22 Year Old : Abdomen, Posterior Hips, Inner/Outer Thighs - Reading, PA

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Today was my initial consultation. I had a pretty...

Today was my initial consultation. I had a pretty good idea going into it that I would schedule the surgery today and take care of the down payment so I made sure all my finances were in line prior to today.
I have worked over the last 3 years to live a healthier lifestyle including eating well most times to frequent exercise including most anything over the years weights, cardio, circuit training ... but I am a curvy women who just haso those dreaded problem areas. My transition to night shift too has not made it any easier when it comes to working on my body shape.
So... I decided it's my time to take on lipo for myself ! My consult went well, doctor and coordinator were both friendly and informative. I hadn't planned on so much lipo but hey I'm just the kind of person who does things right from the gate. I'm basically having everything below my beasts to my knees sculpted! Approx OR time 3.5-4 hrs under general anesthesia.
I was super anxious going into today but in a good way. I intend to keep posting in here over the next months. I only have a little over a month until surgery so I know time will fly by. My pre op visit is scheduled for May 21! I intend to include pictures and details every step of the way! I have no shame in this I work hard to be healthy but we ladies know that sometimes it just isn't enough! I'm just looking to make my curves look amazing and find overall appeal in my body shape and contour. So cheers to my first cosmetic surgery
Consult selfie included. Let the countdown begin!!!!!!!

Planning for recovery

Today I made it a point to look at reviews on the supplements recommend I purchase for my upcoming procedure. Based on positive reviews and the fact the I don't plan to cheat myself in anyway after spending a large sum of money on this I decided to order them. I purchased the same products for a little overy $20 less than what my plastic surgeon was offering them for. But I have them and plan to take them as recommended.
I also have an entire 7 days off of work and plan to speak to my personal trainer about the few weeks I will take off from lifting. I am a huge fan of lifting but I don't plan on doing my normal regimen of lifting and intense cardio following this.
Probably for the next month now I will continue to stay informed, read reviews and just anticipate my upcoming procedure.

I have also decided to keep this decision private from family and friends. Only two exceptions being my boyfriend ( highly supportive & my driver ? & my best friend who I vent all too ) . Unfortunately there are too many negative connotations associated with lipo so I plan to keep everyone else out of it.
36 days ....

Pre op selfies

pre op appt pics 21 prior to surgery

pre op appt 5.21

Yesterday I had my pre op appt w Dr Reedy. It is suppose to be 2 weeks out however I will be on vacation next week so mine was a little earlier. It look about 1.5 hrs. So much information was given to me , everything from possible complications, instructions, prescriptions, lab work ... they took all my pre op pictures, measured me for my garment and I met with the doctor again.

Based on a previous medical condition I have Dr reedy felt it was best not to lipo my knees ( and I agree with him so I will not be having that done, - $500 ) .

I am very excited about everything, sitting here updating this I know in 3 weeks I will be full of mixed emotions :)

I got all my prescriptions filled ( celebrex an anti inflammatory, EMEND for nausea, percocet for pain, and cefadroxil an antibiotic. Remembering to take so many pills and the supplements as well, yesh! But when I do something I do it right!!!!

I have continued to read reviews and others stories and everyone is so mixed that I'm trying to disregard them all bc I know my experience will be completely my own. Of course with any cosmetic procedure there is wonder as to results .... Dr reedy definitely gives me a sense that I can expect good results - hopefully this is the case.

So ... 20 days to go ... !

( posting pre pictures ... ugh lol I'm such a curvaceous woman!!!)

Focusing on my own excitment...

I don't have anything to share today that pertains to preparation. I'm just sharing my feelings as my surgery dates gets closer.
Yesterday was a tough day as I told two family members about my decision to have liposuction performed. I came clean bc I was, in search of a new companion to be my ride for surgery. Unfortunately I didn't communicate to the person who was suppose to take me my expectations. That's the problem with an elective procedure that's for cosmetic purposes- judgement & support. Not everyone supports you in this. So I'm still working out details, but I'm a tough cookie so IL be my biggest support & fan.
I work hard and this is my treat to myself. So today I am focusing on my own, excitment as it's 2 1/2 weeks away from a really exciting procedure I want for myself.

So again, cheers to me, thanks for the support on here ... 18 days to go !

1 week Pre Thoughts

Well .. it's now less than a week until my surgery. My o' my where has the time gone!? Lots of mixed emotions at this point. Trying to take care of all the preparation beforehand. I work tonight and every night up until my surgery. So i'll be coming off of a 7 night stretch (8 & 12 hr shifts into the 12th) I literally have a list of things to do every day. With so many different medications and things to gather and remember it's the only way I feel confident I won't forget anything.
I'm also really hoping i'm not too sore after surgery since my recovery with be spent mostly solo. I have a high pain tolerance and I literally have nothing planned those days so I can just lay and relax. I'm terrified if I try to do too much I'll end up swelling more and extending my recovery time.

**I'm currently taking any last minute advice or info that would be useful to know beforehand from anyone with a similar situation as well.

I seriously am still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that in a week i'll be recovering in bed, probably tired x more than I can imagine between no sleep before surgery and the meds... So excited and anxious - I hope it's not too much of an expection to want to see improvement right away. I keep reading posts about people who felt there PS were too conserative... yikes!

Anyways enough of the 1 week pre ramble - 6 1/2 days to go!

It's the day before...

& i'm so ready. I've been counting down the days for a month plus now and it's finally happening tomorrow. I recieved a call yesterday in the morning with my final instructions and OR time. Finally having my OR time brought me a lot of relief ( mostly because i'm an obsessive planner). I'm leaving work tomorrow at 4am ( I'm pretty sure I mentioned i'm a night shifter before) and going home to quick shower, leave my dog out and get my stuff together and go. The final verdict is, the bf is taking me. Can I say what a relief!!!! I definately wanted him to be the one to take me so I'm excited that everything worked out for him to be able to do this.

My list of things to do today after I finish my night shift is quite extensive. I obviously will be sleeping some of the day, I am lifting with my trainer ( hardest thing for me to give up during recovery!), grabbing a few last minute groceries, last minute cleaning, and get my acrylic nails taken off and I have to be back for night shift !!!!

Can I say also is it possible to be so excited and yet so nervous all at once?! It's crazy because I really am THAT excited but at the same time nervous for an outcome that takes weeks and months to see... I'm sure everyone else who has had this done or is having this done understands. I'm just so ready to have a nice waist with nice hip contours and a beautiful curvy shape that fits me!! Ready to not be so self-aware of areas that I deem undesirable and keep me from being completely comfortable in my own skin.

So tomorrow is the day. I'm to be there bright and early (7:30a) and will probably be leaving both sore and tired in the afternoon. But it is the true that beauty is pain! Again, thanks for the support, comments and suggestions over the last few weeks. Safe Surgery and well healing to me tomorow...
1 more day!!!

surgery day

Hello fellow Real Self ers!
Yes I am still alive but up until this point I didn't feel well enough to update on here.

Surgery Day 6.12

Finished nightshift at 415am went home showered, got all my stuff packed and took care of my doggie. Left the house at 640 and made it to the surgical center around 715. At 730 I met with the nurse who went over all the pre surgery info followed by the anesthesiologist who discussed with me intubation and my IV followed by the Dr who marked up my entire body lol lines everywhere! At that point I got my final bathroom stop ( should have enjoyed it more considering peeing the last two days has been a challenge ) .

After I went into the OR and the female nurse painted my entire body with betadine and I then laid down on the surgical table. Everyone else came in at that point and my IV was started along w fluids I was hooked up to a heart monitor and oxygen probe too. Then before I knew it, it was time for them to put me to sleep. The very kind RN held my hand, as my heart rate clearly increased and the anesthesiologist pushed propofol. I said 'thank you' and the next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room. I woke up to screaming pain in my outer thighs and throat. The RN gave me IV Demerol to help with the pain. I also woke up with multiple blankets on me and a heater hose underneath. Apparently I woke up shivering a lot. The dr informed me there is going to be a huge change... a total of 4000ccs was removed! ( holy cow - yes thwy showed me - holey junk is all i could think ) Within the next 20 minutes I started to get dressed with her help and she wheeled me out to the car.

I was tired but awake and the rest of the day I was in the bf's care. I must have looked pretty bad bc he took AMAZING care of me. And far exceeded anyone who every took care of me for any reason. I figured worst case scenario my surgery wasn't a success that this definitely brought the two of us that much closer. ( my love for him has grown tremendously over the last 3 days) .

Once I stepped out of the suv with his help I instantly felt blood/fluid run down my left leg. We went into the garage and I took off my soaked pants ( need less to say my garment was gross too) and he covered the sofa with old blankets and hospital chucks ( a must!) And helped me lay down. I felt soon sore and was in a lot of pain at this point. I ate some Greek yogurt and took two percocet. Still couldn't sleep for some reason and for the next few hrs I laid and only got up to pee which was too much for me. It sucks peeing. Even with a funnel it took all my energy just to go to the bathroom. I also had no appetite and honestly felt terrible. If it weren't for my bf I don't know how I would have gotten through. Im so use to being independent that it's hard relying on someone but without his help I would have been screwed.

In the evening I thought I was feeling good enough to get up so he could change my blood/fluid soaked dressings. I wobbled to the garage and he unzipped only the top part of my garment and that's when things got bad. I within a minute felt incredibly lightheaded and sweaty and things started to go black ... before I knwe it I was opening my eyes to my bf's worried and scared eyes asking me to wake up. I blacked out for about 90 seconds - he held my dead weight but apparently my knees still hit the ground. I don't remember any of this. I looked at him like what's going on and he insisted he takes me in and I lay down and not get up anymore. He made me drink water and I convinced him I didn't need an ambulance. You could tell I scared him. The only time he let me get up after this was right before 10 to pee and that's it. He didn't even want me to move while laying down. He changed my dressings while laying down and He slept downstairs with me and I had trouble sleeping soundly but I did finally get sleep.

This is only surgery day ... it's no wonder I've been really exhausted!

6.13 full recovery day / 6.14 turning a corner

Yesterday was just as tough with recovering. I slept at least 6 hrs yesterday and continued hating peeing. I tried not to do much and didn't feel strong enough to do much of anything. Still didn't have an appetite and even got nauseous after eating some soup at dinner. All day I ate two Greek yogurt cups and soup nothing else. I tried to drink more a, combination of water, Gatorade and apple juice.
Again my amazing boyfriend helped me with as much as possible. Yesterday I was so ready to get out of my garment wanting to wash it, but knew I had to wait 48 hrs. I found that of my 12 incisions one stitch came out but luckily it wasn't a stop that was draining or of concern. Twice my PS or a RN called to check in on me. So I got through another day full of pain.

Today I finally started feeling a bit better. Excited to finally shower. Seeing my body completely the first time post op was emotional. Even with so much swelling and some bruising, the change is incredible. Taking a shower and washing my garment felt great. I have a few post op pics not the best but they will do for now. They don't really do me justice.

Recovery is no fun / but the results are

Recovery at 72 hrs post op. Still no fun. Not that I thought it would be. I'm still sore, tender and swollen. I'm having trouble going to the bathroom despite stool softer, that being said I haven't eaten much since surgery, mostly Greek yogurt and soup. Last night I actually at some meat.
It's hard regaining my strength, my problem is I'm so use to being independent. Bending over hurts my abdomen, sitting down and getting up my posterior hips and thighs .. this is all what's to be expected though. I'm not a, huge complainer, something my bf pointed out to me, and honestly how could I be.. my results at only day 3 are more than I could have hoped for. If I feel even the slightest bit down I just unzip my garment and look at the figure I have even in it's crazy post op form yet.

I can also say that today and yesterday it has been such a blessing to not be leaking/bleeding. That was the worst. I finally slept in bed last night it was not a perfect night's sleep bc I'm so sore but it felt good to lay in bed. Im cutting back on the percocets for pain and trying to be fine with just extra strength Tylenol. I don't have much discomfort when I'm laying just when I am up and moving.

As to questions about my garment type and lipo type I will answer them when I know the answers. Sounds stupid but I honestly don't know. I have my post op appt to have my stitches removed wed. So I'll inquire.

Happy healing to all the others who are in the same boat as me and thanks for all the support as always!

day 4 pictures

I'm sorry about the quality of photos. I can't wait until I have before and afters from the Dr's. Not sure these do me justice lol. Happy continued healing I'm actually less than 4 days post op at this point!

Day 6 recovery.

Today was slightly better than yesterday. I did more today as far as my normal day to day lifestyle goes. I even went for a 40 minute walk w my doggie. I am still very sore, brusied and swollen but I'm not surprised. I go to the PS tmrw to have all my stitches removed and I'm interested to see what the RN says in terms of my swelling and swollenness. I'm hoping in the next week that things will really begin to heal and take shape. I'm lumpy and hard as well..
Just wanted to post some pictures of my narly be bruising on my outer thighs, clearly they are still healing!

Over 3 weeks post op

I must say that being just over 3 weeks post op , I am very pleased with my results. My brusing is just about completely healed on my thighs and for the last week at least my body has felt completely normal. I am so happy with my over shape from before to now. I'll probably always be chasing a better body (that's just my mindset) but what was achieved from this surgery far exceeded my expectations. I think it's due to a lot of factors but the main one is finding a really good plastic surgeon who knows this procedure well. I was happy with how aggressive he was and felt it was in all the right areas.
To anyone considering this procedure do not be detoured by the inital recovery. Is the first few days and maybe the next week or so rough, sure, there is draining, brusing, discomfort ... but it all subsides. I'm in the healthcare field and this is just a case of the ugly before the pretty. If given the opportunity again I would most certainly do this all over again.

I have my post op appt with the Dr this wednesday (1 most post) and I hope to post some pictures soon.

Pictures are worth a Thousand Words

Taken 8/17/2014 - basically 2 months post op . I am working out extremely hard and am still dedicted to a healthy lifestyle. Very happy with my overal lipo results and certainly contemplating more in the future on a few more areas
Reading Plastic Surgeon

Pleasant. Professional. Informative. Practiced. Skilled. Knowledgeable. Friendly.

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