Diary of my Augmentation and Lift - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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I am 31 years old and have two boys who are 11 and...

I am 31 years old and have two boys who are 11 and 9 years old (I started young, lol). I breast fed my first son for 20 months and my second son for 12 months. I have been a teacher for 5 years now and try to stay very active and fit. I haven't always wanted a breast augmentation because I was a 36DD in high school and while I breast fed. Gravity takes a toll and when I lost about 15-20 lbs, my girls shrunk too, showing off not only my newly saggy breasts but my stretch marks as well. No matter how much I work out, my breasts remain the same, of course.
I want the augmentation so that I can be full chested again and I need the lift because of the 32 months (in total) of breast feeding. I am currently a small 34D and I am getting 450cc's ( I asked for 420 but since it's under the muscle, the doctor adds 30 cc's).

SO tomorrow if my breast aug and lift at 7:45 am....

SO tomorrow if my breast aug and lift at 7:45 am. My consultant said I will be there approximately 5 hours (2 and a half hrs for surgery).
I just got home from taking my boys to their grandparents house. My mom made me some post op homemade chicken noodle soup, so I'm good to go :)
I am disinfecting bathrooms, kitchen, doing laundry, changing bedding, etc. I want to come home to a clean, sanitary environment.
A firend of mine let me borrow a few shirts that button down to make it easier on myself during recovery. My fiance will appreciate that. He has been so supportive through everything and is even doing many hrs of over time til 1:30am tomorrow.
I am super excited but kind of nervous because I have never been put under anesthesia and only know what to expect based on what I've researched and heard from friends. Another concern of mine that I confirmed with my consultant was when to put my compression thigh highs on. She said first thing tomorrow morning to put them on and wear them there. Good to know.
Well, I will update more info. and download some "after" pix in a day or so. Cross your fingers, pray, meditate, do whatever you have to do to wish me a safe surgery and recovery. Thanks you guys! :)

Had my surgery and I feel pretty good! Yesterday I...

Had my surgery and I feel pretty good! Yesterday I had an hr and half trip home so the car ride was no fun, but after I got home I took lots of meds. I am VERY swollen but have already started some breast exercises. My doc wants me to do it everytime I use the restroom. I am going to post some pix but beware because they are huge, loppy, and swollen. :/ My girls will get there soon enough. :)

It is now Tuesday, 4 days after surgery. I can...

It is now Tuesday, 4 days after surgery. I can finally sleep through the night, I am taking less pain killers, and have my 1 week follow up this Thursday. He will replace the Steri-strips and let me know how I'm doing. I feel very good. The only nagging thing that will hopefully go away soon, is the stretching sensation in my clevage. I put lotion on my clevage and around my breasts 4-5 times a day so that I won't get any more stretch marks. I can lift my arms no problem but I'm not sure if I am supposed to keep my arms immobilized for a while. It doesn't hurt so I'm unsure.???
My fiance has been amazing! Without him, I'd be doing poorly. He calls to remind me to take my meds and even insists on washing my hair for me (it's very long-down to my bottom). It's nice having his support. I wonder how long I can work this...LOL.
My mom stayed with me Sunday evening and we went shopping on Monday for an hour. I drove just fine but the store is literally 2 miles from here. I started feeling kind of dizzy after walking around in the store for a while so we came home. She taught me how to knit and crochet so that's getting me through this time as well.
My main concern now, is not having a bowel movement. I haven't gone since the day before my surgery (last Thursday). Not sure if it's the meds or anethesia, but it's annoying. I have taken laxatives twice now and nothing. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them :)

One thing that I forgot to put in my very first...

One thing that I forgot to put in my very first review was how I knew what size I wanted to be in the end result. My consultant told me to put 12 ounces (measure in a measuring cup) of bird seed or rice in the foot of a nylon stocking and tie a knot in it. Make 2 per size of course. Place them inside your sports bra and walk around with them. Then try 13 ounces, then 14 oz, etc.(you'll need a few pair of panty hose for this experiment)...12 ounces= 360ccs. 13 ounces= 390. 14 ounces= 420ccs. (the pattern is for every Ounce=30 ccs) I liked the way 14 oz looked so I asked for 420ccs. The doctor added 30ccs because they were going under the muscle. So now I have 450 ccs in both breasts and I am very happy. I think that this idea is amazing. You all should try it!

Yesterday I went to my doc appt. They replaced the...

Yesterday I went to my doc appt. They replaced the steri-tape and showed me some more exercises that I need to do. I have to place my hands on the outside of my breasts and squeeze them together for about 1 min. 4-5 times daily. This will bring them closer together, resulting in more cleavage. :) My doctor said that everything looks great and they even feel a bit soft. I told him that I have been doing the fist under breast and pull up exercise about every hour or two and he said that was too much. He said 4-5 times a day, at the most. I guess I was being an overachiever, lol. So the appt. went well. I go back next week to get my stitches removed. Most the sititches were inside and will dissolve as time goes on.
He said to continue to take it easy and listen to your body. He said max lifting of anything is 10lbs. Good to know. I can lift my arms above my head no problem and made sure to ask if that was ok or should I stabolize my arms and move less. He said that was fine.
OH, and I finally had a bowel movement 2 days ago and each day since!!! LOL. I wanted to send my fiance a pic of it but thought not to cuz that's just bizarre...hahaha. Anyway, I finally felt less bloated and normal again so I was happy. I took Laxaclear, which is generic for Miralax, for 3 days and it finally worked.
The doctor also said that I can now find a cloth like supportive bra with NO underwire. I bought 2 sportsbras and showed him them yesterday. He said they were not very supportive under the breasts but I could sleep in them because they were tight enough. He said I need to find a bra that has a thick band that goes under my bust to hold the girls up. Make sense :)
Dr. Haivay

My doctor, nurses, and anethesiologist were ALL excellent. Wasn't even nervous going in at all. I recommend Dr. Haiavy to anyone who lives in the Inland Empire in So Cal. Amazing experience. :)

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