Endless Questions About Boobs! Help a Sister out - Redondo Beach, CA

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So I've started seriously considering getting...

So I've started seriously considering getting implants in the last month or so. I'm 5'6" about 135lbs, athletic, 34B( I don't fill it out completely) and 23. I've very comfortable with my body, especially since I discovered the gym and started getting my squat on :) but I think breast implants would be incredible! My boyfriend and I discussed it and he is very supportive although I don't think I will tell my family until closer to the surgery because they will not approve. I'm basically researching and reading everything I can from women who have gotten the surgery and their experiences. I want to end up with a D or DD which I think will look great on my body but my best friend insists I'm too "tiny" for that size. I think my. Odd is strong and they would fit well. But I'm wondering about developing back pain and if that is a likely possibility? Also, which is better, silicone or saline? And if anyone has any recommendations for good doctors in the area? Any and all advice or questions are welcome! Thanks and I'm glad this community exists so I have a whole bank of info and support :) xo

P.s. I included some pics so you can get an idea of my body. One was in the summer when I was a little skinnier but as you can see the weight leaves from my boobs ferociously!

First consultation!

So I had my first consultation yesterday and it was awesome! I loved the 3D imaging and I hadn't gotten a chance to do the rice sizes yet so the "try on" bobbies were great in getting an idea of what I want. I went in withan idea in my head of the type and measurement etc and I wasn't too far off. I showed the PS my pics and explained the look I was going for and we figured it out. He recommended 550ccs, textured, silicone, high profile, all to fit my body, shape,and the end result I'm trying to acheive.

I was SUPER nervous going in to the appointment and came out excited and happy, so that wasa relief. The price was definitely not what I went in thinking it would be so that was one set back.

I have another consultation set up on January 8th with a different doctor, so we'll see what he says and what his prices are. I definitely don't want to compromise quality for price though, I've seem some lower end jobs (scary).

After that I'll set a date which is looking more like january or February which is so soon! I am so excited!!!

Worried about drooping heavy breasts

The only worry that I've had lately is with the size I'm getting, how low will they droop. The textured and high profile implant should help but this girl I personally know bothers done and they are so low now. And I'm worried that because of the size of the implants I want to get and the weight they'll have, they will leave the top part of the chest flat and have bottom heavy boobs. How common is her boob result? Will it happen to me? I hope not :(

Weight loss and gain

One other thing. I'm pretty steady in weight for the last couple years but how would weight gain or loss impact my new fake boobies? Should I lose any weight I want to lose BEFORE the surgery?

Too big

Soo I'm actually really worried that they're going to end up too big. I don't really want to go past a DD but everyone I have seen thus far has gotten way less ccs than I'm planning on getting. Is 550 too much? Does it really just depend on the body and how they drop and fluff? I definitely don't want less than a D though. Hmmm.....

Surgery soon, bio oil okay?

So I'm 6 days from surgery, getting more and more excited/nervous. I ended up going with the second doctor I had a consultation with, Dr. Sanjay Grover. We've decided that I'll probably get around 450ccs or more. I'm hoping for a beautiful D or DD set post op so cross your fingers.

Now comes the pre op restrictions... Is it okay for me to keep applying Bio Oil? I wanted to prevent stretch marks and it seems reactive to start doing it after I get them in. Any input on whether it's okay?!

1 day post op

Here I am, one day post op and I can't believe it! They look beautiful already although they're very tight and high and my rib cage aches on the sides and right in the middle. I ended up with 400ccs in my right, larger breast and 450ccs in the smaller one. I'm so excited to see the changes in the new few weeks and everyone loves them. My boyfriend can't stop smiling :) I'll keep you all updated on my recovery and let me know if you have any questions since I'm on the other side now!!
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