31 Years Old with Four Breastfed Kiddos! Redding, CA

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I'm about 1 week out from my surgery! I'm so...

I'm about 1 week out from my surgery! I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time. I have wanted a BA for so long and now that I am done having my beautiful babies it is time for me to take my body back. I was a full C before having children and while I was pregnant and nursing I was a full DD. After I was done breastfeeding my breasts shrunk down to almost a AA. I have been so self-conscious about them since. I can't wait to see the results. I am going to go with 550 cc's.

Pre BA photo

Wish boobs!

Wish boobs!

5 days before my BA

I am getting so anxious! My PS and I decided on UHP 500 sientra silicone implants. I am so excited to have it done but now the worry has begun to set in. I really hope that it turns out the way I am hoping but now all I can focus on are the "what ifs" and thinking that everything that can go wrong will go wrong for me. Has anyone else experienced this?? How did you get over it?

getting so close

I am about a day and a half away from my surgery. I am getting soooooo excited I can barely contain myself. These last few days seem to be going so slow. I just really want it to be here already. I feel like I have waited waaay too long for this!

tomorrow is the big day

I am not sure if its stress or nerves but I have the worst headache ever today. My stomach is in knots and I cant focus at all today at work. Tomorrow is the big day and all the anxiety is catching up with me. Is this normal?

2 and a half hours

My surgery is in just a couple of hours. I leave for the hospital in one hour. I have showered and done my laundry. Put clean sheets on my bed. My hubby is doing whatever he can to keep me relaxed. These few short hours seem to be going by in slow motion. I can't wait to see the results and to come home this evening with my new girls!


Just got home. Couple hours ago. Im actually geeling pretty good. I do have a lot of pain but its getting managed with my meds. I really cant wait to see how they will look in a few days! Dr. Wong is a miracle worker. So we went a little bit bigger than planned. Started with 500 cc's but ended up with 535 cc's. Im so excited that it is done and i didn't back out!

pictures 6 hours post op.

They look slightly lopsided but im leaning and the swelling is starting to take over! I also didnt realize that they are upside down. I guess my camera on my phone acting funny. Lol!


So its day 2 post op and now my belly seems really bloated. I feel like i look pregnant but im definitely not. Is this normal??

worst day so far!

Today i woke up in excruciating pain. I have been really good about taking them when im supposed tom my right side looks a ton higher than my left. I figure they still have to drop. I have been wearing the strap almost non stop....but its so itchy and uncomfortable.

First day getting dressed!

Today was the first day I actually got dressed, did my hair, and put on a little makeup. I actually started feeling more like myself. Even though I am still sore I am beginning to feel better. My hubby helped me shower last night which I believe helped a lot. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow but I am not 100% sure if I will actually go.

still hurting and tired

So I have stopped almost all the pain meds except for over the counter pain relief. It is so not helping and I am still beyond tired. I feel like I am constantly complaining to my hubby but he doesn't seem to mind. I really wish I had 2 days to sleep and just relax and not do anything. I plan on relaxing all Sunday. Part of me feels like I went back to work too early. I rushed back because I felt like nothing was getting accomplished without me and my company was at a stand still. I am not really sure what to do. Does anyone have any advice?

loving my girls!

I am now feeling 100% back to normal. No pain and they look amazing. I am able to wear my bikinis without having any doubts about the way i look. Just went to the lake last weekend and i enjoyed every second of it without worry about how i look or if people are judging me. I plan on posting more pics soon!

New bra


2 months PO!

Here are some new pictures I took. I absolutely love my girls! I couldn't be happier with them.

In the pictures my right breast seems really high still but in person it isn't. I wonder if it is because I am holding my phone with that hand while I take them. So weird, I have not noticed it before.

I have went out and bought a few underwire VS bras. I absolutely love them. They are so comfortable. I believe that they are the dream angels collection and the lined demi style. They don't have any padding and just fit so perfectly.

My incisions have also healed so nicely. I am very happy that I decided to do my BA when I did!
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