26 Yrs Old, 5' 3'', Athletic, 120lbs, 2 Kids (5&2, BF Both), 425cc, HP, Silicone,. Redding, CA

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Hi! Im 26, 5' 3'', I'm a bodybuilder competitor so...

Hi! Im 26, 5' 3'', I'm a bodybuilder competitor so I fluctuate from 110-125lbs, and I'm very athletic and active. I've had and breastfed 2 kids (5&2 now) and since then my chest has completely disappeared and am left with NOTHING (like i can't wear a push up if i wanted to)!!! I've struggled a LOT with my itty bitty chest since I was a teen and now I'm ready to do something about it! So I went in for a consultation last week and made my appointment!! February 17th :-) !!! I can't wait!!! I'm thinking around the 400-450cc range, smooth round, silicone implants, under the muscle, and either high profile or moderate plus. It's a tough decision and there is a lot to consider. Since I am very active I don't want them to get in the way (but there are many top heavy women who can "get er done" just as good as us flat ladies! sooooo... lol). I want to stay away from the OBVIOUS BOWLING BALL BOOBS (lol) but I want them nice and full and perky! Honestly, anything is better than what I am currently "rocking"... or not "rocking" I guess, lol. I just want to feel like an actual woman! Not a teen boy... I'm very eager and excited!! I SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT!
Any other women with similar stats with recommendations?! Hp? Moderate plus? 400-450ccs?

"You Have Boob Greed". "You Look Fine". "Don't Go Too Big". "Fake Boobs?!"...... Who's body is this?!

FYI: (I'm sorry, I got long winded :-) but good read, i think)

The big day can't come fast enough I feel like. This is something I've hoped for for a very long time. It's tough to really explain the toll of having a chest of a green bean little boy as a grown ass woman, but really?.... How can I expect others to completely understand? "Sexy" is in the eye of the beholder and we all know we are our own worst critic's, but to have our judgments/ thoughts/ feelings of OURSELVES dismissed or criticized by others is a tough one to put up with. ITS HOW I FEEL! It's allowed and I am entitled to it.

I STOPPED developing in like the 3rd grade! (lol, it's funny and sad at the same time). On the bright side of having a less than "womanly body" MY ENTIRE LIFE, I was able to do a lot of sports and horseback riding without any concern of "the girls" (or lack of) getting in the way. I didn't have to deal with being a teen and having "dem knockers" pop out unexpectedly or have people rudely stare at my chest and avoid my eyes. Those things aside though, I was always, "One of the guys". At some point you kinda want to be seen as a woman, not just by or for others but most importantly, yourself!

Researching BA's and making decisions for YOUR very own "upgrade" is a BIG DEAL and a tough one! I believe this should be a decision that YOU make and that YOU feel GREAT about! Something that'll make you feel amazing and beautiful when you look in the mirror. NOT something that you end up feeling guilty about or greedy, or conceded, or shallow for wanting/doing. Girl if you want to improve your boobies then you damn well should!!!!! (considering is financially and time appropriate, we are adults and we have to be responsible too lol).

Another wish boobs pic :-)

Tried on sizers again! IDK??

So i dropped into my docs office again to try out the sizers again. I tried the 400cc and the 450cc. I think the hubs and I both like the 450cc look the best which would mean that my doc would fill to 500cc (because the
Implants will look smaller once under the
muscle) but shiiiiiit.... 500 sounds huge! Is it too big?!?!? (grumble)! I on the petite side, very active, I don't want to have "those boobs"
( . ) ( . ) ???????????????????? but I don't want to end up wishing I would have went bigger either. ????

More wish boobies :-)

My collection of wish boobs is getting ridiculous! If someone were to grab my phone or computer, they'd think I was a freak..... or obsessed.... and that I need help. :-/ lol oh well.

PreOp coming up soon >:-0

So I managed to get ahold of my doc yesterday via email, he replied with 1.5hr, I was surprised considering its the weekend and I'm not a post op patient. PreOp is on Tuesday and now that its fast approaching I was beginning to stress out! I thought, "How long will I have to talk to him?" "What are all my questions?" "I want him to know exactly what I am desiring!" "Will I get it what I what?" "Will they look good?!" "Lord please let them look good!". Silly..... I was totally cool a few days ago..... But after emailing him I felt more at ease. I told him I wanted to leave pre op feeling confident, not rushed or uneasy. I made sure to send him plenty of pictures of what I was looking for and he appreciated the general theme and said we'd shoot for just that, but we can't guarantee they'll be spot on to the pictures (which I totally understand, every BA will have different end results because no one is built exactly alike and recoveries will vary). He assured me that we'll go over EVERYTHING in pre op and not to worry about getting everything perfect right now. He said we'll try on sizers again and that he'd let me know when we reach the perfect balanced appearance:-) I know once we get into surgery the final decision will be his.

Pre Op Done! Now the final countdown!

Today was PreOp! I can't believe how fast time zooms by. The 17th will be here in a blink of an eye! I woke up extra early, got in my morning cardio, ate breakfast, drank my coffee, took a good shower, had my questions and pictures all printed out, I was all ready! Sure enough, my husband and I arrive at my docs office a little early and I realize I FORGOT MY, ever so carefully written out, PreOp QUESTION'S PAGE! I'm a pro at forgetting everything at doctors appointments and today wasn't much different :-( That page was essential. But I managed to get thru the meeting without totally freaking out and emailed him the rest of my concerns when I got hm. Forgetfulness is by far one of the most ANNOYING things ever!

We decided on 450cc's. I toggled with 500cc but I could tell 450 sat better with the doc and in the end, it'll better suit me, my frame, and my active lifestyle. I got my blood draw taken care of and I'll fill out the scripts tomorrow :-) Now I just need to gather everything and anything that'll help with post op lol! IDEAS??
Hoping to have quick, productive, and low stress rest of the week. I'd like to enter this surgery in a calm zin zone ! :-)

450cc HP silicone unders.

Wasn't sure on the profile but come to find out, HP is all that'll work with the size I chose and my chest. So here we go! ????

Getting Excited! I NEED A RUN!

:-) Man, I'm starting to get excited! Making lists of all the last minute things i'll need postop. Getting my work in order for my upcoming absence. The big day is approaching quick. :-) One downfall to everything is how much my workouts will be limited/ completely halted for a while. I DON'T THINK I CAN DO IT!!! I feel like I need to get out all my "piss and vinegar" now! I want to hit the gym BALLS TO THE WALL! Get all my crazy box jumps in, my sprints, my push ups and burpees, OH MY! lol I know.... it's weird... I accept my weirdness. Positive thing to being completely BOOBLESS! Your workouts can be as NUTS as you want lol.

Boob greed already?!

I haven't even had the girls put on yet and i'm already thinking maybe I should have went bigger =+( I mean we're only talking a difference of 25-50 cc's (not a big deal) but in my head i keep thinking 475cc is a nice compromise. I chose 450cc over 500, because i felt it was where my doctor was leaning and the # 500! freaks my husband out LOL. I KNOW the difference is like splitting hairs... But why does it keep nagging @ me? Im sure 450 will look good, it's still a nice big size and will be WELL over what I have now! Ive already had my preop and made the decision, it's probably to late to change anyway. :-/ Either way, I'm SUPER excited to go in and have these puppies on me! :-)

Good bye itty bitty titties.

As I approach the big happy day I find myself torn between "Sayonara you sad little titties!!" And, "It's been swell girls. We've had a good run together, all these years, through babies and all. You will be missed (kinda...)" lol. Weird? Boobies here I come =+}

1 Day Pre Op! Pep talk :-)

Such mixed emotions.... Don't get me wrong.... I am so EXCITED!:-) I've wanted this for soo long and there were times I thought, "This will never happen, who am I kidding". But here I am! 1 DAY PRE-OP! But I have been having those, "Oh shit" moments, lol. Like.... "Dis shit is gettin REAL up in HERE!" >:-o
I'm somehow more nervous about this RECOVERY than having either of my kids... I went into that and came out like a champ. I'm sure this will be no different. It's all about mind set and attitude. I truly believe that we have the power to turn any "frown upside down" so to speak, any crappy situation into a better one. ATTITUDE! Will you choose to rise above and power through it STRONG, POSITIVE, and in CONTROL? I will :-) Stay positive girls! Even if you have to fake it! Don't give in! Women were created to endure a GREAT amount of pain, by nature we've got dis! Good Luck ladies! and for those who have already proven themselves brave and powerful, CONGRATS! I'll be there with you soon! :-)

Side Note: Here's my post-op "happy healing" kit i've finally (almost) finished gathering!
1. 3 reusable cold gel packs
2. 1 Hot and Cold Pack (mainly heat for my back. I love heat on my back :-)
3. ArnicareGel (for any swelling, discomfort, and bruising)
4. Palmers lotion (for stretch marks) (i already have plenty of them, who cares lol)
5. Dulcolax stool softeners (hoping I won't have this problem lol)
6. Emergen-C (just to give my body a little extra tasty boost!)
7. Melatonin (Slleeeeep is good)
8. Wet ones (since a shower is a no go at first... at least I can keep sanitized lol)
9. Flexible Straws (i've heard this come in handy)
10. ChapStick (i was low anyway, but after surgery i've heard your lips can get very dry!
11. (not pictured) I also have my multi vit. I'll continue taking :-)
12. (not pictured) crackers for an uneasy stomach (that Im hoping to not have!)

Other things to have ready!
- I have my FLUFFY PILLOWS since I'll need to be on my back for a while, (i love pillows)

-I have my scripts ready (HAVE THEM READY BEFORE!) (went over all of them with my hubs, since he'll be more sane than I!)

-GROCERIES- getting some last min HEALTHY things today, can't have the hubs buying fast food for us for a week! I refuse to look like a Bloated Blow Fish! (i also have my protein shake recipe pinned on the fridge for the hubs lol he would try and add ice cream if I left it to him)

-Movies/ Netflix - READY!

I'm sure i'll come across some things after the fact that would have been nice to have ready! But I'm hoping I have the majority :-)

Headed to bed (night before the big day)

Wow... I'm so tired lol. I've been so busy!!! I'll be happy to relax for a few days :-) l

BOOBIES! It's done!

I have boobies =+] I'll update more later. Feeling pretty alright. Tight mostly .

Surgery day recap.

It's done!! And I'm grateful. My husband escorted me to the surgical center right on time at 1130. We waited in the lounge for 20-30 min and finally was called back, after that everything went pretty quick and smooth.

They confirmed medical history with me then had me change out into the hospital gown and wait for the doctor. 5 min later he walked in and drew me up :-) he had 2 implants with him (450 and 425cc) and after drawing everything up he really thought 425 would be more esthetically pleasing and would fit my small frame better and said if we went bigger it would probably off set my nipples. So we agreed to 425cc.

Nurses came back in, hooked up my IV, then came the anesthesiologist :-) he's the guy that'll make everything better lol. He was super nice and explained things as he did them and said he would do his best to keep me from getting sick! That's all I wanted lol not to get sick!

They wheeled me into the OR, the anesthesiologist shot something into my IV and that was that.

I woke up in recover luckily with only some mid range pain but i was very tight and had a lot of pressure, along with horrible uncontrollable shakes, (I'm a shaker, had it after having my daughter too) evidently pulled out my IV so they had to put in a new one, which took 4 times to find a vain :-( (I hate needles)
Conked back out for what felt like 5 min and they went ahead and released me. We drove hm and I went strait to bed.

I was able to walk around a bit last night and this morning but I'm trying to remind myself to take it easy and rest. Praying for fast healing!

1st day post op

1st day post-op hasn't been to bad. Stiff, swollen, and bloated but pain pills are doing great for pain management. Doc confirmed that swelling will peak tomorrow and should start going down after that. I've been trying to drink a lot of water and eating multiple small meals. I'm still walking around, a little to much I think. So I'm going to try and relax and get some more sleep.

Day 2 Post Op

Still tight, stiff, and swollen, and I have off and on shortness of breath but pain is being managed well, and I'm so grateful. I've been on top of my meds (norco) every 4 hrs and finally cut my last dose in half. So far so good. So the next time I'll just attempt the 600mil IBP. If that works out well, I'll cut that in 1/2 and then attempt no meds at all. Hoping this will make a difference fast in my bloating and constipation. I've been rubbing Arnicare Gel around the top and sides of my chest to relieve some tension and it seems to be helping some, so I'll continue that. I was icing and i still do off and on, but when I do it seems to harden my chest, making it a little more uncomfortable. Aside from that, I actually have been up moving around still. I think i really need to relax more. It's tough to do when your an active person.
I'll be going in later today to visit with my doc and hopefully receive good news that everything is normal and on track. Praying for the best.

Day 3 Post Op

Mixed emotions about the girls, I feel like there should be more of these babies, they look so little!... I know this is not the finished product and that they have a ways to go and will continue to change and hopefully improve, but you know how it is... when you get a picture in your mind of what you want and it's just not it yet..... Patients is key here! I'm just grateful the pain has been low to moderate and easily managed so far. My left boob/incision is having some pretty good burning and stinging with the strap on, but I think I've found the position that relieves the discomfort. The swelling is definitely looking better and going down, which I'm pleased with! Doc has me using a strap now to push the girls down a bit, I'm hoping this part won't last long and that I can toss that puppy at our next meeting. So here's to positive attitudes and having a little faith. :-)

1st Post-Op check up. Day #6. ENCOURAGEMENT!

(Post Op Day 6) update:
Helloooo Ladies! Recovery so far has been pretty ok overall. I am SOO thankful things have gone as smooth as they have and the girls are beginning to come around and look like boobies! :-) I have been somewhat self sufficient (my hubs has been sweet and has helped a lot too) and have had energy to get up and move around. I've had to force myself to relax and remind myself, "You just had surgery, sit down"!! A few times I over did it and struggled with dizzy spells or shortness of breath (mostly when the strap was on) but overall, it's been good. I will say.... I have boob greed :-( Totally thought they'd look bigger. But on the other hand, they fit well and are proportionate to my body. I didn't necessarily want to be THAT "BIG BOOB CHICK". Ya know?

I had a LOT of swelling, EVERYWHERE! I held a lot of fluid in my mid section and was "backed up" for the first 3 days, but thankfully swelling started going down after that. I have been able to encourage bowel movements by taking easy stool softeners and drinking some ALOE VERA JUICE (acts as a natural, gentle, laxative) Both have done a good job. As with any stool softener or laxative (constipation in general), LOTS OF WATER is very very IMPORTANT and a healthy diet (don't abuse laxatives! BAD on your body)!!! A hefty amount of water and good eating habits should be incorporated into your daily routine no matter what anyway ;-) . An active lifestyle is obviously recommended too! Build all those muscles! I have to give a lot of credit to my healthy life style and my religious active routine for my easy(ier) recovery. :-)

I have to say, it's been amazing watching my body change, good things and bad, but one thing that I have learned during this journey is that EVERYONE is different and progress/heal/advance at different speeds and in different ways! I want to encourage so many of you to be patient and to let your body do its thang! I've looked at soooo many different pictures and other women's journeys and have thought, "why don't I look like that YET"? But I quickly stopped myself and left all those negative thoughts and worries in the trash, right where they belong! I know the truth... I am my own person, and my body is it's OWN body, and ladies.....you are no different. Hang in there! It'll all happen in good time.

So I woke up this morning feeling pretty good and excited for my check up (mostly because I was hoping I could ditch the STRAP!) I checked my stitches (as I do regularly) and saw that I pulled a stitch :-O I was like, "CRAP!" I sent a pic to my doc and they moved up my appointment a little earlier. He wasn't to concerned. He removed the remaining stitches on both sides and used Steri Strips instead. He told me it was all ok and that we just removed the stitches a few days earlier than usual. I can lift my arms now and can even start EASY cardio.... Just NOTHING bouncing or laboring. He told me I could ditch the STRAP if I was happy with where they were sitting and that he thought I was close to that point. So I ditched it! Left boob is a little higher, so he gave me a massage specific to that, along with about 4 other massages to do to both boobs. :-) So it's back to wearing the surgical bra 24/7 (except showers!) I CAN'T WAIT FOR CUTE BRAS!!!! SERIOUSLY!

Any ladies experience the D&F and appear bigger or fuller? God I hope mine look bigger lol.

15 days post op! Much needed update.

Hello ladies! Sorry I've been MIA. So far so good, everything is healing nicely! I've been pretty much back to normal for about a week now, pain was never too bad, I dropped meds about day 3, just some minor uncomfortable reaching limitations. I'm still doing more than I should I'm sure and I've been holding back! But it's tough "taking it easy", life goes on and as always, there is a million things that needs to be done!
Post op appointments have gone well but unfortunately I'm back on the STRAP :-( Luckily it's no longer causing me any pain :-). Doc wants to see the implants come down a little more, so hopefully a week of constant strap use will do the trick! They are looking better and are a lot softer. I'm pretty sure all swelling has subsiding and the incisions are doing great!
The plan is by next week I can resume easy workouts and slowly work my way back up to my normal level and I can't tell you how READY I am to be back at it and killing the gym! I have been religious about my workouts for years now, so not being able to follow through with them now is definitely driving me to the COOCOO's house.
Overall I am very happy with them and I know they will only get better from here! BUTTTTTT!!!
......i have boob greed :-( I know how NORMAL it is to feel this way, but I REALLLLLYYYY didn't want this feeling! I will say, the girls fit me very well. They are not overpowering and they are FAR FAR better than what I had before! I am happy with them! BUT i definitely could have rocked a 100cc's more :-) Once they D&F and I'm cleared to actually have fun with some bras, I'm sure the feeling will subside! :-) I HOPE!

Boob greed still...

Hello ladies! Deep thought today, lol. Struggles come and go, doubts and concerns, especially during any cosmetic surgery journey! Not to mention being a woman.... that adds a whole other level of crazy, mixed, feelings, am I right!? lol. We analyze our thoughts, "Are they legit?", "Do others feel this way?", "Am I just crazy?!". I always say a positive mind set is the way to go and will bring you out of the dark and into the light and I whole heartedly believe it. Thats not to say that negativity or fear can't still get the best of us though.
With that said.... I, stupidly, am still struggling with boob greed. I'm not one to stand in the mirror 24/7 watching them slowly change, I live my life, and once in a while i'll pay them some attention and when I do I think, "Ohhhhhhh, reeallyyyy? Is that aaall?....fml". Then I wonder what happened? At what point did this become the agreed upon look and size??.... I got talked down...... :-( I had considered 500cc and ended up 425cc.... based on other peoples opinions.... "I like bigger boobs.....shoot me" >;-{
During my obsessed "wish boobs" picture search- (posted earlier), I was always drawn to and hoped for that nice FULL FULL boob look (not GIGANTIC boob) but nice and FULL. I can't help but to feel like my desires were set aside and I became just another surgery.... routine.... I wasn't told that a bigger size wouldn't fit or that it would cause problems, just that 425cc was thought to better fit my body. Which it fits very nicely! My doc did a wonderful job! I just wanted a little more.
IDK....Crazy right?... Weak moment and I should probably go put on my big girl panties now and suck it up lol. I just can't imagine going back and paying more money to get what I want... yet it makes me sick to think I already spent a crap ton and that I'm not fulfilled like I should be.
Thanks for listening ladies! It helps to vent to others who understand! I remain silent to my hubs because he hates the thought of my being unhappy especially after all that money spent. Can't blame him lol.

23 days Post Op update...

Time sure fly's. Almost 4 weeks post-op. I feel good :) . I had another post op visit on Tuesday and got the ok to ditch the strap again and was told to wear the leisure bra in an "S" shape to keep pulling down the left breast, but they are close, dare I say even now. I'm back at my workouts and everything feels good except for any chest dominate exercises, which your really not, nor need to, hit chest hard with breast implants. So it's time to bring in the Summer Bikini Body :-) It's looking a lil sad after taking 3 weeks off and having a, less than, appropriate diet :-/. That's ok.... I'll recover.

Boob greed is still there unfortunately. No one has noticed my new boobs with the exception of one and I could tell right off the bat by her reaction she thought they weren't very big... "What size are those? 425? Really? You sure?" lol. She's a sweet heart and meant no offense but is a out spoken, honest person. Another GOOD friend of mine though the same and even asked me to double check my Implant Register Card, lol! I expressed some size disappointment to another inquiring friend and she asked to see what was under my sweater, so I showed her (with my sports bra still on) and she replied, "Ohhh they're cute!" ........ >:-[ C.U.T.E! I had to laugh because I thought, "Exactly!!!" They are cute... I was trying to get away from cute and enter into the, "Damn, those are sexy." BOOB's! grumble....a revision may be in my future.... Trying to stay positive though. Maybe they'll fill out. For now, I think I will express my feelings with my doc just so we are on the same page, but ride them out for a little to see what'll happen. Even if I do consider a revision, I wouldn't be able to have it done until later for healing purposes and MONEY :-(

I do want to clarify, I am grateful for having more than I had to start with! And that it is a good boob job! Everything went very smooth and the result are GREAT results. Just not what I had hoped for.

2 days shy of 1 month post op and VS shopping!

Hi ladies! 1 month post op is fast approaching :-0 Boobs are getting softer and softer and are settling more and more. I finally went out and paid VS a visit for the 1st time since having them done. To be honest I was a little unsure about going and being sized due to my boob greed. I didn't want to hear I was smaller than what I had hoped for. It's silly that 1 letter, or 2, or 3 letters in the alphabet can determine how we feel lol. But I braved it and started out a little upset. They sized me at a 33D (surprised since a GF of mine started like me, got 100 cc's less than me, and wears a 32DD) (WTF)?... 34D fit a little loose around ribs but covered the girls, while the 32D fit very well around ribs they didn't cover enough boob.... Since i have a history of being a SMALL BOOBED GIRL... I didn't realize to fix that probably your supposed to go up in cup size (uhh DUHH) I asked one of the VS girls and they enlightened me that I was probably a 32DD ;-) So I tried a few on and BOOM, perfect fit :-)
So the shopping experience was both good and bad. I feel a little better about the girls but the greed is still lurking :-/ Hoping time will heal and i'll have a change of heart :-)

It's been awhile! update/recap.

Hi ladies! My life is crazy and getting on here to update is tough, but I thought I'd make time to pop in and update on the girls....

So I ended up with 425cc, HP, round, silicone, unders. I went from a VERY FLAT sad AA-A before to a final 32DDD (VS)! It's amazing how they change. Immediately after surgery they were so odd shaped and swollen it was difficult to imagine what size i'd end up with. At about 4 wks I went in and got sized at a 34D (34 felt way to loose) So i settled with a 32DD at the time. I was a bit upset with that outcome because I had been struggling with boob greed and a gf of mine was a 32DD with smaller implants and the same small A chest before. I couldn't figure it out! How was it that she ended up as big/bigger than me and I had 75-100 cc's more?! Well, the answer was time.... She was well over a yr post BA and I was only 4 wks. Time changes things! At about 7.5 wks now, I'm sitting at a 32DDD :-0 :-) . With that said, I still do struggle off and on with boob greed, but as time passes and the girls change, so does the way I feel. Hopefully at some point the boob greed will disappear completely.

They are so much softer and rounder, and are looking more and more natural all the time! They don't feel hard or stiff and the hubs says they feel great! I can squeeze them and move them and nothing feels weird or painful. They feel natural. Well... as natural as possible lol.

I sleep totally fine :-) !! I'm a stomach sleeper, a side sleeper, a back sleeper, a twisted sleeper....lol. Basically I sleep in every position, BUT I LOVE stomach sleeping :-) And it's no problem at all. Sometimes I have to reposition a little to take pressure off the girls, but nothing feels so uncomfortable that I feel I need to sleep in any certain statue position.

Totally fine! I'd say at about 5 wks I was completely back to normal. I bounced back pretty quick but did have lingering mobility limitations, like how far I could reach above my head are behind me. I keep any chest exercises really light with more reps, anything too heavy causes my pecs to flex to much and pull on the implants, which is just a super weird feeling I'd rather not feel, lol.

I wear whatever I had before lol. Most of it fits, just snug. I'd love to run out and find clothes that actually compliment the new additions, but time and money is definitely restrictive! I have windowed shopped and tried on new things, dressing boobs isn't as easy as I'd thought... I have some learning to do!

I'd say it's a whole lot better than before, mostly. I do have moments where I miss being small (kinda), because I looked smaller all around, more petite and little. I'm sure once I upgrade my wardrobe to fit my new bod it won't be as bad. But there are those outfits you put on and you think... i look pregnant! Boobs push out that "flowy" shirt or dress and it just looks like your hiding that baby belly
:-/ lol

For the most part, people have been pretty respectful. I'm very much apart of my gym and am no stranger, so I notice people double taking, like, "wtf...." "did she?" "no"? "yes"? "do i ask"? lol My point...Awkwardness. Then there are those who just come right out and say it! "WOW, so you got some boobs"? lol Ehhh... yes, they are boobs.... sure... go ahead....lets talk about my boobs. lol.

All in all, I'm so happy I had them done :-)

Pics didn't load!

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