21 5'6" 140 Lbs, 475cc HP Mentor Silicone (No Kids)

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I have been insecure about the size of my breasts...

I have been insecure about the size of my breasts for the past two years. After starting to workout, losing weight and building muscle it was hard to feel feminine and even confident with the rest of my body. I continuously put off the idea of a breast augmentation because I've always attempted to embrace my insecurities and just learn to accept myself the way I am. October 2016 I went to my first BA consultation and was quoted $7900, which was extremely out of my price range considering other reviews that I had seen. I scheduled another BA consultation with Dr. Bennett from the office Gemini Plastic Surgery in Rancho Cucamonga, CA on November 1st. She immediately made me feel more comfortable and as if she genuinely cared about all of her patient's concerns and questions. She was kind and caring and very informative. Her consultation was way more thorough than my previous one, and I loved the pictures of her work on their website. At the end of the consultation, she quoted me $5,300 for a silicone gel breast augmentation. I had 3 other consultations scheduled with different doctors that I will be cancelling because I loved everything about what Dr. Bennett presented to me. I booked surgery the following day, scheduled for November 16, 2016. I also went in for my pre-op appointment yesterday and signed off on all of the paperwork, including my size. I decided to go with 475cc silicone gel, mentor, under the muscle. I am officially 13 days away from surgery and so beyond excited that I am making a decision to do something that will help me become more comfortable in my body. I will be posting before pictures in the next few days.

Insecurity: side profile (before)

I have always hated my side profile. I usually only wear lightly padded sports bras even though I always feel like I look extremely flat chested/like a boy.

36B/34C Before Photos

Here are my before photos. I believe I am a 36B, but was previously sized at Victoria's Secret as a 34C (even though I've never filled in a C before). I just recently took out my nipple piercings which have always made me feel better about having small breasts. I promised my boyfriend I would take them out because he hates them since I am getting implants. Letting them close and heal before surgery. 11 more days! ????

Post-surgery bras

Bought some comfy bras for post surgery. I'm actually not sure what I can/cannot wear as I have not discussed that yet with my doctor.
But so far $10 for these two at Marshalls :)
These are equivalent to a 36DD, which I think I might end up at but should fit regardless

5 more days...

5 more days til surgery! It is next Wednesday. Days are going by fast but I also scheduled it for the next available surgery date, so I'm lucky to get one as soon as I did. I asked my PS what size she estimates that I'll end up at starting at a 36B/34C and she says probably a DD.
I'm hoping for a fast recovery so that I can get back into the gym asap, as I'll be prepping for a bikini competition in February.
This is another bra I purchased for $12 at Walmart, no underwire for 4 weeks post surgery.
I got all of my prescriptions which cost about $60, without insurance but I used coupons.
All I can think about is boobs!!! I'm so excited :)

Surgery day!

I am on my way to the surgery center with my medication. My surgery starts at 11:30 and is supposed to only take about an hour or so.
I will post after pictures when possible!

Day 1 Post Op

Day 1 post op, they are pretty swollen but not as bad as yesterday. I was having a hard time being able to breathe deeply and it has been extremely painful to get in and out of bed by myself. It is also hard to pull up my pants after going to the bathroom and open/close doors or cabinets.
The medications are helping a lot though.
I slept almost all day yesterday. The pressure on my chest feels like a 6-7/10.
I got 475cc implants, under the muscle.

Day 2 Post Op

Today has been a lot better than the past two days. The pain has been more bearable and I've been taking my meds every 4, 6 and 8 hours. I've been sleeping a lot too. The worst part is probably having to sleep at an upright angle. And I can barely get out of bed my self so I'm constantly asking my boyfriend for help.
I feel like I've been walking around like a zombie. I still feel a lot of pressure on my chest. I started massaging my implants today, and I'm scared I might hurt myself because of how bad the pain was on surgery day and day 1 post op.
I go to my return appointment next Tuesday.
I am very pleased with how they look so far even though they are high and swollen. They look symmetrical and by the time they drop I think I will like where my nipples are.
I hope I don't develop stretchmarks!

Day 3 Post Op

Today was a lot easier than the last few days. I'm getting the range of motion back in my arms/upper body.
I've started massaging and it feels weird to me because I don't want to hurt myself. I try to do it consistently throughout the day.
I love the way they look so far even though they are very high! But my boyfriend says they've even dropped a little since yesterday. I have also iced them while lying down the first two days.
The pain isn't so bad once I've taken the meds but I can definitely feel when they start to wear off. The pressure in my chest comes back. And my back is extremely sore from having to sleep upright, especially because I sleep on my side.
I can't wait for all the bloating to go away. I haven't had a bowel movement since the day before surgery. I'm taking colace but it hasn't helped yet. I know the painkillers have me backed up. I can't wait for the swelling to go away and for them to settle down some more! So far so good!

Post Op

6 days post op! Had my return appointment today. My right breast had some extra swelling at the top compared to the left and my PS gave me a compression band to wear over and under to help press the implant down while I sleep. No bleeding or bruising and everything else has gone smoothly.
I am able to do cardio but still no exercise until 2 weeks, then I am able to "gently" workout. I finished my antibiotics and the pain is a manageable but I still feel pressure and numbness throughout the day.
I love the way they look and I'm sure they'll look even better when they drop and fluff! Hopefully the right side catches up soon.

13 days post op

It has been 13 days since my surgery and the healing process has gone very well so far! I haven't had any bleeding or much pain aside from the first three days. I had my post op appointment on the 22nd and informed my PS of extra swelling in my right breast. My PS gave me a band to wear over my right breast and under the left to keep pressure on it at night. The implant needs help to be pushed down because my right breast is more narrow and doesn't have the same amount of room that my left one does. If I do too much with my right arm I can sometimes feel a bit of throbbing. I have already been back to the gym, working out gently and that has been fine so far. My range of motion is better but still limited because I can't stretch my arms back or up all the way yet.
I am so happy with my results. My PS did an amazing job. They are symmetrical and even and pretty much dropping at the same rate so far!

Picture updates: 26 days post op

26 days post op update

Healing process so far has been great. I have only been having slight issues with my right breast which isn't dropping as fast as the left. I have been back to working out for a couple weeks now and my right breast gets slightly irritated on occasion so I've been trying to be as careful as possible. I am still wearing a compression band at night; over my right breast and under my left to help with the dropping on the right side. I am absolutely in love with them and couldn't be happier with my choice in PS (Dr. Della Bennett with Gemini Plastic Surgery in Rancho Cucamonga.) Her bedside manner and level of care for her patients is out of this world.
I had a UTI about a week and a half ago that turned into a kidney infection which was extremely painful. I was out of town and my boyfriend suggested that I text her to see if she's able to prescribe me antibiotics instead of going to a PC Physician when returning home. She was very concerned because a kidney infection can actually compromise a breast augmentation. She immediately called in a prescription to a Walgreens that was close to me at the time. This was such a great help and I'm lucky that my boyfriend suggested texting her otherwise it would've been put off and who knows if that would've affected the healing process.

I've had two check-ups so far with Dr.Bennett and she is pleased with the results and I've had one set of post op photos taken at her office.

1 month 1 week post op

It's been one month and one week since my operation and I love the way my boobs look more and more each day. They have dropped a lot more and I don't really notice unless I put pictures side by side. They are a lot more round and still very proportionate. Right side is a little slower but I'm still wearing my band on that side every night to help with the dropping.
I feel way more confident in clothes even when I'm dressed like a bum, it's great to still feel feminine haha.
My workouts are almost back to how they were before surgery except I cannot workout chest and I try not to do anything in push-up position or use my pec muscles too much. I don't want to compromise the results. I haven't purchased any underwire bras yet. I still wear my surgery bra and comfortable bras from Wal-Mart.
Overall, I'm more than happy with my results. I've started developing a few stretch marks which I was hoping I could avoid, but I know that it comes with territory of getting larger implants. I've been putting vitamin E cream on my breasts after the shower every night hoping that it helps some.
I go back for another check up on the 3rd and for another set of post op photos.
Rancho Cucamonga Plastic Surgeon

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