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I had a breast reduction 4 1/2 weeks ago and am...

I had a breast reduction 4 1/2 weeks ago and am scheduled for a tummy tuck on October 18. It's a little sooner than I expected, so I'm really nervous. I have an appointment with my PS in a week and a half to ask questions. I don't have many yet, because I've been concentrating on my BR recovery and haven't thought about my TT that much. I lost about 55 lbs. 5 years ago and have had a drooping belly ever since. Sadly, there is a rash involved off and on especially in warm weather. (Did I say we're having very unseasonably warm weather right now?) The good news is, because of the rash, I am covered for the surgery. Yay! I'll post more after my appointment next week, when I have a better idea of what to expect from my PS. If anyone has suggestions of good questions I can ask my PS, I'd appreciate your comments.

Ready for appointment

I have a pre-op/post-op appointment with my PS tomorrow morning. I have lots of questions about both my surgeries - BR 6 weeks ago, TT 5 weeks from now. I am so ready for this because I've been looking on RS for weeks to see what questions others have asked and making my list for myself. I'm anxiously awaiting my TT while still recovering from my BR. That's going well, so while I know I have a lot of recovery to go yet (hopefully the girls will get a little rounder and the swelling will continue to go down), but I feel ready for the next step. I have a hanging blob on my abdomen that has been causing problems for a long time. A weight loss of 55 pounds five years ago in addition to my "pregnancy weight" after three children has left me like so many others with a really big belly. I have a rash underneath, especially in the warm weather, and it gets itchy enough that it drives me nuts! I expect to have the problem solved five weeks from now.

I've been spending a lot of time looking at reviews , updates and comments from those who have already made the journey to the flat side. Thank you to all of you who have shared your journeys, the highs and lows and all the information that has helped me out. I'll continue to post as the time goes by and I get closer to my date.

Pre-op photos

I tried on one of my favorite dresses that was always tight both top and bottom. It looks a little better on top, but not so good lower down. These illustrate why I need this surgery - not only for the overhang, but rash, icky stickiness, and so on under the overhang.

Time goes by so slowy

I feel like I'm in a holding pattern. Three weeks from today (Oct. 25) is my surgery, and time seems to be going so slowly. I read many of your reviews to occupy my time in the evening, learning a lot and getting good advice, and am so happy for everyone who has made it to the flat side. I dream of getting there too. I am tired most of the time, but that's nothing new; I've been tired for years, I just have an excuse right now - recovery from my surgery 8 weeks ago - a BR. I am healing well from that, and it's made me anxious to have the next surgery so I can move on to my new body - no hanging boobs or belly complete with all the problems they cause. I'm looking for some support from those of you who have either gotten to the flat side or will get there around the same time as me.
Whine done.

oH, my...

I was just looking at my posted photos of "the belly" and wow. There's a lot there that I HOPE goes away! I don't think I looked at them too closely when I took them I just wanted to get them posted because I said I was going to. I knew I had quite an overhang, but didn't realize it's as big as it is. 12 days from now it will be gone!

It's getting closer

One week from tonight, it will be done. I feel like I'm in a holding pattern, hoping I am ready and that I have everything I need for recovery - even though I'm still buying things, lol. I am spending every evening reading the reviews and updates of all you lovely ladies who have already made it to the flat side. Thank you for all the encouraging words, and keep them coming for those of us still waiting to make the journey. :)

Getting close!

Three days from now is my big day. I'm not anxious or nervous, just ready to have a flat belly. I look down at it and say "You're going to be gone soon." I'm working on getting things ready for my nesting area and doing some cleaning - boy, I HATE to clean! I don't know when it will get done again and with the holidays coming soon, I don't want things to be too messy. My hubby is also recovering from a surgery (a few months ago - he heals very slowly) and he can't do much either. We are quite a pair.

Thank you to everyone whose reviews comments and updates I've read to help me through this journey. I know I'll just be beginning on Tuesday, but I hope to profit from all your comments and advice.

I know there will be pain, but I'm hopeful it's not too bad. I have never done well with it, but had a BR almost 11 weeks ago and hardly had any. I never got my scripts filled because I didn't need them. If I'm luck, this will be similar. At least I hope so. :)

I may post another update before Tuesday, but if I don't, I will when I get a chance. I am spending at least one night in the hospital, maybe two, depending on the pain level. See you on the other side...
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