31 Year Old Mom to 3, Much Needed Lift and Asymmetry Correction - Reading, PA

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Ok, I’m going to apologize for such a long gushy...

Ok, I’m going to apologize for such a long gushy review. I don’t ever do these, but I feel like if I am, I am going to do it right!

After hearing how pretty I was for years and never feeling it, I decided this was my year to make lots of changes. I have always had an asymmetry issue that sadly grew each time I had a child; adding to the dilemma was sagging. Since my first son at age 19 to my ripe age of 31 (yes not old to some) but 12 years of silicone inserts and water pads was so incredibly depressing. The few friends I had ever shown my problem to were amazed at how bad it really was.

My children are older and active now. My boys are ages 12, 7 and 3. I remember last summer being so upset on the family vacation because my boys wanted me to go surfing, snorkeling and zip lining; I was so terrified that an insert would fall out of the smaller side of my swim suit/bra, I did what I’ve always done and sat on the sidelines and watched. (I’m normally such a hands on parent until physical activity gets in the way.) I’ve acclimated myself to wearing double sports bras to work out so that people wouldn’t notice my size difference. People, who didn’t see me without my clothing, would never have known my issue and how much hiding I truly did. In fact, I’m accustomed to hearing how pretty, beautiful and occasionally stunning I am. As women, we all want to feel this with and without our clothing. While our appearance doesn’t construct who we are as people, looking and feeling our best does assist us in how we function in our daily lives.

This is where Doctor Reedy and his amazing staff come in! I am originally from southern Virginia and know little about Pennsylvania. I spent a lot of time googling cosmetic surgeons located within an hour of my home. I also took the time to schedule several consultations with other doctors. Dr. Reedy was my first and I was initially scared. Let’s face it, married women not accustomed to men seeing/touching their breast can be extremely daunting. I was so nervous.

Anyway, I was highly impressed with the office; the décor was clean, modern and fresh…..a big deal to my OCD tendencies. The staff was extremely friendly. My patient coordinator (Olivia) was present throughout the consultation, which was great as she was my first point of contact. Dr. Reedy had the sweetest bedside manner and read my distress and was thorough in his observations and plan of action to correct my extreme situation. I can’t lie and say that I was a bit sad to hear my case was so extreme that I would need two surgeries to correct my issue. After my visit, I did follow up with another surgeon but I wasn’t impressed at all! The practice was inside a strange apartment building, bird poop everywhere, parking was limited to the apartment residents and the surgery would be at a hospital miles away from the office and the office was dated. Mainly, the doctor was a pretty cut and dry, shove the implants in and be done. I was devastated when I left his office. I called immediately to schedule my surgery with Berks Plastic Surgery. I couldn’t imagine another bad consultation and knew I liked what I saw the first time around with Dr. Reedy. Sometimes you have to go with your first impression.

I had my own personal patient coordinator, (Olivia) who was amazing! She answered all my questions and yes some were lame. I loved how calming she was. I was so nervous having never been put to sleep before. Between Dr. Reedy’s calm chit chat, Dr. Early (anesthesia) and my nurse Amy and the post surgery nurses, I was so in awe at how organized everything went. My first surgery was to have a lift in the smaller breast with resizing of both areolas. In addition, I was having a lift and reduction on the larger breast to even them out as best as possible. *FYI I did opt for the Experal…hopefully I spelled that correctly?!* My pain wasn’t bad at all! I was a bit sleepy but I knew from giving birth 3 times, to rest, rest, rest as much as possible especially the first handful of days. Just take it easy and let others wait on you! When I saw my “girls” the next day after the drainage tubes were being removed, I never imagined how happy I could be! I knew I’d be delighted to have them similar sizes, but I was floored, ecstatic, over the moon happy with the results! Even with surgical tape still on the incisions, I knew I made the right choice. I’ve shown so many people my tight perky boobs and they love them!!! I do too! I haven’t had so much confidence since my senior year in high school and that’s no lie. I will never be able to thank Dr. Reedy enough for his skill in correcting my extreme issue.
I couldn’t and don’t plan to use any other surgeon on my body in the upcoming months/years that I continue with cosmetic surgeries. I’m already planning on having my implants (part of phase 2) scheduled later this year and hopefully a tummy tuck in the next year or two. You must take time to meet with Dr. Reedy……you’ll understand as soon as you meet him and his amazing staff that you are in great hands! I will be sure to let you all know how fabulous my next surgery turns out!

Wishing you all the best in your searches and many thanks to Berks Plastic Surgery!
Ashley Herzog

Completed the 2 Part Process and am so Happy!

So my last post was after my July 2014 part one surgery. My condition was a bit difficult and would require 2 surgeries to get me where I wanted to be. Basically I had a severe asymmetry condition and needed a lift and reduction to even get me to the point of being able to host implants.

My year since meeting Dr. Reedy and his team have been so life changing! I’m so thrilled I decided to take the leap and alter my body because emotionally it has done amazing things for me.

December 18, 2014 I had surgery 2 which was the implants (700cc). Everything as before was amazing – even better as I have had more communication with the staff and love the banter. I wasn’t in much pain (more of a heavy feeling on my chest) and in all honesty off all pain meds by maybe day 5? It’s been about 3 ½ weeks since the surgery and in all honesty I don’t feel like I just had surgery. I’m having to force myself to not return to full force weight workouts if that says anything lol.

I saw Dr. Reedy today and just love his personality! I went from crying a year ago from embarrassment to feeling confident and I thank him dearly for all the changes. Today's apt. went great and the tape came off!!!!!!

(Please read my other review for the detailed story of my condition.)
Below are some of the post op pictures (0 to week 2). I’ll have to update photos soon now that I have the tape removed but I feel and look great regardless.
Thank you Dr. Reedy – can’t wait for that tummy tuck!
Ashley Herzog

4 Months Post Opp 700cc Implants

OK ladies, my newest profile pic (blue shirt cream jacket and great bra) is 4 months post opp. Depending on the bra I have settled into a 38DD in some bras and 38D in others. I feel great! The first few weeks really pushing my workouts (March 23ish) things felt weird - like I could feel the implants moving a little. I made sure to continue my massaging and now, I don't even notice anything. I have always had a bigger chest (even if the girls weren't even size back then) and I like to sleep in a sports bra so it has continued most nights. For me it is just a comfort thing. On the nights that I opt out of anything, I still feel good, sleep well and don't notice movement. While, I do have vertical scars THEY ARE HEALING so don't get too frustrated. I am back to the gym a good 3 to 4 times a week and tan, I just keep my sports bra around my breasts to prevent any damage to the scars.
Reading Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Reedy has such an amazing and friendly bedside manner. He has spent many years in his field and is extremely knowledgeable in the procedures that he performs. He has taken time to hire confident and friendly staff that shows me he has dedication to his business and has made a true success of himself. I am delighted with the efficiency that was shown in my pre opp and even at my 3 week appointment. I can’t wait to allow him more of my chosen surgeries in the upcoming future.

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