Mixto SX Laser Horrible Results

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Mixto C02 laser is looking like a HUGE waste of...

Mixto C02 laser is looking like a HUGE waste of money so far and my poor eyes feel shot. I am33-years-old and look pretty young to many people. MY problem I wanted fixed was mild acne scar pitting on my cheeks--nothing TOO BAD--but it took a kick at my confidence. I also had melasma above my cheekbones that bothered me and large pores on my nose. The last issue was minor but still--an under-eye wrinkle from sleeping prone.

The procedure HURTS! I was wincing and bracing my legs for each zap and could see the lightning-like flashes under my eyelids when he did my lids. The Dr. did 2 passes and I was greased up and drove myself home. I swelled and took care of my burned skin--keep it clean and greasy! My eyes hurt the most and looked turned down due to the swelling on my lids. (You will look like hell for a week if you didn't already know that)

2 days later I went in for a check up and was seen by the nurse who does the procedures too. She said my skin looked right on target and that I was healing wonderfully.I was peeling and the skin was looking good (only thanks to microswelling). I was holding my breath hoping for the best--but it was only because my skin was still swollen--it was filling out the dents and lines. When it went down--I looked the same as before...slightly worse actually. I did notice, the melasma was lightened but now it is the opposite problem--instead of dark areas on my skin, they are whited out. :-/ NOTHING CHANGED FOR THE BETTER. MY eyes literally burn when they are open. I am pretty sure this procedure made them dry or damaged them, but my eyes have suffered. I thought it could be a coincidence and made a OD appointment a week after my procedure to make sure it wasn't glaucoma or any other kind of eye disease because it was literally hurting to "Look". I just wanted to keep my eyes closed and escape into sleep. (1st time leaving the house with makeup--what a hassle--SO MUCH flaky skin issues.). My right eye hurts the most and feels itchy and irritated and painfully tender. This eye pain is enough to regret the laser ever touching my face. Other reasons I am now becoming more aware of are: More noticeable lines--my undereyes are looking "crepey" now!, I had a smooth, forehead but now gridmarks and a line resembling a forhead wrinkle grace it. So much Acne--the skin is so sensitive--everyday a new pustule appears :(, I have a few very itchy spots--I dare not rub or scratch--my skin gets bloody abrasions after rubbing. Even sleeping on my pillow does it.

I am praying that the "collogen building" I hear about with do wonders but this procedure was a poor choice and an awful waste of money so far. I can't believe that after all the confident assurances from the Dr. and nurse and the results I was shown in the office and online...and I still look the same but with a few negative side effects--and I didn't hear about ANY eye issues whatsoever. I feel so hopeless right now but I am praying for a "better tomorrow". I will update after my 2 week checkup in 3 days.

2 weeks post laser and I am worse off than before....

2 weeks post laser and I am worse off than before. During the cosultation way before the laser, the RN and doc were raving how I was a perfect candidate and that after 2 weeks I would have smooth "baby-like" skin that I needed to dilligently protect from the sun. Well, its 2 weeks later, and I look awful--more evident scarring. NEW lines and pitting. More pronounced under-eye wrinkes, awful texture, acne, and redness. NOW, I am being told that I misunderstood and I cant expect results for 2 MONTHS. I understand the collogen must build but c'mon--why are my problem areas WORSE? I am so glad I tape record all consultions on my ipad--otherwise I would wonder if I was going crazy. Anyway, the good thing about my doc is he is NOT heavy handed. I wanted it to go deep and he advised against it, saying he would break it up in 2 sessions 2 months apart because my skin was young and he didn't want to traumatize it. STILL, I am sorely disappointed and so regretful I have put myself through this so far. So far, it is a lot of wasted time, money...and tears. :(
His advice to me:
DO NOT obsess and drive yourself insane looking into mirrors
DO NOT do anything more to your skin--it needs a break
DO NOT expect the best results before 6-8 weeks

The last one was hard because I believed I was going to have improved skin after peeling, and clearly that is not the case.

in ONE MONTH: he will do a microdermabrasion for the texture and clogged pores
in a FEW MONTHS: he will do one more Mixto Laser treatment on my face.

I am praying! I need faith to get through these next few months.

pictures of the awful state of my complextion coming soon

My skin is now producing a ton more oil and I am...

My skin is now producing a ton more oil and I am breaking out all over--even in places I didn't break out before. I REALLY hope these strange looking lined scars go away. The realization that I paid someone thousands to make my skin worse is absolutely DEPRESSING.

Still breaking out like crazy...skin texture feels...

Still breaking out like crazy...skin texture feels like sandpaper and still hurts & both eye areas are still painfully tender.
Worse--the melasma that bothered me--and was initially whited out by the laser is now back with a vengeance. My face is a MESS!!! I don't want to leave the house anymore...this is so depressing.

It's been one month since my last review and...

It's been one month since my last review and almost 2 months since my Mixto procedure--- I still regret having it everyday. My face literally breaks out in painful acne every single day and it's ALL OVER my face--even in places I never used to break out. Some nights I can't even sleep because the cysts on my chin hurt so bad. I have not noticed positive results yet. Also, the melasma has gone crazy! It looks like I have irregular streaks of dirt smeared all over my face. I got Microdermabrasion 2 days ago hoping it would even out the texture and unclog the pores that were muddled with peeled skin...but it didn't help much. The esthetician had to do a lot of extractions which is basically just popping all of the new zits with gloves on. I asked for something to help the acne and I was prescribed an antibiotic. Hope it woks wonders. I am depressed that I even have to deal with acne again and relayed how much it has "sucked" since having the mixto. Her reply: "oh well, I guess you are just one of the unlucky ones--Sometimes the laser can bring on acne." Thanks for telling me NOW. :(

I am feeling alone and don't want to face the...

I am feeling alone and don't want to face the world. What a disaster this laser procedure has been. I have put my life on hold as I struggle to find a cure to this HORRIBLE BOUT OF ACNE that has taken over my face. I don't know this skin! My skin is incredibly oily and new painful zits appear to errupt daily. I have been on antibiotics (Doxycycline) and androgen blockers (Spirolactone) for the oiliness for one month now but have yet to see any improvements with the acne/oiliness. I am losing hope that my face will ever display any benefits of this laser--let alone recover from the damage the procedure has done to my skin. People stare with winces at my bumpy, scarred skin that looks to be streaked with dirt from the melasma spreading. I stay locked away in my condo--avoiding friends and outings and even hiding from my own family. The experience has been a terrible blow and pardon me for seeming so petty--but I literally cry so many times a day just thinking about what I lost: my life! It's sad to think that I only went through with this laser to feel more confident about having the wedding of my dreams. I wanted to feel pretty and now I am anything but. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WARNED THAT THE LASER COULD CAUSE BREAKOUTS AND SCARRING! I should never even been accepted due to the melasma I had and the fact that it could worsen. What I am facing is absolutely traumatizing. I rely on Xanax just so I could leave the house because I am extremely self-conscious and make-up can't hide it. Feeling so desperate. When does it get better?

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