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I met with my plastic surgeon today and I am...

I met with my plastic surgeon today and I am scheduled for my TT on 3/2/12! I am nervous of course but I feel totally confident with him! I am 43 years old and have lost 150 pounds in the last 18 months all on my own thru diet and exercise. I got married in Oct and my arms were really bad so I had a bilateral brachioplasty with this same doctor and was thrilled, the best money I ever spent!

I would love to say that I am loving my new slimmer body, but I am not, I work out like a nut and have not lost any more weight in the last 5 months! I accept that Victoria Secret doesn't have me on their speed dial, but I would like to feel sexy and confident with my new self. Our sex life is dismal all because I dont want my handsome husband seeing me naked or hearing my deflated boobs flapping, and my stomach, yuck! It has ruined me in so many ways, I knew I had hit bottom when my husband said sometimes I wish for the 300 pound Amber back, the one that was happy and fun! I need to find my self acceptance again.

I really need a breast lift and most likely a thigh lift, but one thing at a time as I only have so much money, in fact I cant really afford this at all, but having been morbidly obese my whole life, I want a chance to feel normal for once in my life! I am glad my husband suports me in my decison. I was so broke I took a bunch of jewelry from my ex and sold it to pay for this surgery, I was determined one way or another to have this done!

2/6/12- geez 25 more days til surgery, I am...

2/6/12- geez 25 more days til surgery, I am starting to freak out a little, I am getting worried about what I am going to eat, what am I going to do not exercising for 6-8 weeks, ugh!!! I feel so good right now, I have been doing Bikram yoga 5 times a week and I feel wonderful I hate to give that practice up for while, but I have to keep telling myself that this is all worth it. I am excited for the pre op on 2/14,I need to make another list to email to him before hand. Just wanted to ramble, feeling the mix of emotions but trying to keep it all together, and work on getting done what needs to be done!!!

I am so excited I found a used recliner, a lovely...

I am so excited I found a used recliner, a lovely shade of harvest gold, LOL But it has heat, vibration and is only $10, and one block away! SO I am stokked about that, my couch is not that comfy and I think having the recliner will be great, and for $10, a worth while investment! Making a list for the doctor today to send over before my pre op on 2/14!!! I am getting excited, I just want it here now and over with and on to the healing!

Picked up the recliner, OMG, I said how we going...

Picked up the recliner, OMG, I said how we going to get thos out of here after surgery that thing weighs a ton, it has heat in it, and massage and vibration, it is ugly as heck and now taking up a ton of space but I think it will be good!!!

Yesterday was Pre-Op Day, man it felt like I was...

Yesterday was Pre-Op Day, man it felt like I was buying a house, LOL All those papers to sign with risks, etc, all the post op instructions. I was glad for that!!! Now I can read over everything and feel better about it. He gave me Nucynta for pain, I hate pain killers and this is a new one and offers less constipation which is a good thing. Insurance does not cover it , but if you go to their website they have a coupon for $25 fill at pharmacy so I found that this morning. For antibiotic he gave Duricef, I take one the night before then 2 a day after. He gave me the arnica montana, to start after surgery. He wants me to stop all my vitamins and supplements, I found this surprising, I know about the E and fish oils, but I was like whatever, I am doing all that he says. He gives a wrap around binder to wear, says I dont need a stage 2 garment, just a spanx, I might still order one though. He does like the silicone sheets for scarring. That will take a few weeks but I am thinking about getting this silicone belt thing to put around. I saw one somewhere. So overall he is not too worried about anything, so I am trying not to b either, I just want to get it over with now, and get to healing and back to exercise. Said that exercise does cause more swelling. He says walking at 4 weeks upper body light routine at 6 full on back to normal at 8 weeks. Ughghg.

Got an email from one of my things I subscribe to, thought I would share with you, it was 8 super foods for skin and skin healing:
1. Pineapple, guava, kiwi-all full of vitamin C
2. Broccoli-collagen production
3. Almonds- natural Vitamin E
4. Whole wheat pasta and breads- selenium-skin elasticity
5.Carrots- Vit A and beta carotene
6. Pumpkin Seeds- I like these in greek yogurt for zinc and collagen
7. Fish for the OMega 3's
8. Water

Hope this helps, I need to be very careful with my diet sitting around so I dont get fat, I really hope maybe I will lose more too, getting these darn fat cells out of me.
Have to get the nasty befores taken, ughg, I am dreading that!

Today is 1 month of no smoking, I am very proud, so yesterday I ordered some stuff from VS, Larges and 10-12's, I am in 12 jeans now so I am hoping to end up a 10, I needed to lose the granny panties and get something sexy for these pics on here, LOL Then got some very chic zip up robes from Wal Mart, LOL

WOW want this to be here already!!!

2 weeks from today I will be getting ready for...

2 weeks from today I will be getting ready for surgery, ughg it can't come fast enough!!! I have had my house for sale over a year, not one showing, the housing market here is so depressed, there are 6 homes for sale on my street, so yesterday the realtor calls, not one but 2 showings today! Now mind you I have this big nasty recliner in the living room, LOL We worked really hard getting everything staged for today! LOL I know constipation is such a huge issue with pain meds, not sure if I can post a link, but this is a good chart for high fiber foods to eat, with all the meds, and stimulants, it is good to eat real foods with high fiber as well. You might want Gasx, as if you are not used to eating fiber and then eat too much you might have gas which makes you uncomfortable. So I hope this works

Holy Moly I am getting excited, I thought one more...

Holy Moly I am getting excited, I thought one more Monday waking up with this tummy! I worked hard all weekend getting things together, I now have two boxes, meds, heating pads, tape, creams you name it I have everything ready to go. SO we had a house showing on Friday well the realtor called late last night they want to come back tonight, Ughghg, so it was clean everything up again, but I just knew it, the house has been for sale a year and now when I am going to be laid up we will get an offer, LOL But it is OK, as I said to my hubby, that is what movers are for and we might just have to invest in that. Can't let that worry me now. It is so exciting reading about all the experiences of the girls who have gone recently. They all seem to be doing really well. Don't know what I was thinking but yesterday spent a good hour watching an actual surgery, holy crap, all I know is seeing that skin lifted and all that nasty fat, I better make sure he has a strong nurse, that can hurl this chunk off of me, LOL. Just rambling and trying to focus, it is so hard to work now, all I can think about is getting on with this surgery!

I am so ready to go I am counting the days 8!!!!...

I am so ready to go I am counting the days 8!!!! We are having unseasonably warm weather in PA 60 degrees today, so I am going to go run after work, I am a wimpy runner, I hate the treadmill I only like running outside but not in the cold, so I have not ran since I quit smoking, I am anxious to see what difference it makes. Last night I came out of the store it was dark, and I ran around the parking just cause I felt like it and thought in a few days I won't be doing this!

I am going to just try to eat healthy--- lots of fruit, veggies, lean protein, and a lot of protein and hope for the best, my old bod probably needs a break from all the working out anyways so I am going to work on healing my wonky parts all on my left, my deltoid, hamstring and my knee, and use that time to recoup!

I took one pic with my exercise pants on last night that was disturbing-- my son was like Mom you are going to show this to strangers, LOL The whole bare gut pics are going to be totally disturbing, but so what- I got some great girls here to support me,and I cant wait to get that hacked as it is a disturbing reminder of a lifetime of unhappiness for me, so I cant wait to see it get hurled into the medical waste pile! Its a remnant of a place I am never allowing myself to go again! I worked damn hard on my myself and for the first time I have a chance to be normal, so whatever comes of this I am going to be thankful I am no longer that miserable 350 pound woman that I used to be!

Well a week from now I will be laying in my...

Well a week from now I will be laying in my recliner drugged up with a hopefully flat tummy! I cannot believe it!!! Now I am getting a cold I think probably from stopping my arsenal of supplements everyone makes fun of my pills but I never get sick and now I am! Ughggh I am stuffy and sneezing, I want it to come hit me so I can get better!!!
Thought I would post some real pictures so next week when I am depressed or sad I can look at the motivation for doing all this, I was never thin, ever, and to finally have the chance to be normal is so exciting, I don't want to be full figured, plus sized, whatever! Just normal is good!!! I thought being in size 12 jeans was normal, but apparently that is not, ughggh!!!

OMG I knew my stomach skin was bad from losing all...

OMG I knew my stomach skin was bad from losing all this weight, but seriously I had no idea just how bad it was! Holy smokes, I am so ready for this surgery now, I swear I will go down with anesthesia to get rid of this, this is vile, I am going back and forth crying how I could let myself go for so many years and ruin myself, and now I am glad I lost the weight, but it left such a mess and now I must spend money that could pay bills, ughghg I am so ready!!!!

Holy Crap!!! 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in...

Holy Crap!!! 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in freak out mode, everyday now that I can be comfy and move I am like thank God and enjoying it because I know it is coming to a screeching halt soon! Pretty soon I will be recliner bound that is the hardest part for me to wrap my head around, the being laid up! And the scale was nice to me this morning. I was dead serious about my contest to guess my baby, err I mean flubber weight, so if you girls want to play I will send the link, LOL MIght as well make this fun to some degree! And I really do need money for the next surgery, LOL
So guess I will keep stressing at work and see what happens!!!

24 hours, 24 hours until the surgery, I am a mess...

24 hours, 24 hours until the surgery, I am a mess of nerves, excitement, you name it, how will I get through work?? I am trying to think of everything I want to do with my bod today, LOL, since I know I will be a hunched over hunchback laying in my recliner, LOL I feel like i need to go jump some hurdles or something! LOL I am going to snuggle my son and love up my hubby tonight, I woke up and snuggled him up and thought I am going to miss that, I remember with my arm surgery I missed curling up with him the most. Going to try to settle my crazy head, get through work do some more errands, and then fun night with the boys, they want to go for Chinese, might do sushi but no soy I don't want too much sodium in me before surgery, and Chinese is not so good in that dept, but fresh sushi minus soy should be OK!

Day 1 Post op- But this was surgery day. Started...

Day 1 Post op- But this was surgery day. Started off with a huge accident on the main road there, so we got there 30 minutes late, well turns out the Doc was making rounds and he got tied up in traffic and didn’t get there til 9:30. This gave me a good chance to talk to anesthesiologist, he and Stanford University are the only places that use this IV sedation for surgery, they found that 90% of all cosmetic surgery issues were related to anesthesia not the surgery itself. So I had no catheter, no epidural thank goodness-- just an IV that put me to sleep. So I gave Doc my camera and said I want pictures, holy crap, maybe not the best idea those photos he took were scary!!!!!! I also put compression hose on he thought that would be good for recovery my legs didn’t swell too badly though.

So finally I gave birth to a bouncing baby named Flubber he weighed 7pounds 8 ounces!!! LOL The doc took 2 sections almost 12” high and 6” across. Not much lipo he said like 1000 cc. He had to deal with a lot of scar tissue from my c-section. So they called Tony around 2:00 so I was under 10-2 about 4 hours. Recovery is when it all went downhill. Pain, dudes I am talking major pain!!! I shook uncontrollably for almost an hour, the anesthesiologist said it is common but I just shook longer. So I had this tremendous burning near my left pubic area that had me writhing in pain!!! The doc came to check on me and said he better give me a shot of Lidocaine, holy crap that was the worst part this terrible burning pain. So I laid there wishing for death, then the nurse gave me the pain pill the Nucntya frankly I think that is crap!It does nothing, so she says lets go to the bathroom, well she wheeled me over and I was shaking, sweating felt like I was going to pass out, apparently my blood pressure dropped really low, so now the anesthesiologist gave me some shot in my arm for that.

So ride home, take a pillow for over the belly, seat belt was a PIA. I have 2 drains on each hip, draining like a bugger. So when I got home that burning was so bad I just wanted to cry but I can’t it hurts too much!!. I mean it was brutal and my muscles are so sore!!! I wanted to drink a lot to flush this crap out of me that meant going to the bathroom every 40 minutes. I am using the walker you need it to pull yourself up then get the underwear down then pee, then fix the bandages drain the drains, OMG it’s an ordeal and then you do it all over. Around 8 or 9pm the burning left and OMG I don’t want it back!!

Poor Tony he has to help me with everything he is getting me drinks, little bits of food, has to put the damn recliner up, I hate being so needy and I know he didn’t sleep well and either did I! I had some toast and greek yogurt nothing tasted too good, but he did bring me a large Dunkin Donuts coffee which I was was ready for, and he had a little Victoria Secret bag, pink leopard sexy underwear.
Now for the good part, the nurse said in 12 years she has never seen a more dramatic result, The binder is actually loosening but I am afraid to take it off. Tony said I can see your scar it is really low. I have a pubic area that is flat! Well it looks like a Ken doll now it gets really swollen but even with all the packing and crap on me, when I sit there is no skin on my thighs. I think I am going to be pleased!

This is just way harder than I thought it would be. I am no wuss with pain, but man I can’t believe what an ordeal to just walk to the bathroom, I can’t imagine going #2, I have all this gas pressure inside me and it is killing me! You can’t laugh, cry, sneeze cough, man I know this is worth it, but darn it I hope today is better.

The other positive is his post op care was wonderful this nurse that spent 3 hours with me I have to take her flowers or something, she was a dear, her daughter goes to the hot yoga place I go to. The doc checked on me twice before his next surgery, his wife came and checked on me, it is such a wonderful experience having it done there. He said he will call me today! I guess it is just sit and get comfortable. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes, I pray everyday gets easier!

Day 2 Post Op Well the morning is starting off a...

Day 2 Post Op
Well the morning is starting off a little better, I feel like I turned a big hurdle last night. The doc called in the Flexerall muscle relaxer he said I can’t take valium with the nucynta pill, and he could not call in any of the other narc drugs like Vicodin or Percocet over the phone - ---he told me to take 2 Tylenol in between the 4 hour window of Nucynta. The Flexerall is taken 3 times a day every 8 hours. And thank heavens it seems to be working. I have not slept well and getting in and out of the recliner is a bugger so I said hun I really want to sleep in bed so we fixed up the bed and I slept from 12-3:30 when it was time for pills we got up and drained the drains, and then I slept til almost 8:30 it was wonderful, and he sort of pulled me up and it didn’t hurt nearly as bad. I notice it is so bad when getting up after resting but then if you walk a little it seems to warm up that it doesn’t hurt as badly.!!!! I think the muscle relaxer made me sleepy. So my drains are on my butt basically since he had to go back so far with the incision- well I guess I was tugging on the one while I slept so a lot of blood was on the pad protector and my binder was all scrunched up with the gauze and stuff so I said hun lets unwrap me and start over. So he washed me up which felt great, and replaced all the gauze and tightened the binder by 2” from where it was So I think I was more swollen and it is going down. Drinking all this darn water you have to pee all the time and that hurts when you get the urge to pee. So here are the pics of me unwrapped. The BB is scary but he said it looks good up close just scabby and I guess the glue? My pubic area is really swollen that hurts the most, but look how low the scar is? Looks like I still have a lot of stretch marks but when I look down at myself and Tony looks at them he said you can’t see them. So I am praying that today stays better, I still am so full of gas I hope I can poop soon. That would probably help. Now I feel more loopy in the head with the pills but I will take that anyday over how I was feeling.

Day 3-post Op! Much better night, I am so...

Day 3-post Op!

Much better night, I am so glad I am sleeping in bed, I really think the MR is the trick, I am trying to cut down the Nucynta today and stick to Tylenol. I had my post op, he was pleased he stripped the drains, OMG that was not fun like the tugging on them, but he got a lot of fluid out of them, there is so much coming out I am sure these will be in for some time. He said I can shower and clean my BB with a little peroxide and alcohol so I will do that later today I am really worn out from the appt, just all the walking and moving around, I waited to take a MR til I got home cause I know I am going to crash. Honestly though the pain is worth it when I looked down and saw that tummy and I can see my VJ, holy crap I have not seen that in years it was worth it, he said he would have liked to pull it higher but it was getting to the point it would look ridiculous, he took over 2" off of that! So I am going to go rest and hopefully get a good snooze in before my son comes home.

Day 4 Post op- Well this was my blue day OMG it...

Day 4 Post op-
Well this was my blue day OMG it started being so constipated I was ready for the enema or suppository and finally I went after a half hour of crying and pushing on the wall it hurt so bad but I felt so much better after I got it out, it felt like I had so much more room in my stomach. So he said I could shower I was too worn out yesterday so I thought after the BM we will get that out of the way. I do have a shower chair and I was glad for it and a handheld shower head, we wrapped a stretchy exercise band around my neck and attached the drains to that, the smell of that latex was gagging me but it felt good to wash my hair and stuff it was too hard to shave my legs so I am still hairy. So I thought OK I feel good but man I looked puffy when I took the binder off, so this pic of me laying down was after shower I am so swollen I am drinking close to a gallon of water a day avoiding salt, ughg and I am still draining close to 300 cc a day. So I spent the bulk of the morning crying, questioning everything, feeling sorry for myself, my husband tried to snap me out of it but I felt like crap. So I drank and drank and then finally before dinner I took another look it seems like the swelling went down a bit. I weighed myself and weighed 4 pounds more than the morning of surgery and I am hardly eating so that just pissed me off more. I took off the binder from him and put on the spanx like brief that I got it could be smaller and tighter but it is hard with the drain tubes getting it up and down to pee, I put PJ’s on I would rather be naked gosh what a PIA everything in the way is, maybe I do need a nightgown? So here are the pics after I rested and cried all day. My BB I cleaned with peroxide and then it started oozing he said to not put anything on it so I just covered it with gauze like he said. I don’t know I knew this day would come I just wasn’t prepared for it and it just hit me how bad I feel, I try not to compare myself to others but I feel like I am the only one who doesn’t look good or feel good, it is all I can do to go to the bathroom myself, I hate feeling so needy, ughg just a terrible day all around! Thank God a friend who had this is coming tomorrow I will feel better after she sees me, hubby said my BB is actually really nice when he looked down on it, to me it looks scary, I am afraid of my whole body it doesn’t feel like my skin, I feel like I could snap in half at any time, it is just a weird gross feeling.

Day 5 Post OP: I am trying to feel better,...

Day 5 Post OP:

I am trying to feel better, hubby had to go to a meeting last night and my son helped to cheer me up a bit, he said mom you look so skinny you are going to be fine and he tried so hard to make me laugh spending that alone time with him was good to get my head off this crap. Thank God, my real life friend on here TTBLJAN, is coming today, she is 8 weeks out and I know I will feel tons better after being with her and my trainer is coming at some point to cheer me up. I am eating about 1500 calories trying to watch but eating protein shakes with my kefir I make myself, and fruits and veggies, and anything with fiber. I am hoping I can go potty again today. I am pleased I have one more antibiotic and no yeast infection!! After my arm surgery the yeast infection I had was a killer, so that is one med I can stop. I need to try to stop the pain med and use tylenol I think, the more I get these meds out of my system the better I will be I think they really mess with your head and emotions. I am staying off the freaking scale, even with no exercise there is no way I could be gaining fat, so I just need to ride this fluid rollercoaster, man I am cranking it out, they really spew a lot of fluid I cant imagine what would happen if you didnt have those?? I cannot thank you girls enough for sharing your stories and experiences this site is a lifesaver, this is really scary surgery. It helps to know others have been through it. Going to focus on a positive attitude and what I can do, make oatmeal and pour coffee, yippee!! My new spanx thing I think is helping it is way tighter than the thing he gave me.

PO Day 6 I hate coming on here and being a...

PO Day 6
I hate coming on here and being a Debbie Downer but unfortunately that is how I feel lately, very tearful, regretting that I did this, swollen to heck and back, you name it. I called first thing this morning to the Dr. he finally got me in at 5:00 it was a day of crazy emotions, God love my Mom she has been really good at helping me with the kids, meals, me, you name it! Tony came to take me to the doc, both the drains were clogged so all that crap was backing up in me, I am still draining quite a bit. He really checked me over and said Amber, this surgery will kick your ass hard, and you had a lot of skin and tissue removed, compared to even a typical one. He said it will take time and more time, to heal. One thing he said that may be contributing to my mood is that the narcotic Nucynta I was taking is that it does not have the euphoria drug that it Percocet and Vicodin have so he said maybe that contributes since I didn't have General Anesthesia he said it doubtful it is that. He swabbed out my belly button I couldn't feel it but watching him do it grossed me out, my tummy is totally spongy with no feeling, he said that is normal, he said everything looks totally normal and I need to be patient with myself and let myself rest, he said take the pain meds, drink and rest, that is it, and do not try to do more he said give it a few more days and he thinks I will turn a corner, I really love him, he totally calms you down. I said Dr. Schlechter you made my arm surgery so easy I thought this would be just as easy, he said this one is no joke, it is difficult and takes time to heal!!! So I am going to let people do their thing, my Mom has been so helpful, poor hubby with all his work stress is so worried about me, I said hun I hate being more stress on you, he said I am frustrated cause your only job is to heal, I want you to relax and heal and let us take care of the rest. So that is what I am going to try to do, the pain is not the issue its not like I am laying in pain, it is more the constant griping and constricting of the muscles, he said my fascia was very thin and eroded and that he actually didn't pull it as tight as he would like to. I cant thank you girls enough for giving me hope everyday when I feel terrible, I feel so bad I cant support those going through it too, and I hate to scare people, it is not the pain, it is the rate of feeling better ticking me off, most people dont have this much removed so it is my problem, not the norm, I am so thankful to each one of you that takes the time to post and cheer me up!!!!

Day 7--One week post op!!! Well today was the...

Day 7--One week post op!!!

Well today was the day, it was the day I turned the corner and saw the light at the end of the tunnel!!! I rested, enjoyed the attention of my Mom, Gram and Son, took the muscle relaxers and just chilled the brain! Watched a bunch of stupid TV I have hope now! So hubby said why not shower tomorrow so your hair is nice, so he cleaned my BB what do you guys think? HE took some pics laying there unwrapped I am way swollen but not as much as I was yesterday!! He said my sense of humor is coming back, I tried to twirl the drains on my boobs like pasties, a very sexy look, LOL He said well you are back to your old self!!! Thank you God!! I am praying that each day gets better, you girls got me through this by ketting me know I was normal and not some freak, I am ready to get well and get back to the living!!!

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

Post Op Day #8 Well my excitement of the day...

Post Op Day #8

Well my excitement of the day was a shower yippee, I wanted to do it alone and I just couldn't I feel all shaky when I take the binder off and got so nervous I still used the chair, my hubby has been a blessing he is so helpful, so I did the big nothing laying around dozing and counting the minutes to my muscle relaxer pill. I am so bored!! Hubby must go up to the Pocono's to his Mom's to get his daughter tomorrow I am debating if I could go with the seat reclined so I don't swell from sitting a change of scenery would be nice, and I know my MIL would like to see me, might do me some good, I have like a hard lump above my BB I am all worried I did something with the sneeze last night, When does your tummy feel like your own again? That is what is making me crazy now, I hate when the binder comes off and I am left with this torso that feels fake?? But pain is fine tylenol is fine incision is fine, just waiting!!

Post Op Day 9! We had beautiful weather here so...

Post Op Day 9!
We had beautiful weather here so hubby said I was going on a road trip up to the Poconos to get his daughter at his Mom's. I am glad I went the change of scenery was good and I got a Starbucks coffee and was out and about in the world, hubby got a ticket for his windows being tinted LOL Of all things a state cop with a light meter, LOL $110, I said well you knew it going in it was too dark tried to scare him with my drains but no go, LOL One thing when I have to pee my whole incision burns so bad then I pee and it is fine, anyone else have that? Today is the best I have felt still totally crunched muscle pain but swelling was low, I touched my stomach more and cleaned up some of the glue on my legs I wanted to rub the scar to get the glue off but thought I better wait, took all the bandages off and just binder and underwear and the darn drains!! OMG tomorrow I go please Lord let him take one out I am so done with them now I could scream!!!! It felt good to be dressed and looking half human, even though hair is still a mess!! Hoping tomorrow will be good,going to go prop and relax!

Post Op Day 10! OMG I thought by now I would be...

Post Op Day 10!
OMG I thought by now I would be back at the gym tread-milling, but no the highlight of my day was I showered alone and blew out my hair, yeah!!!! Tthat was preceded by a 2 hour nap and then a 2 hour nap after!! OMG I am so worn out doing the simplest of things, but progress is progress I just cannot believe how this has kicked my ass royally!! So my appt. with doc was at 5:00 pm so hubby could drive me, I think I am way too afraid to try to drive and that is odd for me because I hate not driving!! Anyways so I got my right drain out!! Hallelujah!!!!!! It didn't hurt just felt weird that you could feel it coming out, but no pain at all! My BB is still weird to me, but he said it is good, he wrapped this pointy tweezers and stuck it down in what seemed like 2 feet, OMG I couldn't look, he said the lump above is my umbilical stump that was so long from being so darn fat!!! Duh never thought how when we get fat your belly button sticks out further, he thinks since my insides were just so lax from all the weight gain and loss that I am not used to feeling my muscles so tight, he gave me a new drug Mobic to try 1 a day with the muscle relaxer. Tylenol doesn't do crap so I figure why take it, he said he doesn't like taking Advil or Aleve yet due to bleeding issues. My hips are 7" bigger due to swelling, holy heck I got dressed and I looked like a freaking Weebel. He said it is all the swelling sitting there, and my ass is huge too, OMG I feel like it is all collecting there, I am still heavier than before surgery, I guess it is all the fluid! I am really watching my diet and drinking at a minimum a gallon a day! He assured me that my baboon VJ will go away, he did not know what VJ was, so he learned a new word! There was a resident with him and he asked if I minded if he observed I said hell no as long as someone makes me feel better here! So all in all it was good he said one of these days I will like my old self but just take it easy and work on getting better, so that is what I am doing, just trying to do more tasks each day and lay down when I need it. I tore the stitch on my other drain he said that is OK, it is leaking more but he said that is OK.

Post Op Day 11 Well still wishing I felt a...

Post Op Day 11
Well still wishing I felt a little better slowly but surly it is getting better I am really trying to be up and around more, I just get wiped out!!! I tried sitting up today all morning I swear it makes me swell like crazy but I guess the crazy swelling goes on anyways regardless of position! I too some more photos, my B is still freaking me out, he packed it full of some cream when I took the bandage off I almost died, OMG!! But it cleaned up OK, still scares me and the lump above it is uncomfortable. I am rubbing bacatracin all over the incision ever since that show last night I am paranoid of a wound opening!!! Hubby is off now Wed- Fri so maybe with him I can do some more, and will feel more alive! My darn drain is still pumping almost 100 cc so I have no hope of that coming out soon!

2 weeks PO man I wish I was better at this...

2 weeks PO

man I wish I was better at this point but it is what it is, I had a slow recovery!!! Still have my darn drain, I am hoping maybe on Monday it will be low enough to be removed, I am shooting for going back to work on Wed 3/21. I am now taking one Mobic in the morning and one Felxerel at night and I sleep really well, the swelling is terrible I cant wait to get this drain out so I can wear something else this binder I am so sick of now! Today I am going to try to drive and get my nails done I have to get out of this house, I am getting to look like cave woman, my hair is a mess, my nails, my eyebrows, I feel gross so maybe getting fixed will help! Son is still sick coughing like he has croup I so dont want to catch it, I am like stay far away! Hubby has been great he is still off, thank God he has been a Godsend, I want to plan a weekend away for us to thank him for being so good to me! We have a wedding next Saturday to attend I am hoping I feel good enough, I need a dress too, maybe Tuesday I can go look for that! Other than that, feeling good in morning and I am a fat pumpkin ready to burst by evening! But this is the life I am eating well and drinking tons of water, that is about all I can do at this point! Just taking one day at a time!

Day 15! Another gorgeous day and I am home alone,...

Day 15!
Another gorgeous day and I am home alone, ughg, I am so over this now! Took son to the doctor this morning, he has a bad cold, I figured but wanted to be sure, he coughed all night I am spraying him down like the plague, so I dont get it, LOL Thank God I sleep at night, that is the only positive I can think of!
These are my problems I cant wait to talk to the doctor on Monday see if you guys have any of this?
1. I have a constant pain like it feels it goes through my BB to my core a constant tightness I feel it sitting, walking, standing it never goes away or has relief!
2. I wake up by some kind of contraction like spasm in my belly it feels like someone is ringing my insides out it happens 3 times then stops the best way to describe it is a like a baby contraction when your utereus is just squeezed.
3. Belly Button- been cleaning whit peroxide and alcohol 4 times a day, it still looks very pink and sort of swollen, I still cover it and stuff comes out, is that normal??? Still have alike a hard lump above it.
4. Drain= what can I say this damn drain, I am so sick of it! I put out 70 cc yesterday so I am praying it is going to slow down at some point! If I go Monday and can't get it out I am going to scream!
5. Hips and ass are still the size of Texas so swollen they hurt when I touch them and I didnt have lipo it is all fluid from surgery, ughghg
6. Meds I take one Mobic-an anti inflammatory in the morning and one Flexerel muscle relaxer at night, tylenol does nothing, so that is all I am taking, the flelxerel makes me so tired I wanted to stop that during the day.
7. I did manage a whole day yesterday without a nap, that is one positive.
8. Still weigh the same as surgery day pisses me off, I am hardly eating, I feel like a bloated pumpkin!
9. Still exhausted doing minimal house things, I have no idea how I am going to get the energy for work on Wednesday that is already stressing me out! I am going to try to take a walk around this small lake near out house with hubby if for nothing else to say I did it! I cannot believe how I feel like a lump of clay!
10. Waiting to feel good about all this, I know the looks of it are amazing but I am having a hard time feeling it is worth it when I feel so bad all the time, I would give anything to have my energy back to where I was and to do a yoga class and run around in all this nice weather, it is just getting me sort of down again!

News Flash!!! Better Day!!! PO Day...

News Flash!!! Better Day!!! PO Day 17

Finally!!! I woke up and thought I don't feel too bad, the pain is still there but not as bad, I got out of bed faster on my own, I said sure whenever it is time for the doctor appt! LOL I love my surgeon and he did an amazing job!!!! His wife saw mw and came in and she was like Amber you had a TT and half, he so wanted to do a great job on you, and I am sorry this has been hard! I know its not my doctors fault, it was just me thinking I could get over this quickly when in fact it was freaking hard! So I was praying that the drain would come out and he took it out~ OMG this one hurt so bad coming out I guess cause there was more of it and it had more stitches but let me tell you how much better my gizzard feels without all that tubing in there! I was still above the 30 cc but he said sometimes if you keep it in too long it creates a negative with drawing more fluid so he thought take it out and then we will see what happens he said to be prepared to swell more. He said no lake walks he said I should only be working on doing everyday chores and getting my energy back he still doesn't want my BP going up even walking slow, the BB lumps are OK he thinks it looks really good in there too, he said it is just the scar tissue in there healing.He said to keep doing the peroxide and alcohol in the morning and evening til I see him again. He said I am still very swollen and will continue to be so for months, he said it is a very long time until it all resolves he said once I can do more my Texas hips will go back to being PA hips, LOL They are huge! He said everything is completely fine I just had a lot of disruption having so much more stuff to remove, and it takes time, time is the key and I know this in my head form the arm surgery but do I listen? Hell no I think I should jump up from this and be fine but it was a huge surgery! I am taking this whole week off no sense pushing to go back and the weather is to be beautiful, I want to focus on the family and getting well and feeling better. Tony is an angel he has been the best husband in the world, he has taken care of the kids, the cooking, me his job, he is just the best! I owe him big time!

So I went to look for dresses for the wedding on Saturday night, I sooooo want to feel good that night we need a nice night out and Tony has been so wonderful I want him to enjoy himself the couple getting married is a co worker of his and very anxious for his first marriage! I got a bunch of dresses ranging from 10-14 the 10 freaked me out! And a stretchy leopard skirt a JR 11, LOL I hate to buy too much because I know my shape will change a lot, but it is hard not to, you need a little something new to make you feel good! So I a came home and I see I am really swollen but that is OK, I am going to put a spanx thing on but first I want to wait for the hole to stop bleeding since it is going everywhere! So I am going to pray that each day gets easier and work on dinner!!! Thank you girls for always being here for me, this is by far the hardest thing I have been through physically and emotionally I know it is will be tough for some time, but I am so relieved to be back to myself somewhat! The only way to describe it is like I was living in B&W and now I see color or something when I think I laid for days in that recliner crying and in pain, I cant wait to see that sucker go!!! I cant believe how much of life has passed me by but I am going to hope for the best from now on! I took this pic before my appt, so I will have Tony take one tomorrow morning when I am flatter, I am pretty swollen now without the drain from being on my feet!

Day 18 I woke up without that pain, OMG I almost...

Day 18
I woke up without that pain, OMG I almost died! I don't know if it was the drain or this tight compression thing I am now wearing but I felt so good when I woke up, like a totally new person! So get this I go and get my hair cut and colored and a whole section of my hair didnt take, she said sometimes that happens with anesthesia? I was like never happened before or else maybe the meds? Any blondes out there have color not take after surgery? So I went to the store had some lunch now I have one hour to relax before I go get my son at school, he starts baseball tonight so gotta plan for that! 2 good days I am jumping for joy, ok not jumping, snail pacing it, LOL

Day 20 This sucks, is all I can say, Monday that...

Day 20
This sucks, is all I can say, Monday that drain came out and I felt great, Tuesday best day ever, woke up flattest that I have ever been. I am trying to get out and do more to build my strength, now yesterday and even more so today I feel like shit, my stomach is swollen, there is like movement in my stomach like how it feels when pregnant and the baby moves?? I am waiting for some spawn of satan to rip through or some alien that is all I can think of, I still wake up to those horrible contraction like things, my whole stomach is totally numb! God I am so sick of it now! My BB is still oozing, I am at my wits end with this, I just want to feel normal, it seems like everyone feels normal, I am no where near normal. It was really depressing after 2 good days to feel this way again, I see the doc on Monday that is the day I am suppose to go back to work. My ass and hips and thighs are still the size of Texas, nothing fits heck even stretch pants leave a seam mark over my gigantic hips, I am losing patience and want to feel good, nothing helps the pain in my stomach, I still take that flexerel at night, but I fall asleep so I dont know if it helps or not, I cant take it during the day cause it makes me so tired. Tylenol does nothing, that Mobic does nothing, he doesn't want me to take ibuprofen or Naprosyn, ughg, I just feel like crap! Talk about paying a price, this is by far the most horrible thing I have gone through for the most reward, my pregnancy was easy and my c-section this is 10 times worse, I keep telling myself it is worth it, cause it is, but man I am paying for it.

3weeks and a day Well I feel slightly better...

3weeks and a day

Well I feel slightly better today but I am swollen as beach ball, it like OK you hurt but you look flatter that is ok swollen and hurting just sucks, LOL But I gotta try to just deal with this cause it isn't getting any easier for me and I have to go back to work so somehow I am going to just learn to live with this for awhile longer. Sort of depressing but my exciting news, how I can lose 150 pounds and since Sept I have been working out like a nut, watching and recording every morsel of food that goes in my mouth and today I saw it 199!!! I was fluctuating between 203-209 for like 6 months! It was like the dumbest thing I would try everything and that scale would not budge below 200, 30 years since I have weighed under 200 pounds I was 13 the last time! It is crazy that i am sitting on my ass, doing nothing, and eating fruit and stuff I would never eat cause of the carbs and losing weight. But I am taking this victory today! I want to feel good for the wedding tonight and somehow stuff my fat swollen self into a dress, ughgg, and heels I am walking so slow I am afraid to wear heels tonight, but I want to go to this wedding, it is a really nice co -worker of Tony's so I want to rest and feel good for it! Here are the beach ball pics from this morning!

Day 23 Well we went to the wedding last night,...

Day 23
Well we went to the wedding last night, people that knew me thought I looked like I was in pain, LOL they said you are always so chatty and bubbly I guess I felt like a stuffed sausage in my binder and garment and dress and heels and the drive there, but it was nice to be out and among people and get my mind off how I feel, that is for sure! I am very ready for this swelling to start going down, I am so glad to see my doc tomorrow maybe he can get some of it out of me, and I am going back to work that has me a little worried but I will see how it goes, me and hubby talked if I cant do it I am going to have to leave, I will be out of paid time but I did fill out the FMLA so I can take up to 12 weeks without pay. I thought oh 10 days I will be good, LOL But slowly but surely it is getting better, I have not been waking up in the night, I woke up last night at 3 am and noticed my tummy felt good the muscle relaxer I take at bedtime I think helps, but if I take that during the day I get so tired, so not sure what to do about that. I am trying to stand straight but in this pic I notice I am hunched!

Day 24 Back to work Ughg I have been awake...

Day 24 Back to work

Ughg I have been awake since 4 am worrying about this day but gotta get it done maybe going back will get my mind off things! Feeling OK this morning, very swollen still I cant wait to see the doc tonight!!!

Day 24 Post doctor visit! Well I got drained,...

Day 24 Post doctor visit!

Well I got drained, that big needle is nasty but as long as I didn't look I didn't feel a thing, he drained a few vials and man you could see my tummy going down immediately, it feels so much better. Something is rubbing on my incision he thinks it might be me wearing those tight compression garments, so I am back to the freaking binder I hate that thing and now have to wear it to work, but oh well I will do anything to get me healing and feeling better! I love my doctor and I feel so bad that I am having such a hard time with this, I told him that, he said I did a woman Friday older than you she walked in here today like nothing happened, I said I know it is my freaking body fighting this, I swear my damn fat cells are even fighting me now! e said my BB looks good to keep doing the peroxide/alcohol thing so I am doing that and I will go back on Monday or call him before if needed to get drained. I am so glad I chose a doctor close to me for this reason, I see him every week and he is only 20 minutes away! to all of those considering a TT think about that, choose the doctor you think is best and close. Most people dont have the problem I have had healing but just something to consider! So I am wiped form my first day of work and have to be up even earlier tomorrow, ughgh, I see my head hitting the pillow around 8:00 tonight!

Post Op Day 26 OMG it is always something with...

Post Op Day 26

OMG it is always something with this surgery! SO my tummy muscles are finally feeling better, back at work and tired but doing OK, so got the tummy drained Monday that was good, was pretty flat this morning. But when i woke up I felt this super hard thing about 2 inches long right on my incision line it felt like a dowel rod in my skin, and the other side had a section that burned like fire when Tony was rubbing the bacatracin on it, well I called he was in surgery but I had a full blown seroma he drained it and he said it might fill back up, well I am home just over 2 hours and it is coming back, good grief its like I can't catch a break with this surgery! Every time one thing gets better something else comes up. ONe thing my doctor is so wonderful he is so kind and always has the nicest manner about him, even when he is seeing me on his off hours he had an intern wiht him today I said oh boy I got the treatment, so he said the side that is burning is nerves healing the seroma is what it is, and he drained more fluid form my tummy, he said my drain needed to come out and leaving it may not have mattered. I really appreciate his level of care, and that is why I am so gald he is so close, I guess for people that didnt have all these issues it is not bad to be far away but I am glad he is 15 minutes away. So back to resting and trying to not do too much while this heals, ughghgg

4 weeks PO WOW what a month! In some ways it...

4 weeks PO

WOW what a month! In some ways it went really fast its hard to believe it is a month already. I have tried to give an accurate account of what I was going through, I had a tough time, no doubt not the typical recovery, but it is what it is! The first two days were painful, but after that is was more just being uncomfortable and unable to do things and move around that really bugged me. Last night me and hubby had a big talk about the surgery and we both feel it was a great thing. I am trying to focus on the fact that having that skin gone is a huge vast improvement, all I need to do is look at that before picture and think holy crap anything I went through was worth it.

I am starting to feel better physically so that is a positive and I am not so afraid of my own body. I have to be realistic, I am still a big girl and always will be, I had a lot of tissue removed, I have a big old scar that wraps around my bod, I am never going to be a Victoria Secret model and that is OK, I spent my whole life being morbidly obese so being a size 10 or 12 is OK with me. Once I can work out again I want to try to get another 25 pounds off but this was a huge surgery so what is a few months on hold in the grand scheme of things? I am really happy that I am finally under 200 pounds, after being stalled for months with my weight loss that is a huge mental obstacle! I have lost 11 virgin pounds now since surgery. 21 pounds if count my highest post op swelling weight! And smoke free 72 days that is huge, I am so glad I wanted this surgery so bad that it made me finally quit smoking!

I love my doctor I think he did a fabulous job, my incision placement is really good,its nice and straight, my BB is looking good, his follow up has been fabulous, I feel like I live at his office, but he is always so nice and man it is just reassuring sometimes to know he looked at everything and it is going to be fine! I think he is fabulous and feel the recovery was no fault of his, just me and my healing for whatever reason. I had those darn fat cells my whole life and I am sure my bod is saying hey what happened where did you go. I cannot say enough good things about his office and their prompt attention to my concerns.

So I am looking forward to getting cleared to start activity, I think now the BB is pretty good so maybe I can walk, I will keep getting tapped of fluid,and everyday I am moving around better, and not quite as tired, this first week back was draining getting up early and used to the grind again, I am sure next week it will get a little easier too!

All in all, if you read my whole post op it may have sounded bad at times, but dont let it scare you, you deal with each thing as it comes, and there are plenty of others on here to help you through and assure you it will be OK. Everything I dealt with I think someone else has dealt with too. Just do other ladies a favor and support them when it is their turn, I think as women we need each other's moral support!

Added Pics!!!!!

Added Pics!!!!!

Day 31 Well I saw PS last night to get my little...

Day 31
Well I saw PS last night to get my little seroma friend drained. Man I felt it this time, which is a good thing since that means I am healing and getting my feeling back a bit, he drained some belly juice too, so that was good. The one area that looked bad on my incision was a popped stitch so he removed that, ouch! Said everything is looking good, incision is OK now so I can go back to wearing spanx dont have to wear the binder, YEAH!!!!!! He told me last time I could use aquaphor or vaseline on the incision and that seems to have really taken a lot of the redness away and it feels good on, I guess keeping it moist is a good thing. He said I still have a lot of swelling in the VJ area and tummy all normal it will fade. Still no serious exercise because of seroma, so no elliptical, darn it, he said to call Thursday he is in surgery and maybe after he can drain me again! My BB is looking good I can stop the peroxide and alcohol now he said to just keep it moisturized. I am liking my BB, it is small and centered perfectly. I told him I had my gratitude moment over the surgery how amazing it is, how I needed to get in my head that I am not 20 and not 120 pounds, but rather to look at how far I have come after a lifetime of obesity and be grateful I had him to fix me up. Yesterday for the first time I saw a vertical ridge under my bra I said is that the start of my 6 pack, he said yes it is, I was like holy crap that is freaking awesome, I cant wait for this freaking swelling to go and see what I am really left with and then to really start working out hard, I am going to really go at it, I miss the gym and lifting more than anything. So I will keep sitting on my butt and letting myself heal I am thankful that everyday I feel better and more like myself, this kicked my ass royally but it was worth it, and as bad as it was at times, I would do it all over again for the same result, and my doctor is the best, I adore him!! I had to get to being myself again before I could see the big picture!

TMI report:
We had sex on Saturday night, and let me say I was totally losing my mojo
pre surgery, hubby watched me go from having the hormones of a 16 year old boy to a 90 year old woman over the last year, not sure if it is being pre-menopausal, all the diet and exercise, feeling self conscious about by body, but sex was really my last thought at night, considering we are newlyweds that is a great thing huh? Well Saturday night it was awkward but man not sure what is going on down there, but man did it feel totally different and totally good, holy crap both of us were amazed. Maybe its the swelling or the nerves I dont know, I know he did a lot of repair of that area on me but that was one pleasant bonus in this whole recovery, LOL I told hubs not sure how long that will last so enjoy it now, LOL

Other than that, I am looking forward to Easter with the family now that I feel better. I will be going to my nephew's B-day party on Sat and many of the people there have been seeing me lose weight but do not know about the surgery so will be funny to see what people say, I gotta see what I can pork into that day! I am so tempted to buy some capris or shorts but I know I am so swollen so I better keep waiting, its hard!

BIKINI DAY!!! OK never owned a bikini in my...


OK never owned a bikini in my entire life but I went to Old navy and grabbed one, the blue one I ordered from Venus, I am still swollen, stretched marked, saggy boobs but you know what? I don't care I have one on me!!!!! One of these days this summer I will be at my Aunt's pool just us laying out in that bikini and feeling like a freaking rock star!!! My son was so cute he is like Mom I can't believe you have a bikini on and don't look gross, LOL I am so tired, swollen, but this just made my day! I cant wait to show hubby tonight, this has been such a long painful road for me but days like this I really need to keep knowing it is only going to get tons better!!!!!

5 weeks WOW it was a long 5 weeks but now since...

5 weeks

WOW it was a long 5 weeks but now since week 4 everything is getting better, thank goodness. I had a tough time but like it finally hit me it was all worth it! I love my doc and he has been so good to me, like he said its not that I had serious complications just had trouble healing, it was just my body's adjustment to the surgery I guess. I have so much respect for him and his office, seeing me after hours, I always see him, not a nurse, I read about some of the follow up some of you have and I am horrified--- I know he would never not see a patient that is having issues!!! The seromas are common, especially with the amount I had removed but its not that big of a deal really, it is starting to hurt more so that part isn't as great but that means nerves are regenerating which is a good ting. I think he is a fabulous surgeon the scar is so low and I didn't have trouble with it opening or anything,considering the size of it I was glad about that, just had one stitch pop that he took care of. I had more of my energy back after my second week back to work, I am still worn out at the end of the day but not like the first week back. Swelling is a bitch with this surgery, we are going to swell a long time, some days are good and you think wow, and other days you feel like a beach ball,but everyday is another day ticked off edging closer to the one year mark, when hopefully it will all be behind us. I miss working out, especially from the stress relief aspect but I am so darn glad I feel better I can sit it out as long as I need to. Funny last night I took my son to dinner it was the first meal I ate out in 5 weeks I was worried about swelling, and this morning I was the flattest I was in a long time, there is no figuring it out, LOL Everyone have a happy Easter/Passover/whatever you celebrate with your families!!!! I know I will not be biting the heads off any bunny ears with this new tummy!!!!

Happy Easter!!!! or Happy Passover or whatever you...

Happy Easter!!!! or Happy Passover or whatever you celebrate!!!!

Thinking of all my Tummy Tuck sisters that have made this battle so much better, have a wonderful day with your family and friends, I will continue to pray for all of us as we continue our journey!!!!

6 weeks Oh man and the swelling is bad this...

6 weeks
Oh man and the swelling is bad this week!! Still fighting my little seroma friend, but that is OK, I am feeling pretty darn good. I am hopng maybe he will say I can start walking or doing some light weights next week I am miss it, the weather is getting warm I dont want to turn to flubber. Weight is hovering up and down based on swelling but I am a good 10-11 pounds down from surgery and with no activity I will take that. Frustrated that my fat pants dont fit, but I can see the swelling, so I know it will get better, wow when I see the bikini pics I can see the difference since then. I will take some pics tomorrow and I started using the silicone strips again, I use the Scar FX from Rejuaskin, I saw marked improvement with my arms. My TT scar is 28 inches, holy crap amazing I didnt feel worse when I think of that, overall it was a long journey but at least you can see the results, and I would do it all again, I love my doctor he has really helped me through the rough patches and I am looking forward to healing. Heard from my trainer, she split with her BF of 11 years, so she has had some drama, we are going to try to get together on Sunday she didnt want to bug me when she knew I was having issues, so I hope we can reconnect i told her I am chomping at the bit to get back to working out!

Updated pics, my belly is white from tanning, I...

Updated pics, my belly is white from tanning, I guess I need to find something to just cover my BB, LOL Still very swollen, Look at the Vj OMG, it is so swollen, I am trying to keep the faith! So I started using the silicone strips and I am using rejuvasil scar cream I had the least amount of that left, and at night I use palmers cocoa oil and a smear of coconut oil,that is my favorite part, I have been swearing flexee girdle type things during the day and my velcro binder from the doc at night, I couldn't wait to get out of it now I sort of like it, LOL Go figure, I have Tony pull it really tight at night and I am still sleeping on my back, I can lay on my r side for like 20 minutes, still not on left due to seroma, which is huge, I get drained tomorrow. Honeslty it is a PIA this healing but OMG it is still so amazing to me I will take it, I dont care how long this takes I will be patient, this was worth it to me!!!

OK, so two times I had my pants down and it didn't...

OK, so two times I had my pants down and it didn't end in fun, LOL

Had my annual pap with my OB/GYN she was like OMG you look amazing, she said you had a huge surgery I am not surprised if it takes 4-6 months for you to feel normal, she said I imagine the muscle separation was bad, the incision is large, she said I have to give it time, she thought my doc did an amazing job, and I agree I never doubted him its my stupid bod that doesn't want to heal right, so I felt better after talking to her too, she made me realize its no small surgery, she was like your c-section took me 40 minutes, look how long he worked on you! And can I just say how wonderful it is to go and not be told how freaking overweight you are and have to have the large BP cuff, and a gown that doesnt fit, that was exciting in itself. So felt much better after tlaking with her, she loved my BB and she feels my doc is the best and I believe her, I said yes you encouraged me to consult with him for my arms in case I needed follow up, I said now this surgery I needed it, I said I am waiting for him to charge me rent! I cant stress that enough to people having consults for their tummy, try to find a doc close to home in the event of complications, I am sure I have been to my doc 12-15 times since surgery.

So went to my doc, he drained me again, stuck a needle in my belly, OMG I saw stars, he is like well must have nerves there, LOL So I stood up and blood started running down my legs,on the floor in my shoe I was like WTH? I said OMG if I walk out there in your waiting room the people are going to screaming out of here! LOL So he got me all cleaned up and nothing on my new dress thank God I was stressing over that!

So my Mom knew I was depressed last week and she brought me a really pretty dress tonight, so that made me happy!! A size 12 and it fit perfectly, she is like Amber look how thin you are. So I need to chill and really as I said to my doctor this tummy gotta last me the next 40 years so what is a few more weeks of taking it easy if it means I heal, really that is what it is about. I miss working out, but I am being careful with my eating I am still maintaining and losing so that is OK. I want to be good enough to enjoy vacation with the kids,so if it means laying low I plan to do that.

So when I get depressed someone needs to smack me into reality. My doctor is like WTH are you depressed about look at your before pics and he is right, I really like him and he always makes me feel better. My scar is amazing, my BB is really cute, there are lots of positives!

8 weeks, wow in some ways it seems so long ago and...

8 weeks, wow in some ways it seems so long ago and other ways it seems not so long. Well 8 weeks ago I would have thought I would be feeling a lot better by now, but it is OK, I am trying to realize it is going to take longer to feel normal, but this new tummy is going to last me my lifetime, so whatever I need to do I am going to do! I am eating carefully and trying not to gain weight while not exercising. Maybe tomorrow I will take some more pics and see if you can see a difference from the 6 weeks pic. Still glad I did it, still think my doc is super, just impatient with the healing and swelling. Today is also my 100th day as a non-smoker so I am quite thrilled about that!!

Took the 8 week pictures yesterday I felt the best...

Took the 8 week pictures yesterday I felt the best I have in some time, it was casual day so I could wear my under armour compression tights they help, then this morning I am still swollen, but it is going to take time, I keep thinking well this is better than what I had so maybe if the swelling ever leaves it will get better.

WOW hard to believe that it is 12 weeks alread

WOW hard to believe that it is 12 weeks alread
Reading Plastic Surgeon

I wanted to wait until I was a week out to write this review and as I thought would be the case Dr. Schlechter and his whole staff continue to provide the best plastic surgery service in Berks County. This was a huge operation, and a rough one physically, after losing 150 pounds I was left with terrible hanging skin, Dr. Schlechter did beautiful work on me. The recovery has been tough on me, and no matter when I call his office someone calls me back and talks me through whatever problem I am having and calms me down, Dr. Schlechter will see me whenever I need him and he does such perfect work there is never a problem with incisions opening or infections or anything like that. I cant say enough good things about him and his whole staff that know you by name and want to make sure you receive the highest standards of care. His post op nurse with me was an angel I was so scared and she was so calming, he has a beautiful OR suite which is so much nicer than a hospital setting. We are lucky to have such a skilled surgeon in Berks County. I never considered anyone else but I know I will be counting on Dr. Schlechter to continue to fix up the mess that resulted from all the hard work I did on the weight loss.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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