41 Years Old, 103 Lb Weight Loss 2 Kids - Ramstein, DE

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After having 2 children and losing over 100 lbs, I...

After having 2 children and losing over 100 lbs, I had a lot of loose skin and my belly button was hidden by a flap of skin. This caused me rashes and yeast infections. I have become a distance runner as well, and the loose skin was an issue in my running gear - I was constantly needing to tuck in the loose skin as I was running. I had skin removal, MR, but no lipo as I did not carry much fat in my midsection.

Week 4

Can't believe week 4 is already here. Feeling so much more like myself. Hard to believe I was crying in bed just a few weeks ago because I was so worried I made a mistake and would never feel "right" again. I have been taking walks instead of running and that has been going great. PS told me I could try easy elliptical training starting at week 4, but I felt that pulling at my abs a bit so I am going to save that for week 6 and continue with walking for now. I will begin running again at week 9 - I am cleared for week 6 but I want to make very sure the scar tissue is in place so I don't have any setbacks. I start training for another 1/2 marathon in July, so I can't afford another delay because I mess something up. Finally able to sleep on my side which is a huge improvement. I can put my size 4 jeans on even with the bit of swelling I have in the afternoon. I'm really happy with my belly button.

5 weeks!

I can't believe how good I feel - almost back to normal. I am not constantly aware of the MR anymore. It feels like it has softened inside or something - not really sure how to describe it. I said the first few weeks if felt like I had a cutting board inside my belly. So hard feeling and stiff. The last few days, I can actually imagine myself being able to run comfortably again. My swelling has been minimal, but every week I can see less and less. Even when I do a lot of activity, I don't really swell much at all, it's not really noticeable. The most annoying thing of this whole thing has been the lifting restrictions - I'm not allowed to lift anything more than 10 lbs for 6 weeks. This has been so hard. It makes shopping and laundry so hard! I can't even pick up my cat! I will be so happy this restriction will be gone shortly.

6 wk PO

There has been a significant jump in my MR repair healing since week 4/5. I'm really starting to feel back to normal. I'm flat in the morning, and have minimal swelling even after running 3 miles. I find I can now be out of the house for a full day with no discomfort. I'm able to sleep well on both sides.

Week 21

21 weeks here and feeling great. Life is pretty much back to normal at this stage. At times I still feel the weird tingling sensation, but usually only here and there. I am back to running, and recently did a 12 mile long run. I'm pretty much back to where I was in speed and endurance. I still run wearing Spanx higher power panties. Just makes me feel a little more confident. I will probably continue this until the 6 month mark.
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