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Hello all! I have been visiting this website for...

Hello all!

I have been visiting this website for a couple weeks now. My consultation is this Thursday the 27th. I am so excited I. An hardly stand it. I am 5'5 106 lbs. I am currently a 34 AA was a 34 A before breast feeding both kids. I have always been pretty flat chested and have wanted to get a BA for many years. Now useless I wear padded bra I feel like a boy :( Now that I am for sure done having kids it is finally time!

Hubby is very supportive and will come to my consult with me. I am hoping for a full B or small C result. Think anything bigger will look strange on my body type and size. Will post a pre-op pic some time in the future. Surgery will probably be 4 to 6 weeks out. Will update after consult on how it all went!

Happy healing to all those recently post opp! :)

Before Pics...

Thought I would post a couple before pics...

Question for all you lovely ladies!!

What questions should I ask at my consult? I know the major ones like size and saline or silicone. But are there any other important ones you thought of during yours?

Date is set! March 19th is the birthdate of my new boobies!!

My consult went great today! Got to try on sisters and ask some questions. I was so happy that could get me I that soon! I was thinking closer to May. Decided to go with 350CCs, PS said was totally dueable and will work good on my frame. Now just need to decide between saline or silicone. PS recommended silicone because I am thinner because it will have less chance to show rippling. My only hesitation is I am a little asymmetric and with silicone she can't adjust for that. Also were any of you ladies required to get a mammogram before hand? My pre op is already next week so I have some decisions to make and supplies to get!! All I am going to post for now, it was an exciting whirl wind of a day and I need to sleep on all this info!

Has my pre-op appt today!

Got to meet with my ps again today! Kinda glad everything is happening so fast so she doesn't forget me, lol! Anyway finally made my decision to go with saline. It was a really hard decision for me, think my husband got sick of talking about it. It came down to wanting the right size and having the ability to adjust it when I'm on the table. I showed her some picks I like and some I didn't so she has a good idea of what I am looking for. It is just 2 weeks from tomorrow already and I am so excited! Pray for me that my family and I stay healthy so I don't have to reschedule it!

I haven't been shy about telling people , cause if you know me even in passing you are going to notice!! Still will be awkward going back to work cause you know the first place people are going to look. It was also kinda awkward telling my in-laws but they have been supportive.

Just worry know about my 1 1/2 year old and what if am going to do when I can't even lift her in and out of her crib, or get her in and out of my car :/ I will just need to make arrangements for extra help!

Well just wanted to keep you all updated! Hope you are all healing well!! Xoxo

Just the waiting game now...

Everything is paid for! Got my blood work done today. Just need to pick up perscriptions next week and get a few odds and ends for recovery time. I get more excited everyday!!

1 more day!!!

The nerves are setting in! One more day of work. My hubby is going to take some before pics in some of my clothes that I hope still fit me after. I am just nervous about how I'm going to feel after :/ my hubby , mom and sister will be here to take care of me

It's all over!!

So it is over!! Went really well, ended up with 325cc on both sides Mentor high profile saline. Feel great and have pain under control. No nausea phew!! That was a big worry for me! I am going to post some before and after pics.

Feeling good!

Have been keeping up on my meds, slept pretty good last night. My left side is more swollen than the right. PS had me text her a picture to make sure it wasn't any thing to worry about.

Sorry! Had a rough recovery week!

I know that I have not posted in a long time. Both of my kids had the stomach flu while I was off work recovering. Not fun!! Then it was back to real life again. I am doing well, still very tight and a little pain on one side if I raise my arm too high or twist funny. Saw my PS on Tuesday and she said every thing looks great. I won't see her again for a month.

Couple update pics

I am terrible about keeping my profile updated!! Sorry! Recovery is going good. I have started trying to sleep less elevated, still get a little bit of morning boob. My right nipple is supper sensitive!! My incisions look great getting flatter every day. Tried to get a good picture of them but my lighting wasn't good. Will post a couple more recent pictures. Bought a bralette today from Target that Nikki_2014 recommended, and I don't want to take it off!! So much better than my after surgery bras!! I am going to have to get some more.

Have gotten back to pretty normal routine. Still some things I won't do not because of pain, just feels weird. I have noticed some times when I reach across my body I can almost feel the muscle slide over the implant. I asked my boss who has also had a BA and she said that was normal and it still happens to her sometimes. I will have to ask my ps at my next appt. has anyone else with sub muscular experienced this??
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