34 Yr Old Black Woman with 1 Child. 5'8" 210lbs BBL Round 2

I’ve had an on again off again relationship with t...

I’ve had an on again off again relationship with the BBL and real self for quite a few years now. I had my first bbl in May 2014 at GLO Surgical Arts in Redwood city Ca. and I was not happy with the results. I knew immediately that it was not done right and it wasn’t going to improve with time. I went along and did all the things recommended by the doctor. I went through post op massages and appointments and still not happy. My Butt was not shaped how I wanted it and there was no projection. I didn’t have a top shelf or buttom shelf. I was NOT full and fat was clearly missing in the middle of my butt cheeks. The lipo was not that great but it helped my love handles/flanks so I won’t complain about that. I was awake during the procedure which was a big mistake. ALL in ALL, I have decided to do this ONE LAST TIME before I throw in the towel and I am not going to accept failure this time. IT HAS TO BE RIGHT… There will be no round 3… This time around I want the BBL with liposculpting. I want my lipo on my abs, back fat and bra flap/fat removed or at least reduced. I want to be what they call “SNATCHED”!!! I am about to be 35 years old and I want to treat myself. I totally deserve it…

before pics

Before pics

back view

The back fat raised because im holding the camera phone up so it looks better than it really is...

hanging back and bra fat...

Another view of the back and bra fat

Deposit paid

Deposit paid. Waiting on a sx date. I'm kind of concerned about how long it will take to heat back from Mallol's staff regarding confirmation of receipt and an actual date.. But patients is a virtue

I finally got a date

Soooo my doctor gave me a date that I am pleased with. I am scheduled 3/27/17.. I lost 2lbs this week. I went shopping today and got a few things but still have quite bit more to get.. I am going to be moving in fast forward with this process because If I don't I will be doing stuff last minute. I am unsure what recovery house Mallol uses but I'm feeling serenity and mansion armonia. Any recommendations???

Booked my hotel for preop

I booked my hotel in Boca Chica D.R. for 2 days prior to sx... If they are clean & cool, I will stay there after my 8 day stay at the recovery home.. Also bought and ordered some more stuff. But the official booty buddy, lumbar and ab boards, sports bras, and finally opened my robe. Also all of the requirements on this list for post op. The list my surgeon gave me only had a few things... So I couldn't solely go based on his list cause if so I would be screwed..

Soooo nervous

I know that this is a common subject one week pre-op but going through this part of the process is very real. Trusting someone other than yourself and God with your life is something very difficult to do.. Especially with all of the recent reports of deaths from the BBL in South Florida lately. They drop statistics staying only 1/5,000 people or 1/20,000 die during the BBL/Lipo procedure but it's seems like it's happening very often. I mean, when you look at how many BBL or Lipo procedures are done in one day around the world, those stats mean absolutely nothing. It doesn't take away my fear I have.. If I didn't have my son and my newly acquired stepdaughter, I wouldn't even worry. At all... But life means more to me because I realize how important my role is. It's more apparent now then prior to having children.. BUT,,,,, God has the final word and is the best knower. Never will I doubt God... Ever. Also my surgeon Dr. Mallol is the best at what he does. I haven't heard anything about him having any fatalities so I won't doubt him either...

Flight day

So today I fly out if Cali to the Dominican republic. I have a couple of layovers though. First Salt lake then NY.. Not looking forward to the 19hr layover in NY tho.. Luckily I'll be near Queens... Lots of culture and quick bits & buys...


I cannnnot believe I called the surgeon and actually got an answer. Hell I was so shocked they answered I almost forgot why I was calling... Anyway found out I'll be staying at Paradise recovery house.. Hope they live up to their name...

I'm here... The D.R.

I'm here at the clinic which is nothing like I imaged. Not a bad thing just imagined a big hospital. Anyway I'm about to go in for pre-op. Brb.. I hope my hemo is good
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