22 Yr Old, No Kids, 450/475 silicone implants. Chico, CA

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I'm still in the research phase and heavily...

I'm still in the research phase and heavily weighing pros and cons. I've had one consultation which didn't go nearly as well as I'd hoped, (his office couldn't offer me silicone- even off label because I'm not 22) and I felt rushed and like "just another patient"

I have my second consultation tomorrow with Dr. Curtis Wong and I'm hoping it goes much better. I was thrilled, ecstatic, over the moon and ready to just have them done already! And after reading more about explant and toxic implants that cause illness, aging and other. I'm kind of getting scared out of it. Please help, I'd love to hear everybody's stories (good and bad). I want to be 100% about my decision because I love my boobs now, I just want bigger, fuller and more cleavage. I'm tired of wearing heavily padded bras. I want to wear lightly lined bras and bralettes and sexy dresses with no bra. I want boobs now but 10 years down the road, I will want to have 1 or 2 kids and I don't want my boobs to be ruined. I don't want to regret my decision. Any advice?

Second consultation went well, excited for future implants!

Feeling more confident today about the procedure and wanting to set a date and start a countdown. I have one more consultation this month and I'm hoping that will make up my mind. Here are some wish pictures as to what I want to achieve.

Set a date!

I've set a date for my BA! May 22nd is the glorious day. Only 4 and a half months and I'll have what I've been waiting for! Very excited (but nervous about my choice in surgeon just because I fell in love with one surgeon but I can't afford to travel with the possibility of complication) I love my surgeon's office staff and people come in to my work all the time who have gone to Dr. Thomas and they all loved him. But when I'm not in the office I can't help but think about my results not being what I want them to be. Maybe it's just jitters?

The wait is almost over!

Only 28 days until surgery! So excited but still debating how many CC's to go with. Pre-opp appt. is May 9th and I'm hoping my PS will give me a better idea what size will fit my frame. Any tips on things that I might need for recovery?

Almost 3 weeks post op

Some picture to show my healing process. Definitely loving them so far. Finally not feeling pain but they're still ache-y. Still icing them every day.
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