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So today is the big day. 12/1/15 ..heading over...

So today is the big day. 12/1/15 ..heading over now and cant wait for the surgery to be over. I am getting a bl/w aug 400 cc under the muscle and a tummy tuck... stats 165# 5'5 . I will update my experience as i go along..this is my first major surgery I went to 2 different ps and decided with Dr Gold as me and my husband felt more comfortable with him. He took the time to answer all of our questions. Dec 1 is my surgery date. His staff is also attentive and professional

day 2 post op

Im home and have been resting most of the day...feeling very sore, more on my tummy tuck..other than that doing goood. Breast are still swollen and high...i will try some ice packs to help....this pic is not a very good one but i will post it anyway....

forgot to upload the pic

Forgot to post the picture

day 3

Sarting to fell better..i xan raise my arms w liytle or no pain...my stomach area is still very sensitive. I plan on showering today..ill post a pic when that happens.

day 4 counting...

So today doing much better.. I can walk a lil longer before getting tired. I thought I would have back pain but so far so good.I have been sleeping on my sofa recliner and it has been a blessing...maybe today i can walk upstairs and try sleeping on my bed :)
My Breast are still a bit sore/swollen , but that is expected...I guess my only concern now is that i have not had a bowel movement since 12/1 the day of surgery....

and then...

So the last few days have been going well, finally had a bm...able to lift my arms, able to walk upstairs and then...i noticed what appeared like to be a "Blood blister" so i was a bit freaked out...It was red, bubble like, and there was tape covering it. So i called my PS who said that it was nothing to worry about..to just leave it alone , iy was caused by trauma to the skin...whhheew what a relief!! I see him on tuesday for my normal 1 week check up.. hope everyone else is doing great....

doing better...

So today i am doing so much better..I am more mobile and can stand up a bit straighter...I have not taken my pain meds since last night and I am feeling welll, and surprised. Tomorrow is my 1st post op visit....I have continued to wear my "binder" to help with the swelling...I am looking into purchasing arnica tea to also help. I will also post a pict when I shower.

look what I found

So.. I found these to be very helpful...these are supposed to be used for breastfeeding in which I was happy too see that I still had them..threw them in the freezer!
Lansinoh brand

1 week post op

Yesterday I had my first post-op visit w my PS...besides still being swollen, things are moving right along.....PS wants me to return in 1wk to have my taping changed....
I have continued to use cold compresses on my breast to help with the swelling....My hubby has been a tremendous help, he took 2 weeks off work to help me :)
Here are a few pics, not the best as I am a horrible in taking body selfies lol

soooo tired

So today makes 13 days since my surgery and I have been a busy little bee. Since yesterday I decided to go to the mall with my daughter and boy, what a day.Walking and standing was tough because I still cant stand up straight causing more strain on my back! Only made it to 3 stores and I was done. My body got tired real quick...I even broke a sweat!!
Today decided to go back to the mall to exchange a top that I had purchased and same thing..I became tired fast. I was able to walk a little longer but man how I missed my shopping days!!!!
Tomorrow I see my ps for a 2 week follow up.....
I have noticed a my belly button oozing this yellow stuff...I will mention it to him tomorrow crossing my fingers that it is not infected!!
Other than that, the tatas are looking much better :)
I will update tommorow..

17 days post op

Late post, So my appt w my ps went well, he removed all the stiches from my belly button, and the ones from my bl., he retaped me and gave me extra to keep at home, I wont see him again until 4 weeks. He gave me an ok to go to the gym, he said as long as I dont do any chest exercises ;). Today, I decided to go to the gym since my surgery and It felt so good to be back!!!! Everything is healing well, still have some swelling by my tt area.

Follow up....

So I broke my phone and have not been able to update pics, but will soon.
So I have gone back to work full time high, I have noticed some swelling towards the end of the day., other than that doing good.
I see my ps next Thursday for a follow up. I still have tape over all of my incisions per Dr orders ????, he prefers it stays on for 6 weeks to get better results.I also went back to the gym 1 1/2 weeks ago and I am feeling great


So today marks six weeks, cant believe how time flies by...I'm having trouble signing in to real self from my phone to update pics, I reset my p password three times and it keep saying incorrect password??? I can log in Through my tablet but that's it....anyone else have this issue???

6 wk pics

here are a few 6 wk pics, I was 6 weeks on 1/13/16.. I still have tape over my incisions, I see my ps tomorrow and we will see if i can remove the taping :)
I have areas that I feel can use improvement/revision. Overall I am happy with the results

few more

6wk post op Pics without the tape...

So on 1/14/16, I had my 6wk f/u w my ps. I got the ok to have all taping removed. This was officially the first time I was able to see my incisions. I am so far pleased with how they turned out, the scars feel smooth. I did have a small "dog ear" on my left side, to which he fixed while there. It is currently taped up. He also gave me my pre-op picture to which I will post as well.
so far I have been back to work full time for 2 weeks and feeling better with time. I will also post a picture of my camisole, in which it truly helps with the swelling I get towards the end of the work day. I was glad that I found someone else with one ( packerssuck) on this site and found one i liked :)

cami pics

one more...

Sharp needle like pains?

So through out the day, I have experienced Sharp needle like pains on my nipples, it comes and goes and it doesn't last for very long, I usually try massaging the area to help. Has anyone experienced this???

Bra Shopping!

So I went Bra shopping yesterday and found a couple of bras that I really liked. I had previsuly consulted with my PS and asked if there were any restrictions regarding Bar's. He basically said I can wear want feels comfortable, even underwire! He also said that my breast would not change much.
So, I am currently a 38DD, I was a 36 D previously. I also was informed at Victoria's Secret that I could also chose to go 38DDD..The bra that I really liked was the Demi!! I really liked the feel of it, and the added support. They also had a special buy 2 for $49.50
I also purchased 2 other Sexier bras, as they too were on sale, buy the set with matching panties for $30!! Score!
Light Blue- Date Light Push/
Purple- Unlined-Underwire

2 month post op pics!

So today marks 2 months post op, I can’t say that I notice too much of a difference from the last pics I posted, but I thought I would post them anyway... here they go...

Oops forgot to attach the pics!!

Something New to try...

So I red some reviews on this Mepitac silicon tape and I will be giving it a try starting tonite!!! I want to put it over my incisions to help with the scarring.. I am hoping to give updates with pics at least once a week to see if there is a difference....
I also purchased this "Sweet Sweat" waist cincher that I used today when I worked out!! and wholy!! I loved it! There was so much sweat that came out!!
I only plan on wearing it during my workouts, I will try to also update weekly to see if there is any difference in my tummy area while using this...

1 week using silicone tape

so yesterday marked 1 week from using the tape... here are a few pics, I dont see much of a difference, but thought I would post anyway.. I was thinking next time of waiting a little longer, maybe 1 week is too soon, Ill post a review in 2 weeks... also the tape that i put on the incision under my breast kept rubbing off, mostly due to my bra, so I ended up taking off 2 days in lol..

3 month post updae

So It has been 3 months since my surgery date and things are moving along. I have been using the Mepitac tape and I believe it has been working well. I have notcied that the tape does not stay very well under the incision right under my breast.... Another thing to report is that on my right nipple, there was some superficial arreola skin loss :( Please see pic. . I had my 3 month appt last Thursday and my surgeon said that eventually the color on the arreola will come back with time. I am hoping that it does!!
Tummy tuck is looking good and I am happy with my results.... still noticing some swelling but not as much as before...

Month 4 post op.

So far things have been coming right along.... I tried on a swim suit for the first time!!! Thought Id post the pics........ I am still wearing the silicon tape and I am now thinking of using the scar sheets, my scar looks scar but my PS stated that eventually it will get lighter...

5 month pics

So yesterday was 5 months post op... Here are a few pics... Time is going by so quick! The newest thing is that i am using the scar-guard ... Its been a few weeks since I started..
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