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I had large saggy D's since I was quite young. in...

I had large saggy D's since I was quite young. in 2003 I decided to have a much needed breast lift I was 34 years old. The lift went well it is amazing what the difference a lift can do but I felt I didn't have the fullness I wanted. In 2004 I went with 600cc implants. at this point I have had them for 10 years and had gained about 40lbs over the 10 years and I am now falling out of a DD. My life has changed drastically we live on 2.5 acres and have 5 horses and enjoy riding a lot. DD's are not comfortable what so ever while horse back ridding. I'm have now become tired of not having bras fitting my clothes choices are limited I feel. I am not a small built lady so my choice of dumpy unflattering clothes sucks. I feel all people ever notice is my big boobs and I hate it so I have decided to have my implants removed and a breast lift done. I have an appointment on 3-21-14 and I am so excited

Pre-Op appointment 3-17-14

Well I had some questions for my PS about my size after my implants are removed. He explained that he would just be doing a lift, tightening up the skin which would lift my breasts also. I explained to him that I did not want to remain a D or DD. He decided he would empty my implants by puncturing the side and letting them drain. With this we would have a better idea what my actual breast size is and how much tissue I have. This was a great idea he did the procedure in his office and instantly I had soft natural feeling breasts. The saline would continue to drain inside my body and absorb over the next day. I got to sleep comfortably on my stomach for the first time in 10 years.

Another appointment 3-18-14

So I woke up excited to see how much smaller my breast would look after the deflating of my implants..... Went to put on my old bra and no difference really, I was fitting in a 38 DD instead of hanging over the top of it. I was not a happy camper, now I put on my shirt and I looked just as big as before. It's time to call my PS and see what he thinks..... I called to make another appointment and Pam ( the financial person) explained it would be an additional $2000 for a reduction, I was devastated. I called my husband crying I told hime I was going to cancel and just have the implants removed I wasn't doing the lift, no sense in wasting all that money and being the same damn size. So we made another appointment to show the PS how I looked after deflation and talk to him about what I wanted. The PS said I would probably be a D after the lift because I had a lot of breast tissue. I told him I wanted to be a mid C no bigger and he said I would have to have a reduction, and if a C was what I wanted I'd be happy with the results. So here I go a removal and reduction now I was excited again, more money but like my amazing husband said, " it's what will make you feel better then it will be worth it."

Pre-op photos

Tomorrow is the Big day

I'm getting excited today I'm getting my dogs groomed the house cleaned buying a few extra pillows and I'm officially off work for 11 days. Although I'm a manicurist who works from home, but excited to be off. My kids will be on spring break this next week which who'll hopefully be helping with the horses and other animals. I have gotten all my medications, my after surgery bra and maybe a quick trip to the store to get some easy healthy snack to take with my meds.

Wednesday I had a terrible night sleep. I woke up at 2:00 am and couldn't sleep I am excited but not nervous I have complete faith in Dr Collins he's great and always makes me feel comfortable. I'm just happy I got a good night sleep last night I feel much better!
I also am so exited to go clothes shopping and bra shopping I've been wearing the same style bras forever and I can't wait to throw them in the trash!

15 hours to go

Well we picked up more pillows some dry shampoo and a zip up sweat shirt for after surgery. Can't believe all my shirts and sweat shirts are pull over style. Spent most of the day cleaning and doing laundry so it's all done... My husband took me out for an amazing last meal befor surgery, he so sweet. Now home to feed my sweet horses and to get some rest for my big day. I will up date you all tomorrow!

Got called to come early

Surgery was going to be 10:00 just got a call to be the by 9:15..... Exciting I'm glad they called wasn't sure if I was suppose to take my blood pressure med and antibiotic before surgery because blood pressed one is suppose to be with food but she said take it any way.... So here we go!

Surgery is done

I'm at home reasting, a bit sore in the cleave area a bit but not to bad off to take a nap!

Resting at home

Here is the first picture after removal and reduction, PS said I should be a C

Phone call from Dr Collins

He call to check on me and when I answered the phone he said,"what are you doing answering the phone you are suppose to be resting." I said I am I'm in a recliner with peas on my boobs watching moves, you can't get any more relaxed then this....
Thanks for checking on me, we have a post op tomorrow at 9:00
Also I have drains but they are really no big deal and not getting tons of stuff out of them they may come out tomorrow

Pain meds

I was hoping to sleep all day but I don't seem to get sleepy. I've been up watching movies since I got home at 1:15 it's now 10:15 and I'm not sleepy still watching movies. Maybe I'll ask tomorrow if I can take Tylenol PM As well. I'm sleeping in a comfortable lazy boy recliner so it's should be easy to sleep in..... I'm a side sleeper so this is a challenge

Post op appointment

Went to my PS this morning at 9:00am he said everything was looking great..... Took bandage and put my bra on. I still have the drainage tubes but they sould come out on Tuesday's appointment. My C bra at this oping is a pinch to big but I'm sure it will all fill in. He told me he took off a pound off each breast and one implants had drained but the bigger breast from my pictures was not fully drained... But they look good so far.... I will post a picture tonight

First picture

I am very happy so far

2 days post op

Well I finally got a good nights sleet thanks to Tylenol PM and when I woke up I was propped on my side, which I truly miss sleeping on... Frozen peas are my best friends so far along with pain meds.... I'm now taking about every 5-6 hours I was every 4 hours..... It's funny I thought going to a C would make me look bottom heavy, but I'm happily surprised it doesn't. I can't wait to go clothes shopping. I get to go fir a drive today to apple valley to pick up a horse, it will be nice to out for a bit.

Dr appointment made

I've got my appointment tomorrow at 10:45 to have the drainage tubs out, I can't wait it's really the only sore spots I have right now . My sweet husband washed my hair yesterday felt good to get that done. My kids have been a big help with my hubby back to work.. Jon was up early taking care of all the horses, I didn't even have to ask.
I am so excited to be able to take a shower and get dressed to see have everything fits.....

4th day post-op

I had the drainage tubes removed today, I feel so much better they were driving me crazy. They were itchy and sore. I happy with the size so far and I can start taking less pain meds now that the tubes are out.

5th day

So happy with the drains out I feel great, mostly just taking Tylenol and my antibiotics...still trying to take it easy, I do need to be able to drive tomorrow so today just more resting

6th day post op

Feeling a bit nervous that my left breast is looking larger than my right ..... I know it's to soon to worry to much but I still can't help feeling a bit unsettled. Has any one else experienced this at all?

Feeling restless 7 days post- op

Well it's been a week today and I'm just taking Tylenol a few times a day. I really don't have much pain but I did stop by the PS office yesterday to check on one part of my my breast where the drainage tube was. It has been sore over night and I just want to have it looked at. They took a peek and said it was because the opening left from where the drainage tube was slightly bigger in my left side and my bra is most likely irritating it. So I went and bought a new bra and it feels great today. She also put more tape on it and that really helped. It
Was fun we had friends come over last night and brought dinner and I put on a shirt that has a band right under your breast... It was the first time I'm my life the band was where it was suppose to be.... I felt amazing....... The hardest thing now is relaxing I have no pain and what to go back to my normal activities such as feeding my horses and working around the house, but I know I only have a few more days until I go back to work so I guess I can suck it up for a few more days

Return to normal activity

When did you ladies that has implants removed and a lift or reduction done feel you had been able to return to your normal activities.... It's been 8 days since my removal and reduction and u feel great I was feeding horses today, I've been driving for a few days. It just seems so easy and comfortable..... Am I doing to much?

12th day post-op

Went back to work today and taking care of the horses proved be a long day.... I feel a bit more tired than usually but I do expet it for a while. Just still only taking Tylenol and feeling good! Very pleased so far with the out come

6 week post op

Well it's been a while I have enjoyed getting back to my normal routine, honestly I was back to it about 2 weeks later but I have rode my horses and being smaller is great and I'm pretty damn happy! Only a few small details like my nipples are a bit different in shapes and my left side is still larger then my right. I see my PS tomorrow and I will ask about that then.... I bought the scar cream they suggest st his office and it help with the raised scars greatly I will post some pictures of the scars....


Before and after

3 months later

I've had no problems at all other than a stich trying to works it's way out but that all healed too.
I got released to go back to any and all activities 2 mints after my surgery. I can go stapless, bathing suites and under wire bras now so happy

feeling great and happy

No problems just a quick updated pic

puffy nipple

As you can see one side looks a bit more puffy, I see my PS on the 28th I will ask some questions then

16 months after surgery

It's been a long time since my last update so here it goes. It's been 16 weeks and I've lost 32 lbs I'm way more active, joined a gym and I ride my horse daily all a lot easier with less boob getting in my way..... Losing 32 lbs helps everything ....... Thanks for all your kind words and support

16 months after surgery

It's been a long time since my last update so here it goes. It's been 16 weeks and I've lost 32 lbs I'm way more active, joined a gym and I ride my horse daily all a lot easier with less boob getting in my way..... Losing 32 lbs helps everything ....... Thanks for all your kind words and support
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