46 Yrs Old, 4 Kids, 5 Feet Tall, 131 Lbs - Redwood City, CA

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Just booked my surgery and I am very excited. I've...

Just booked my surgery and I am very excited. I've wanted this since I was in my twenties. I have a kid graduating college and I thought maybe I can do something for myself. I have been stalking this website for months..every single day. One time my husband asked what the heck am I looking at...I said boobs...just getting ideas...he is very supportive and just said not too big please. ????????????

Getting close...17 days to go

My pre op is on Sept 18 Friday...sooo excited

400 or 450 cc ? So confused

I really want 450cc but I don't know if it's too big for me...but I don't want to smaller then regret later ....decisions ..decisions..

Less than 2 weeks ... Pre op done ....450cc high profile saline

Soon excited

4 days to go ... Woot woot

Just finished my 12th half marathon yesterday. I need to start cleaning and doing more laundry and start preparing for the stuff I need.

11 hours to go

Oh my tomorrow I will be in boobieland.

Day of surgery

It was like an elephant sat on my chest. But I love the results. Tightness and soreness.

A little peek 450 cc high profile saline

I am in love and very happy with results. Hubby loves the results too.

1 day post op

I am sooo bloated and I just started my period yesterday too. I threw up 3 times yesterday so I called PS and told me to cut the dose of my Percocet. That helped out. I was able to sleep on and off at the sofa. Thank God for hubby who has been taking care of me... Cooking, changing my pads and underwear, cleaning me after I threw up, helping me getting up and giving my medicine. Thank God for him. He is such a blessing.

Frankenboob is here

13 days

Feeling much better...can walk 1 hour on treadmill now...my doctor says I can even hike this weekend. Boobs still square but little swelling left and tenderness when you touch them. It's hard every time I massage them.

19 days post op

I'm loving the results more and more...the girls are starting to drop and soften...and I know it's still a long way to go but I love it. It's so worth it. I just hate the hypersensitive nipples and breast right now. I read it's a normal reaction but it's really annoying.

26 days post op


It's been 33 days I'm soo happy with the results

I know it's still early but I'm loving what I'm seeing and how I feel. I look great with clothes. It's amazing.


Very happy

At 6 weeks

So happy with outcome...Taken on February 2016 on our vacation

Great results

It's been a year...Wearing 34D La Perla

Love it..though there's still zingers here and there. I am very happy with my decision. Next one will be tummy tuck.
Dr. Paul Gorman

He was really pleasant during the consultation. He listened to what I want and my expectations. He was asking if I had any questions and I said none at the moment but he offered and gave me his business card to email or call him if ever I have any questions and that's what he did. He answered my questions and also sent me a card a couple of weeks after the consultation. I thought that was a nice touch.

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