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I had a breast reduction 4 1/2 weeks ago and am...

I had a breast reduction 4 1/2 weeks ago and am scheduled for a tummy tuck on October 18. It's a little sooner than I expected, so I'm really nervous. I have an appointment with my PS in a week and a half to ask questions. I don't have many yet, because I've been concentrating on my BR recovery and haven't thought about my TT that much. I lost about 55 lbs. 5 years ago and have had a drooping belly ever since. Sadly, there is a rash involved off and on especially in warm weather. (Did I say we're having very unseasonably warm weather right now?) The good news is, because of the rash, I am covered for the surgery. Yay! I'll post more after my appointment next week, when I have a better idea of what to expect from my PS. If anyone has suggestions of good questions I can ask my PS, I'd appreciate your comments.

Ready for appointment

I have a pre-op/post-op appointment with my PS tomorrow morning. I have lots of questions about both my surgeries - BR 6 weeks ago, TT 5 weeks from now. I am so ready for this because I've been looking on RS for weeks to see what questions others have asked and making my list for myself. I'm anxiously awaiting my TT while still recovering from my BR. That's going well, so while I know I have a lot of recovery to go yet (hopefully the girls will get a little rounder and the swelling will continue to go down), but I feel ready for the next step. I have a hanging blob on my abdomen that has been causing problems for a long time. A weight loss of 55 pounds five years ago in addition to my "pregnancy weight" after three children has left me like so many others with a really big belly. I have a rash underneath, especially in the warm weather, and it gets itchy enough that it drives me nuts! I expect to have the problem solved five weeks from now.

I've been spending a lot of time looking at reviews , updates and comments from those who have already made the journey to the flat side. Thank you to all of you who have shared your journeys, the highs and lows and all the information that has helped me out. I'll continue to post as the time goes by and I get closer to my date.

Pre-op photos

I tried on one of my favorite dresses that was always tight both top and bottom. It looks a little better on top, but not so good lower down. These illustrate why I need this surgery - not only for the overhang, but rash, icky stickiness, and so on under the overhang.

Time goes by so slowy

I feel like I'm in a holding pattern. Three weeks from today (Oct. 25) is my surgery, and time seems to be going so slowly. I read many of your reviews to occupy my time in the evening, learning a lot and getting good advice, and am so happy for everyone who has made it to the flat side. I dream of getting there too. I am tired most of the time, but that's nothing new; I've been tired for years, I just have an excuse right now - recovery from my surgery 8 weeks ago - a BR. I am healing well from that, and it's made me anxious to have the next surgery so I can move on to my new body - no hanging boobs or belly complete with all the problems they cause. I'm looking for some support from those of you who have either gotten to the flat side or will get there around the same time as me.
Whine done.

oH, my...

I was just looking at my posted photos of "the belly" and wow. There's a lot there that I HOPE goes away! I don't think I looked at them too closely when I took them I just wanted to get them posted because I said I was going to. I knew I had quite an overhang, but didn't realize it's as big as it is. 12 days from now it will be gone!

It's getting closer

One week from tonight, it will be done. I feel like I'm in a holding pattern, hoping I am ready and that I have everything I need for recovery - even though I'm still buying things, lol. I am spending every evening reading the reviews and updates of all you lovely ladies who have already made it to the flat side. Thank you for all the encouraging words, and keep them coming for those of us still waiting to make the journey. :)

Getting close!

Three days from now is my big day. I'm not anxious or nervous, just ready to have a flat belly. I look down at it and say "You're going to be gone soon." I'm working on getting things ready for my nesting area and doing some cleaning - boy, I HATE to clean! I don't know when it will get done again and with the holidays coming soon, I don't want things to be too messy. My hubby is also recovering from a surgery (a few months ago - he heals very slowly) and he can't do much either. We are quite a pair.

Thank you to everyone whose reviews comments and updates I've read to help me through this journey. I know I'll just be beginning on Tuesday, but I hope to profit from all your comments and advice.

I know there will be pain, but I'm hopeful it's not too bad. I have never done well with it, but had a BR almost 11 weeks ago and hardly had any. I never got my scripts filled because I didn't need them. If I'm luck, this will be similar. At least I hope so. :)

I may post another update before Tuesday, but if I don't, I will when I get a chance. I am spending at least one night in the hospital, maybe two, depending on the pain level. See you on the other side...

It's time!

Well, ladies, this is my last night with the itchy, hanging belly flab. I report at 6:30 tomorrow morning for what I'm told will be a 4-5 hour surgery to sculpt a new me. I'm not nervous or scared, but looking forward to starting this journey. I will spend at least one night in the hospital and it could be more depending on my pain level. Having had very little pain after my BR, I'm hoping the same occurs after this surgery, although I realize the MR will cause a lot of pain. I'll see you all on the other side. I'll update a couple of days from now - don't have smart phone, so have to wait until I get home.

I'm there!

I'm two days post op today, and feeling really good, considering I just had a major surgery. While I hardly have any pain, I am on a pain pump and Percocet. I see my PS tomorrow, and he'll remove the pain pump. I'll see how it goes then, lol. I had about 3 pounds removed with no lipo. I'm anxious to see how I look - I've had a peak or two but haven't changed my dressing yet, I'll do that tonight, but I don't have a mirror down here.

I spent one night in the hospital, coming home last evening. I went right to my recliner, sat down, organized myself, and fell asleep. Fortunately, I was already in my "bed" so I didn't need to try and wake up. Getting up to use the bathroom takes work, but I managed to do it without my husband during the night. I was afraid that might be a problem and I'd have to call him for help. I have done some walking around the house, - a little every hour, except for the two-hour nap I took this afternoon. That's pretty much all I did today.

When I get a chance, I'll post some pictures, but the camera is upstairs and I am downstairs. My PS said I could do stairs, but maybe once a day. I went up this morning to change clothes and didn't think about getting my camera at the time. I'll try and remember tomorrow.

Right now, I'm very happy with my decision to get this done, and if I am knocked down by pain eventually, I'll remember that things will get better soon and it will all be worth it in the end.

Problems uploading

Sorry, Ladies, I tried to upload some photos earlier today but they wouldn't upload for some reason. I'll try gain tomorrow, when I get to my other computer that has the photos stored on it.

I am feeling really well today. I saw my PS yesterday and he puled out the pain pump that was keeping me blissfully OUT of pain, but I really haven't had much pain today anyway. Maybe I'm over the hump? I m still religiously taking Percocet and I know that's helping, but I was also using it while I had the pain pump.

I am amazed at myself that I've had so little pain with this surgery. I thought sure I would hurt a lot more from it, but no complaints! I'll take it. I've been sleeping in my recliner since I got home - in the hospital, I found it was so much easier to get out of a chair than the bed, even with a nurse helping me. I'm almost afraid to try my bed. I see my PS again on Monday, so I'll ask him if I need to continue to hunch over while walking and sleeping. If he gives me the okay, I'll start sleeping in the bed. At least I can wake my husband if I need help.

I've been walking a little bit each hour every day, so I'm getting a decent amount of exercise, although compared to my amount of walking, I'm doing next to nothing. If I haven't walked during an hour and I feel too tired, I just relax in my chair, and say the next hour is another chance.

When I get a chance tomorrow to repost my pictures, I'll add a little more, but I wanted to check in tonight.

Pre shower pictures

I could finally post these

Little things

I am 9 days PO today and have little victories to celebrate. I have had minimal pain with my TT because of a pain pump and Percocet. The pump is "long" gone, there is only one pill left that I am saving for "just in case." The last time I weighed my self was yesterday and I was down almost 3 lbs. I expect that will not continue when the swelling starts, lol. My PS pulled out one of my drains today, so, one leg is more comfortable. I see him again Monday and hope he'll pull the second one then.

I am still sleeping in a recliner, because I'm a little afraid of trying to get out of bed in the morning. I think I'll suck it up soon and go back to my bed. I walk a little every hour - usually less than five minutes then I come sit in my chair under my blanket again. Going to the bathroom is a pain, especially with the drains - that's HALF improved now, lol - but my usual habits have changed. I assume Senekot has made the difference, but I'm satisfied with where I m there. I have updated pictures but I need to get to the computer that I upload them to. I'll try and get to that tomorrow.

While things are going well for me so far, I know that my journey is not nearly over, so I'm enjoying these small things while I can. I see my flat stomach and realize how worth it all this is.


I finally got to my computer that I upload photos from, just a couple of days late. Here they are.


I just got home from visit to my PS. He finally pulled out the second drain! I was hoping he would do it Monday, but there was just a little too much drainage then. At that time, he cleared me to wear a compression garment ad had his nurse give me a couple of suggestions. I went out shopping for Spanx yesterday and bought two, one of which I wore to my appointment for his approval. He said it's fine and I should continue to wear it for up to two months, which I expected. It was a little problematic figuring out how to wear it with the drain and tubing still in, but I worked it out by hanging the drain from lanyard around my neck so I didn't have to pin it to the Spanx. Fortunately, that problem is solved. He also took out the last couple of stitches from my belly button.

I've been feeling really good; gave up on the Percocet with one pill left for "just in case." It's been at least a week, and I've only taken a couple of Tylenol, and that was mostly for headaches. No medications for a couple of days now. I'm still walking a couple hundred steps/hour, but somehow yesterday I walked almost 9,000 steps or over 3 1/2 miles. Part of that was my shopping trip, but most of it was just around the house.

I still don't have much swelling. There's some around my belly button and my pubic area, but that's about all I've really noticed. I can't complain at all about my progress since the surgery 15 days ago. So happy with my decision!

2 weeks PO

I finally took some newer pictures this morning. These are 2 weeks - and 2 days - post op.

Showing a definite difference

A comparison of pictures taken a few weeks before surgery and 2 1/2 weeks after surgery.

New clothes

It's 3 weeks tomorrow since my TT and I went out and did a little shopping yesterday. I'm not buying much, but all of my jeans somehow are to big, lol. I also bought some new underwear. I have NEVER bought this type before because I didn't have the body for it, but now...I went crazy and bought 8 pairs. I guess I'm set for a while. :)

4 week update

It's been four weeks since my TT. I am feeling very well, almost no pain, except when coughing or sneezing, but even that's just uncomfortable. I am still swollen below the incision and pubic area, but I think it's a little less. I haven't really noticed that the swelling increases by the end of the day, but I attribute that to my CG that I am still wearing. I've begun to walk for exercise at our local mall, doing two laps the first week, and beginning to do three yesterday. I do sit and rest most of the rest of the day except for walking 3 - 5 minutes each hour. My temperature keeps going back and forth between warm and cold, so I wear a sweater or zipper hoodie and s it under a blanket most of the day. I have always had problems with the cold and keeping warm, so that may be some of it. I am still so happy to have made the decision to do this and will continue to feel that way not matter what my recovery throws in my way!

6 weeks update

It's 6 weeks ago today that I had my TT. I started using scar treatment 5 days ago and this is how the incision looked after my shower this morning. It feels smoother, so that's a plus. The puckering on my left side at the end doesn't seem to be as bad, so something is working, lol.

I've been feeling great, walking over 12,000 steps a day again. That's equivalent to more than 4 miles a day. I've been sleeping on both my sides for close to five weeks, and haven't noticed much pain from the pressure. If I do, I shift position a little. My PS said I can sleep on my stomach if I am ready, so I tried that a couple of times. Once I'm there, it's not too bad; it's just the shifting and turning to get there that puts a little pressure on the incision. I move slowly (and drive my husband crazy, lol) but it's fairly comfortable for me to sleep that way. Any time I walk by a mirror I have to look to see how much better I look, and it's great! I am constantly surprised by the changes that have been made to my body, and am still VERY happy to have made the decisions that I did. I haven't bought much new clothing yet, because I'm hoping my shape will change a little more, but have bought a few things in sizes that I never thought possible I could fit in. I've got a cruise coming soon, so I'll be doing more shopping after the holidays...gotta show off the new bod to friends! :)

11 week update

Today marks 11 weeks PO for me for my TT. I stopped wearing my Spanx at night about a week ago, and during the day three days ago. I've been wearing Mepitac tape for about six weeks but am taking a short break from it. I'll start it again tomorrow. I was getting itchy along the tape so decided I needed to give the area a rest. I am extremely happy with my overall look, but wish I had a bit more definition in my waist. I see my PO next week and will ask him if I can expect more definition as time goes by or is it pretty much thee way it will look. I also plan to ask about liposuction, but don't know if I am interested in pursuing that or not.

I've been out shopping a couple of times over the past month or so and slowly buying new clothing that fits. I'm thrilled that I can wear a size 8 in (most pairs of) slacks, down from size 14. I am going on a cruise relatively soon, and found one store had a few types of bathing suits to try on. I didn't buy yet, but will eventually. It was just fun to try on a two-piece and bikini. The last time I wore either of them was...NEVER!!! What a great decision to have this surgery! I feel so much better, and look better, and am excited to show off the new me to family and friends.

To all you ladies out there who are contemplating having a TT, I heartily suggest you follow through. It can definitely change you life for the better.

2 1/2 month PO visit

I saw my PS today and got a great report from him. He's very pleased with the progress of my TT scar, says it 's healing very well. He says he can do lipo in a few months after I heal some more, to fix some areas that are still problematic, but I haven't decided whether or not I want to take that route. I'm glad I have time to think about it. I have something along the line of a dog-ear that he said he can fix in the office, if I want. If I massage it, that may help reduce it in size. He wants me to be well-healed before he does anything else, so if that doesn't help, I can have him surgically fix it.

I am very pleased with my results so far. I feel great, just a few little pains when I cough or sneeze, and they're getting better. If I sleep on my stomach, my hip and a couple of ribs hurt occasionally because there's no more "padding" protecting them , lol. I firmly believe that this is one of the two best decisions I've made for my body in a long time. The other one is my BR a little over 5 months ago. Between the two surgeries, I have no more rashes or itching under my breasts and (former) belly, fewer back problems, no weight on my shoulders, no hanging boobs or belly, and I can see down to my feet. :)

15 weeks

Sorry I haven't been around lately. My husband and I went on a cruise and we just got home. I "had to buy" a new bathing suit - bikini bottoms, tankini top, and a triangle top that tied behind my neck, and is a little closer to a bikini top. It was SO exciting to be able to wear my new suit out in public. I never was able to wear something like that before my tt. Yet another reason to be happy I did it. I wish I had taken some pictures of me, but I didn't even think of it at the time. I'll have to have my husband take some for me, lol.

I am doing well. I'm using Mepitac tape and Mederma to treat my scars, but haven't noticed much difference as of yet. I'm not too concerned with how the scars will look eventually, but am hoping they are at least a little lighter. haven't lost any weight, other than what was removed during surgery. Above my belly button I still have some areas that need work, but my PS won't do anything for 6 months after the tt, so I have a couple of months to try and exercise it away. I don't think it will work, though; I'm figuring on having lipo in late spring or early summer.

I'll update again in another week or two. See you then.

Bathing suit time

We went on a cruise in the beginning of February, so I had to find a new bathing suit. I eventually bought 5 pieces that I can mix and match...2 bikini bottoms, a tankini top, and a top that ties around my neck. The photos are of that top and one of the bikini bottoms. I forgot to get pictures while on the cruise, so I took some at home. I think I may have been a little swollen when they were taken, but it still tickles me that I was able to wear it.

I also have a line from my belly button up to my bra line that I discovered a couple of days ago. Could it be part of my long-missing abs?

Swimsuit pictures

I took these about a month ago and forgot to post them. It's about time, right? These are of one of my bathing suits that I purchased for the cruise I went on in the beginning of February. I never even thought to take them while on the ship, so took them when I got home. As you can see, my body's not perfect yet, but it's looking a lot better. I am hoping to have some lipo done in about 2 months - PS says I need to wait 6 months after my TT to have it done and there are some dog ear issues that need to be fixed, but the last time I was able to wear a bikini type suit was...40 odd years ago. I love it!

5 month update

Five months ago today, I began the second step of my journey - a tummy tuck. (The first step was a breast reduction last August My surgeon won't do the two of them together, which was okay, although I would have liked them done together). It's been a long road recovering (not that I had any problems, just the amount of time), but I feel great and am so happy with the view in the mirror. I check every time I walk by one, because I can't believe it's me, lol.

I am treating the scars with Scar Away, and I really don't like it. Every time I pull it off, it sticks to itself and it takes forever to separate each section so I can reapply it. I'll continue to use it because I bought it and it was expensive, like so many scar treatments. When it's gone, I'll use Mederma and cocoa butter creams. I think for five months the scar is looking good, anyway. It seems to be fading especially in the front, and the sides are evening out - puckers not quite as bad. I will have to have dog ears taken care of, but I'm hoping I can get that done at the same time I have liposuction to fix a few areas that were missed. I have an appointment in May to discuss that with my PS. I would love to have it sooner, but I need to wait for the TT to heal more anyway.

I went to a luncheon and saw some friends that I hadn't seen for quite a while, and all I got were compliments on how I look. One friend even said they (my boobs) look perky! Almost 8 months later, lol.

I'm slowly buying a new wardrobe. I keep telling myself I don't need a lot any more, but I feel a need to buy anyway. I have fun trying on clothes. The only disappointment so far has been Victoria's Secret - surprise. I saw a photo display in their window and went in because I really liked one of them. Of course, it doesn't come in the size I would need, but we probably can order it online; hmmm, where have I heard that before! I guess I still won't buy there. Their loss!
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