I Got my "Big Girl" Boobs! 32A to 32 DD 400cc - Rancho Mirage, CA

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I have been wanting to get my boobs done since...

I have been wanting to get my boobs done since high school when my ass showed up but my boobs decided to stay hidden. I felt/feel disproportionate and not very womanly. I told him I wanted to purchase some breastesses now that I'm away from home (parents disapprove..they'll sure be surprised soon) , have the money and am ready to stop feeling insecure. So the date is set, the size is almost set..I'm thinking 400cc. I'm 24, 32A, 5'3,105 pounds so I am a bit on the smaller side. I will see what the doc thinks. The last thing we discussed was 325cc silicone implants over the muscle since I have enough breast tissue and I workout. The more I looked at what I wanted and after I did the rice test I'm pretty set on 400cc or even 425cc since I heard you can loose cc's once they're in.
So lets talk about my parents. Anyone else have parents who are opposed to breast augmentation and will be disappointed in your choice to do it? Well, I haven't told them about it and wont until they say something when they see me, but I'm pretty darn nervous. I'm not looking forward to disapproving glares. Also, anyone have friends who disagree with it? My friends have been mildly supportive. They keep asking if I'm sure I want to do this. My husband said it's because they're jealous, but I'm not entirely sure. Most say I should wait till after I have kids which makes sense, but seriously I'm so tired of hearing it. I'm coming out of the closet and saying I don't have the urge to have my own kids. I would love to be a mother some day, but me and my husband are wanting to adopt. I know way to many people (my parents included) who think that I am weird for not wanting my own biological kids and they are legitimately upset by it. I have 4 other siblings so it's not like they are relying on me to carry on the family genes.
I got way off topic here didn't I? Sorry girls! Back to the boobs...
So I'm nervous, anxious, excited! Hopefully I'll remember to update this

Oh and just a quick question...Why the heck is it that when I search for boobspiration all of these woman are the most beautiful and fit women I've ever seen?! Talk about convincing me to work out more..I've got two weeks to get a 6 pack and elongate my torso ;P

Birth Control and my boob "cycle"

I know I just posted yesterday, but it made me feel so much better to get all of that out there that I just have to post again today. I'm feeling anxious about the over vs under issue. I even decided to be brave and post a topless pic so you gals can see what I'm working with. I may have sent this pic to my hubby while he was at work so pardon my somewhat provocative posture :P
Ok so heres another issue I'm having. I started birth control about 2 years ago now. Since then my breasts fluctuate throughout the month. Two weeks before my period I've never seen such wonderfully full boobies, the week after my period is when they shrink back to the nothingness they were before birth control. The next week they start to get bigger and then I'm back to the full wonderfulness. The attached photos are me while they are swollen and full and me not quite fitting into an A. Again, pardon the second image for not being a normal front facing shot (apparently I like leaning to the right), but you can tell at this angle that there is way less there than the after image. Oh this is while I was doing Insanity and got way too skinny because I didn't eat properly for the program so that may have contributed to my flatness.
Anyways, when I saw the doc I was at my full A and she said I had plenty of breast tissue to go over the muscle for 325cc. I told her how my breast fluctuate pretty drastically but she said it would still be fine. I'm now considering going 400cc so she may change her stance on over and go for under since I'm upping the size so much. I meet with her next week to talk it all over. Does anyone else have this issue? My surgery is actually set for the time that my breasts will be their smallest. I don't know why I'm so worried..I'm sure it's not even a big deal. I think that as I get closer to the date, the more things I think of to worry about and my husband is tired of hearing about it cuz he's a silly boy so I turn to you ladies... haha

Pics didn't upload for previous post

Sorry! For some reason these didn't upload with my last post.

Holy crap, I'm anxious!

So I just got home from my pre op today and feel slightly more anxious than before! Decided on my size :) 400cc high profile silicone over the muscle.
I brought up my research of over vs under and asked my doc if under would be a better choice, she still thinks over is better and of course I'm not going to compare my couple hours of research on real self to her years of surgical experience. She actually seemed a bit annoyed that there is so much misleading information on the web about the should and shouldn'ts of boob jobs when it should be up to your doc not what other people say or have said. She said I have enough breast tissue for overs, but mainly, my breasts are "cone" shaped which she will have to "adjust" for the implant. She would't be able to do that for unders. If I were to go under, the implants would look a bit off, sitting under my cone shaped breasts. I totally trust her judgment on this and will not let another over vs under post get me down. Seriously.. Why is it that almost everyone hates overs? Both can have issues, both can look great or fake it all depends on the shape and size of the breast, implant, person.. etc.
I'm relieved about all this being settled...But then we went over all the paperwork of possible horrible things that can happen and I sign off on it like it's no big deal, but am secretly getting more and more anxious. I am trying to think positively and remember why I'm doing this. Don't get me wrong..I'm super excited! Mainly because I have to force myself not to work for a couple of weeks which I have NEVER done. *Self employed photographer who can't say no... haha*
No, but really.. I'm super excited! I can't wait to feel sexy..I mean, I can now, but I really have to get in the zone to feel sexy. When I get my boobs I'll just cup a feel and feel sexy! Really though, when I tried on the 400cc's at the doc office I couldn't stop groping them..Totes embarrassing. My hubby got a good laugh though.
(I used to say "totes" to make fun of people who say it..then it somehow became apart of my lingo..my apologies)
Anywho..Here's another boob shot. They look more "cone" like when my nips aren't hard, but it was cold so..yea.
Oh and I didn't bring up my boob cycle. I don't think it matters...I had a lot of anxiety that day and worked myself up haha.


So I kept thinking the doc said I had a cone shape but the correct term is "tubular" lol So...there ya go.

Impatience will be the death of me

I CANNOT wait to get this surgery over with! I have so many projects to finish up this week before the surgery and yet I can't concentrate on any of them..Blegh.
I'm just too excited! I decided to take some photos with my lovely rice boobs for you guys. My lower half is big compared to my upper body so I'm excited to finally be evened out and proportionate.
I'm not sure what size I'll end up with, but I'm happy with my rice boobs size so anything around there will be wonderful haha. I start my period this week and with that comes the dreaded cramps, but since my surgery is next week, I'm not supposed to take any pain meds so this will be fun. I guess Tylenol is ok, but that really doesn't do anything for me so I shall suffer in silence (or if my husband is home, complain to him)
Does anyone recommend I take or eat anything special this week? Surgery is on Monday: 400cc silicone HP above the muscle aeorla incision. She also mentioned that she has to correct my slight tubular breasts in order to fit the implant properly so that might add to the pain?
Right now I've got my vitamin C, Multi vitamins, prescriptions aaanndd thats it. I know I should get stretch mark cream (I am prone to stretch marks, you can't see in the photo,but I have them all over my sides) What lotion/cream do you all recommend? Should I get a certain pillow? Oh and I know to get frozen peas for the swelling. My list is small so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

post op

Ouch is all I can say lol

post op

Well hi all...so I'm sore and itchy but doing ok. Been icing my boobs like crazy but it doesn't seem like the swelling has gone down much.
The day of surgery I showed up in sweats, sweater and my hair in a bun. No makeup or any jewelry. Got there at 7:30 am, answered some questions from the nurse and anesthesiologist. They gave me a patch for nausea, a gown, socks, hair cap, and undies. I peed in a cup for pregnancy test. Next thing ya know I'm lying on the surgery table and getting a needle pushed into my arm while the doc marks me up. I woke up feeling sore and a bit out of it..I mainly just wanted to sleep. They helped me back into my clothes and scheduled my app with the doc the next morning. When I got home I ate some crackers and took some pain meds. I was off and on the whole day.
Yesterday I was really sore. Went to my appointment and saw my swollen boobs for the first time.. I have sensation in my nipples so that's a relief lol. She gave me the ok to shower but try to keep the bra on when I'm not showering. Apparently I had really strong fibrous tissues in my breasts that she had to break up.
Anyway I've been ok..posted a few photos for you all to see..they aren't too pretty right now but I know they''ll look better with time.
Just an update on my stats:
106 pounds, 5'3, 400cc silicone overs HP.

A little worried

So I'm on day 4 and started to get a bit dizzy and nauseous. I force myself to eat with the pills even if I really don't want to, but I end up with an upset stomach, headache, dizziness, and hot flashes. I'm not sure if its the pain meds or antibiotics causing it but its not fun. The pain isn't as bad as yesterday, but dealing with the dizziness and nausea is almost worse. Maybe its because I've been laying down all the time and my body isn't used to it?
Anyway, aside from that I'm still swollen and not sure if theres been any progress. My left breast kinda looks like its dropped a little bit, that or its just less swollen then my right. I want to shower today but if I'm up for too long I get faint from being dizzy. I'll be having help from my hubby.
I'm trying not to freak out but there is some major side rippling going on on both sides of my boobs. Please tell me its a temporary thing! I almost cried when I saw them :(
I will definitely be discussing this stuff with my doc tomorrow, but couldn't really wait to let it all out so I thought I purge here.

Recovery stuff and things

Because I'm bored here are more stats and stuff I'm using for recovery:

weight: 106
height: 5'3
age: 24
size before BA: 32 A- slight tubulour breast
size after BA: not sure yet
silicone implant size: 400cc HP overs

Cephalexin 250mg
Oxycodone-Acet Aminiphen
Vitamin C
Multi vitamin

I included two photos of what I've been using to sleep. I've been wearing the bra they gave me, not sure of the brand or size.
I was using frozen corn to ice my boobs, but ended up making some home made icepacks. 2 cups of water to 1 cup rubbing alcohol in plastic baggies (doubled). They don't freeze and they stay cold for quite a while.
Well, thats all I have for today. Still a bit worried about the marks on the sides of my boobs, but it most likely is the bra like littledreamer said.

The dreaded sneeze

So I went to my doc app. today. Finally put on some makeup which made me feel better about myself. I've been looking purdy ugly lately. My stomach is still swollen, makeup is irrelevant and my boobs are very unnatural looking so I've just been riding the ugly train waiting to get off in...how many days does it take to feel normal?! lol

Anyway, the doc appointment went great. She showed me how to massage the girls. It was actually my first time really feeling them. I had been too afraid to do anything with them till she told me I could. The massage went ok. I'm still sore so they don't last long. Its weird feeling myself up..especially when it doesn't feel like your touching yourself. I put up a pic of the massages she had me do. Obviously don't start doing these until your doc gives you the OK. I also attached a photo of me braless after my first shower (that was an interesting experience)

So, question.. How long does it take for the swelling in your stomach to go away? I'm used to see some ribcage (no judgment please I'm a thin gal), but I have yet to see the ribs or my hip bones and when i eat I feel like a whale!

So I was home watching Bridezillas on Netflix when I got the urge to sneeze. I freaked out, but it was too late to stop it and I sneezed. I swear I thought my boobs exploded out of my chest! Thankfully that was an overreaction and they are still attached. Just thought I'd let you girls know of one of many awkward predicaments you might experience during this process. Your boobs will NOT explode when you sneeze.

just had to....

I've been feeling ugly and super unsexy so I decided that after my shower today I would try on one item of lingerie to make me feel better. I feel better :) they aren't too bad when the nipples are covered.
Sooooo when can I have sex? Obviously no groping allowed but its seriously killing me that I can't be very intimate with my hubby. I know it's only been like 5 days but we've only been married 2 months so it's hard not to do...stuff...lol
Anyway that's it for today.

Feeling meh

So its day 7 and I am dying for these boobs to settle in and get comfy. They are still pretty high and a bit hard. I've been doing the exercises the doc told me to do and I know its still a process but I'm so impatient. The bra she has me wear is so uncomfortably tight now. At first it was fine because I felt like I needed the security of tightness, but now my boobs feel smashed down. When I unzip it I swear I hear my boobs scream "FREEDOM!" lol
The doc said I can take off the bra for like an hour a day so that's nice, but I just don't see why I still need to wear such a tight bra. I feel like its stopping my boobs from dropping because it perks them up so much. I'm sure she knows what shes doing, but I don't haha I'm tempted to go out and buy a different front zip bra.
I get my stitches out on Wednesday so I'm excited and scared for that. I posted some updated photos from today. I know there has been some change so I shouldn't complain. It might be that the stitches and tape are whats keeping me from thinking they look good so I'm hoping after Wednesday I'll feel a bit better about things. I'm still icing them but not as often as I should. How long should I ice them for?


So today I went to the doc today to get my stitches out. I had been anxious to see what was underneath the tape! Its pretty much what I pictured it looking like haha I couldn't watch her do it though..I felt a little tinge when she pulled them out, but that was it.
I have to massage Bacitracin (I think) cream on the incision area twice a day. She showed me a little tube and I know the name started with a B and I've read that Bacitracin is what you're supposed to use so I'm assuming that's what she was showing me. I should call to make sure though huh?
The ugly scabby looking things are blisters from the tape. Gross..lol
You can see that on my left breast (your right) the incision line is somewhat red, she said there is a slight gap there. Apparently the skin didn't close up like the other side. She said its not a big deal and it should heal on its on. If there is anything leaking from it or if it starts to look "off" to call her asap..that doesn't freak me out one bit... (sarcasm)
Overall I'm happy how tiny the lines are! I have more feeling in my nipples now so I keep getting an almost burning sensation. I think its the bra rubbing up against them that's doing it. Oh and speaking of bras, I told her how tight and uncomfortable the other one was so she gave me a white 34 instead of a 32 and that did the trick, no extra charge. I have to continue to wear the bra for a couple more weeks, but she said if I wanna go out to dinner for a night or whatever I can either go braless or wear a regular bra. Underwire is ok but only for a couple of hours.
I attached some photos from this morning before the removal and after.


I know I literally just posted here, but I decided to make a progress timeline so here it is :)


My nipples are so flippen sensitive! Is this about the time this starts happening? They aren't sensitive in the "oh la la" way they are sensitive in the "omg I need to take this bra off before my nipples rub off" way.
Its not just my nipples that feel this way though. The skin underneath my nipples (bottom part of the breast near the fold) has been hurting. I will barely glide my finger over the area and I feel a tinge of pain. Is this because of the tightness of my bra or because my nerves are going haywire? I have noticed that when I don't wear the bra I was given I feel better. A regular sports bra is relief compared to this zip up bra. I'm assuming I still need to wear it so my incisions stay closed until they are more healed, but this is just a guess.
As for my boobs dropping, they are going quite quickly. The massages have helped. My right breast is more full, but has dropped more than my left. My right breast and nipple were bigger than my left so its not a surprise that they still are. They are getting squishy as well which I love. I was getting so anxious for them to finally feel a bit normal and we're getting there!
Oh and I cannot stop touching them! Massaging them every day has made me forget that its a little taboo to be feeling yourself up at the bank. Awkward.
Ok on to another issue. I have most definitely gained a few pounds. I wasn't super fit before the surgery, thin but not quite fit. Now I'm still thin, but flabby. I am in dire need of a workout and its driving me nuts that I can't. I haven't been eating very well so I am mostly to blame here haha. I really wanna work it off. I meet with my doc next Monday so I can ask her then. I will probably do some leg exercises this week, but I'm a cardio girl so its gonna be hard not to do my normal workout routine.
Welp, that's all for today!

Rice boobs vs implant

I got the idea from missbelle23 to post before and after with the rice sizers. I filled up the measuring cup to 400cc and was happy with that so I got 400cc implants. You can definitely see how much they look alike and how helpful it is to use the rice sizers.

p.s. I miss my tan...white as a ghost during summer in Cali makes me feel foreign

22 days post op

The doc gave me the ok to workout (lightly) and to not wear that surgical bra ever again...Hoozah! She said I can buy a bra or two for the time being but the boobies are still shaping and will change so don't waste money at VS yet. I went ahead and bought like 5 bras at Target haha. All of them are thin with no under-wire since I can't wear that yet. They aren't too pretty so no need to show ya. But hey..no more padding!
While at Target I wanted to try on some bikinis. There were few cute ones and even fewer ones in my size. I remember the struggle of finding extra small bikini tops in a sea of large...Now I have trouble finding large ones in a sea of smalls lol
Nipple and scar sensitivity is still pretty bad... I cannot wait for those sensations to simmer down.

Looooove Booooobs

Seriously...I love my boobs! I've never loved my boobs..but I do now and its wonderful :)
I "came out" to the family about them. My mom seemed more curious than upset and my dad (who found out from my mom) texted me saying "I can't believe you did this! Why didn't you just wait for it to happen naturally? Who's your doc, she good? Mom wants a reduction."
So I'm getting mixed feelings from him haha.
So I've gained a little bit of weight since the surgery. I got used to not being active and its been getting more difficult to get back into it. I tried Insanity the other day and nearly died..Not because of my boobs, but because my lungs hate me haha.
I think the girls have fully dropped. They are super squishy and feel pretty normal. I have been getting some sharp pains in my left breast right behind the nipple though. Not sure what that's about. Its random and comes and goes. I'm sure its just my nerves regenerating or whatever.
The scaring is slowly but surely fading away. I'm still a bit numb right underneath my nipple area (incision area), but the rest of the nipple has feeling.
Anyway, just thought I should update since its been a while. I'm super happy with them and wouldn't go any bigger.

7 months PO

I can't believe it's been 7 months! I can tell you right now that it was still worth it. I've never felt so confident. I know we shouldn't base our confidence on our appearance, but I'm the kind of person that does and wont get over that so..yea... haha. I've actually noticed that I have been taken more seriously at my job. I work for myself (photographer) and I used to get turned down for looking too young (apparently young means inexperienced). I still have a young face, but its crazy how bigger boobs have all of the sudden made me more like a woman and less like a girl which then gives others more confidence in my abilities (stupid i know). I also feel so much sexier!! My body is so much more proportioned and I feel so natural. My husband loves them...like seriously, he buries his face in them almost every day ("good pick me up after a long day", he says)
I've also gained weight since the surgery and I'm ok with it. When I was flat chested I felt the need to stay as thin as possible so I didn't look even more dis-proportioned.
ANYWAY, they move around as I move, they flatten and fall to the side of my chest when I lay on my back, they are squishy (my hubs says they are similar to large real boobs just slightly firmer, I have to take his word for it because I haven't felt up any natural large breasts lately). The scars are far less noticeable, I haven't been putting anything on them, just regular body lotion. I do hope they flatten out and fade more, but we'll see, the hubs doesn't mind them. My nipples are still not quite back to normal and I'm not sure if they ever will be.. I've got mixed feelings on that. They are still pretty sensitive. Not to the point of pain, but just more "touchy".
I do sometimes feel like they look too fake when I'm topless or in a bikini, but I did pay for fake breasts so I guess I can't complain :P My husband assures me that it's not a big deal and to just enjoy this new found confidence.

So the other day I was getting ready to go to go photograph a client. I was running late and has an outfit in mind so I threw it on and almost walked out the door without look in the mirror. Thankfully I caught my reflection and BAM! all I saw was boobage. THAT is not how I want to show up when meeting with a client haha. It was an old dress I had from before that used to be a bit baggy on me so I figured now I can fill it out properly, but it was more like spill out then a fill out. I've noticed that my attire has changed. I used to wear alot of strappy dresses and shirts that showed what little cleavage I had, it was innocent. Now if I wear one of those I look like a hooker on the corner! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for some cleavage, I bought me high profile boobies so I've always got it, but sometimes its just a bit much, but I like that I can easily cover it up and still feel sexy. I'm rambling again..
I attached some updated photos of the girls.
Dr. Maria Lombardo

Dr. Lombardo is flippen wonderful. I called her office for a consultation and was able to get in that same week. She was very sweet and fun. She answered all my questions, shared her concerns. The pre op visit went the same way. Hardly any waiting time, big smiles all around. She made sure all my questions were answered and what not. Day of surgery went great as well. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The next day was the post op where she checked my breasts to make sure everything was ok and scheduled me for another app at the end of the week. Overall she is very professional, fun, nice, accommodating and made me feel very comfortable in what can be a very awkward situation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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