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Hi everyone I'm 33 yrs old and have two daughters...

Hi everyone I'm 33 yrs old and have two daughters ages 3&2. Yes I love them but they did a number on my stomach. I went to see Dr Capella in Ramsey and he said I need a muscle repair, TT and lipo. I feel good about going in. Reading everybodys stories has helped a lot to come to my decision. I made my first payment today. I'll keep everyone posted Wish me luck

Getting Excited

24 days till this is gone!

11 days and counting

Well it's getting close and the closer it gets I'm up in the middle of the night more. All my test have come back great and my doctor cleared me. I hope I'm gonna look amazing. I'm getting nervous.


So far so good dr Capella is the best

still in shock

I'm doing great I still can't believe I did it I'mso excited it' s over I just came from walgreens because I was to scared to do the shot jay the pharmacist walked me through it I can't believe I did it myself hevs great I hope everything keeps going smooth

dr appt today

Well I went for my one week check up and Scott took the drains out I got so nervous I almost passed out. He said I good great he'll see me in five weeks

15 days PO

I'm feeling good. My husband went back to work yesterday after taking two weeks off. loved being waited on hand and foot. My kids were so good I'm about to book another surgery. LoL . The incision is getting smaller and looks good. It is a long process and I have to stay positive

1 month

I'm doing good. I just came from dr Capellas office. I had a little fluid nothing serious. I was going online and freaking myself out. I will not be doing that anymore. My incision is looking good. I go back in two weeks

swell hell

I guess thats what people call it I'm good in the morning and by the end of the day I look pregnant my stretch marks are red and I feel like my stomach is gonna bust

lovin it


I just came from Dr Capellas office I love that huge mirror in the exam room I look great I definitely got bitten by the bug he had a tv on in the waiting room with breast implants hes done and I went home and told my husband I want them done he said after January when he gets his two weeks again I love him he's the best

very sad

I've just came from Dr Capella's office because I've been waking up swollen and going to bed really swollen. I lifted and probably tore my fascia. He said to give it six more weeks and hope it goes down if not I would have to go back in. Balling my eyes out.

back on track

I just woke up and the first thing I do every morning is look at my stomach and it is flat again. I'm so happy. I was really getting depressed thinking I ruined all the work. I stopped noticing the scar was healing. I'm definately gonna take it easy.




Hi everyone its been awhile but I'm doing good I'm still a little numb down the center of my stomach I still get swollen at night it's definitely a long process but its worth it I went to an 80s party and got alot of compliments I love my shape Dr Capella and his staff is amazing this is the first time taking a full pic of myself and lovin it


I just noticed the left side of my scar is fading while the right side is still very red. I hate my stretch marks. Still very numb down the middle wish I could do something about the stretch marks


I went to my OBGYN's office yesterday and as soon as she seen me her first words were time to have another baby. I just laughed and laughed and then told her I had a TT. She said it looks great and there was no dog ear the incision was flat and the is scar is fading nice. She asked who was my PS because a lot of her patients would ask her if she could recommend one she said she never would because she never actually seen there work but she would look into Dr. Capella because mine look great. I told her I would 100% recommend him and I have

9 months

Hi everyone it's been 9 months since my tummy tuck and I'm doing great. I went to see Dr. Capella on the 10th for a revision. I was very scared to think I was gonna be awake while getting cut and stitched. But I'm good i'm healing great and we're talking about getting my breast done in September so I'll go in August to start and see about sizes

1 year

Hi everyone well it's been a year and I'm still doing great I'm still in the healing process under my belly button still a little numb I definitely love the way I look so happy with the results just waiting for the scar to fade more
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