23 Year Old Female,a Step Towards Better Smile

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Since my childhood,i was always conscious of my...

since my childhood,i was always conscious of my smile. my teeth are protruding in nature, and looks big and ugly.
now,23,i finally decided to get braces and get back my self confidence.
i went to my orthodontist on sunday,14th september,and after the required cleaning,he stuck brackets on my upper teeth. i decided to get traditional metal braces and they make me look quite dorky.
after the brackets were positioned,he put a wire over them. he said the whole treatment would be over within an year if i took great care of my teeth.
my teeth did feel sore for two to threr days but now they are fine.
looking forward to new changes.

My second appointment

Its been a month since I wrote my first review, that means, first month since I got my braces .
My teeth are moving and I could feel it. Its a nice feeling to witness the change.
Yesterday, I got my lower braces put on. Kind of uncomfortable,but I can deal with it.
Orthodontist said the whole treatment would be completed within an year. Yay.I hope so.
Happy with the braces, even though, I look like a metal box. :p

My third appointment

I had my dentist appointment yesterday. Apart from the routine tightening,nothing special was done.
He also said he was happy with the movements of my teeth.
Its been two months fellas, hopefully it will be over soon

My fourth appointment

Today was my fourth appointment and my dentist asked what did I exactly want more. I said I didn't like my side profile and would love to change that. My dentist said that it was partly due to my chin which was thrusting forward and a surgery needed to be done to get the desired profile. He wants to cut my chin and do some stuff which really sounded gross. Yikes!
Anyway, he asked me to get a cephalogram X-ray done and bring it in my next appointment so that he can give a clearer view.

my fifth appointment

Its been four month with these things and I feel absolutely fine and comfortable with them.
I have been on dates too so my social life has not been hampered that bad, except when your date pays more attention to your mouth than you.
My appointment with my orthodontist was good. He gave me steel ligatures on the lower teeth to close any small spaces.
About the surgery , he said he will show my x rays to his surgeon, who would then decide upon the type of surgery I require.
Mostly, its a genioplasty
I trust my ortho and I think he is capable enough and takes his advice seriously. So, let's see what he will offer in the next appointment.

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