35 Year Old Mother of 2 Breastfed Boys with NO Boobs - Reading, PA

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I am having such turmoil with my implant size...

I am having such turmoil with my implant size decision. I am 5'6" 169lb athletic build. My current "bombshell" bra puts me at a 32b but my PS says I am a 33a or maybe even AA. I have no drooping and they are the same size..tiny. He first suggested 385cc Inspira smooth..and now 415cc. Help!!! I don't know what size to choose. I want a very "natural" look. This is hard for me because whatever I decide is going to look bigger. I was a full B prior to kids and nursing. He keeps saying my frame can handle it but can my brain. I don't want the first thing that walks into the room be my boobs. HELP!!!

Think I am going with the 415cc

Thank you for all of your help. I think I am going to go with the PS recommendation of 415cc. He is the expert for a reason so who am I to second guess his recommendation. I am still so nervous though. I am only 10 days away from the boobies I have always wanted. Also to clarify from my previous post....I am 159lbs NOT 169lbs... Lol. I am also going to check exactly what the profile is...I know he is going with the Inspira Gummy Bear implants and the cc's but can't remember anything else. I will update everyone hopefully tomorrow. And just so you know....I will probably change my mind at least another 100 times before the 30th.

8 days and counting!!

So I was in communication with my PS assistant all day yesterday. Back and forth with all my craziness. I found the exact implant is the Inspira SRF...so yes they will be high profile. This makes me nervous but what doesn't. I was assuming I was getting moderate profile but I don't know why I would assume that....I am a AA. Anyways, they are the ones I tried on and I kinda know what they will look like. She assured me either they 385 or the 415 will look great whatever i choose but she thinks I will be happier with the overall result of the 415. She said they will look a littlw smaller once they are implanted behimd the muscle. My husband does not understand why this decision is proving to be so difficult. He said that I was through two c sections and never reasearched my OBGYN like I am my PS and they were handling our children. Well as of today, at this very moment, i am going with the 415. Anyone know the projection or diameter difference between the two? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Wish me luck.

The Girls have arrived.

Things are going great. I am feeling pressure at times but that's about it. I am confined to a surgical bra for thr next three weeks but I think I can deal with it. They of course are high and hard but that's to be expected. I am taking all prescribed med's and only taking pain med to help sleep at night. I am still sleeping in a chair and plan to continue for a week to ensure proper placement. My advice to all is focus on reading blogs about your PS and focusing on them. Do not read about everyone else. I made this mistake and was way more nervous than I should have been. Every PS had his or her way of doing things and it is best to listen to their instructions. Despite being uncomfortable at times I feel as if things are going very well. I showered 2 days after surgery and have been out to dinner and shopping at Costco. I am now off to my 8 year Olds birthday party. I have to remember to slow down and take it easy but us mom's have a hard time doing that. I will take pictures soon of the after.

10 days post op

Ok...here are the twins. Still very hard and starting to come down off my collar bone but starting to look somewhat normale. I am happy with the results so far but am now wishing I had a nipple reduction. They were never really a problem before because of the padded bras but now that I don't have a need for those they may become a problem. Anyone have any insight into this surgery would be helpfulike. I could have had it done during my BA but opted not to.
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