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Hi, I am a 36 year old mother of 2 (4 & 2)had...

Hi, I am a 36 year old mother of 2 (4 & 2)had 4 very difficult pregnancies which only ended up in 2 live children. This is my gift to myself after going through losses, bed rest and all the rest! I am 5'5" and 122 lbs. I am very active and spent 13 years as an Army officer so I have been in great shape most of my life. After the kids, my breast, like most people, have sagged down to my belly and deflated. I once had great, perky, breasts and now they resemble tube socks!! I was lucky not to have much in the way of stretch marks, but I do have these muffin tops that just won't go away and my tummy is not what I would like it to be. Most people, including my hubby, scoff at the fact that I want lipo, but I just want to feel good about myself again. I am so very excited about the lift and prob a little augmentation, but I am even more excited to get rid of the problem spots that working out 5 times a week just can't seem to fix. In all actuality, I could probably get a tummy tuck to tighten my abs back again, but I can't get my mind around that for the small sag I have in my tummy. Anyway, that is my story! I have been reading up on the post on this site and want to say thank you all for posting you experiences. it has really helped me come to terms with what I wanted to do and how it is going to affect my life.

So next week is my pre-op. the dy ges...

So next week is my pre-op. the dy ges closer, I am getting very excited. I am not sure if I am more excited about the lift or the lipo. The thought of getting rid of my muffin- top is just awesome! I am getting worried about the recovery and not being able to pick up my girls though. What do I tell them this is all about. Mommy needed her boobies fixed? Anyone have advice on how to approach this with little girls? The last thing I want is to cause them to worry about body image and all that.

So I just went to my Pre-op yesterday...only 2...

So I just went to my Pre-op yesterday...only 2 weeks until BBday!! I was there for over an hour which was not expected but I didn't mind at all. the appointment started with talking to a nurse and going through all the paperwork and recommendations for post-op care. Then she took the dreaded before photos. I was not expecting this, but those photos were then printed and the Dr. brought them in to show me when we talked! not really what I wanted to see LOL. I was reminded why I am doing this in the first place...those photos were not making me happy at all. :-)
I was able to try the sizers for a bit, what a strage concept. I have read a lot of posts about getting 300cc or more so I started with a 350cc sizer, WOW way too much for me.. I am like a c/d cup now and the 350 made me look way to big. so I was not quite understanding how these sizers translated into what I would look like. Anyway, I decided on like 200-250 and the Dr. said she was thinking 200-300 so we will see. she said I had a push up bra on so she was accounting for that.
All in all, I am very excited for my surgery. I am not looking forward to coming home to two little girls and explaining why mommy is all out of it, but I can cross that road when I get there I suppose. Anyone out there do this with small kids? I would love some insight on how to handle and not scar them for life.
Lastly, my advise to anyone getting ready to do this, feel comfortable asking questions. I had a list and they answered them all. I also made a moodboard with pics on it of what my expectations were and the Dr. used it to explain how that might be on me or how it would not work the same on me...very helpful. I will try to post it on here in a bit. 2 weeks to go!!

Tomorrow is the big day. I talked to the...

Tomorrow is the big day. I talked to the anesthetist today and it really seemed real! I had a nightmare last night that it was all over and they were smaller than what I started with! hahaha I wasn't really into having them bigger, but I guess I am! I am nervous about the whole thing and the aftermath of it. Not sure why
Common sense tells me that this is done all the time, but not to me! I am having all three procedures done at once so at least I won't have to go do this again.
So for the ladies out there who have done this already, how is recovery....really? will I be able to drive after a couple of days? I know I can't pick up my kiddos which will be hard for me. Good thing is they can get into the car and carseats with no help. I will just have to buckle them in which I think is ok.
Any advise with lipo? I am having my flanks done as well as the axillary pads just at the armpit (I hate when a dress pushes that fat out!!)
well, I am looking forward to this a lot, but still nervous as I suppose is normal.
after the surgery, I am staying at a nearby hotel and my mother in law is going to stay with me for the night.....I hope it is a good hotel!! the dr. office is an hour away from my home and we figured my kids should not see me right after the whole deal because it may scare them.
I will post pics as soon as I am able. I look forward to reading any tips or comments before I get there tomorrow morning! thanks~

Today is D -Day!!!!!! Yikes, I am anxious. Also...

Today is D -Day!!!!!! Yikes, I am anxious. Also starving. Wish I could eat and have a coffee! Saggy boobies good bye, hello pain. Wish me luck!!

Ok" so I am 3 days post op now! The surgery itself...

Ok" so I am 3 days post op now! The surgery itself was fantastic. My IV was painless and the staff was spectacular. When I woke up, I was already in a compression garment for the lipo and my new boobies were wrapped up. I had a good amount of leaking that night at the hotel, yuck. I ended up taking too much acetaminophen I the first 15 hours so I called the dr in a panic and she quickly got mea new prescription for oxicodone with out acetaminophen. She moved my post op apt to the next day since we live about an hour away. At the post op there was a vase of flowers waiting for me! Nice touch. They unwrapped me and fitted me with a sports bra. First look at the new girls! My husbands comment was that she did exactly what I asked for. I love my PS!
I also got a gift card for a facial which was much appreciated!
The compression garment is top of the line stage 1. It is comfortable enough, but hard to get into. I also worry about the zipper on the side because it buckles a bit and I hope it doesn't contour my hips that way!!
Had my first shower last night and it was not painful really. Just difficult to get out and into my garments. Also, with only one, its hard to wash and dry during shower.
Some tips: buy extra garments ahead of time for washing
Rest, rest, rest
Plan your recovery to alleviate added stress
If you are getting lipo, it hurts. Way more than a BL/BA

BTW I got 225 cc silicone implants on both sides

BTW I got 225 cc silicone implants on both sides

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