52 Year Old Mother of 3 Finally Decided, ITS TIME! Redding, CA

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Well after 26 years of marriage and 3 adult...

Well after 26 years of marriage and 3 adult children, I have finally decided to go through this exciting transformation! I have always hated being small breasted, but now that my children are grown, I can finally do this for myself. I have already had my first doctors appointment for pics, discussion, etc. I was so nervous, yet excited at the same time. Today I did the "rice test", and I have to say the weight of the rice is really not that big of a deal. I thinking of going for 375cc. I currently wear a 38c cup bra that is VERY padded. So I'm hoping I can still wear this same size bra, only FILLED correctly!! My next consultation is 11/23 for the final decisions on sizing. This is soooo exciting!!

One week left!!

Well today I went into my final Doctors appointment before my surgery next week. I kept thinking I wanted to go around 325cc's but talking to friends and family they have all suggested I go larger. So I have decided on 400cc's. I am so excited and cannot wait to shop for some beautiful bras. Padded bras, your being tossed away!! I truly believe that the most stressful thing about this whole surgery is trying to decide on what size you want to obtain, but certainly a fun "stressful"!!

They've Arrived!!

So surgery went well. Woke up very sore though. Nurse was able to get it under control w/in 10 minutes. Not feeling at all and honestly not to sore. I know tomorrow is going to be worse. Making sure I'm staying on top of my pain meds. So signing out until tomorrow.

Obviously still under drugs!

Suppose to say, "Not feeling bad at all"!!

3 days post-op

Well today is going pretty well. I tried last night to cut back on the pain meds. What a mistake! I need to go about this gradually. But I am a little worried about the implants not dropping. But reading other profiles certainly puts my mind at ease a bit. But like I said in previous posts this surgery went pretty well. Took a shower today, what a nice present!!

5 days out FINALLY dropping a bit!!

Well today is my 5th day and I'm feeling pretty well. The hard part is getting off the pain killers. I think between those and the anesthesia that's what caused me to throw up. Not Fun w/stitches!! But I have faithfully been wearing my Velcro strap 24/7 except for an hour or so per day. I really want my breasts to drop in the correct way. Tonight I'm going out for the first time and am very excited. Trying to dress sexy is very hard,because after all these years I have been trying to "hide" my small boobs. My one week is in two days. We will see what my doc has to say.

90 Days Post Op

Very happy with my results. Was a bit worried about them dropping at first, but it just takes time ladies. Be patient. My only advise is everyone told me to go bigger. I didn't listen. So when you have your size in your mind DO go a bit larger. That's my only regret.


Redding Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely love my doctor, Dr. Curtis Wong. Any physician that will call and text you on your personal phone, from his personal phone is a doctor for me, in my book! Of course he is also VERY experienced and VERY well known in his field.

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