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I'm 39 yrs old, 5'5, weight is between 135-140. I...

I'm 39 yrs old, 5'5, weight is between 135-140. I work out at least 5 times a week (heavy cardio), and I just want to look like I'm not 3 months pregnant. I am a mother of 3 children! Had my first at age 19 and got my body back to pretty much what it used to be (plus about 5 million stretch marks). Got divorced and met my current husband and was married and pregnant very quick! Had my son and before I could loose the 40+ lbs, got pregnant again! That was over 12 yrs ago and my weight has been a roller coaster. I got down to 130 lbs five yrs ago and went for a TT consult and at the time, couldn't justify parting with $$$. I was told "You are beautiful just the way you are!"

I've been a stay at home mom for the past 15yrs and have sacrificed everything for my kids and husband. I just recently went back to the "work field", and it's nice to get out of my house and among people again! My husband of 15yrs also just had an affair on me last summer & we are slowly trying to work things out. But psychologically it has done a number to me. I wish 5 yrs ago I had been more selfish and had the MM done, I could have gotten more years/enjoyment out of it, but I'm hoping I still have some years left in me!

I met with my PS on January 7th, & we decided on the lipoabdominoplasty, Mentor Silicone implants (350cc range) under the muscle, & lipo to the flanks & thighs. He's 3 hrs away and he comes recommended by my Mom, who he has done work on as well. He's also in the same city where my parents live & where I will be recouping for 2-3 weeks. (I know, I know - but there's nothing like your Mom when your are hurting or sick). I'm scared to death to leave my husband in charge of the house and kids (and my 2/3 of my dogs), but I know if I'm home, I won't be able to rest (Slightly OCD). So, Chase (my German Shepherd) and I will have a nice 2-3 week mommy makeover adventure!

I am so thankful I stumbled onto this site! Being able to read the posts of others has helped me prepare! It's amazing to see everyone's transformations, and I cannot wait!

I've waited to post my story and pics until everything was official and set in stone, and today I booked my MM for 2/15/13 - Let the countdown begin!!!!

1 month and counting!! A friend of mine (and I've...

1 month and counting!! A friend of mine (and I've only told a handful of people) asked me if I was getting nervous, and strangely I'm not. I think I'm more excited than anything. I'm definitely not looking forward to the pain (reading each profile is so helpful), and I'm soooooo thankful that I can spend 3 weeks recovering at my parents. I know if I was home, I would never get the proper rest that is needed. (I just pray my house is still standing when I return). Going up and down the stairs, and just the constant day to day stuff that needs to be done would drive me crazy knowing and seeing that it wasn't getting done "right" (OCD).

I will admit I'm scared about the pain meds. I had Vicodin once about 17yrs ago, and I have never vomited so violently in my life. It was horrible. Besides epiderals (which made the lower half of my body itch like crazy), I've only taken Motrin for pain. I will have the pain pump for the first couple of days, but I'm not sure what they will give me.

I have found a rental place for a electric reclining chair for 27.00 per week, and my mom already has a toilet seat riser. She also has a walk in shower with a built in bench for showering. (That will kill me too - not being able to shower/shave for a couple days!). I've ordered some sports bras, compression garments, and flannel button down shirts so I don't have to lift my arms to put a shirt on (never would of thought of that one on my own). Already have compression capri pants, yoga pants, tons of comfy sweats, warm fuzzy socks, favorite pillows, blankets, my iPad (never leave home without), heating pads, ice packs, nightlight, and dog food!

Okay, I purposely scheduled my MM for the middle...

Okay, I purposely scheduled my MM for the middle of February so that I would be well and clear of my period (last had it 1/2-1/7) and low and behold I get it yesterday! Which if I go by normal schedule, (which has been pretty regular except for 3 times = 2 girls and 1 boy) should calculate to getting it PO day 1! WTF!!!!! I have stepped up my workouts and have not missed a day (burning at least 1000 calories a workout and sweating my butt off) and I think that might have something to do with it!

I ordered a VitaMedica kit (any feedback???), and wondering which spanx to order? Please give me feedback (style # and store). I'm just getting a BA no lift, and am wondering if I will lose nipple sensation?

Well I am one week out!!! I'm writing this from...

Well I am one week out!!! I'm writing this from the New York, New York in Las Vegas at my youngest daughters cheerleading competition. Her Middle School Team took first today making them The National Champions! This is my last last outing as JayLu version 1.0. Whoever decided to have Nationals in Las Vegas is an idiot! Vegas is not for kids, but a special thank you to New York, New York, for the roller coaster that has thoroughly entertained twenty four twelve year olds.

Had my Mammogram last week and everything came back normal, and have been taking the vitakit for a week now. I have the recliner being delivered to my parents house next Thursday, and my pre-op on Wed. I'm sooooooooo ready for this!!!

I read a post last week by Annoftwo, and I swear she somehow got inside my whacky brain and read it! Here are her words: This has been a very interesting process. I don't know if anyone else feels this way and perhaps I overanalyze it all- but throughout this process (thinking about surgery, waiting, telling friends and family, asking for help, paying for it, etc.) I have changed. It may sound ridiculous but I like myself more now than I did 3 months ago. Not because I am having a surgery- but because I have had to really think about why I wanted a surgery to change my body. I also had to grow a pair (LOL) I have always been a people pleaser and I was terrified to tell people what I was doing for fear of them judging me for it. Well, for once in my life I don't really care. Ha! I am doing what I want. If someone doesn't approve, I respect their opinion and concern, but quite frankly, I don't give a damn. It feels good to finally be like this. It has changed me. Also, I realized how much I do like myself. I really did have to think on this one. I am scared to death of surgery and it is a lot of money for our family to spend- so why am I doing this. I realized that I am doing it because I do like myself but these are enhancements and I think its going to make me more fun in the bedroom ,Lol ;) I also realized that there are risks in life- you just choose which ones you want to take. You have to choose to live- not just exist. Thats what I feel like I am doing. I am living- I am going to have a rockin body, better sex life, buy my first bikini, look forward to vacations that involve water, and for once I am going through with something that pleases me, not everyone else.

The past 7 months have been hell for me and my marriage and the one thing I have learned through counseling (besides the fact that I am married to a cheating, narcissist) is that I need to make myself happy. I've put my husband and kids first for so many years and dug myself in a rut, and NO MORE! It's my turn!

It's almost funny - my husband said to me just the other day, "You are going to get your body back and go find a new guy!" My response "I could never do that to you or to my kids, and I'm not like you!" I knew he was kidding, but I couldn't help getting that "jab" in there!

That's all for now - will post again on Wed after my Pre-Op! Well wishes to all!!

Okay I'm a dork - posted my update to my comments...

Okay I'm a dork - posted my update to my comments - duh!

Well it's about 10hrs before my surgery and I'm just getting ready for bed! Chase and I are at my parents house. We came up yesterday and I had my pre-op with my PS and at the hospital. The recliner was delivered today and got all the shopping done for food and everything I think I will need for the next 3 weeks!!! Right now my Dad is making me watch some stupid show called Mudcats - where these idiots dive down into murky water and stick the hands into holes to catch these enormous ugly fish! I told my Dad that you would NEVER catch me in murky waters doing anything like that (come to think of it after watching this I'm going to have a hard time even getting in our local lake and not remembering this show) and he started laughing at me saying that he would be a Mud-catter before he would consider having half his stomach cut out! I had to laugh. Then he said there's no way I could ever do that after my surgery because my new boobs would act as buoys making it impossible for me to dive down!

Here is my pre-surgery stats
Bust. 36
Waist. 33
Hips. 39
Thighs. 37
Weight. 137

Thank you to everyone who has posted their stories, I feel so prepared for this. I have learned so much from all of you! I will post again as version JayLu29 version 2.0 or as most refer to it - on the flat side!!!!

PODay 1 - well I made it. Me - Version 2.0! Was...

PODay 1 - well I made it. Me - Version 2.0! Was at the surgery center by 6:15, and was marked and ready to got at 7:45. Next thing I remember was waking up. So far the pain has been tolerable. Been staying ahead of the pain pills. I ended up with the Mentor Smooth Round 400cc implants. He lipo'd out 300cc in the tummy area, 145cc in the flanks, and 70cc from inner thighs. I did have muscle repair on my abs, and he removed 2lbs of skin from the tummy(gross). I didn't have enough skin to pull down, so I will have a vertical scar under my new belly button, but I don't care. I will be plenty happy with just not looking like I'm three months pregnant.

I haven't seen my tummy yet, and right now I have ace bandages around my buoy's (as my Dad now refers to my new boobs)! I've sneaked peeks at them, but it's to early to tell anything. They are very swollen, and riding high. I was scared about the pain meds, but so far so good. No puking!! I have a patch behind my ear, and he gave me ondansetron for nausea. He also gave me Carisoprodol for muscle relaxer, and oxycodone for the pain. I also have the pain pump, and a catheter in.

Normally I wear a size 6, and a couple weeks ago I bought a size 4 for post surgery. The day before surgery I tried them on just for shits and giggles, and low and behold they fit. I could have been wearing 4's the past couple months. The reason I've been in a 6, is because of my awkward stomach, so hopefully when I'm fully healed I will be a size 2!

My husband and I got into a huge fight last night, and the beautiful thing is I don't have to deal with him for 3 weeks. And along with laughing and coughing, crying hurts too.

Well until next time, take care and happy healing!

PO day 2! I got to see my tummy today! PS also...

PO day 2! I got to see my tummy today! PS also took my pain pump, and catheter out. It was kind of nice with the catheter because now I'm forced to have to sit on a cold toilet seat riser. But on the bright side, I don't feel like inspector gadget with crap hanging everywhere! Just one drain left. He also put me in a strap to force the buoy's south. I have a little bit of fat left above my belly button, and he said we can do a revision in a couple weeks, after most of the healing is done. From what I can see of my scar I'm happy, he got it pretty low! I also notice a big difference in my thighs and waist line, which are very sore today. Stretch marks are still there, as I knew they would be, but i can definately live with that! And for the not so good news - got my stupid period. Ugh!! Happy healing to everyone!!!!

PO Day3 - the pain hasn't been too bad. I've been...

PO Day3 - the pain hasn't been too bad. I've been staying on top of my meds. The recliner has been wonderful! I had a BM and a shower today!!! My boobs are HUGE and cannot wait for them to settle in/down. My tummy is VERY swollen and I know I just need to be patient, but I thought it would be a little flatter. For me the tummy, back and the lipo'd areas are giving me the most grief. I expected my lipo'd areas to be black and blue, but they aren't, in which I give thanks to Arnica Montana, and the VitaMedica Kit I ordered. It has been soooo nice recovering with my parents and not having to deal with anything, but I feel bad for my youngest; she has been calling me begging me to come home. My husband even earned a few brownie points back by sending me roses.

PODay 4 - today I woke up extremely sore! I only...

PODay 4 - today I woke up extremely sore! I only took a half of a pain pill last night before bed, & learned that I'm not ready for that yet! I literally sat in my recliner Internet shopping all day! I'm averaging 25cc of drainage per day & I have an appointment on Thurs. Boobs are still riding high, & I'm wearing the strap to push them down.

I do have to tell about the coolest thing. My Mom had a bidet (sp?) installed on her toilet in the master bathroom, & holy moly is that not the most ingenious thing ever invented! The actual seat is heated & when you are ready you just hit a remote control & warm water washes you, & then warm air even dries you! I will be looking into one of those when I go home!!! I posted a pic early this am of the belly & scar! Very happy with how low it is! Just wish time would hurry up & heal it. I honestly don't think I could do this if I was at home. As it is - my phone is constantly ringing from 3:00 on with questions. So for any of you reading this who is just the slightest bit OCD - go somewhere else for your recovery!!!

Take care & happy healing!!!!

PODay 6 - I had a Post Op today and got my drain,...

PODay 6 - I had a Post Op today and got my drain, staples and stitches out. And I'm done with my period - What a difference! I feel 100% better. I still have to wear the binder (but I can take it off when I'm laying here not doing anything), and the strap pushing the girls south. They have moved quite a bit, but still have a ways to go. I was in a little shock at their size when I first saw them, but now that they are settling and I'm getting used to them, I am very pleased with them! (And so is the husband via facetime) I am really happy with how low my scar is, but the vertical scar under my belly button isn't so pretty. PS said that in a couple months I can come back up and he will fix it. I'm still walking hunched over, and my back is sore, but that is to be expected. I'm down to taking half a pain pill twice a day.

The day I left home (2-13-13) my son and my husband were sick, and now a week later, both my parents are sick. Knock on wood, it is an absolute miracle that I haven't caught this cold/cough flu! My poor Dad was coughing all night last night, and I knew this because I could not sleep and was watching the HGTV channel, and Internet shopping. I have my wish list ready to go!

I hope everyone else is doing well!

PO Day 8 - Today was definitely a no-energy day. ...

PO Day 8 - Today was definitely a no-energy day. I think I've slept most of the day, and the rest has been spent parked in my recliner watching DIY and HGTV. I'm still trying to ween off the pain pills, and clearly I still need them! Last night I woke up at about 5am and felt like I got hit by a train. I'm super paranoid about a seroma now that my drain is out. My poor parents are sick and I'm trying to stay clear of them, but I can't resist their bidet (I'm definitely getting one when I get home!). I'm REALLY starting to get homesick/familysick. I've gotten 2 really sweet cards in the mail from my husband, and he's doing a great job of being Mr. Mom while I'm gone. I've been able to FaceTime with him and the kids and that helps. He rented a bunch of scarey movies and loaded up on candy at the dollar store and they are having a movie night. I'm 1/3 of the way done. 2 more weeks and I can go home. At least I have Chase with me, although he was naughty today, and helped himself to the chicken that was defrosting in the kitchen! Whoops.

My back is killing me from walking hunched over, and I'm NOT liking the pouch above my belly button. PS said something about that being where my MR was. I wasn't really paying attention as he was explaining it the other day because I was more concerned about whether the drain he was pulling out being painful or not. I will see him tomorrow and I will ask again. The spot where my drain was has already scabbed over, as well as the incisions under my breasts, and my scar is sealing good too! I've taken some pics and love the look from the front, but side pics get me depressed because I'm not seeing the results I want (which is supposed to be similar to a victorias secret model) I know its my impatience, but it just feels like I have waited forever to have my body back, and I know, I know, it's only been 8 days, but I WANT IT NOW! My Mom keeps trying to get me to get on the scale, and at least I know better than to do that! I will take a much needed shower tomorrow, and will do my first post op measurements, hopefully that will put a big smile on my face!

Happy healing!!

PODay 9 Officially depressed!! How is it...

PODay 9
Officially depressed!! How is it possible to cut out 2lbs out of my stomach and not look any different???


Bust. 39
Waist. 33
Hips. 39
Thighs. 36

My bust has obviously increased, and I've only lost 1 inch in my thighs????? WTF!!!!

Just saw my PS and he promises me it's just...

Just saw my PS and he promises me it's just swelling. Underneath the belly button. The pouch above the belly button we still need to lipo out in a couple months. All I can say is SWELLING SUCKS!!!

PODay 13 - had my 2 week post op today and got my...

PODay 13 - had my 2 week post op today and got my remaining stitches out. My boobs are moving down beautifully and I'm absolutely loving them. I'm still just wearing the strap pushing them down and nothing else. PS says once they drop where I want them too, then I start wearing a bra. I'm massaging them 4 times a day, and can report that I have sensation in the nipples! I was really concerned before surgery about losing sensation, and it was a little chilly the other day, and holy tingle!!!! My tummy had me in MAJOR depression for the past couple days because of the swelling, and over the past two days I've started to see the swelling go down a bit. Plus it doesn't help that I'm MAJORLY homesick. I've had a great time up here with my parents, and it's been the best way to recover, but I want to go home. My husband has done such a good job at home, but this is the longest I have ever been away from my family, and I still have another week :-( I am able to fit in my size 4 jeans (same pre surgery jeans I wore up here), but I just want my side profile to look better. My PODay 9 pics look the same as my pre-op pics. PATIENCE is NOT my middle name! I lose my recliner in 2 days, and I'm going to miss that chair. To those that are waivering renting one or not - TOTALLY worth it. I've been off all pain meds for 3 days, and overall feeling 75% back to normal. I'm wearing spanx and a binder (will do any and everything to get swelling down). As far as foods, my normal diet. Try to avoid carbs, LOTS of water (with one diet soda at night) fruits, and salads (love salads). I CANNOT wait to get back to the gym. I swear I feel so flabby from not working out. Today I was able to stand 90% straight and it felt great! Well that's all for now. 144 hrs till I go home. (Chase is even homesick - although he is having a ball. He has 3 acres he thinks he is king of, and in addition to the defrosting chicken my Mom left on the counter, he also got her meat loaf! LOL).

PO Day 22 - Well I'm home!! :-) My house is still...

PO Day 22 - Well I'm home!! :-) My house is still standing, my kids are functioning, and my animals are alive! The only casualty was a house plant they forgot to water. My husband did a GREAT job of playing Mr. Mom for 3 weeks. He had to deal with carpool, homework projects, sleepovers, both kids sick at different times, cooking dinners, packing lunches, laundry (which in the almost 15yrs together he has NEVER done/ didn't even know how to work the machine) cleaning, caring for the animals, and out-smarting my kids (who knowing I was away - tried to pull fast ones on him). I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it felt to sleep in my own bed! It's only been 2 days since I've been home, and by night time, I am exhausted. 2 days, 2 soccer games, tumbling, birthday party, trip to the mall with my 12 yr old, grocery shopping, etc. - my recovery/vacation is over. Chase is even happy to be home, and our other two little dogs went nuts when they saw him. It was a blessing to be able to stay with my parents while recovering, and I'm thankful I was able to do that. I wish they lived closer. They are getting older and their health isn't what it used to be. I mentioned earlier that they both ended up sick while I was there, and my Dad ended up going to the doctor (which he never does) and they think he has the beginning of emphysema. He's been a smoker since he was about 14yrs old, and his father and grandfather both died from it. They gave him antibiotics to clear up the fluid in his lungs, and they are going to do more extensive testing in a couple weeks.

My last post op appointment, my PS gave me the clearance to work out, limiting me to non-bouncing activities. So....elliptical machine, here I come! I feel like a big blob of jelly! I'm still sooooooooooo swollen in my lower abdomen. I can fit into size 4 jeans, but my stomach still looks like I'm 3 months prego. I do notice a big difference in the lipo'd areas, and to be honest, I think that is still the sorest part of me. The bruising is just now starting to disappear. My boobs - I absolutely LOVE! (And so does the hubby). PS said to keep the strap on for just a bit longer, he would like to see them drop just a little bit more, and then I'm clear to start wearing an underwire bra. I still have the pouch above my belly button that has to be fixed at a later date, and PS said the longer I wait, the better the result will be. Which means = prob no bikini this summer, and I'm fine with that. (Shocking, considering I've waited so long to be able to do so, and my patience is basically non existent). The way I figure, is I can hopefully lose another 10lbs and tone my body back into shape, and what doesn't tone, gets to get lipo'd out when I do my revision.

I've posted a couple pics and you can see my scar line, pouch, swelling, and new "hooters" (lol). Hope everyone is healing well!

Today I hit the gym! Did 20 min on the eliptical...

Today I hit the gym! Did 20 min on the eliptical and I know it's not going to produce results physically, but mentally it felt WONDERFUL! For 3 weeks I have felt like a blob, and since I've been home (4 days), I've been baking cookies for the kids, and eating "naughty"! I'm a little hunched over right now, but I didn't push myself too hard, just enough to break a decent sweat. The eliptical is perfect, no bouncing, and it doesn't push my thighs up too high (was going to try the bike, but that wouldn't of worked as well) with the binder on. Hope everyone is healing well!!!

PO Day 31 - It's been awhile since I've updated. ...

PO Day 31 - It's been awhile since I've updated. Life is back in the fast past for me. I am back to full time Mom, wife, cook, maid, taxi service, laundromat, etc, etc. Thankfully I do not have to go back to work until April 1st! I got clearance to go to the gym and last week I went, and silly me - pushed myself way to hard. That night I was absolutely miserable. So I have been a big chicken and have been too scared to go back. Instead, Chase and I have been taking morning walks (about 3 miles) and of course he has to stop and pee on every tree or bush, so it's not marathon walking. My stomach is still soooooo swollen everyday, but I know for a fact that my MM has made such a HUGE difference. I am in a size 2 petite (even with a binder on)!!!! Before the surgery, I used to wear baggy clothes to hide my pooch, and now that my body is almost where I want it, I'm for the first time since pre-kids, wanting to wear close that fit and show it off. Saturday, my son had a soccer game, and I wore jeans, a ribbed tank top, and since it was a little cool when we left the house, a zip up sweatshirt. By the time the game started, I was roasting in the sweatshirt, but too self conscious to take it off. My husband kept reassuring me that I looked great, but my mind was too "fubar'd" and I was miserable. When I got home, looked in the mirror and laughed at myself! My husband was a little mad at me (because I wouldn't take his word for it) and I told him - outside of me is fixed, now we got to fix the inside of me! (Although I have no mental issues with the boobs - LOVE them!!!). Hope everyone is healing well, and for those wavering on the MM - all I can say is I wish I would of done this years ago! So so very worth it!!!!

I chose Dr Wong based on his credentials & the fact that he has done procedures on my Mom. He has 21 years of experience providing cosmetic and aesthetic medical services, and is a member of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

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