Getting Ready to Start Invisalign Dec 21st

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Getting ready to start my first tray of invisalign...

Getting ready to start my first tray of invisalign aligners December 21, 2010.

I will be doing a total of 48 trays.
My bottom teeth need the most work, since there is crowding in the front teeth. I will upload some before photos soon.

Ive been doing a lot research on Invisalign, searching the net and talking to some friends who got it done. Overall what i found was, if you follow all the instructions, go to a good dentist. You will be happy with the results. It seemed perfect for me. I did not want to get traditional metal braces. I went to a great dentist within 30 minutes of my house. We sat and talked about all the teeth fixing possibilities and what my options were. I know these things are expensive, which is probably the biggest deterrent for most. My insurance is not really covering anything on them, but my dentist offered different payment plans. I decided i wanted to get the process going.

The dentist took two different sets of molds from top and bottom, and sent them off to Invisalign. About a week later i went in, sat down with the dentist and we went through a full 3D imaging thing on the computer. That showed my teeth now and what the final outcome was going to be. There was like 4 or 5 different angles they had.
On the 3D scan it showed I was going to need 4 attachments on each side of my mouth, two on the top and 2 on the bottom. I read that a lot of people were worried about these. The dentist stressed that sometimes aligners for whatever reason do not fit right(rare) in this case they will do a realignment at no extra cost, Also if in the end my teeth straightening is not up to standard, I can get more trays at no extra cost as well.

Overall this whole process is going to take a while. But i am looking forward to the outcome.

I will try and update as much as i can.

Any questions are welcome.

23 December On day two of my first aligners,...

23 December

On day two of my first aligners, took a couple tries to get used to taking them off / on. Since i have no nails (due to biting) it was a little harder. But found an excellent tool online to use till they grow back.
I will be going back in two weeks to get some attachments put on, since the trays were very tight. Dentist decided to have me get used to wearing them for a week or two.

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