27 5ft8 125lbs 360cc moderate plusLOVE!!!! - Redlands, CA

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I started saving for my procedure at the beginning...

I started saving for my procedure at the beginning of this year after bills coming up randomly I thought I wouldn't be able to even get into a consultation til the end of this year (because I didn't want to go to a consultation and get all excited before I can do it) The office called me a month before my consultation date and said they had a cancellation and can I make it in one hour I was sick I could barely talk I had the beginning of strep throat I said hell yes I can got ready in a hurry to drop my kids off at the babysitters and I made it I loved my consultation!! I thought I would be way more nervous I wasn't nervous at all! It was exciting! The whole staff was super friendly I felt so comfortable it was like I was meant to be in the office lol
Went to the hospital the day after my consultation turns out I had strep throat got my meds so this is two days after my consultation now and I went to the office with my full payment she set up my surgery date and my post op date!
Post op date is March 23rd.
Surgery date is April 3rd!
2weeks till I get to try on the sizers again and 25 days till my surgery!!!!!
So I went in there thinking I didn't want biggie at all I just wanted a natural looking seek up after trying the sizes on I like how the 400cc looked on me and my doctor did too at the end of my consultation he suggested I should go with 350cc just because I have such a small chest plate so I think we're going to meet in the middle and get the 375cc !
I am a 34 A right now.
I breast-fed both of my boys for a month each and I can honestly say having babies didn't really miss my boobs up because I never really had any in the first place lol so they kind of look the same as before I had babies I've always been athletic.

I can not wait!

22 days to go! I'm trying to keep myself busy hoping time will pass faster lol ..oh yea and I don't think I meantion what kind of breast augmentation I'm getting I am getting 350-375cc high profile saline I go for my pre op next Monday the 23rd to be sure :) this site has really helped me thank a lot ladies ????

Bra shopping!

I went shopping today for things I needed for after my surgery like bio oil stool softener soup saltine crackers canned peaches and a couple sports bras

13 days till BOOBIES!!!!

13 days and counting! I can't wait all I do is browse on this site!! And watch all you ladies get amazing boobies! I need to post more pics coming soon !


My preop in just and hour away!
I'm excited just one step closer!

Preop pics!

11 days to go!!
Here at the pab corp waiting to do my lab work I've been waiting for an hour already ugh and I'm so hungry :/


So I had a lot of my mind right after my preop appointment I couldn't sleep that night and I'm still confused today! At my consultation the doctor told me that he suggest I get high-profile Saline since my rib cage is not very big in my chest plate is small The other day at my preop appointment his nurse asked me how I would like them to look I said natural of course! So she told me moderate profile would be best for me... I thought I read up on all of the different kind of implants which has me thinking the moderate would be a lot wider than the high-profile??? Can someone please explain that to me?? Thanks!
Sincerely... The confused lol

Pic from preop the other day!

This morning! 8 days pre!!!

It's eight days in till my surgery!! And I couldn't be more excited! I filled all my prescription the other day I have all the paperwork ready to turn into the surgery center the morning of...but now I'm stressing because my car wouldn't start this morning :/ somehow the battery died overnight and so I'm just stressing about making the amount of money for the two weeks I will be taking off of work I work for myself I'm a housekeeper so I have clients in four different cities The hubby haven't worked a Saturday in a very long time and he just told me he has to work Saturday the day after tomorrow so I'm freaking out because this Saturday is my highest paying client and I wouldn't think about canceling on them not to mention I am counting on that job to save me moneywise. I've talk to all my clients about taking the two weeks off after my surgery and they are all okay with it i've calculated all my jobs up until the day before my surgery and I have just enough money to save me for the two weeks I'm taking off. My mom is usually my babysitter and she might have to work Saturday so it's forcing me to ask the hubby's mom to watch the kids which I really really don't want to do! Reason being because it's so far out-of-the-way and well okay the real reason is because their cousin who is five years old is how can I call a 5 year old an A**whole! Lol sorry ladies but we've all been through it before I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old both boys and he's constantly telling my three-year-old no won't let him touch anything tells him to go away shut the door on him I can go on anon about this kid but I won't.... Lol i'm just really frustrated and I need to vent I'm treating this like my diary whether anybody reads it or not ugh . Frustrated!

4 days!!!!

I'm happy to say about my recent concerns of not saving enough money to make up for the time I will be taking off has been taken care of... I will have more then enough money so my mind is at ease for my finances! I was so stressed! I feel a weight has lifted off my shoulders :) did I meantion I have only 4 DAYS till the BIG day!!!?? Eeeeek!!! :) :)

It's getting real !!!!!

The surgery center called to confirm my breast augmentation on Friday !! That's 2 more days of work till boobies!! Lol they told me to arrive at noon to be prepped and surgery will start at 1 o'clock ! I was never nervous before only excited now the nerves are starting to kick in it's starting to feel real and I think I might cry lol I just can't wait till it's over and I can heal ... So nerve recking !

Tmrw is the day I need advice!!

So as I mentioned before I'm a housekeeper I had one of my bike today but my babysitter was not available and I couldnt find anybody to watch the kids while I go to work (I don't let anyone but my family watch my kids) so I had to cancel my client for today and she's begging me to work tomorrow morning the day of my surgery!! And I am actually the one that suggested it because I don't want to let her down and she's really picky she doesn't want anyone else to do it my fiancé woke me up today before he left for work and told me he had been thinking about it and he doesn't think I should go to work in the morning of my surgery. What do u ladies think ? ??

Today's pic

I know when I read stories on here I hate when ppl don't post pics so here's my 1 day pre boobies pic! Lol

Day 1 post op

So I showed up to the surgery center at noon they took me and and took my blood pressure,pulse had me owe in a cup(pregnancy test) and they put me and the fiancé in a room where we watched alittle tv and she warned me legs up with this heater type toon thingy under the blankets , put my iv in and gave me a shot in my tummy ( to prevent blood clotting during surgery) the anesthesiologist came in and introduced herself asked me questions , explained everything and asked it I had any questions there were many nurses they made she I was comfortable and explained everything to the tee. Then Dr Miles came in and asked me how I was feeling stood me up and drew on my chest I felt very comfortable and after speaking to everybody I was not really nervous at all. next thing I remember they put the breathing thing on me and I was out I woke up completely delirious I had a hard time waking up and felt like her car was sitting on my chest... Today is the next day I slept in a recliner all night (when I did doze off) I was in and out of sleep all night I didn't sleep well at all because the pain and well my but and back hurts lol today I feel alittle better still take get up with out help but I got to see them today! They are still really hard and swollen I feel a lot of tension but it's all normal and nothing I can't handle. My fiancé wakes up everything 3 hours to give me 2 norcos ( this is the reason why it's bearable) I don't take pain very well as u can tell. The pic isn't the prettiest but I am not healed yet and my but I sitting lopsided lol so they look a bit uneven I can't wait till they drop and fluff!!! Lol also I should mention he actually went with 360ccs in each. That's all that would fit :) but I am happy and will be even more happy when I'm healed ! My one year-old screamed his head off last night for over an hour because I couldn't pick him up I felt so bad

Day 1

So swollen! And sore !

Dr Miles is the best!!

My pain was so unbearable! ( I di t so well with pain at all! So I called him on a Saturday (yesterday) I told him I can't handle the pain and the pills weren't working he came to my house and checked on me and my boobs ! :) he said everything is fine and gave me a prescription to Percocet . They did wonders so me I'm actually able to sleep I slept really good last night :) the pain is slowly but surely getting better. The fact that he came to my house and took the time out of his own day shows a lot about who he is... Such a kind person and very good bedside manner I highly recommend him :)


I have a little bit of bruising and my boobs are still hard but I love them !! I was finally able to shower today by myself :) It was quite the workout but I am relaxing now and it feels so good.. At the post op yesterday they told me everything looks great and gave me the strap. They said to start wearing the strap on Thursday ! I guess when they start softening ?


So my boobs are starting to soften alittle :) I know they have a long way to go but the pain is manageable . I had been sleeping in the recliner since Friday and sitting in it all day to of course last night my back was hurting so bad and my butt was hurting I just could not get comfortable in that thing anymore! So about 3 o'clock in the morning I snuck on the couch and slept on my side OMG amazing ! Haha The hubby woke up and said oh you're sleeping on your back huh your not supposed to do that till Friday lol but I read that we have to sleep up right for A few days to minimize swelling. So I'm an NOT looki g forward to wearing the strap tomorrow ! The nurse gave me the strap at my post op she told me to start wearing it on Friday Not sure how long for but not happy about how uncomfortable I think it will be. How would u ladies describe it ?
I know most people get them the day of surgery and have to wear them


Started wearing the strap this morning . I woke up in pain I slept in the bed last night finally do t know if that's the reason . The strap isn't that uncomfortable but let's just say I'll be glad when I am done with it haha .... Really tho it's not terrible it's bearable :)


Yesterday I didn't have any bruising at all and when I took my bra off to take a shower I noticed I started bruising :( I'm assuming it's from the strap from pressure?
I am embarrassed to even show pics it is ugly :(


So I've pretty much been in really bad pain since my surgery but today it's less pain and more just the strap I'm wearing that's uncomfortable Except for the big $$$ Charlie horse in my right boob !!! Omg it hurts!! Also righty is sitting a lot higher then lefty! I know it's inky been a week and I've read that it's normal that they drop at different times but it's making me worry when I go to shower I don't like the look of them :( with a tank top on I love them! That's bc u can't see the difference . My question to u ladies is have yours dropped at differnt times and how long did it take for them to look "non alien like" and is the Charlie horse normal ??? Feeling a bit worried


My nine day old girls

Day 10

My 10 day old girls i have to admit I started to be a bit disappointed these last couple of days with thought like... I think they are going to end up smaller then I thought or that they are just not going to look as perfect as I pictured them to be... But today i feel happy I still have a long way to go ! But I feel like my girls are on a good path .

Dr has me

Dr has me doing the messages now the press and hold for 10 second up right and side /side ones.. Which I thought it would be more of a circular motion boob exercises so I was confused but I'm Gibbs do what he says ! Btw it hurts! Lol very uncomfortable! Also who's nipples are extremely sensitive?? And not in a good way! It feels like broken glass being slid across my nipple eeeh no good!

2 weeks tmrw

I can't believe it's almost 2 weeks ! It's crazy I have been sleeping on my back after day 5 after surgery because it hurt and was very very uncomfortable to turn on my side! I'm a tummy and side sleeper so it's been a change ... Last night I was able to sleep on my sides with no pain! Yay for no pain! Also I feel like I'm healing pretty good I can use my abs to get in and out of bed instead of rolling myself out of bed lol I will be going back to work the day after tmrw I need to make the money ! So Saturday is my first days back from surgery and I'm actually excited! Haha I am although I'm afraid it will be too much for me too soon I just hope it's the right decision and I don't hurt myself as I mentioned before I have my own housekeeping business so it's hands on work the floors is what I'm not looking forward to doing but the rest should be a piece of cake... Wish me luck!

2 week update with pics!

So yesterday I went bra shopping Only to get a cheap bra because my ps told me that because my right is sitting little higher (to me it's a big difference ugh) he wants me to get an unwired bra and take the wire out on the right side and leave the wire on in the left side because that one is sitting almost perfectly how it should . So I went to Walmart because they have super cheap bras I thought I would be a C cup but the B cups fit me perfect :/ they are smaller then I thought ! Last night I wore the strap over just the right boob to get that one to catch up with lefty! I can see it appears to had worked a little so I will keep doing that :)

Pic 2 weeks

This is a B cup bra with NO padding .... What do u think ?

17days after surgery

Is it bad to say I'm already thinking about going bigger in the future!?? Yes I want them bigger already I told my dr I wanted 390cc and he could only do 360 cc's on me because I didn't have that much breast tissue:( but it's ok I still love them! I just know I will look very natural when they settle they look small to me from the front but if I turn sideways they look a lot bigger lol I'm just happy I have boobs to talk about now. So last night I came out of my bedroom in only bra and panties I was holding my shirt because I was getting ready to do my boob messages the dr told me to do twice a day and my fiancé would not stop staring at me! Lol he has given me that look before very uncommon but I've had that look from him before but this time it felt different lol I truly felt like he was looking at me like I was sexy lol he made a comment "am I with a stripper now or what" joking but I knew in his own words he was trying to compliment me haha


I worked out today and it felt great! Still have that annoying nipple sensitivity (hurts) so I stayed on the elliptical for cardio (less bounce ) lol here's a pic with a sports bra (no padding ) I know u can't see the whole boobies but I cropped it for Instagram lol and erased the original

3 weeks 1 day update

Lefty is still a little high I am still wearing the strap to help push down. They are getting softer everyday :) I still wish they were a cup size bigger but I still am happy about them. I have plans on going a cup size bigger in some years down the line . Don't mind all the creases from my bra lol my scars are barely visible I bought some neosporin last night I am going to start using it today! I started working out little by little. I can run now (but I haven't) loll my thing I feel is just a little tightness when I try to run but I have full range of motion in my arms now I'm working on my stretches I have convinced myself they the left one is having a more difficult time dropping because I need to stretch the muscle out which feels way tighter then my right side. Nipples still very sensitive
Redlands Plastic Surgeon

Dr Miles is nothing short of the best !! He made me feel very comfortable he has great bedside manner. The day after my surgery I was in really bad pain and the medication he prescribed wasn't quite working I couldn't sleep and my back was really stiff I called him on a Saturday and he called me back right away ! Turns out he was in my neighborhood so he made a house call which I thought was amazing for a doctor to take time out of his own time to make sure his patient was okay. I give him 5 stars ! I will give him more if I could :) and I would definitely recommend him to friends and family!

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