26 Yrs Old 1 kid 32aa 400cc mod+ Now 32DDD 106lbs

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I'm going to Dr.Della Bennett she as an awesome...

I'm going to Dr.Della Bennett she as an awesome doctor and actually gives her opinion instead of letting you do something that might be a mistake she has 5 stars on her page and has taught plastic surgery at Loma Linda an awesome university she has many awards and all her work looks amazing she is so caring and listens to your wants and needs she is the doctor I have picked I am 4 days post op I am juggling between 375 cc and 400 cc mentor silicone moderate plus but leaning more towards 400 cc because I'm in the process of gaining weight I'm going to go fill my script today I got a comfy sweat outfit from Victoria secrets and some pj shorts to go with the two comfy sports bras I got one closes in front the other closes in back and straps snap on and off I'm expected to be in the mid C range and a D a Victoria Secrets since their cup sizes run small

Of course I get sick the day before

So I had a cough withe flem sorry if it's tmi but this is so others will know anyways I told the surgeons and my doctor they said I had to post pone my surgery date to March 24 to give it 3 weeks so I can be in optimum health bummer but it's what's best below is the gel sizers with the 375cc implant im 5'4 106 lbs opinions or comments from girls around my stats with 375cc or400 cc I would love to hear from you to hear what size you ended up at

Why i'm doing this

Since I was little I've always wanted breast so I was so anxious to hit puberty the only probably was I hit it and my boobs didn't even grow at all I've always been self conscious in bikinis and when I was with a guy making love either the shirt WOULDNT come off because I was wearing two bras or all the lights are turned off because of being flat chested It also made me appear a lot thinner than I actually was I got made fun of for it I should say tormented by bigger women that were over weight they relentlessly tormented me two years of my highschool years I felt like a little boy ..... I can't believe this is coming true for me after all these years I am doing this for me and me only

So I Was Sick and Had to Reschedule

Ok so if you get sick the week of your surgery you have to tell your surgeon. Why is it so important ? Because your chance of infection and getting sick is 80 percent higher it's not worth it ! So I called my surgeon and told her I was coughing with some phlem and even threw up once . She said we had to post pone the surgery a minimum of 3 weeks I replied in disbelief I didn't understand why so long until she explained to me even though I might get over the virus in a week my body will not be in its best shape because it just fought off a virus and that I needed to be in optimum health to perform surgery once she explained it , it made complete and total sense ..... So my surgery date was rescheduled for 3/24/16 instead of 2/25/16 so we are coming up on the rescheduled date this Thursday I'm so nervous and excited I got a few sports bras that close in the front from Victoria Secrets some scar cream little heating pads and ice packs pajamas that button up in the front some anti bacterial bar soap and two sweat outfits with zip up hoodies im filling my prescription today . My bestfriend is taking me which makes me feel so much better to have her there with me I couldn't think of anyone I would want more she calms me ..... Now for size I'm a 32a I mean like nothing there I first chose 375cc but made my final decision for 400cc mentor round smooth silicone under the muscle incision in the inframmary fold under the muscle . I have the option to rent a pain pump for 300$ I heard its way worth it for 3 days it pumps a numbing medication in the incision sight so you don't feel it at all any other question ask away I will answer promptly

I'm one of the lucky ones

My surgery was yesterday around 3:30 pm and I'm doing amazing just can't extend my arms too far and pressure which is not a big deal I went with 400 cc mod+ im 5'4 107 lbs and one kid I will post pics ...... Second day post op ..... If anyone has any questions feel free to ask .... !!! So happy she did such a great job I'm super happy

Post op day 2 400cc mod+ from a 32a cup

So I've been lucky to not be in really bad pain the only time I feel pain is trying to get up from the laying down position the first day they looked really small but they look way bigger today

Post op day 4 400cc mod + silicone smooth from 32a

My pain is at a 2
I went for the 400 cc and im very happy I did they have dropped a lot but have a lot more to go ladies if you want you breast looking good be on top of your massages I've been doing an extra step for more cleavage so I won't have that gap in the middle if you want to know just comment or message remember this is only 4 days post op and they've dropped that much because of massaging if the massaging is too painful get arnica at any target or Walmart Omgee had that been a miracle with the muscle in the breast pains my 1 week post op appointment is tomorrow I will let you know how it goes if you guys have any questions feel free to ask

Can't wait for my boobs to look like this

Post Op Day 6 Follow up appointment

I'm feeling amazing and my boobs are already squishy and going more and more to the middle thank you to the massages they really make a difference ..... I'm still on my pain meds or I wake up in a lot of pain from muscle spasm in my breast just went to my follow appointment yesterday at 9:30 am she said they look great that she's expecting me to be a full C small D and. DD at Victoria Secrets she said if I want them to fall to the middle more to hold each breast to the middle for 5 min each 3 times a day and she gave me the go on wearing a good support fitting sports bra that closes in the middle instead of the surgical bra Victoria Secrets they measured me as a 32DD wasn't expecting that but I'm supper happy

tomorrow 2 weeks post op

So my boobs I noticed are getting squishier when I do massages I didn't for one day and they felt firm no good so I have to be on top of that I absolutely love my boobs and they haven't even fully dropped ..... I am more than happy with the result let's see im not on my pain meds anymore I was inscribed a muscle relaxer oxy codone and ibuprofen I stopped them two days ago I can sleep on my side now which I couldn't do before ....... If you have any questions ask being off work is driving me crazy and not going to the gym

Massages and capsular contraction

So I've been doing my massages and also finding information on doing them and I hear a lot that girls didn't do them with enough pressure applied but than I was read on capsular contraction and one of the causes is when you cause yourself to bleed because than it builds up bacteria . So I want soft boobs I want to do the massages with enough pressure applied but than it scares me because too much pressure and I can cause my incisions to bleed is that possible or does it take wayyy more pressure than I could even apply anyways ?

So I'm exactly 2 weeks and one day

So I'm completely off my pain pills still having muscle spasms and I got morning boob this morning I guess how you would describe it is a stiff boob with pain which made me really nervous that my boob felt stiff but I put arnica on it and the pain went away and a minute after sitting up my boob was soft again lol not going to lie as of right now I question if I got them big enough or if they are going to look bigger once they drop and fluff or is this it ...... The comment I keep on getting is they look so natural which I feel like their actually saying they look so small but in a nice way maybe that's in my own head .......

Boobie Blues ... Should of gone bigger ?

I'm feeling like I should of gone bigger getting a little boobie Blues ...... What do you think ?

400cc mod plus almost 3 weeks post op

They honestly look so good my nipple got big for a minute there but now they are going back to normal

32a 400cc mod plus now 32dd

I'm almost 3 weeks

2 weeks 6 days post op

Dropping more and more and I wanted them to touch in the middle and they are Woot woot

3 weeks and 3 days boobie. Pics update

Hoping if I keep a picture diary I will see them getting bigger and bigger fingers crossed

Yay they have so much projection and their finally getting big

Woot woot 1 month

Scar away silicone tape

My scars have got soooo much smaller they use to be thick and really puffy

Went and got sized since both breast dropped 32DDD

So im 5 weeks and 3 days post op went and got sized today since both my breast have dropped 32DDD so happy !!!!!!!


So went to Victoria Secrets grabbed 10 bras in 32dd went to the dressing room put it on my nipples were sticking out and my breast were bulging so I asked the consultant to size me 32ddd so I asked her to get me one and bam fit perfect ...... Omg I was am soooo excited so here's the push up bra I bought


Went and got this very comfy bra omg soooo comfy from VS

Self doubts ....

So you know how we all have the one negative person that's a girl in our life well anyways I have a friend like that the other night we had a girls night with like 10 of us girls and everyone was asking me what size I am not gonna lie I was happy to say 32ddd and of course she speaks up and says that's impossible my breast are wayyyy bigger than yours and im a 34ddd I tried telling her since we have different band size it makes a different in cups and she replied no a cup is a a cup a b cup is a b cup your boobs fit into it just the bands are different I didn't say anything not wanting to cause an argument but I wanted to throw a bra guide book at her lolso my butt being insecure and feeding into what she says goes out and buys a measuring tape 6 inch difference which is a Ddd buti thought maybe I did it wrong and I want to know if im really that or just hoping I am so I March into victoria secrets and there's one consultant I saw my previous visit and the manager I expressed to them how I didn't feel a Ddd leaving out the part of my negative Nancy of a friend so they pulled out the measuring tape and once again clarified to me yes you are a 32ddd I asked if she could view me in the dd and the ddd so I put on the Ddd seemed like it fit great maybe I just want it too I will try on the dd I putbit on my nipples were sticking out goshh wow can't believe I fed into her I feel dumb both the consultants explained to me that I'm tiny and for a full figured girl her d's are meant to fit her full figure for a petite girl her d's are suppose to be her petite d's

One month two weeks

Boobie progress

6 months post op

Progress if you have any questions ask
Rancho Cucamonga Plastic Surgeon

She's awesome !!!! Omg my boobs look amazing everyone has been asking me to go to her I can't believe how amazing she did !!!!

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