cc Mentor round saline moderate plus. She wrote me prescriptions for antibiotics and percocets. They also will provide the surgical bra and also silicone scar sheets! Sweet! My surgery is set for 8:30 AM 6/12/14 and is going to take about 2.5 hours. Filled out a bunch of paperwork and made my payment. My post op is the very next day because they don't want to wait until Monday to see me. They're closed on sat and sun.

My period just started...great...oh and I bought stuff

Yay so this is so totally my life.. Just got my period and my boobs are hella sore. Ugh! My surgery is only days away and I'm hoping this period is short!!! I doubt it since I'm on the Paragard IUD. So anyway enough of my b*tchin' !!! Totally I got my prescription filled, bought a new loofah and dial antibacterial soap, bought new bras. Oh ladies btw don't even bother going to the department stores to buy a post op front closure wirefree bra! I should have just went straight to Walmart! I couldn't find sheet at Macy's and JCP had a few. They had a buy 1 get one for $1 deal but that was still $40. I went to Walmart and bought a fruit of the loom wire free front closure bra for 9 freakin dollars. Sooooo comfy!!! I really don't know how a front closure is going to be easier to put on and take off than a regular bra. You still have to stretch your arms and stuff to put it on!!! With a regular bra you can just hoot it up in the front then twist it around. Oh well I guess I'll see why later. I also bought a pair of very NOT SEXY button up pajamas for after the surgery. Heck it was only $12 at Walmart. so yeah. Just so excited to get new boobs. Tying not to get overly excited just in case they don't turn out so great or having new boobs not feeling like that big of a deal. I've just been obsessed! Boobs on the brain 24/7!!


Oh I forgot to mention I bought some arnica homeopathic tablets at The Vitamin Shoppe. I highly recommend taking them 3 times a day 5 days before surgery and 5 days after. It's only $6 for 80 of them. I took these and had no bruising at all after my tummy tuck. Dammit I forgot that I needed to buy some miralax!! I'm a 2x a day pooper and I refuse to go a week without taking a poop!!!

Before shots

Deleted my 1 before pic so I could edit it. I'm sure I'm going to want to share my profile with friends and family and just the thought of people I know recognizing me by my photos freaks me out. So I made some nipple flowers lol

What else to do???

Okay so I'm going to wash my bedding tomorrow night, do hecka laundry, mop the floors tonight...not sure what else I need to do!!! I offered my friend who has her own cleaning business if she wants to trade Mary Kay products for cleaning! She said yes. Woohoo!!! I can't expect my poor hubby to work 6 days a week and do everything I do...at least not EVERYTHING ha ha! I colored my hair Saturday night now I just want to get a mani pedi but I don't have time....! Shoot...

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll love my (boobs) tomorrow! you're only a days a wayyyyyyyyyyy

LOL!!!! sorry to bust out a musical # on you guys. but im so excited and chock full of anxiety!!!! I'm not nervous about the surgery just recovery. Jessica called me and said to arrive at 8:30 AM and i will be prepped and stuff and surgery will start at 9:30AM -- and discharged around 12:15-12:30ish i believe. MAN! how can 1 day seem so far away? I wonder if i can ask to see my boobs while they're filling them so i can say mmm no, bigger! or....TOO big! lol...probably not...but who knows since i'll be awake!! they said that they might sit me up multiple times to check out the symmetry and such. I hope that they put a blanket over me and socks on my feet! i hate being cold. *burr* anyway ladies im sure ill post another update tonight when im all freaked out. lol

Whelp that was different !

Okay so they're here they're here! They're sore they're so!toward the last 29o mins I'm just so dang sore and neauseas . Got home around 1. him around and that I was gonna pukw. Will post lots of pics tomorrows. They looked perfect so fat!!

Feeling better

Wow I was so out of it during that last post haha,,,if don't remember going down the elevator and into the car. I barley remember my husband asking if we were hungry. I had a smoothie and some satisfies and chicken. They hD us comfy inflatable n
Blanket which kept me comfortable. The only part that sucked was when. They were. Making the pocket for the implant

I needed a lot of help getting up because I was so sick to my stomach but. I took like a 3 hr n feel great. I walked around and now I can barley keep my eyes open. Time for another. Nap. My mom brought me zucchini and Colombian rice and her special chicken. Omg it took me 15 mins to type this I keep falling asleep

Mentor saline

Day 2

They don't fit in a C cup bra guess that means in either a D or DD

Post op appointment

Post op went good. Had my dressing changed and they gave me a band to wear to push my implants down. My BLT looks much bigger than my right but I'm hopeful that they will even out as time goes on. I know that they will change a lot as the weeks and months go on!!

Bands do not make her dance

Ha ha sorry for another song reference... Anyway this band really effing sucks!!!!! Makes me feel sick to my stomach. BUT I already can tell the difference from wearing it that it is pushing my implants down and my boobs look freaking huge this morning!! Drinking some coffee and wishing I had some awesome pain killers because these percocets SUCK!!!!! Also I need to poop and I can't. Took two tbsp of milk of magnesia and nothing. Might have to have someone get some of that miralax or something for me. I'm a 2x a day pooper and this sucks.

Cup size

Tried on one of my old C cup bras last night. It fits a little snug so I guess in VS I would be a D cup since their sizes run small. I tried on my old pink vs bra in a c and it was too small

Back to the Grind - Day 2

Good Morning every boobie! I worked 8-3 yesterday. i could have worked until 5 but i didnt want to push it since i knew if i did that i wouldnt get home until around 6:30 because my son was at my mother in laws. Feeling great today but woke up with a sore throat! Dang it!!

At work taking pictures

Feeling great

not really sore anymore except just from this band. energy is back. sleeping good through the night, still have to sleep somewhat propped up but not to the extent of how it was the last few days. cannot sleep on my side yet. feels weird when i try to shift to my side like my implants are going to slide out or something. yesterday they felt kind of squeaky for a second lol. tomorrow is my 1 week post op appointment. i took some pictures yesterday in a low cut t-shirt and my boobs looked freakin' amazing in it!!! i went to marshalls and bought a 2 for 1 warner's wirefree light lift bra for $16.99. I have a birthday party to go to on Friday after work and i am just going to wear it for an hour or two then change back to my surgical bra...can't wait to buy a bombshell bra from VS when i'm all healed!!! :D i feel super fat. i hate not being able to workout!!! going to start doing meal replacement shakes tomorrow because i refuse to gain back the weight that i fought so hard to lose!

Feeling good

Hey everyone!!! Just a little update...today I am 9 days post op Still can't sleep on my side. The pressure from my implants feels too weird. My breast itch like crazy and I've been applying bio-oil to them because they look like they want to start forming stretch marks. At my post op appointment the dr showed me how to massage the implants and said I don't have to wear that stupid band anymore. Get gave me silicone strips that are in the shape of a lollipops with a hole in it, and then two strips for the bottom scars. The dr said I can start doing my scar treatment this weekend but I'm going to wait until they're all completely closed. There are just a few spots where there are little scabs. She says I am healing beautifully. Going to give it another 5 days and start at the 2 week mark. Still have to wear the surgical bra for another week or two. This is okay by me because yesterday I went to a bday party and wanted to look cute so I wore one of my wireless bras I bought from Marshall's (38C) for two hours , but I felt like I was busting out the side of them and kept having to pull them back down under my boobs so maybe I'm a 38D??? I know I'm still swollen and these things are still going to drop and fluff somewhat. I notice that I've been slouching a lot!!!! When i straighten my back out my breasts look huge! I guess my back isn't used to this weight on my chest. Maybe I should buy one of those posture garments. The doctor said I can start to exercise again just my lower body and no running or bouncing. She said I can workout on the treadmill and elliptical but no arm movements. Ugh I can't wait to start working out like normal!!

Day 9

Thought I would put up my first before and after! What a huge difference!!! Still a lot of bruising and swelling. I need to go pick up some more arnica tomorrow. I should have bought 2 and this brushing would have been prevented!!


Went to target today and couldn't help going and trying on a push up bra!! I completely fill out a 38D. I bought some arnica gel at GNC today to help with this swelling/bruising. Man I cannot stress enough ladies to buy arnica tablets!!! And make sure to get enough to last 5 days before and 5 days after. I really wish I would have bought two vials. Anyway so bought some paper tape because I really feel like I need to keep my incisions covered and protected.


Day 1 of Silicon Scar Treatment


So yesterday was my first day back to the gym. I did the stationary bike that has the back and arm rests for 30 minutes. I got a good sweat going even though i only burned like 230 calories. =-/ my stomach is starting to get really soft and i need to work out my body ASAP!!!!

Before and after


Feeling great. My incisions are very thin and healing well. I've only had to pull out one stitch that was spitting. Left breast is still more full than the right but it's not that big of a deal to me right now. They still look awesome and it looks like not enough skin was removed on my BLT but I'm sure that can be fixed later. I feel so much more confident in clothes!!! I even went to VS this weekend and got an VS Angels credit card. They had their semi annual sale going on and I got a body by Victoria wireless bra (soooooo comfy) and a few body lotions and a patriotic tank top that was on sale for the day. Can't wait to wear it for the 4th!! Thinking of wearing cut offs and the tank with a red lace bralette! My husband says he likes how it looks without a bra lol

Trying things on without a bra

Almost 1 month

So I'm almost 1 month post op. Having some redness at the anchor site on my left breast. Left breast is still a different shape from my right. I was prepared for something like this to happen so I'm not down in the dumps about it. Hoping to talk about it at my 1 month post op appointment on the 21st...also about my right nipple being much bigger and shape than the left. Hopefully that's An easy fix. Just the top part of the nipple needs to be cut off from what I can see!! And hopefully some skin from my left breast can be removed to fix the shape...

Sleeping Questions!?

Hey ladies! so you ladies who already have had your boobs done, when did you start sleeping on your side comfortably??? It still bugs me to sleep on my side! my boobs are in the way, and i cant fully cuddle up to my husband yet which really really sucks. I am a back sleeper but i do like to roll over on my side occasionally to cuddle up with my hunnie. the implants feel SO weird when im on my side like they're going to pop out from underneath the muscle. ugh.

Just an Update

So today i am 41 days post op, and i was supposed to have my 1 month post op visit today but it looks like the dr can't see me today for my scheduled visit. The last time i was seen was at my 1 week post op appointment. I really wanted to be seen today because my left breast is having a lot of redness and a tiny hole above the T site, and is leaving some blood and yellow discharge on my bra. Now i have to wait until next Tuesday the 29th. I told Jessica about the redness and discharge but she says i should be okay. Sleeping comfortably on my sides now and i can cuddle with my son and husband. I really wish i could hit the gym hard im feeling very flabby and soft!!

Just an update

Sleeping really well at night for awhile now. No regrets except not going big enough!!! I really wish that my doctor would have looked at my wish picture and would have removed as much skin as possible like I asked...my left has much more loose skin than my right does and I feel like my nipples are stretching out more. I really hope she can take out more skin from my left and fix the shape of my right nipple. I feel like I need another breast lift from my skin sagging already ugh..Last night I picked a tiny stitch from my right nipple. I feel like they've dropped too much and I missing that upper pole fullness.
Redwood City Physician

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