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I am no stranger to fillers. I have had good...

I am no stranger to fillers. I have had good experiences with them, as well as complete life-altering nightmares. I recently decided to try filler again,and chose a Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgeon to inject my temples. He did (3 vials of Restylane total). While I was there, he convinced me to get my marionette and jawline (I take responsibility for being convinced). I did not need filler in my marionettes and jawline, but thought that since I had thoroughly researched my injector, I should trust his judgement.

Well, the temples are fine, but my chin was huge and puffy (not a good look). I specifically asked if I would look deformed, seeing as how I have to present in front of people for work, and he said No." I had a Jay Leno (no offense) chin for a week. When I emailed him, he told me to wait for a month for swelling to go down. So, I knew that he would be of little help solving the problem. By the way, I paid $4500 for everything. I feel guilty about wasting this money.

Nine days later, I couldn't take it anymore. I found a local medspa who squeezed me in immediately. The nurse spent so much time with me and she slowly dissolved some of the filler. She wanted to keep some I my face. She felt bad about charging me $200 for this. She listened to me and showed that she cared. This was the complete opposite experience of the arrogant plastic surgeon who stuffed my face with filler in one session.

It has been 4 hours and my face looks and feels better. I will probably go back for more hyaluronidase later. I am trying to be patient (had experience under eyes years ago when I kept going back for more dissolver because my eyes were DEsTRYoED. I do not want to panic like that time.)

I will think twice about allowing a man to inject my face again. I have had some good male doctors perform cosmetic treatments, but overall I find that women have a gentler touch, are more conservative, and are more apt to actually listen to what you want.

(By the way, you may have no recourse when dealing with some of these Beverly Hills surgeons. They may try to sue and/or harass you over writing a bad review- happened to me. For many of them their priorities are to make as much money and quickly as possible and to protect their practice/reputation at all costs. Don't try to get in their way.

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