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I started getting botox a couple of years ago. ...

I started getting botox a couple of years ago. I've went to a couple of different doctors. I always have my forehead, between my eyes and my crows feet done.

The first doctor I used because he had performed a cosmetic surgery for me and I was in his office for a follow-up visit and asked him about getting botox. He told me that he would be glad to do my botox, but he let me know that he didn't inject Botox very often and that he didn't think the effects were worth the money because it didn't last long enough.

The next time I went to an Opthamologist to have my botox done. I had heard about people having their eyelids droop after getting botox done, so I decided if I went to an eye doctor, maybe I wouldn't have to worry about that happening! I used him twice. He was a much older doctor (close to 70) and very nice. He also did okay.

Then a few weeks ago I was watching a show on TV where a woman went in and had Botox done all over her face, including the fine lines on her chin, the lines under her bottom lip and even on the lines on her neck! I couldn't believe it! I had a hard time just getting the eye doctor to spread out my botox just a little bit past the corner of my eye so that you didn't see so many wrinkles right there from my crows feet! So my search began for a doctor who knew how to administer botox this way.

I decided on an RN that worked at Dr. {edited - contact information appears above the review for registered users}'s office because she had taken advanced training in administering Botox.

Everytime I had been to the eye doctor to get Botox, I would sit on the end of the bed and he would inject me a couple of times in each area and then I was done within 5-10 minutes! I was quite shocked to get into Dr. B's office and find out that the nurse had set aside an hour and a half for my appointment! One hour was for Botox and the other 30 minutes was for Juvaderm.

When I asked her about getting botox in the other areas of my face, she said that she could certainly do that and that she would actually recommend that for me. She told me that I really didn't need fillers in the area below my chin like I had been using for the last two years, that I really needed the botox there instead. She also took the time to listen to my concerns and she had me make a whole lot of expressions to show me what it was that was causing the fine lines on my chin and the lines under my bottom lip. She explained that the botox she put under my bottom lip and on my chin would be diluted so that I would still be able to move my mouth normally without it affecting my smile, ect. I asked her why the other Doctors who injected me with Botox wouldn't have known that they could have also fixed the fine lines on my chin and under my lips with Botox and she explained to me that any Doctor can administer Botox, they don't have to be trained in how to administer it!!! Since they have a medical license, it is okay for them to administer botox without any training!! I couldn't believe this!!

After my appointment, I was sure that this was the first time my Botox had been administered by someone who was properly trained to do this. It took an hour for a her to do my Botox because she made so many small injections, where the other Doctors just made a couple of injections in each area and I was done in 5-10 minutes!

I definitely feel like the Doctors that I went to previously knew enough about Botox and what they were doing not to cause me harm in any way-However, They weren't trained to give me the best possible result that I could get from what they were administering. And that is what we are all looking for when we decide to get Botox or any other procedure done.

My advice to anyone who's looking to get Botox done, is to make sure that your going to someone who's been trained to inject botox and don't just assume, like I did, that everyone is automatically trained to administer Botox. A highly skilled injector makes all the difference! My results are 10 times better this time!

Shreveport Plastic Surgeon

The Doctor's office that I went to this time is wonderful! He has an RN who works in his office that has not only been trained to administer botox, but she has went to advanced training on how to administer Botox! She is the most skilled injecter I've ever had.

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